Why NATO defeated Yugoslavia

Why NATO defeated Yugoslavia

On March 24, 1999, the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia began. The West, led by the United States, completed the destruction of a large industrial state that pursued an independent policy. At the same time, Yugoslavia was used as a testing ground, where the model of the destruction of a multinational, multi-confessional country similar to Russia was tested.

"Allied Force" - the defeat of Yugoslavia

The collapse of Yugoslavia was carried out in several stages. In 1991–1992 The West supported the secession of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. The Bosnian War began in 1992 and continued until 1995. The Bosnian Serbs were dealt a powerful blow. In 1999, the "world community" led by the United States struck at the remnants of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), separating Kosovo.

Operation Allied Force was carried out by the North Atlantic Alliance without the sanction of the UN Security Council. The operation involved 19 NATO member countries, led by the United States. The bombing continued from March 24 to June 10, 1999 (78 days).

It all started with the fact that the Serbs tried to restore order on their historical land - Kosovo, where Albanian gangs (Kosovars - Kosovo Albanians) rampaged. The "world community" accused the Yugoslav authorities of ethnic cleansing - the massacre in Racak. Later it turned out that this was a provocation organized by Western intelligence services and Albanian separatists. The supposedly “civilians” found killed by the Serbs turned out to be militants of the Kosovo Liberation Army, who died in battles with the Yugoslav troops. The reason for the war was revealed. NATO demanded the withdrawal of troops and police from Kosovo, the deployment of NATO forces there with the right of free movement throughout Yugoslavia. Naturally, Belgrade refused to accept such an ultimatum.

Western countries went to war. More than 1 combat aircraft were used during the air raids, most of which were based in Italy. Marine was also used aviation (3 aircraft carriers) and sea-based cruise missiles. During the operation, NATO aircraft made over 35 sorties, more than 23 heavy bombs and missiles, 37 cluster munitions were dropped and fired, some of them were filled with depleted uranium, which led to radioactive contamination of some areas (damage for billions dollars). Thousands of Serbs died, went missing and were wounded. Ethnic cleansing began in Kosovo against the Serbs. Tens of thousands of people were forced to abandon their homes and flee. Kosovo was "cleared" of the Serbian population. The country's infrastructure suffered greatly: plants and factories, airfields and bridges, fuel and energy facilities and communications, schools and universities, and even churches and monasteries.

NATO missile and bomb strikes on chemical industries have become a precedent in history. The Minister of Health of the Republic of Serbia Milicevic noted:

“Our chemical plants were not even bombed by Adolf Hitler! NATO is doing it calmly, destroying rivers, poisoning the air, killing people, the country. A brutal experiment is being carried out on our people using the latest weapons».

The economy has been damaged in the tens of billions of dollars.

The country was bombarded from the air. All channels demanded negotiations and concessions. From a military point of view, the Serbs could respond. For example, air force and surface-to-surface missile strikes against NATO contingents in Albania, Macedonia and Bosnia, against facilities in neighboring NATO countries (Hungary) and countries that supported NATO provided the enemy with their territory and airspace. Attacks on the enemy could be delivered by sabotage and reconnaissance units, which in Yugoslavia were experienced and well trained. It was necessary to finish off the Kosovo gangs. It is clear that howling and hysteria in the "world community" would be terrible. But Yugoslavia could keep itself on the political map of the world. Milosevic did not dare to go all the way.

On June 3, 1999, Slobodan Milosevic agreed to a plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict. On June 9, the bombing was stopped after representatives of the Yugoslav army and NATO signed a military-technical agreement in the Macedonian city of Kumanovo on the withdrawal of troops and police of Federal Yugoslavia from the territory of Kosovo and on the deployment of international armed forces on the territory of the province. On June 10, the UN Security Council adopted the corresponding resolution number 1244. An international force led by NATO - KFOR (Eng. Kosovo Force) was introduced into Kosovo.

The Serbian people were de facto deprived of their "historical heart" - Kosovo. On February 17, 2008, the independence of the Republic of Kosovo from Serbia was unilaterally proclaimed. Serbia and Montenegro, where Westernizers prevailed, began to be driven into the EU.

Disruption of balance and "unipolar world order"

If at that time there had been a strong and independent Russia, then there would have been no NATO aggression. After 1945, when the Yalta-Potsdam system was created, there was an equilibrium. The Soviet Union could and did stand up for the weak. And with the collapse of the USSR and the creation of the Russian Federation, which at that time was completely oriented towards the West, the balance was upset. Yeltsin's Moscow, in fact, even helped the West force Belgrade to capitulate.

