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Burn for the red flag


In Ukraine, many people do not like it when what is happening is called civil war. Boys from the "correct" western part of Ukraine, erasing the cities and villages of Donbass into rubble, prefer other self-names of the process they love.

In any troubled times, all sorts of demons begin to creep out of small, mercenary and not smart people. In ordinary times, it is held back by fear of the law or, ironically, by public opinion.

But now ... The "supreme demon" driven into a corner begins to distribute weapon, and whoever didn’t get it, forgives the whole country for any atrocities committed. Shoot and maybe you will hit one Russian out of a dozen of your own! Catch spies, rob, torture and humiliate! Suddenly, among them, too, will be Russian. Remember old grievances, wake dormant envy and hatred. Everyone is freed from the "chimera called conscience."

To fill up a Russian tank or defeat a Russian guy from Donetsk or Tambov in a fair fight is a risky business. And in terms of perspectives, options are possible. Whether it's a neighbor, with once voiced views on life, different from the "Ukro-Aryan". And it is better to subject not himself to “punishment”, but, for example, his house, car, in the absence of the owner, of course.

Because, remember, national rogulism prefers, if it spreads rot, then the weaker, and if it fouls, then without risking it. These are “igils” where they shoot videos, while ours have other traditions. Night, lantern...

A bottle with what burns, and here it is a moment of celebration! The neighbor's house is on fire. Whom he hated, but smiled ingratiatingly. Who over his house, remembering the precepts of his ancestors, raised the Red Banner. And even the "junta" did not dare to touch him. And here he is, "heroy", taking something from the house that came to hand, opening a gas cylinder, so that for sure, overwhelmed with feeling ...

What does he have inside? He introduces himself, I don't even know who. For him, "heroi", the main thing in life is material things. This is the essence and purpose of its existence. He cannot imagine that a burned house, a car, or the death of a friend can only make him stronger.

Nationalism has made us much worse in the last eight years. The stock of morality since the times of the USSR has dried up for a long time. And for the last eight years, caricatured Ukrainian nationalism has been cultivating in people the ability and courage to think. He taught me to look at the portrait of my grandfather and not feel remorse. Taught steadfastly not notice other people's pain and resentment. Justice and honesty have completely passed into the category of scholasticism.

Together with the "air conditioner" in Lugansk, we were blown up as a single state. And in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, we burned down as a single people.

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  1. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 18 March 2022 04: 36
    Shitting on the sly is in the blood of Ukrainian Nazis and those who sympathize with them ... the only way to combat this is immediate demonstrative punishment ... in public.
    Those who sympathize with Bandera must be identified and denounced.
    In Sevastopol, some kind of abomination hit a man for the letter Z.
    They quickly found a geek ... and this cowardly evil spirits asked for forgiveness ... looking at such people, you feel nothing but disgust.
    1. Bumblebee_3
      Bumblebee_3 18 March 2022 07: 47
      Lech, this bastard had to cut Z and V on his ass (on different buttocks). So that the mark remains for life.
      1. NIKN
        NIKN 18 March 2022 11: 07
        Quote: Bumblebee_3
        Lech, this bastard had to cut Z and V on his ass (on different buttocks). So that the mark remains for life.

        There is a more interesting punishment. A crowbar is taken, red-hot from one end and driven into the tail with the cold end at the most reluctant ... Ask why cold? And what would he not be able to pull out, clutching at the hot. laughing
        1. Evgen Medenko
          Evgen Medenko 18 March 2022 11: 13
          Excuse me, but are you sure that it is we who need to be "denazified"?
          1. Bumblebee_3
            Bumblebee_3 18 March 2022 12: 02
            Evgen Medenko (Evgen Medenko)
            What about "us"? Who is this? Who you are?
          2. Chervony Biker
            18 March 2022 12: 24
            I will answer you. And I, like you, will also be instructed by minuses. In my opinion... Near the Eastern Polish regions, which were annexed to the Ukrainian SSR before the war. Nationalism was a factor in their cultural identity and a way to survive under the yoke of the Polish administration. It makes no sense to fight nationalism in these territories (west of Zbruch). You just need to give it to them for self-financing. Let a village in the Lvov or Ternopil region erect monuments to Stepan Andreyevich at least in every garden. But at the expense of the local budget. Let them not learn Russian. But they will also be deprived of the right to realize themselves in the Russian-speaking territories. No need to fight the "bandera" at his place. It is necessary to clean out this cannibalistic ideology in the greater Ukraine. Where did it spread from Galicia (which, by the way, is not Ukraine). And more ... I am the most that neither is. Ukrainian nationalist. I love my compatriots, not my neighbors. My idol is Bogdan Zinoviy Khmelnitsky. Who led his people in the only right way in the current historical situation at that time.
            1. Evgen Medenko
              Evgen Medenko 18 March 2022 12: 36
              Do you think there is a difference for NICKNN?
            2. fif21
              fif21 18 March 2022 16: 55
              Quote: Red Biker
              And more ... I am the most that neither is. Ukrainian nationalist. I love my compatriots, not my neighbors. My idol is Bogdan Zinoviy Khmelnitsky. Who led his people in the only right way in the current historical situation at that time.

