Europe will save the rigidity and the rejection of the imaginary democratic ideals

As the leaders of many European Union states say, the policy of tolerance and multiculturalism did not lead to the proper result of the unity of nations. But the Europeans "wanted the best": from the Middle Ages with its methods, far from humanism and the cultivation of ideals of morality, it was decided at one time to move to a common European policy with a special attitude to each of the Europeans. The first words appeared about the diversity of cultures, their possible integration with the aim of overcoming interethnic and interethnic differences. These words were expressed in reforming European society, in banning the neglect of the values ​​of people with a different faith, with a different skin color, with different political views. Europe followed the path of centuries-old unification, which was expressed in the emergence of such a territorial entity as the European Union with its new norms.

But for some time in the old Europe, an obvious tendency began to manifest itself, which suggests that not all those who come here to live and work share the aspirations of Europeans themselves to multiculturalism. Those who came to the European Union of their own free will, as well as internally displaced persons, want to live according to European laws in the sense that it is beneficial for them, and literally trample the same laws into the mud when they overlap with their interests in a negative way. A classic example is attempts to link police raids in the so-called disadvantaged areas of Paris, London or Berlin with persecution of black or Muslims. Many purposefully use the notorious freedom of speech to show that Europe must respect the interests, even if these interests are often clearly alien to European society. Arguing about the current situation in Europe, we can say that today the Europeans were simply seated around the neck of those for whom they opened their doors. This is the case when the "Vikings" did a disservice by trying to live where it is convenient for them according to their own laws.

Reaping the fruits of political traditions with regard to immigrants, the old Europe began to literally suffocate from the waves of criticism of, let's say, foreign elements, which all this time were clearly not in a hurry to assimilate and take the path of universal tolerance. Today, Europeans are compelled by all means to prevent thousands of actions against the publication in the French magazine of a portion of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, to fight off attacks for the film “Innocence of Muslims” made in the USA, and also to adopt bills allowing women to wear hijabs.

Francois Hollande has no choice but to use variations with restoring order with an iron hand - even tougher than his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy once did. In the week after the rallies in the French capital, more than fifty people turned up at police stations, using slogans that were clearly aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country. Obviously, if these rallies were held 8-10 years ago, then Hollande would have to be sure that the crowd was right, because they would receive permission for thousands of shares anyway. After all, then there was democracy ...

Today, it seems, both Hollande and other European leaders are well aware that the very concept of “democracy” needs some correction. Of course, so far here are far from the idea of ​​calling things by their names and reporting that democracy is becoming obsolete, but the first beginnings of just such a tendency can be traced. If not, how else to interpret the words of French Interior Minister Manuel Valls, who said he was ready to expel anyone from France who would pose a threat to the country's security, hiding behind activities in the name of the Islamic faith. If this is not a dead end of democracy and multiculturalism, then what? ..

It is obvious that Europe takes the path when it needs to be honest with itself: continue to connect the incompatible, or recognize that the presence of barriers between cultures, religions and peoples is a fact through which no even the most humane democratic principles can jump .

At the same time, everybody understands perfectly well that it’s not worthwhile to row all persons who have moved to Europe with one size fits all, but everyone also understands that there are forces that are not at all profitable in Europe. And I must say that Europe itself has nurtured such forces inside itself. Never before has the policy of a handshake with respect to international terrorists, members of radical groups, emissaries of gangs sub-colonies led to anything good. As they say, how many wolves do not feed ... So it turns out that the provision of political (or any other) shelter for those who have already managed to put their hands in the blood to the elbow, today to a certain extent affects the European Union. Those who once used extremist slogans to destabilize the situation in one region will do it again in another - even if this happens where they are almost met with bread and salt. Today, it is these people who use anti-Western speeches in Europe, hiding behind the banner of Islam. Most of the people who took to the streets of European cities with protest slogans are part organized by destructive forces. One may say that these people have joined the crowd at the call of the heart, but this will be obvious slyness. What is the call of the heart when most people, both about the caricatures in Charlie Hebdo magazine, and about the scandalous film about the prophet, were learned solely with the help of people involved in provocative distribution of these products on the Internet. Moreover, there is an opinion that this very film with a dirty plot is not even spread at all by its creators, but by those who wear the mask of true fighters for the purity of Islam. But if you are fighting for cleanliness, then why produce copies of these low-quality products and thereby engage in overt incitement.

