Nikolaev, Mariupol, Kurakhovo, Lisichansk, Izyum

Yuri Podolyaka

Today's report from the Ukrainian fronts

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    1. -1
      21 March 2022 04: 37
      Already making forecasts on debts and profits. The lives of people and their property do not matter.
      Gnomes will profitably melt tears and blood into gold.
      We pay.
      Everything is decided on Silanov's table.
      Life was determined for decades to come.

      The Soviet heritage of the outskirts is under the arm of the Kremlin.
    2. -2
      21 March 2022 04: 41
      Sheet glass should be from RF and RB.
      And other purchases for the restoration of the outskirts, to pay out of zap loans and at preferential ‰.
      However, the art of transferring such expenses to others will be checked by the History of our greats from the Higher School ... Or others will call for the captain's bridge.
      And VSE will close or transfer to the category of "college"
      1. +1
        21 March 2022 04: 46
        The United States is trying to wage its wars at the expense of the enemy ...
        they have a slogan...
        fight on the ruins of Russia and at its expense.
        We must learn to fight at the expense of our enemies... they must pay all our expenses for the war.
        Europe and the US should pay well for Russia's military operation in Ukraine.
    3. +2
      21 March 2022 05: 01
      Regardless of who wins, Russia will have to pay for the damage caused by the war. In any case, the West will play "we have nothing to do with it."
      1. -5
        21 March 2022 05: 08
        In any case, the West will play "we have nothing to do with it."

        Bill the West for the damage caused by the Stingers supplied to Ukraine in the form of various mark-ups on the goods they sell ... they will be outraged to poke their faces into this fact ... do not meddle in Ukraine.
        There are many ways to put pressure on the West ... if there is a desire.
    4. +1
      21 March 2022 05: 04
      Thanks to Yuri for another good coverage of the special operation.
    5. -7
      21 March 2022 05: 19
      - I don't know what's going on.
      But I can only speak for myself! - Personally, I am a very "concrete" person (in discussions), very distrustful and very superstitious!
      - But - what's going on???
      - Why the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are still fighting with the same weapons as the Armed Forces of Ukraine - the same tanks; the same artillery; the same MLRS and so on ??? - What kind of nobility??? - Is this some kind of duel on pistols, where the chances are almost equal ???
      -What is the technical superiority of the RF Armed Forces ??? - In aviation, in UAVs, in striking with missiles ??? - Aerospace Forces aviation - constantly delivers only pinpoint strikes - like attack aircraft, like helicopters (and they fly so low that they constantly get holes in the hulls of their planes and helicopters - even from small arms) - what is the result (losses) from this - draw your own conclusions! !!
      - What, our oligarchs nevertheless "pressed" on our guarantor - and all military operations are carried out - only with the same weapon - that the Armed Forces of Ukraine also have ???
      - Some strikes on the huge storage of fuel and lubricants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - and where is the sea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbfire and smoke over the entire horizon - after that (after all, even when the Nazis hit the oil depot in the LDNR, it burned so much that it was visible for tens of kilometers !!! - According to empty storage of fuel and lubricants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or something - did ours hit ??? - And what kind of blow to the repair plant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - is this the most dangerous target today ???
      - Why are they not hitting the Azovstal plant with rockets??? - Here they would strike with "Daggers" there !!! - Yes, and on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine when they are in the field and there are no civilians - why are not hurricane missile strikes and strikes by Strategic Bombers - bombs of enormous destructive power !!! - But even in the field (where there are no civilians) - there are "tank duels"; artillery skirmishes; crossing rivers under enemy fire!
      1. +4
        21 March 2022 05: 32
        Irina hi it seems that you write everything correctly, but it’s somehow ominous or something, and I’m glad that the head of the RF Ministry of Defense is a man, not even a humanitarian at all.
        1. +1
          21 March 2022 05: 36
          Yes, a woman in anger is scary ... you can get a frying pan on the head.
          And so the war is not what I want, but what you can.
          The military has an order not to hit civilians ... they have no right to violate it.
          So all questions to the supreme. hi
      2. -4
        21 March 2022 05: 43
        But even in the field (where there are no civilians) - there are "tank duels"; artillery skirmishes; crossing rivers under enemy fire!

        - What's this ??? - such "modern methods" of warfare ??? - - No, well, really - what kind of "humane actions" in relation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
        - Personally, I don’t believe in “stubbornness”, in “stubbornness”, etc. - when, according to the Nazis, they start nailing and driving into the ground - so that he cannot even raise his head - then for the majority of even the most stoned ones - this stubbornness will quickly fly out of the head !!! - But when the Nazis can answer and shoot - practically "on equal terms" - this only strengthens their "stubbornness"!
        - I still do not understand why the industrial facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are so protected - and in particular the Mariupol plant "Azovstal" of the oligarch R. Akhmetov? - After all, it could have been at the very beginning of the siege of Mariupol - simply bombed to dust; and the Nazis would have practically no rear! - The Nazis can still blow it up in the end - but what a great time they had such a "strong rear" - this industrial complex "Azovstal" !!!
        - And it just infuriates that, with impunity and intensity, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are shelling cities and towns of the LPR and DPR !!! - It was on this fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine that it was necessary to hit with "Daggers" !!!
        1. +1
          21 March 2022 05: 51
          Azovstal is a city-forming enterprise of strategic importance ... there may be some restrictions associated with this. what
          1. 0
            21 March 2022 05: 58
            General Mizintsev invited the Nazis to leave Mariupol along safe corridors
          2. -1
            21 March 2022 06: 05
            Azovstal is a city-forming enterprise of strategic importance...

            - For whom ??? - For the Ukrainian oligarch R. Akhmetov ???
            - And how many such "city-forming enterprises of strategic importance" - owned by Ukrainian oligarchs and even American "owners" (or even "in a share" - and Russian oligarchs) on the territory of all Ukraine !!! - In short - "protect civilians and protect all these objects" - that's the whole answer!
            - Personally, I'm not even sure whether all deliveries of gasoline, diesel fuel and other fuels and lubricants to the territory of Ukraine have now been stopped - from Belarus and Russia !!! - Something in the Armed Forces of Ukraine - all the fuel and lubricants will not run out - they have "living underground sources", or what ???
            1. -1
              21 March 2022 06: 08
              There are more than 60 enterprises in Mariupol ... they should be destroyed ... what will the people living there do after the liberation of Mariupol?
              These issues should be linked to the war.
              It's not as simple as it was in WWII.
          3. +2
            21 March 2022 08: 32
            And also Azovstal, owned by R. Akhmetov, the creator, Azov, Aidarov, Donbass, and he also owns a lot in the Donbass.
      3. +2
        21 March 2022 06: 45
        Nevertheless, the operation is carried out by forces comparable (and even smaller) with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Hence the tactics. Binding groups, bleeding, destruction in parts. Otherwise, 500 tons of people would have to enter there. Plus logistics, supply of occupied territories, partisanship, etc. This must be taken into account. But, upon reaching the yield point, everything will begin to crumble like a house of cards.
      4. +2
        21 March 2022 07: 45
        Quote: gorenina91
        Why are they not hitting the Azovstal plant with rockets??? - Here they would strike with "Daggers" there !!

        because missiles are long-range precision weapons
        "Azovstal" is easily covered by artillery
        you don't beat the brisket with a juicer

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