Without a strong Russia, the United States remained the only superpower and dictated to the rest how to live. Those who tried to resist, to pursue a relatively sovereign policy, fell under attack. The United States defeated Iraq in several stages, eventually occupying it, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.

By destroying Yugoslavia, the masters of the West solved several problems. First, as long as the USSR existed, the West needed Yugoslavia as a special socialist regime that was not part of the socialist camp. But after the collapse of the USSR, Yugoslavia ceased to fulfill this role. The United States, having become the only superpower, headed for the destruction, subjugation and crushing of large and strong states, plundering and seizing their markets, and inclusion in the capitalist system. This course was supported by global financial capital, the owners of TNK-TNB. States are divided into smaller ones, which are easy to subordinate to world capital. Deindustrialization, privatization (robbery and theft) are being carried out, the country and the people are becoming dependent on the "world community".

Therefore, Yugoslavia was defeated and dismembered in several stages. Under the guise of the “state” of Kosovo and under the roof of the United States, they created a drug-criminal enclave. Kosovo has become one of the transit bases for the supply of drugs from Latin America and Asia to Europe. The Anglo-Saxons traditionally "roofed" this whole lucrative market. Under the guise of NATO, a mafia pseudo-state was created, which exists due to drug trafficking, trafficking in weapons, people (prostitution and pornography) and illegal trade.

Secondly, there is a subjective factor. The Serbs were perceived in the West as "Balkan Russians" - recalcitrant, independent, who opposed the "collective West" in all wars and were allies of Russia and Russians. Serbs and Serbia are part of the Slavic-Russian and Orthodox world (pan-Slavism), which is an opponent of the Western project. The Serbs fought the German world during the First and Second World Wars. Even now, after all the defeats, betrayals and losses, the Serbian people are the only people in Europe who support the Russians, who in 2022 challenged the West. Hence the hatred of Westerners for Serbia, the desire to destroy Yugoslavia at any cost - a power with a Serbian core.

NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, like earlier the war against the Nazis and their local accomplices, was carried out with the aim of defeating the Serbian people, their will and spirit. The Westerners wanted to solve the "Serbian question" forever, to suppress and break the Serbs psychically and historically. Hence the powerful information war of the "world community" and its media against Serbia.

Thirdly, in Yugoslavia, the United States conducted field tests for the destruction of a large multinational, multi-confessional state with an eye on Russia. Yugoslavia was similar to Russia in its structure, population, contradictions. Therefore, the destruction of Yugoslavia can be considered an experiment, a testing ground for a future war with Russia. The collapse of the USSR in 1991 was considered only the first stage in resolving the "Russian question". The masters of the West also planned the future collapse of the Russian Federation into several “independent” states, with the rejection of the lands “occupied” by Russians - the Kuriles, Sakhalin, Karelia, Kaliningrad, etc.

For the collapse of Yugoslavia (and in the future of Russia) the ethnic issue was used. Westerners do not care who they support - separatists, Nazis, Islamists, terrorists, bandits or drug dealers. It does not matter, the main thing is to crush the historical enemy of the West, be it Serbs or Russians. Against Yugoslavia, the United States and other Western countries used the Islamists, transferring thousands of Mujahideen from all over the world to Bosnia. Croatian nationalists, Albanian separatists and the criminal world.

A dangerous precedent was created: any territory controlled by Nazis, terrorists, bandits can become a subject of world politics if it is in the interests of the "collective West".
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  1. -8
    24 March 2022 05: 06
    Why NATO defeated Yugoslavia
    Strange title. Because he was objectively stronger, no? Or the author had something else in mind - for what did the NATO bloc need to smash Yugoslavia? Well, in that case, you need to express yourself more clearly, otherwise it’s not entirely clear who stood on whom ((C) Prof. Preobrazhensky)
    And according to the article - a propaganda confusion familiar to the author with elements of an offended owl stretched over a globe. In the 90s, the West did not need to train in Yugoslavia to "solve the Russian question." Under Yeltsin, or at those moments when he
    "worked with documents" - the collapse could be arranged without training.
    1. 0
      April 2 2022 11: 11
      Quote: Dalny V
      And according to the article - a propaganda confusion familiar to the author with elements of an offended owl stretched over a globe.

      In principle, I agree. Serbia was doomed, in any case, when all the countries around it were allies or members of NATO. Russia, well, could not help in any way. As far as I remember, our military-technical cooperation aircraft were denied permission to fly through their territory by everyone. The only thing the Serbs could do was to turn the war into a direct clash, i.e. to hit the airfields of Italy, Hungary, etc., and continue to try to advance, the defense is disastrous. Hoping at the same time that Western society will not want to die even in limited quantities. Russia's help was possible only if Russia unleashed a war against NATO with all the consequences. We did not go to the third world war, the Serbs did not want to lay down their lives either. On this occasion, at the same time, it was said that Russia cannot be greater Serbs than the Serbs themselves.
    2. 0
      16 June 2022 18: 45
      Because he was objectively stronger, no?