Europeans (or, more precisely, old Europeans) today are faced with a problem that does not look at all the kind that has an objective solution that suits everyone. Everyone is aware that it cannot go on like this, that it is time to declare who is the boss in this European home. But if you declare this, then you need to reconsider the social foundations that have been built up over the centuries: to give up democratic norms of equality, objective freedom, including freedom of speech, and this is a real civilizational shock for every self-respecting European. To give up what they had absorbed, so to speak, with mother's milk, and what, by the way, they tried for some time (and some people are still trying) to teach Russia ... The dilemma ...

Let's not forget that flirting with democracy today leads to both social tensions and economic failures. Endless concessions and overtures to debtors are already exposing the economic nerves of the European Union, which can only contribute to the deterioration of Europe’s overall financial condition.

One thing is clear, that today Europe needs political will to cut the Gordian knot. The political will must be approved by all EU member states, otherwise the EU itself will have to go the way of fragmentation. But when making this kind of decisions will have to cut a living. It will be necessary to dot the i's and say that democracy is, of course, democracy, but it is time, as they say, and the honor to know.

In general, the emergence of a tough and even repressive Europe may well save this civilization from outside influence. If the way of observance of what is usually called the unshakable democratic norms, our western neighbors will leave as a fundamental principle, then Europe will have to forget about Europe in the classical sense of the word.
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  1. +2
    28 September 2012 08: 49
    Really in communism ??? winked winked
    1. Captain Vrungel
      28 September 2012 08: 54
      In a primitive communal system. Each in its own caves.
      1. +3
        28 September 2012 09: 26
        They wanted to shove the unpowered ... Or else it will be ...
        1. Russlana
          28 September 2012 11: 49
          And our situation is different, you might think ...
          1. +1
            28 September 2012 17: 37
            Oddly enough, with all the bad things, our situation is still better - we have centuries of experience living together - they have an avalanche-like increase in emigration. Moreover, visitors are well aware that their fellow tribesmen who previously lived in the European colonies existed there as semi-slaves (and they have a long memory) ... and the change in the national composition of the population is also much faster ...
        2. 0
          28 September 2012 13: 20
          Everything is much simpler. We agreed - some remove, others distribute to the joy of well-known customers.
    2. +9
      28 September 2012 08: 55
      Quote: INTER
      Really in communism?

      What kind of communism these homosexuals will slide down during the first cracking into the Stone Age. The nation has completely degraded and therefore is not viable. Europe will have an inglorious end, just like America has to pay for everything in life!
      1. +2
        28 September 2012 09: 11
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        What kind of communism these homosexuals will slide down during the first cracking into the Stone Age. The nation has completely degraded and therefore is not viable. Europe will have an inglorious end, just like America has to pay for everything in life!

        laughing It is truth too! The mind is no longer enough. Their science rests on our guys. Yes, and with candy wrappers soon everything will be clear, then it is ..... good
        1. Belarusian
          28 September 2012 09: 53
          Is their science on our guys and keeps on, then they escaped (and then run away) from you? How many wars-revolutions in Europe have been in history? But for some reason everything went and Europe always lived better than Russia! And in Russia all the time. ..! The best example is France (revolution) Germany (war with the USSR) !!!! That's why so ???????????????
          1. ughhh
            28 September 2012 11: 03
            Quote: belorus
            That is why so?

            Does Europe live better? Hahaha They themselves came up with an artificial world, hung with shiny trinkets and green candy wrappers, lined everything in a ruler, now they are walking around their trinkets in order and can’t get enough of what awesome they are. Even fagots love, well done.
          2. +2
            28 September 2012 13: 07
            because the Germans did not flatten the same France as us!
        2. 0
          28 September 2012 17: 16
          Quote: INTER
          It is truth too! The mind is no longer enough. Their science rests on our guys. Yes, and with candy wrappers soon everything will be clear, then it is .....

