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Kazakhstan is negotiating with Russia on the production of military equipment


Kazakhstan is planning to produce heavy armored vehicles and anti-aircraft systems jointly with Russian defense enterprises. If the venture is crowned with success, Astana will be able to acquire new promising designs. weaponsand Moscow is a reliable buyer of military equipment.

Saidmurat Tanirbergen, Deputy Head of the Secretariat of the Security Council of Kazakhstan, spoke about these plans in an interview with “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda”.

In particular, according to him, the Ministry of Defense of the country is planning "joint work on the modernization and production of anti-aircraft weapons for the ground forces" with the engineering design bureau (Kolomna city). In addition, the military department is negotiating with OJSC Uralvagonzavod on the joint production of "a number of samples of heavy military equipment."

Tanirbergen noted that the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan are now moving to a single KamAZ automobile base, while the KamAZ-Engineering enterprise, joint with Russia, has become the main supplier of vehicles.

In the framework of the KADEX exhibition in May of this year, a memorandum of understanding was signed with OJSC Helicopters of Russia. At the same time expanding cooperation with the companies of Belarus. In particular, a memorandum of cooperation was signed with Agat OJSC on the development, manufacture and supply of automated control systems for various purposes.

Tanirbergen also added that in cooperation with the Belarusian enterprise Midivisana, the company is mastering the production of a set of modular staff machines. At the stage of consideration is the question of cooperation with the Tetrahedr research and production enterprise for the joint production of anti-aircraft missile and air defense radio equipment.

Kazakhstan today is actively strengthening its armed forces and consistently allocates the necessary funding for the purchase of new types of weapons and military equipment, experts say. At the same time, they call military-technical cooperation with Russia mutually beneficial.

"It will allow Kazakhstan to receive the transfer of the necessary military technologies, to establish its own production, obviously, it will be licensed production, and to a certain extent solve the problem associated with the main task of the Kazakh army today - to create a reliable shield of missile defense," the newspaper VIEW director of the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade Igor Korotchenko.

At the same time, the expert recalls the close ties of Russia and Kazakhstan within the framework of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization), including all that concerns joint cover of air borders.

"Own or joint production of anti-aircraft weapons systems in the field of air defense will enable Kazakhstan to strengthen its sovereignty and close airspace from any unwanted guests," continues Korotchenko.

Speaking about the cooperation of Kazakhstan with the Russian Uralvagonzavod, he recalled that Kazakhstan traditionally buys the production technology of this particular enterprise.

Developing this cooperation, Kazakhstan will solve two problems at once. First, the question of the modernization of weapons and armored vehicles still Soviet production. Secondly, it will be able to acquire new promising models of weapons. Including, indicates Korotchenko, a modernized tank T90С.

“In the future, Kazakhstan will become one of the first buyers of the new Russian tank “Armata” after it is put into mass production and begins to enter the arsenal of the Russian army, ”the expert says.

It is not excluded that Kazakhstan may become the first partner of Russia in the area of ​​military-technical cooperation in the supply of new types of armored vehicles and fifth-generation tanks. This also applies to Belarus and other partners of the Russian Federation in the CSTO.

“Russia, in turn, receives the necessary funds for defense enterprises - those that will participate in joint programs with Kazakhstan. This cooperation will also contribute to the consolidation of Russian equipment on the markets of the CIS and CSTO countries, ”Korotchenko believes.

