Reports from the fronts - summing up the day

Yuri Podolyaka

After the “counter-offensive” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there is a relative calm in the Kiev, Nikolaev and Zaporozhye directions. And in the Donbass, the troops of the Russian Federation, the LPR and the DPR strike and develop their offensive in several directions at once.

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    1. +4
      17 March 2022 05: 34
      I agree with the author on the issue of our side losing the information war. Somehow put on its own, so wars are not won. We need to work on the bugs.
      The issue of prisoners is very controversial. The Nazi detachments do not allow more or less adequate fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to surrender. There are frequent cases of shooting the retreating.
      Further on the prisoners. Who is there to take prisoner? Nazis from battalions like Azov? Definitely - in the expense only. Or VSUshnikov artillerymen who destroy the civilian population and compare cities and villages to the ground? They cannot be taken prisoner. Or maybe the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who in the cities dig in their equipment near residential buildings, schools, hospitals and hide behind the civilian population? How are they different from terrorists? Prefer to understand different varieties of _ovna? All of them need to be grounded, so that others would be discouraged. Therefore, there are few prisoners. It's my opinion.
      1. +5
        17 March 2022 05: 59
        A lie in the information field always prevails, at first, because a lie is not limited by anything, and the truth relies only on the truth, and this is the weakness of the truth.
    2. +1
      17 March 2022 05: 53
      it is obvious that despite the help of the West, Ukraine's resources are running out
    3. +2
      17 March 2022 06: 01
      Our Defense Ministry has its own style of information warfare. He has both pluses and minuses.
    4. 0
      17 March 2022 21: 52
    5. +3
      17 March 2022 23: 08
      Rather, the creatures would have been knocked out of Avdiivka.
      So many deaths were brought by the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Avdiivka, Donetsk and the region. ..
    6. 0
      20 March 2022 20: 51
      I am very annoyed by the presence of advertising on the main news channels
    7. 0
      April 7 2022 15: 08
      And I liked the material about Podoliak
      from the military conflictologist Kolomgorov.
      Who is this "analyst", where did he come from.

      That his (Podolyaks) cards are looking on the other side.
      That these cards contain hidden information with all these
      dots, dashes, strokes and arrows.
      A lot of interesting things, in general.

      I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it's interesting to hear critical opinions.

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