          What is it like? Another ur patriotism? Compared to science in the United States and Europe, Russia doesn’t have it at all, so everyone who runs is worth something
      2. X-55
        28 September 2012 14: 05
        Yes, not to say that the Russian nation is now in its prime. We also bend: there are homosexuals, there is no self-reproduction, the culture is low, drunks and dofig addicts. So we should not be malicious.
        If anything, I didn’t want to offend anyone.
        1. 11Goor11
          28 September 2012 16: 57
          There are homosexuals and drug addicts everywhere.
          But "there is no self-reproduction" - what is this about? The growth of the Russian population, though small, is there. Low culture? Yes, there is something to work with.
          After all, drunkenness is not true, the black-handed stamp of journalists, like talking about constant killings, deliberate sticking out of the negative.
          1. X-55
            28 September 2012 19: 44
            The fact of the matter is that no. Even if you take official sources (although they are false), you can clearly see that there is no reproduction of the population. Moreover, the rate of decline is increasing. And if you recall the fact that a lot of CIS countries move to Russia Russian, the picture becomes even worse.
            Things are bad with culture. I’ll even give an example. There’s an armored personnel carrier in a local park, and some people thought of managing it better. Well, it’s all the same. Everywhere on the street, where I wouldn’t be, I hear mat. in culture is evident.
            About drunkenness. I look at what is around me. And under my windows, a drunken cattle forever rages at night ... oh, which is not very pleasant. Yes, and many such examples can still be cited. Although the mass of drunkenness is really a little exaggerated .
    3. +6
      28 September 2012 08: 58
      Quote: INTER
      Really in communism

      It was in the wake of similar events and came to power in 33 Adik. And in France, nationalists in 2012 went to parliament for the first time in 16 years
      1. 0
        28 September 2012 09: 13
        Yeah, you can’t say anything. History repeats itself. I remember that at school, a history teacher told us that history has a spiral shape and everything returns after a turn. what
  2. wanker
    28 September 2012 09: 13
    The article is written by a stupid, shortsighted, neosovkovy, pro-government footcloth. Infa 100%
  3. +1
    28 September 2012 09: 26
    What goes around comes around....
    If you yourself for a long time drove yourself into the trap of tolerance, then why blame the mirror, if the face is crooked ....

    In their divine ignorance, they apparently could not even imagine that someone would not want to live according to their democratic values, that the Arabs were not going to become Europeans at all, that the very fact that the natives of the former European colonies should be given the citizenship of the country that exploited this colony, they (the natives) will perceive not as manna from heaven with a democratic bias, but for granted (and even the duty of Europe) that they will not at all want to assimilate and work for the good of the new Motherland, but will violently defend their their customs and lifestyle ... which is fundamentally different from European ...
    And that the time will come when any shelter from LGBT communities will be perceived as the norm, but the traditional person as flawed.

    Sow the wind .... reap the storm ........ And the storm begins ........ and if now these European tolerants and democrats do not shove all these "rights and freedoms into their united European ass ... .. along with tolerance, "this storm will sweep them away ..
    1. mamba
      28 September 2012 11: 04
      Quote: volkan
      they will not at all want to assimilate and work for the good of the new Motherland, but will violently uphold their customs and lifestyle ... which is fundamentally different from the European ...

      And after the new Homeland swallows it, they will begin to impose their laws on it, using proven methods: from riots to mass terror. Then Paris will officially become the largest Muslim capital in Europe, all Parisians will go only in the veil, and Parisians will be circumcised and will pray five times a day.
      It seems that migrants begin to use any occasion to demonstrate their strength and organization. So far, these short-range European magazines and pseudo-directors provide them with these reasons. But soon this will not be required.
      1. +5
        28 September 2012 11: 32
        Guys, isn't the same thing slowly happening in our country? On the streets of Moscow, rams are slaughtered, and sometimes you walk around St. Petersburg, like in Tashkent, there is Uzbek speech everywhere ... I am already silent about our Caucasian "brothers" ...

        One gets the impression that very soon we will be praying for those very Russian nationalists whose way of thinking was not long ago unacceptable for the majority of educated people, if only someone would protect Russian civilization from what the "tolerant" Europe has already rested on.
        1. +2
          28 September 2012 22: 37
          Well, so far the Uzbeks have not raised the issue of criminal prosecution for the word "chock". Do not confuse the European and Russian mentality. We are patient - but there is a line. Europe is trying to put things in order - but does not see the border where the order becomes sadomic.
  4. +5
    28 September 2012 09: 30
    they simply let the negroes in, and they sit on the dorms with them, breed, but demand pro, Great Britain, Holland, France ... these bad people deserved it, because they milked half the world at one time ... for which they fought, for that ran into ...
  5. +4
    28 September 2012 09: 41
    All this concerns not only the EU. After all, people who live according to their own laws and traditions come to our cities and villages. And now we need to do this. And we will shout about the "national question" after another "Kondopoga" and everything dies down until next time.
    1. Belarusian
      28 September 2012 09: 57
      +1 drinks I would add that the indigenous population is leaving
  6. Vanek
    28 September 2012 09: 47
    Somehow, unexpectedly, I decided to read the comments first. Many who are present here know that I do not like rudeness. I myself try not to be rude and occasionally pull others.

