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The balance of the Ministry of Defense will remain 300 towns

The balance of the Ministry of Defense will remain 300 townsYesterday, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov discussed with the army leadership problems that are closely related to the combat readiness of troops and the solution of social issues in the Armed Forces.

The collegium of the military department took place immediately after the large-scale Kavkaz-2012 exercises. On these maneuvers, the generals tested the new system of control of disparate units and tested the commanding skills of the officers. For quite some time now their training, as well as preparation of sergeants, goes under the new program. The emphasis there is on field training and action in an extreme situation. A person can memorize combat regulations and manuals, remember tactical and technical characteristics weapons and technology, but completely confused on the ground, in a sea voyage or air duel. The only cure for this disease is practice, and its use in the Armed Forces will increase.

The personnel problem was also the focus of discussion of other issues. In particular, when it came to ensuring the safety of military flights aviation. Over the past two years, troops have received more than 150 new planes and helicopters, and already in this - about 190. Over the next seven years, the air defense fleet will replenish more than 1200 aircraft. Not only the quality of performing air tasks, but also the level of trouble-free flight operation will depend on their skillful operation. Here, the human factor comes to the fore again - more precisely, the training of qualified pilots and engineering specialists. And also - the creation of a modern airfield network. This week, Anatoly Serdyukov flew to the Kursk-Vostochny airfield, where the cover of the runway was completely replaced. After nearly 9 thousand new plates were installed on the take-off, it can take virtually all military aircraft, with the exception of the Tu-160 missile carrier. Similar work is now being carried out at 24 airfields of the Ministry of Defense, and at 16 "points" of the Special Construction of Russia it is engaged in the design and reconstruction of strips and parking lots. They will put things in order there, which means there will be fewer equipment breakdowns and accidents, including due to concrete rags falling into the air intakes.

Another topic for discussion at the board of the Ministry of Defense became military camps. And the conversation went on in two parallel planes. On the one hand - on the preparation of the garrisons for the winter heating season. On the other hand, it concerns the redeployment of units and their arrangement on the territory of large army bases. The army came to the coming cold weather with a 4,5 billion-dollar debt for fuel supplies. The amount is decent even for a considerable defense budget. But Serdyukov hopes that in the near future the debt problem will be solved.

As for the enlargement of military camps, this process will continue. Instead of the currently existing 7,5, thousands of objects on the balance of the defense ministry will remain near 300. For example, in the same Kursk a town named after Marshal G.K. Zhukov. In the coming years, there will additionally be transferred five military units totaling about 5 thousand people. The garrison’s infrastructure will change accordingly - new barracks and residential houses will be built there, a fitness center will be built, and the fleet will be expanded.

And by the middle of next year, the leaders of the Ministry of Defense are planning to report to the president on solving their own, perhaps, the most ambitious social task - the settlement of military waiting lists. The implementation of this program was also discussed at the ministry board. The army authorities do not yet see any serious cause for concern. The rate of resettlement of officer families - 1500-1650 apartments per week - gives reason to hope that another transfer of housing terms will not occur.

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  1. spender
    spender 27 September 2012 10: 56
    Everything is being sold ... I am touched by these transfers of military townships to municipalities, to which they are like "adopted children" ... Before the transfer of townships, the money for repairs is stolen for several years, and then these "slums" are given to the locals, who also don’t invest money in them and families of military personnel suffer. Previously, with KECh, there was more order and control could be found ... IMHO hi
    We had a military airfield in Volsk, in the 90s they took away all the slabs from the GDP, only soldiers at the checkpoint were guarded, either they were given moonshine or intimidated, now they are starting to "restore" ...
    1. ughhh
      ughhh 27 September 2012 11: 17
      I myself live in a former military camp, which was transferred to municipal ownership 3-4 years ago. By that time, everything that was possible was stolen. Money was hardly found for garbage collection. Communications, and many buildings were in pre-emergency condition. It should be noted that the town is located at the General Staff of the Air Force. Elite, one might say. And they lived like homeless people here.
      Another joke: the town was not taken for a long time, because could not find two 9-story houses. Must be, but no.
      1. INTER
        INTER 27 September 2012 11: 49
        Quote: ughhh
        Another joke: the town was not taken for a long time, because could not find two 9-story houses. Must be, but no.

        It can only be in Russia))) laughing
        And why not immediately betray everything, but to launch a targeted program of adaptation of the towns and infrastructure to the municipalities.
  2. volcano
    volcano 27 September 2012 11: 08
    Of course, the creation of large military bases is economically advantageous and expedient from the point of view of infrastructure, but from a military point of view, bringing parts into large bases is bad in my opinion ... We licked the question from the USA here, but there are differences between us .... The USA are in favor The ocean and striking at their bases is possible only with ballistic missiles (well, long-range aviation) ... our bases will be more vulnerable in this regard, given that Europe is in NATO and the Middle East .... the distances are not the same .... probable the enemy is closer .... And it can strike with both conventional aircraft and missiles ...
    Therefore, overseas experience in this case is more likely to harm us than to benefit.
  3. Altor86
    Altor86 27 September 2012 12: 02
    Thousands of people know how the enlargement of towns takes place. A circus only costs a lot to our country. For some reason, it’s customary to count the money of pensioners, but the looting and theft of state property goes as if no one sees and does not know. Moreover, this takes place on an all-Russian scale.
  4. vosovec
    vosovec 27 September 2012 13: 00
    Yes, the article resembles the words of the Golden Fish from the anecdote - "So big - but you believe in fairy tales ..."
    And the face in the photo is like that of a child who will now be flogged for a deuce
  5. understudy
    understudy 27 September 2012 13: 13
    At least one high-ranking gaze would try on those apartments for the military that are being built with us. With a permissible normative population density of 300 people per hectare, 650 people managed to be pressed in. Without schools, without kindergartens, without normal roads. Campaign, in the headquarters of Oorfene Jus, one task is to shove the problem and report. And how and what will happen to the families of the military later, this does not bother anyone.
  6. Zomanus
    Zomanus 27 September 2012 23: 22
    On the one hand, it’s certainly not good that towns are cutting back. All the same, the compact residence of the military in one place has positive qualities. And on the other ... With our current air defense / missile defense system, Amer will simply be very tired of flying and bombing. No more, because no one can stop them.
    1. Felix200970
      Felix200970 27 September 2012 23: 43
      Quote: Zomanus
      With our current air defense / missile defense system, the amer is simply very tired of flying and bombing.

      Why burn kerosene for nothing? Yes, and try at speed yes from a height, get into something. It’s a lot easier to put a couple of snipers wassatand laugh