      NOT.... laughing Read the article.
      The title should just be "Why NATO bloc defeated Yugoslavia.
  2. +2
    24 March 2022 05: 54
    It would be good to remember that the Turks also took part in the bombing of Serbia, and therefore it is necessary to keep them away from the much desired role as the guarantor of Ukraine as Cyprus at one time.
  3. +25
    24 March 2022 06: 08
    It is very symbolic that Albright's toad died on the eve of this date. But she poked her finger on the map where to drop the bombs. I hope that already in the cauldron with another vile toad - Novodvorskaya.
    1. +15
      24 March 2022 06: 16
      Rather with Powell, who was shaking the test tube. And on the way Killary (hopefully)
      1. +6
        24 March 2022 06: 22
        Well, if anything, there is already a queue on the way, and the Biden windmill, and the glory of Pelosi, etc.
        1. +1
          25 March 2022 21: 37
          Well, if anything, there is already a queue on the way, and the Biden windmill

          Today I came across on the Internet that Psaki said that Biden's meeting with Yeltsin would take place in May of this year. Maybe they will actually meet?
    2. NKT
      24 March 2022 09: 45
      And who will get her "wonderful" brooches now? Psaki something will go ....
      1. 0
        24 March 2022 10: 26
        Nabiullina. She is a prominent collector of brooches.
    3. +1
      24 March 2022 18: 59
      And you have carbon monoxide, then in hell. (from)
    4. 0
      25 March 2022 16: 35
      ..... Albright toad ......

      Bloodthirsty demoness, regretted
      ..... only that we did not start an air operation against Yugoslavia earlier ......
    5. +2
      25 March 2022 17: 01
      ..... poked a finger on the map .....

      But a simple Serbian family hid from the Germans during WWII a little Jewish girl Maria Yana Korbelova, born in 1937. She became in 1957 a state citizen named Madeleine Albright. Already in the XXI century, she was reminded of this betrayal at the presentation. They asked me to sign photographs with dead Serbs. She lost her temper, screamed and raged, it hit the TV shows.
  4. +4
    24 March 2022 09: 09
    I will add that, according to estimates, the Americans scattered about 12 tons of depleted uranium, and only in 2016 they seem to have recognized the connection between oncological diseases and activities, but nothing new if they mean that after nuclear tests on their soldiers in '60-70 they began to give free treatment only under Obama.
    One hypocrisy and lies.
  5. +3
    24 March 2022 09: 13
    Thanks a lot for the article. At the time of what was happening, there was no time for politics at all. (Little children, wrong job, survival...) All in one place, compact and understandable. Thanks.
  6. +3
    24 March 2022 09: 23
    Even such a small country as Serbia had to be bombed for almost 3 months. at the same time, an outfit of forces and means was used simply fantastically huge.
  7. -2
    24 March 2022 09: 57
    The article as a whole is useful, although, I would change the emphasis more importantly, not why, but still why? And the analogy with Japan suggests itself. What is the connection? Japan was brought to its knees by the United States, a combat test of nuclear weapons was conducted over the Japanese, and what we see is that the Yankees have no more loyal vassal! NATO destroyed Serbia, so what? "Partnership for Peace!" And we are trying to attract "friends" with handouts, and what is the result? They took what they wanted from Russia and bowed to their true master!
    1. 0
      25 March 2022 21: 44
      over the Japanese conducted a combat test of nuclear weapons

      I agree with the testing of nuclear weapons, but you can’t call it combat, it’s probably more correct, practical, I understand combat as for hitting troops.
  8. +6
    24 March 2022 10: 23
    I remember this time. Wild anger was that my country became weak, could not help the brothers. How I rejoiced at the downed 117th, the throw at Pristina ... I was in Belgrade in the early 90s. A beautiful city, friendly people... let all these Albrights and others like them burn in hell for this...
  9. +4
    24 March 2022 10: 28
    Balkan center of power
    just grated like cheese.
    Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Herzegovina, Slovenia, Kosovo.
    Instead of one country - a handful of principalities.
    1. +2
      24 March 2022 12: 05
      As old as the world - divide and conquer, I wonder if Milosevic's speech warning Russia is real or a myth.
    2. 0
      25 March 2022 22: 29
      Albania forgot
  10. +1
    24 March 2022 13: 52
    I'm not at all sure that as a result of all that is happening now, the same thing as Serbia will not happen to us. Sanctions are not a decisive factor in this matter, but the fact that we have an internal quarrel with the participation of the government and the Ministry of Finance is terrible.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. +2
    24 March 2022 18: 31
    Yugoslavia was feared in Europe. The most powerful army in Europe was in Yugoslavia, which, with its independent policy, did not please anyone in the West. The decomposition of Yugoslavia began even during the existence of the USSR. She was led to internal conflict in every possible way. But even Yugoslavia as part of Serbia and Montenegro seemed too strong to endure around.
    1. 0
      25 March 2022 16: 47
      At the end of 1941, the Yugoslav patriots liquidated the Nazi occupation throughout their country! It was the only country in all of Europe that was able, even temporarily, to accomplish SUCH during the war, before our counteroffensive !!!
      Therefore, the Germans tried to destroy Yugoslavia from the inside, supported the Ustashe.
  13. +4
    24 March 2022 21: 13
    I was part of the diplomatic staff observing from Macedonia during the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. While this article is "decorated" a bit by pro-Russian propaganda, I have to admit that the main narrative of the article is spot on. I was pretty disgusted myself by our NATO allies during the bombing campaign.