    But here it is.

    Quote: wanker
    The article is written by a stupid, shortsighted, neosovkovy, pro-government footcloth. Infa 100%

    May they punish Me with a warning, and strike Me with thunder.

    You yourself [b "] wanker" footcloth. Infa 100%.
  7. 0
    28 September 2012 10: 01
    ordinary fascism !!!
  8. +9
    28 September 2012 10: 09
    words about the multifaceted nature of cultures, their possible integration in order to overcome interethnic and interethnic differences Is it in Europe then? Where have the Germans, British and French since ancient times hated each other? Pharisaism.
    Francois Hollande has no choice but to use iron-tidy variations Is that the hand with which he allowed the marriage of perverts? To say how else does he use his right hand?
    the presence of barriers between cultures, religions and peoples is a fact through which no, even the most humane, democratic principles can jump over. They do not jump, they just fly on the wings of the Tomahawks. Europe gets what it deserves. Would not support the attacks of Iraq and Libya, you see there would be no problems with the Muslims.
    Never before has a handshake policy against international terrorists, members of radical groups, emissaries of gang undergrounds led to nothing good. We also warmed all our evil spirits, their brains went completely.
    it’s time to declare who is the boss in this European house. It is already difficult to understand who is the boss, and who is more firmly in favor of their interests.
    (or rather, old Europeans) To refuse what they absorbed, so to speak, with mother’s milk Eternally warring Europe has absorbed democratic values ​​with mother’s milk? It was they who were impregnated with them for World War II?
    to cut the Gordian knot This is a war, and inside, the gut is thin, Europe has no motivation. Democratic values ​​- zilch, they do not fight for them, or rather they only bomb and kill, but Europe has no others. What, perverts of all stripes with weapons in their hands will go to fight with blacks and Muslims? Yes, they will kiss them to death.
    If the way of observing what is called unshakable democratic norms is left by our western neighbors as the primary basis, then we will have to forget about Europe in the classical sense of the word. That’s for sure, however, we wouldn’t have spoiled Russia with our tolerance
    1. +1
      28 September 2012 12: 12

      Great comment!
  9. +6
    28 September 2012 10: 10
    If Europeans cannot deal with the problem of emigration of people from the Islamic world, Europe will gradually come to an end. By the way, Russia has the same problem. Migrants are beneficial to many under the current system. But they are dangerous, it’s also a crime, because often those who fail to find ourselves at home, this is the formation of enclaves not controlled by the state with their own orders and responsibilities. We have a small village, we didn’t have them before, now we have them, the landfill has become private, the owner has brought in workers, the kids are already running, and the young ladies hnie in colorful whether Uzbek, or Tajik pants rassekayut.Ya not a nationalist, but I see it all as something not very nice.
  10. +1
    28 September 2012 10: 10
    The EU is rotting from the inside. As in the Middle Ages, the classic dirt of society begins. Despite the fact that the division of society into the haves and have-nots is obvious. I believe that in the not too distant future it will be necessary to solve our problems rather than sit and teach what the state should be like
  11. Beck
    28 September 2012 10: 12
    Democracy is der ... moocracy Liberalism is liberalism. Capitalism is rotten. Universal values ​​are garbage. In general, everything is clear and understandable.

    Then who will answer me in what socio-political formation does present Russia exist? What neither in the slave-holding, nor in the feudal is, like God's day, clear. Then in which? After all, Russia does not live in isolation from the whole world.