According to the expert, in terms of the ratio of efficiency and price, Russian equipment benefits in comparison with the "capricious" Western models. “But the most important thing is that the armies of our partners, in particular, the Kazakh army, have become accustomed to Russian weapons, know him well and know how to use it. Therefore, as they say, God himself ordered that the purchases should continue further, ”he concludes.
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  1. spender
    spender 27 September 2012 11: 07
    Well done Kazakhs, on their territory of production they open, cooperate. Armored personnel carriers, cooperate with us now, there is money, they realize the threat ... hi And the good thing is that Russia prefers deliveries of modern air defense (S-400) and Armata to the allies of Belarus and Kazakhstan, perhaps losing economically, but winning geopolitically hi
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 27 September 2012 11: 19
      And winning geopolitically, and economic benefits come up, everything is interconnected.
      This comic will very accurately convey my thoughts on this subject:
      1. INTER
        INTER 27 September 2012 11: 44
        Cooperation is a profitable business for everyone. good
      2. crazyrom
        crazyrom 27 September 2012 22: 41
        Well, we don’t take 600 rubles from them. I think Putin understands what is happening (or can happen in Central Asia), and will sell everything that everyone needs at a price, if not cost, then almost (sometimes down).
    2. mongoose
      mongoose 27 September 2012 12: 47
      Well, do not supply ukroine? all the same, TS with them, but they are not involved in blackmail and extortion, but the Russian language is not spread
      1. escobar
        escobar 27 September 2012 14: 17
        Quote: mongoose
        They are engaged in blackmail and extortion, but the Russian language is not spread rot
        I see your media specifically injured your brain.
        Is this someone who is blackmailing? And the Russian language runs freely and is legalized at the request of the local authorities of cities and regions.
        We signed a gas agreement with this bitch, the thieves Yulka (that's really blackmailing and extorting), and the hawler also discloses it.
  2. King
    King 27 September 2012 11: 47
    The integration of our states in the defense industry will lead to closer cooperation on a number of other issues. together we can counter external threats
    1. Islam
      Islam 30 October 2012 12: 32
      we have such a layer who are against any cooperation with Russia, they say that we will again lose independence. So I think that we will not lose anything from cooperation with Russia, at least - China will not fight with us, at most we will become the POWERFUL countries of the world in 20 years together with Russia and Belarus
  3. Beck
    Beck 27 September 2012 11: 50
    Things are good. Ura-patriots would not have crawled out again, as on the page yesterday about military cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan. They shouted about the oppression of Russians in Kazakhstan and their forced eviction.
    1. Makk
      Makk 27 September 2012 12: 18
      Probably leaving a good life? Mystic.
      Although cooperation is certainly necessary.
      1. orfo
        orfo 27 September 2012 13: 45
        yeah, only here the transfer of technology does not always end well.
      2. Beck
        Beck 27 September 2012 16: 35

        You have a hidden catch. The vast majority of Russians left for Russia as their historical homeland. Who does not want to live in a historical homeland? Many Kazakhs come to us from Mongolia and China, because they want to live in their homeland. We are not saying that the Chinese and the Mongols forcibly evict them. You only lay the seeds of mistrust in the union that the leaders of our countries want to make and to the joy of the ill-wishers of such a union.

        Tell me, who is closest to Russia surrounded by the CIS? And how many are there? And all is absent.
      3. Ram chandra
        Ram chandra April 19 2013 13: 30
        Those who left came back. See the statistics. I have done a lot of acquaintances. Even from Germany they come back. We are good.
    2. wow
      wow 27 September 2012 19: 28
      Kazakhstanis are great! And not only in this issue - cooperation in the military-industrial complex. I am now looking at my Taldy Kurgan airfield and am pleasantly surprised that the airbase continues to work successfully, both MiG-27 (my relatives) and Su-27 are flying. The airbase is now called Barsy Semirechya. In contrast to our "samostiiniks" who plundered and sold on the side of everything that is possible and impossible. Never mind the idiots, Beck. How many years I have served in Kazakhstan there have never been any problems with the nat. sign, and even now my guys write from there, that everything is a "bunch".
  4. General_Nogay
    General_Nogay 27 September 2012 11: 58
    Kazakhs are handsome! Do not change the best weapons in the world !!!
  5. Antipetian 2
    Antipetian 2 27 September 2012 12: 03
    Who knows, and what can Kazakhstan offer us?
    1. viktorrymar
      viktorrymar 27 September 2012 13: 51
      We protect your belly, hamadryl
      1. Beck
        Beck 27 September 2012 16: 38

        Countryman. Everything is fine.
      2. klimpopov
        klimpopov 27 September 2012 16: 41
        I plus, for to a point ...
  6. volcano
    volcano 27 September 2012 12: 08
    Oh, these tricks .... First, give them a space rocket ... now air defense and armored vehicles ..... So it’s not a pity at all, it’s just that, for example, the course of Kazakhstan from friendship with Russia will change to .... well, let’s say friendship .... and our technologies will flow somewhere to the side .... to the same China, for example .....
    I think we always need to remember with WHO and WHAT we share .. And approach this issue very carefully .....
    We have already seen the escape from Russia to "other friends" ... What losses did Russia incur ??? I think not small.
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 27 September 2012 12: 29
      Quote: volkan
      for example, the course of Kazakhstan will change from friendship with Russia

      Andrei hi I welcome you! With all due respect to you, nonetheless strongly disagree with you.Kazakhstan has always been devoted to friendship with Russia and has never betrayed this friendship.
      1. spender
        spender 27 September 2012 12: 32
        Quote: Apollon
        Kazakhstan has always been devoted to friendship with Russia and has never betrayed this friendship.

