Military Review

Summary for March 23

Yuri Podolyaka

And this was not only the last attempt to release several companies of the 81st Airborne Brigade surrounded in the city area, but also endangered the flank and rear of the entire Slavic-Kramatorsk group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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  1. January
    January 23 March 2022 21: 29
    Apparently, with the liberation of troops near Mariupol, the "bag" of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk will begin to tighten.
  2. Nikolay Ivanov_5
    Nikolay Ivanov_5 23 March 2022 22: 53
    It is hard and painful for what is happening in Ukraine, but the West and the puppet regime have left us no chance to do otherwise.
  3. Andy_nsk
    Andy_nsk 24 March 2022 07: 03
    Ukrainian bloggers are talking nonsense about the fact that they "surrounded the Russians" not far from Kyiv, gave them a second Stalingrad. I think it's nonsense, but still I'm worried about our guys, in our media there is not a word about the battles in this area. You can’t lie so groundlessly, who knows, something is happening there? Or is it all fake?
    With great interest I watch all the videos of Yuri Podolyak! The most objective and up-to-date information.!
    1. Tired
      Tired 24 March 2022 07: 09
      Different maps show different things. Google maps, for example, really show a serious attack on our positions near Kiev, as well as a significant counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Nikolaev (Strelkov wrote about the latter).