    In which?
    1. 0
      28 September 2012 13: 16
      Russia is in a fever and it is rushing about as if in an ice hole!
  12. Voin sveta82
    28 September 2012 10: 15
    No Europe will save only Russia ...))) when all European countries will be ... - the provinces of the Russian Empire))))
  13. +2
    28 September 2012 10: 21
    The Europeans, with horror, gradually begin to realize that they have driven themselves into a dead end and the only way out of it is to give reptiles carefully handled by their chests to their hands and other parts of their bodies! They still struggle with each other multiculturalism with simple fascism, but they are now ready in some places to slowly tighten the screws.
    And as for the fact that many of our people go there, many return. For example, a large number of "Volga", "Kyrgyz" Germans did not manage to take root in well-fed Germany. And many of those who live there do not return purely because when they left, they shouted a lot about freedom and now it is a shame to back up.
  14. Gorchakov
    28 September 2012 10: 46
    Only by dividing and abandoning the euro zone and democratic tolerance can Europe survive ... And what they are practicing now will be saved only by war ..... What are they trying to do in the Middle East .... True, this is the beginning of their collapse. ..
    1. 0
      28 September 2012 13: 18
      maybe they should share it and it’s not necessary, just a different approach to unification is needed: not everyone in the EU can be taken, but capable and powerful, and not parasites and idlers!
  15. +1
    28 September 2012 10: 47
    In Europe, the line between democracy and anarchy ceased to exist. Democracy has laws and anarchy does not. Therefore, everything goes on.
  16. +3
    28 September 2012 10: 50
    Decadence, degradation, totalitarianism - with these words, Europe called Russia, and now this is the reality of Europe itself ...
  17. +4
    28 September 2012 10: 51
    Quote: selbrat
    This concerns not only the EU.

    I agree. First of all, it is time to throw all these hvilosophy about tolerance into the trash. There is justice as we understand it.
    I am sure that the majority will agree that the rights of those peoples that now inhabit Russia are one thing, but those who want to come to live with us are completely different. Well, except that Ukrainians and Belarusians are perceived as brothers with the same rights as other residents of Russia.
    For example, as I think in New Zealand. They just honestly say you want to live with us? Know the problem - buy citizenship. In Australia, for example, you can invite a foreigner to work if the employer pays the state $ 60 thousand! Those. all this verbal diarrhea about what a wonderful special you are and how you can serve for the benefit of Australia, few people are interested in. Since you really are all so necessary and useful, then the employer will prove it by paying 60 thousand greens for it.
    In the USA, Mexicans are allowed on the plantation. But if suddenly this Mexican suddenly found himself in another place in the United States or began to do something else, and the employer did not immediately report this, then the problems are terrible for the first and the second.
    There is common sense in all this. If the whole country is so beautiful and wonderful, then the citizens who created it all want to sell the right to live among this beauty. If you can make good money in the country and there is a problem with cheap labor, then please work for a penny, but do not think to go into other areas. Is it really difficult to do with us? If, for example, an Uzbek came to work as a janitor, then don’t fig him then to make repairs and deprive the bread of our repairmen. The employer should be responsible and declare to the migration service, if suddenly the guest worker did not go to work or disappeared somewhere. Suddenly, he decided to go on his own scaffolds? And this should apply to all, with the exception of citizens of those countries that we consider fraternal.
  18. botur2013
    28 September 2012 10: 57
    And they are still trying to teach us something!
  19. Isaev
    28 September 2012 11: 24
    The article begins as an OBS, in the style of "As American scientists say ..."
    "As the leaders of many EU states say ..."

    Where? Who! When? What exactly?

    There is already one quote in the whole article. Continuous allegations and reasoning of the author.

    Because the article is a fat minus. Although the topic of the article is interesting.
    1. +3
      28 September 2012 13: 11
      So that you know: most of the articles on "VO" are the reasoning of the authors, and not the total reprint of quotes from other sites and publications. And about who, what, when and how - in the news section, everything is very clearly indicated there from day to day. I can even argue that you haven't finished reading the article to the end - so you walked diagonally ...
      1. Isaev
        28 September 2012 15: 19
        Well and argued :)