        Moreover, Russia and Kazakhstan have common interests in this region, and this alone is worth a lot and Kazakhstan is now an economically strong state, and not a parasite, like other beggings !!! hi
        1. volcano
          volcano 27 September 2012 14: 33
          Personally, I am for any union, with my hands and feet .... and I know very well that now Kazakhstan, like Belarus and even Ukraine, is looking for interaction and partnership in many areas of activity ..
          I only call for sound caution
      2. volcano
        volcano 27 September 2012 14: 18
        Dear Apollon
        If in 1987 you said that the Ukrainian SSR aspired to independence, as well as joining NATO and Europe (the EU still certainly wasn’t), then you probably would have been put in a psychiatric hospital or for life in Magadan ..... And how anyway, but Ukraine, like Belarus, is much closer to Russia than Kazakhstan ....
        Unfortunately, everything is possible in our life ..... even siblings can stick a knife in the back ...
        Why is this possible is a separate conversation
    2. Leisure
      Leisure 27 September 2012 12: 47
      In China and without the Kazakhs, everything flows away. Trust partners need a little bit.
    3. edge
      edge 27 September 2012 12: 57
      Kazakhs are well aware that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow clashes will begin with China and the ally is alone ........
      1. viktorrymar
        viktorrymar 27 September 2012 14: 25
        When we live here, we are well aware that, in which case, China does not even perceive us as an obstacle, and does not creep into us just because of Russia. What 16 000 000-th Kazakhstan can oppose China? But do not forget that Kazakhstan has 9-th place in the world by the size of the territory, as well as the longest land border with Russia. So it is better for us to be friends, and Russia to supply Kazakhstan with modern weapons, albeit for money, we have a lot of money)))
        1. v53993
          v53993 27 September 2012 19: 45
          I agree, you need to be friends. Yes, the peoples are already friends (there is a separate discussion about the rulers). Only mention of money is out of place. Money has never strengthened friendship anywhere, but rather the opposite.
    4. biglow
      biglow 27 September 2012 17: 15
      I agree, only unitary states are strong. But all these unions are today, but not tomorrow.
    5. Ram chandra
      Ram chandra April 19 2013 13: 38
      What will be the benefit to Kazakhstan if Russia does not supply weapons and technology? Then it will be more profitable to be friends with the United States. So - everything is interconnected.
  7. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 27 September 2012 12: 25
    a very good union, in our time it is very necessary, there will always be a buyer ...
  8. afire
    afire 27 September 2012 14: 39
    oh yes Vladimir Vladimirovich!
    oh yes sly laughing
    how thin! .... super
  9. 27 September 2012 14: 47
    mongoose Before you write, you need to think. For the Ukrainian generation born in the USSR, such statements can only cause bewilderment, to put it mildly. But for those born already in Ukraine, this will cause hostility. The mentality of Eastern Ukrainians is different from the mentality of Westerners. Therefore, it is not necessary do the work of nationalists, do not make enemies.
  10. mar.tira
    mar.tira 27 September 2012 15: 45
    All the factories in Northern Kazakhstan during the Soviet era were military or dual purpose. For example, missile launchers for rockets were produced in Petropavlovsk. It is time to modernize, restore, resume work, and old workers still have experience to pass it on. Yes and workers places will appear.
  11. Rossmk
    Rossmk 27 September 2012 17: 42
    Correctly. Together we can more actively resist external threats.
  12. faser
    faser 27 September 2012 17: 59
    Kazakhstan’s fate is either in the mouth of a dragon, or friendship with a bear. or arabization
  13. baltika-18
    baltika-18 27 September 2012 19: 52
    Kazakhstan is basically Russia. The national composition of the population: Kazakhs-10 million, Russians-4 million, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Germans, etc.-2 million. Northern Kazakhstan more than 50% of the population are Russians. So let them cooperate, unification into one Great Russian state will be painless.
    1. Ram chandra
      Ram chandra April 19 2013 13: 39
      Why are you minus this gentleman? All right says.
  14. razved
    razved 27 September 2012 21: 17
    This seems to be the next step towards integration (or, if you want, to reunion).
  15. glorious glorious
    glorious glorious 28 September 2012 12: 51
    It seems that people here from all over Russia ... but they are mischievous))) ... I don’t see any worthy analysis ... naive great power and chauvinism - this is a flaw of the Russians ... you would understand that you would say nonsense you alone can’t resist the enemy ... WWII, it’s not Russian Ivan who won, but Stalin’s friendship of peoples ...
  16. April 6 2013 18: 10
    guys, let's live together, our grandfathers fought together, etc., but guziya is a traitor and not Kazakhstan. We will not betray