              We, who live in the Russian Federation, do not understand this. Many nationalities live in the Russian Federation, and no one forbids them to speak their native language, to pray to their god. Loving your people, you stopped loving others. This is Nazism "Germany above all" shouted Hitler. Shut up his mouth, let's shut up the others. You can't build your own statehood by humiliating people living nearby. Everything that happened in the Donbass for 8 years, with the tacit consent, or even the direct approval of the Ukrainians, led to a military operation. Watch the clip of Zhanna Bichevskaya "The Russians are coming". Russians, Tatars, Chechens, Buryats came to you ..... residents of the country Russia. And do not expect mercy, Ukrainian nationalism will be destroyed. hi
              1. Chervony Biker
                19 March 2022 13: 39
                I am very sorry that you misunderstood what you commented. Or do you not know who Bogdan Khmelnitsky is? what "Nationalism" is primarily concern for the nation, people, ethnic group to which you belong or are. At the very least, you're not doing anything to your detriment. Nationalism can shake the people, make them create, ask the sadness of past failures and defeats. A vivid and positive example is Russia rising from its knees. In Ukraine, this process was led by the wrong people. Remember V. Chernovol, who was quickly eliminated. This is a topic for a separate and long discussion.
                1. fif21
                  fif21 19 March 2022 15: 22
                  Quote: Red Biker
                  Or do you not know who Bohdan Khmelnitsky is?

                  I know who Bogdan Khmelnitsky is, and under what circumstances he sent three petitions to the Russian Tsar.

                  Quote: Red Biker
                  "Nationalism" is primarily concern for the nation, people, ethnic group

                  There is no need to replace the concepts of "Nationalism" and "Patriotism". The situation in Ukraine in my concept - the patriots of the Russian Federation are crushing Ukrainian nationalism.
                  Quote: Red Biker
                  a positive example is Russia rising from its knees.

                  In Russia there was an awareness of the hypocrisy of the West, and patriotism became the driving force. May 9, "Immortal Regiment", St. George Ribbon. We did not begin to rewrite our history, and did not change Zhukov for Vlasov.
                  Love your neighbor as yourself! That's what they forgot about in Ukraine, in a country where many nationalities live (Russians, Ukrainians, Romanians, Moldavians, Belarusians, Rusyns ........) and this is the punishment they received for their nationalism. hi
                  1. Piligrim
                    Piligrim 19 March 2022 21: 04
                    Quote: fif21

                    There is no need to replace the concepts of "Nationalism" and "Patriotism".