        Opinions and reasoning need to be able to argue. I am aware of what most of the articles here.
  20. 0
    28 September 2012 11: 26
    Quote: botur2013
    And they are still trying to teach us something!
    Yeah! Even at the end of the amers.
  21. +4
    28 September 2012 11: 36
    From the Middle Ages again there too .. Soon France will be remembered only from the works of Jules Verne and Dumas. Earlier in one comment it was that Russia would save Europe what , Russia itself needs to save itself from this trouble .. Or we have a complete order with this !? So, if the country's leadership does not undertake anything concrete in the sphere of interethnic relations (and there is generally silence, only "left" "programs" on "left" accounts), then the number of "Kondopogs" will grow. I am not a nationalist, not a skinhead, I am a patriot of my country, and I don’t want my grandchildren to grow up in some "Russian" enclave or "Russian" ghetto in the middle of my city in 10-20 years!
    1. +1
      28 September 2012 15: 35
      The fact that only evil comes from Europe was clear even under Peter 1, who was cutting a window into Europe. It would seem a trifle, a ban on wearing a beard and Russian clothes, but turned into an uprising of Bulavin. Not a single state. the leader among the people was not nicknamed the Antichrist, except for Peter1. And now save Europe! It turns out that from them themselves.
  22. Yarbay
    28 September 2012 13: 14
    this time accept my bold + mister Volodin!
    1. +2
      28 September 2012 13: 22
      I do not know what exactly, but why not accept :)
      1. +1
        28 September 2012 15: 21
        And by the way, are things really as serious as you write? In the nature of the khan of democracy in Europe?
        1. +1
          28 September 2012 15: 52
          Quote: Uncle
          In the nature of the khan of democracy in Europe?

          There has long been to restore order and not play.
          1. +1
            28 September 2012 16: 45
            That is, you will have to say goodbye to gay pride parades, same-sex marriages, return the concepts of "father" and "mother" instead of the 1st parent and the 2nd parent? Will transvestites and Turks disappear from the streets of Berlin, will German speech be heard? Is it possible without war?
            1. 0
              28 September 2012 16: 48
              Then Adolf must be quietly put under the guise of ss
  23. 0
    28 September 2012 15: 44
    N-yes ... Gordian knot ...
    Sorry, of course, Europe, then.
    I agree with the conclusion. The necessary radical, and most importantly, unpopular decisions. But, in the current system of power-society relations in Europe - this is impossible. There is neither strength, nor will, nor the most, IMHO, most importantly, the feelings of a single destiny of society. Ideology, mission, ended due to the natural causes of their incorrectness. Fluid, individualism and momentality rules everything.
    They age very much, besides. And all goes to the fact that Europe will become a province and a tourist attraction for Asia.
    Europe will become, roughly, what the region of Eastern Europe is now for the whole world - countries of prostitutes and waiters.
  24. 0
    28 September 2012 16: 57
    And what they want, the birth rate of both us and the Europeans is falling, and of course when all other nations become more than indigenous, then we all jump
  25. bask
    28 September 2012 17: 09
    Almost all European countries waged colonial wars. And owned kalonii. There people were treated like cattle. The inhabitants of Tasmania were not considered at all people and ate like animals. That is, they were engaged in cannibalism. This ,,, civilized ,, British. What a multicultural society can cannibals build. ??? They are also worshiping Satan. They are waiting for a complete excitement. We will leave the lesson from the Orthodox faith and we will end.
    1. +1
      28 September 2012 17: 52
      I completely agree with you !!! You are definitely a plus! BUT!!! COLONIES is spelled with "o" and in general we should all treat our native language with great attention and respect.
      1. 0
        28 September 2012 18: 43
        Quote: wulf66
        COLONIES is spelled with "o"

        If you already started then
        Quote: bask

        Quote: bask
        bowЯthose who are

        1. 0
          29 September 2012 00: 32
          Well, I just attracted attention, and I didn’t find it necessary to pull out everything, I think if I look closely I will see it myself, I think that the point is simply inattention.
    2. 0
      28 September 2012 18: 49
      Quote: bask
      What a multicultural society can cannibals build. ???

      There is such a service "Home Delivery".
      The ancestors of the Europeans had to swim somewhere, the current ones no longer have to.
      I exaggerate of course, but not every joke has a joke.
  26. +2
    28 September 2012 17: 48
    Tolerance is a medical term for the body's inability to resist a foreign body. Complete tolerance is death.
    It is normal for a LIVE to refuse to die. We in Russia need to stop listening to life bankrupt and remember our values ​​verified by our ancestors.
  27. bask
    28 September 2012 18: 59
    Tolerance is not a medical term. Failure to resist the body is the resistance of the Cynic. Besides the mistakes of others, what do you want to say on the topic.?
    1. +1
      28 September 2012 19: 23
      Quote: bask
      What on topic I wanted to say.?