    Interestingly, there was a lot of sympathy for Serbia from some of its neighbors. The Greeks, Romanians and Hungarians secretly supplied info like bombing targets and times to the Serbians. I also know that Italian NATO pilots missed their bombing targets on purpose which pretty much annoyed the Americans.

    The Americans were pretty coldblooded and always went for maximum damage and casualties, civilians included. Especially after their stealth F-117 Nighthawk aircraft was shot down. Then we saw bombing of trains transporting civilians, chemical factories etc... Even the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. They bombed the Embassy because there was info from CIA at the time that the Embassy was using radars to help Serbs pinpoint NATO airplanes. However, this info was proven false after the bombing, so we had to play down the incident as an accidental mistake.

    USA/CIA instructors together with modern weapons were sent to Kosovo to train Albanians how to fight the Serbs and also fight with them. Something similar is happening in Ukraine now, too.

    I think a lot of Kosovo Albanians and also Croatians are joining the Ukrainian International Legion to fight Russians because they are afraid. They think a strong Russia that defeats Ukraine and NATO will mean a strong Serbia and they do not want that. Especially the Kosovo Albanians.
  14. +2
    25 March 2022 01: 15
    Yugoslavia represented Germany's competition in Europe. The Germans, on their Torados, past the Americans, bombed the enterprises of the leather and pharmaceutical industries. They also took out the country's infrastructure and hit primarily civilian targets. Since the Yugoslav army was well dispersed and camouflaged, it almost did not suffer. The coalition lost more than a hundred aircraft during the conflict. If Milosevic had not been afraid and would have answered, then who knows how this war would have ended.
  15. 0
    25 March 2022 02: 06
    A very big tragedy, of course. But why not conclude unique trade and economic agreements now, such as pumping oil / gas with other raw materials and products so that the Serbs can repackage them as their own, and then share part of the profits in "smart" ways. A powerful economic and ideological ally would be. And then we conclude unique agreements with the Hungarians for the supply of gas, which, of course, is also good from the point of view of influence, but first of all, we would still need to supply Serbia.
  16. 0
    25 March 2022 20: 21
    Serbia was the central and forming link for its republics. Like Russia for Russia. Was too uncomfortable. Since Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian and other peoples looked at her. It also included Muslim post-Ottoman peoples. The Anglo-Saxons saw it as a bone in the throat. Yes, and NATO moved with difficulty. It was not so difficult to come to an agreement with the power elites. But the opinion of the people is more difficult to buy. I think this was the main reason for those events.
  17. 0
    11 May 2022 21: 54
    During the air raids, more than 1 combat aircraft were used, ... Naval aviation (100 aircraft carriers) and sea-based cruise missiles were also used. During the operation, NATO aircraft made over 3 sorties, more than 35 heavy bombs and missiles, 23 cluster munitions,
    What can I say ... They showed HOW to do it. If our 1100 aircraft made 35 sorties, ours would not have to shed blood on the outskirts. And 000 days would not have been required! Moreover, I am sure that, despite the massive bombing, the total losses on both sides there are an order of magnitude less than on the outskirts!
    But! despicable NATO - we are not a decree! We will crush the hedgehog with our bare bottom!
  18. -2
    6 June 2022 10: 42
    Yugoslavia is a typical example, when the whole country is the country of one person, Tito died and all ethnic splits began. There is no special conspiracy theory here; in the historical perspective, Yugoslavia had little chance of remaining a single country. Just like in Czechoslovakia, different peoples, different cultures, in a period of economic problems and the absence of a strong central government, a leader, separatism is inevitable, there will certainly be a manifestation of national identity, the emergence of a national. leaders calling for independence, etc.

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