                    You will be surprised, but nationalism can be one of the manifestations of patriotism. You just can’t mix Nazism and Nationalism and always remember that the line between them is quite thin and you can slip into the wrong place very quickly.
      2. Awaz
        Awaz 19 March 2022 17: 00
        you are stalkers. We need a court))))) and I think that such people should be taken to the Donetsk court for a showdown. The guys there are experienced and have the right to apply all measures of punishment .. About a dozen characters who have lived for a couple of weeks in the Donetsk pre-trial detention center are unlikely to even try to imagine something like that even in their thoughts.
    2. Chervony Biker
      18 March 2022 12: 08
      I would be very careful. It is not necessary, in the comments, to label all those living on Ukrainian territory. In most cases, people are worthless and destructive in sight. It is they who, by their wild deeds, increase the degree of intolerance in society. We must not forget that allegedly behind the political actions of retribution, there are ordinary envy and a desire to rob a neighbor under the guise. In my case, the arsonist is generally known. This is the son of a local farmer with his comrades. An honest and hardworking person. As often happens in writings on his native land, he apparently did not have enough time to raise his offspring. There are, of course, other "bandered" ones, after all, for the last 8 years, it was simply profitable for the ter. Ukraine. Such, provided that they have not stained themselves with blood, should be treated by the Ukrainian land itself. The disgusting roads of the native land are impatiently awaited by detachments of road builders from the nationally concerned.
    3. Alexfly
      Alexfly 18 March 2022 16: 25
      It was necessary to do educational work during the time ..... Now it's too late, of course .. But to give a whisk in hand and force crowded places of revenge for six months, with a correct poster, would contribute to the development of personal self-esteem ..
      1. Chervony Biker
        20 March 2022 01: 28
        you can not only a whisk, but also a shovel. Will restore that. Yes, and in six months they will NOT manage. I am against cruelty towards the erring. But the punishment must be harsh and inevitable.
    4. Ros 56
      Ros 56 19 March 2022 16: 52
      What exactly do you mean by that?
  2. North Caucasus
    North Caucasus 18 March 2022 04: 45
    In general, that's right. How could this happen on the outskirts, at this crossroads of languages ​​(nationalities)? Did the conductors help? Yes, they helped. But the origins are even deeper. The origins are cursed by all Gorbachev with his team. His thinking and consensus turned out to be wrong. Oddly enough, but there was no unanimity in the USSR since the creation of the RSDLP and the revolution. And even after the abdication of the tsar, Russia did not become united. Although the church also renounced the king. And the royal symbols began to be demolished long before the Bolsheviks. And Ukraine in the 17th declared independence. Did the elimination of the center in the form of a king affect this? But how then to characterize the actions of Mazepa? The Tsar was, Russia was. But the bastard went over! Why? Cursed place?! An amazing place on the outskirts of Russia! Karl turned out to be dearer to Peter. Kaiser's Germany is closer to Russia. Yes, even in the Patriotic War, the leaders of the outskirts became famous for their proximity to Hitler! In modern times, the outskirts suddenly became Europe! Although tryndela about independence! Independent Ukraine, but! She is Europe! Glory to Ukraine did not prevent her from pissing off the legacy of the USSR and not creating anything new! Another thing is surprising. Suddenly the pacifists woke up. No war! All of course against wars. But where were they when they bombed Belgrade? What happened in Libya? And in the Donbass? But these pacifists were against Lukashenka. They considered him a dictator. And how many wars have American presidents started? Did they condemn them? Lukashenka and Putin are dictators!? Why? They dispersed the rallies! And if they burned or bombed the protesters? Who would they then become in the eyes of the pacifists? Peacekeepers? Why not? For some reason, these pacifists consider what is happening on the outskirts of Russia to be the norm. For them, fascism turns out to be normal! That's how it should be! Those who disagree should be beaten, tortured and killed!? But the Berkut is an animal?! Why? Lukashenka's security forces are animals too!? Why? What is a live poster? Support for fascism! She wore a necklace in support of the unfortunate outskirts! In support of fascism, she dressed! Pacifists support the boorish attitude of Ukrainians towards others. The civil war went not only on the outskirts. It has already begun in Russia. Some do not support the operation. others for the operation. For the operation while the majority. It is necessary to restore the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union! But there is the question of fat cats. Is the operation on the outskirts of squeezing business from Ukrainian oligarchs in favor of Russian ones? Or confiscation?
  3. Daniil Konovalenko
    Daniil Konovalenko 18 March 2022 08: 18
    "The king does not like the color red - and all its shades. But the sunny dawn is pouring into the prison dungeons! Gentlemen - yes-yes-yes-yes! - they taught us to deceive!"
  4. Gardamir
    Gardamir 18 March 2022 08: 37
    The Reds, if anything, are hated in Russia.
    1. singless
      singless 18 March 2022 09: 19
      only you hate. right now they will clean it up a little wait they are already coming to you
      1. Gardamir
        Gardamir 18 March 2022 10: 01
        Well, you have to. Everyone here calls me a communist and suddenly there was one from the mountain on skis.
        Wretched go celebrate on June 12 the day of the destruction of the Red Country.
  5. singless
    singless 18 March 2022 09: 18
    need a flash mob flag. my flag is red
  6. Maks1995
    Maks1995 18 March 2022 09: 47
    And, this is all a short-term PR, alas.
    Here are the "cities and villages erasing into rubble" what they look like:

    Just nicomilfo, nicomilfo to remember and compare, a Russian city with a republican, former Ukrainian ...

    And burn...
    A colleague lived in the House with a separate workshop nearby on the outskirts in the suburbs. The neighbor is a police colonel. And he chopped off a little earth on the path, it became difficult to pass / drive. And when a colleague was indignant, his workshop suddenly burned down ... he had to hush it up ...

    Also without specific names and indications of ..., as in the article.
    1. Evgen Medenko
      Evgen Medenko 18 March 2022 11: 19
      Can not be! No.
      After all, it is only in the blood of Ukrainian Natsiks - to spoil on the sly! Ask Lech from Android, he knows!
    2. singless
      singless 18 March 2022 15: 15
      was born in 1963 . my flag is red. this is not PR. still ashamed to sit in the subway. I help the elderly even though I'm already old. so don't judge
      1. Maks1995
        Maks1995 18 March 2022 17: 30
        PR is not a flag.
        "PR" is a description without names, surnames, places, statistics, just for the sake of emotions.