      Europe will save the rigidity and the rejection of the imaginary democratic ideals
      I completely agree, but Europeans need to apply this more to themselves to a greater extent than to for guests .
  28. bask
    28 September 2012 19: 50
    Tired of these pid ........ tolerance ..... About the beloved ,,, lunar tractor, would. On armored vehicles, throw koment. Armata and so on ...
  29. Stasi.
    28 September 2012 21: 01
    The fact that the policy of multiculturalism was a mistake, the Europeans were able to understand only now, when the natives of the former colonies began to bend them for themselves. This is always the case with countries losing their national spirit and forgetting their traditions, culture and morality. Of all the European countries, Germany is the most pity; the Germans are a strong people. It is thanks to Germany that Europe can exist. Russia and Germany should conclude an alliance to create a union state, like Russia and Belarus, then Germany will continue. And I agree with the article, the Europeans will have to choose: or reasonable nationalism, with the risk of accusations of undemocracy; or the former policy of concessions to immigrants from the former colonies and consequently the disappearance of Europe. There is no third.
    1. retvizan
      29 September 2012 01: 57
      Yes, Europe is rapidly losing its identity. look at the national teams of France, Germany, Holland and others - more than half of blacks and Arabs. Which at any suitable and inappropriate occasion begin to shout about infringement of rights. Relatives live in Sofia, so there the muezzins call for prayer and conduct prayers through powerful speakers right in the center of the capital. And few of the Bulgarians are indignant, and even if they are, they say to them - it’s impossible, we say in the EU, tolerance, etc. In response to this, it is interesting to find out how many Christian churches there are, for example, in Saud. Arabia?
      Europe needs to follow the example of Norway and, firstly, extremely tighten the conditions for obtaining citizenship, and secondly, to show emigrants that they don’t go to someone else’s monastery with their charter, don’t like to see you back to Maghreb, and at least wear a burqa, at least burn to health. Otherwise, Paris will truly turn into the capital of the new European Emirate, and Berlin - the new Port
  30. +1
    28 September 2012 22: 34
    I suggest not to cry in Europe.
    Firstly, she is big. Very big. And there are a lot of different things - from Holland to Germany, from Denmark to Greece. Their variety of ways allows them to respond flexibly to problems.
    Secondly, historically, Europe has always quite easily passed from the Renaissance to the Crusades and obscurantism. So nehru feel sorry for them. First, let's see how they solve these problems. And then, I am afraid, soon the fires of the Inquisition will begin to flare up.
    Thirdly, the people there, although they endure gays and other p ... donors, but for the time being. And this time will end along with free pensions and cheap Chinese goods. Then nationalists of all stripes will quickly mill their brains.

    So it’s better for us not to give them advice, but to prepare for problems of a different plan. Including military issues. And then tomorrow some PACE member in the person of Romania will show us for Transnistria, Moldova and disrespect for the history of the Baltic states in the person of SS pensioners. We'll have to send - and not only figuratively, but also tanks. To control, so to speak, the non-proliferation of all shit in our direction.
    Maybe I dumped a lot of everything, but this problem is not simple, and we don’t poke around in it. Its enough.
  31. mechanic11
    28 September 2012 23: 10
    Well, if that happens, my dream may come true and I will again see the white football teams in England and Germany, without newcomers. The type will go to the bastard to go on color football (as it is in McDonald's.)
  32. wax
    28 September 2012 23: 47
    It seems to me that Europe is ready to tighten the screws, but they are waiting to see if they will be able to introduce all these bacilli and viruses in Russia. If you turn on the "democratic" tap now, then all this bacchanalia of tolerance in Russia will crumble to smithereens. Swing. We need to firmly curb the pusek, gays, swamps and others, until superheated steam is trampled in Europe. Then let's laugh.
  33. 0
    30 September 2012 10: 37
    Someone says that this is not the case with us, and you try even now being a Slav to go to permanent residence, for example, to Dagestan, don’t even think about waiting for some political correspondence and tolerance, you all feel for yourself (again, not all there are) I say this from my personal life experience, I was born and raised there and still relatives live, in the city in which tens of thousands of Slavs lived, about 300 people remained.

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