        "The neighbor's house is on fire. Whom he hated, but smiled ingratiatingly."
  7. Evgen Medenko
    Evgen Medenko 18 March 2022 11: 11
    What is this flow of consciousness? And why did some hut burn down, and not the one over which there was a red flag?
    1. Chervony Biker
      18 March 2022 11: 35
      If you paid attention, the photos show the same house. The photo where he burned is dated March 14 this year. And where it is lit by the May Day sun - the year before. In Russia, mlm, where else, are they also opening a criminal case with five terms, for celebrating May 1?
      1. Evgen Medenko
        Evgen Medenko 18 March 2022 12: 26
        Turned. Two years vile Bandera waited for the moment to burn the house for the red flag? I believe, of course, I believe!
        1. Bumblebee_3
          Bumblebee_3 18 March 2022 12: 34
          Evgen Medenko (Evgen Medenko)
          And a man for a T-shirt with the inscription of the USSR - 2 years (albeit conditionally) in the Russian Federation was given?
        2. Chervony Biker
          18 March 2022 12: 47
          Of course not. They were waiting for the whole country to announce that there would be nothing for IT. And in general, everything that we see in Ukraine is actually a caricature, a parody of nationalism. I am sure that Stepan Andreevich himself personally hanged most of those who hide behind his name. Well, Iosif Vissarionovich would have done about the same with the top of the CPSU of the late 80s. People who plundered and eventually asked for ... whether Ukraine, which they inherited in the early 90s, simply hide behind the ideas of nationalism. I think later for them there will be a more precise definition. For example, "national roguli" Do not get hung up specifically on this house. Just as an example close to me, when the norms of morality and the boundaries of tolerance between people close to me, between neighbors, are erased. View this as a disgusting phenomenon that is spreading in a seriously ill Ukrainian society.
  8. Chervony Biker
    18 March 2022 11: 49
    Hello, all sympathizers and gloating. I’ll clarify a little in order to save you from unnecessary assumptions. People in their majority are cowardly and passive. But they become ready for a lot if they are RELEASED from responsibility. I think it’s not difficult to find a video message from the war criminal Zelensky, calling for the killing of RUSSIANs and all those suspected of being NOT sympathetic to the Kiev junta. Of course, this will not particularly move an intelligent person to "feats". But in Ukraine, a generation of 20-30 year olds has been raised, who especially and even personally suffered from the "Holodomor" and "Stalin's repressions". You can be sure that all these activists will continue after the expulsion of the Nazis "velyke budivnytsvo" of their idol. I can imagine how the ideological admirers of the 95th quarter are repairing and building the E95 highway
  9. Freeman
    Freeman 18 March 2022 13: 29
    Quote: Evgen Medenko
    Turned. Two years vile Bandera waited for the moment to burn the house for the red flag? I believe, of course, I believe!

    Quote: Red Biker
    Of course not. They were waiting for the whole country to announce that there would be nothing for IT.

    Unfortunately, many "wrestlers" are just like that ...

  10. polynet
    polynet 19 March 2022 13: 03
    Nothing, soon the DNRers will see how the Galicians live.
  11. Ros 56
    Ros 56 19 March 2022 17: 18
    The stock of morality cannot run out, it either exists or it does not. And as for the guy with gasoline in the night, this is a common gangster trick, of which there are many in the world and only characterizes the inferiority and wretchedness of the mind of this individual. And the red flag has absolutely nothing to do with it, remember the 90s, and they burned and killed, and usually because of money.
    But the Banderonites are different, this is an ideology, this is fascism, although by and large both of them use the same methods. Do not confuse banal criminality and political repression.
    Drive these Natsiks into Galicia and Volhynia with their Bandera and Shukhevychs and let them kill each other. They cannot be released into civilization. This is dangerous for humanity.
    1. Evgenijus
      Evgenijus 19 March 2022 18: 14
      Ros 56 (Yuri), I liked your comment very much, thank you. Calm and reasonable, without any malice. The truth will prevail, the Nazis will burn in hell ...
    2. Piligrim
      Piligrim 19 March 2022 21: 18
      Quote: Ros 56
      But the Banderonites are different, this is an ideology, this is fascism, although by and large both of them use the same methods. Do not confuse banal criminality and political repression.
      Drive these Nazis into Galicia and Volhynia with their Bandera and Shukhevychs and let them kill each other.

      Unfortunately, we have a confusion of the concepts of "Nazism" and "fascism". You use them as synonyms, but this is somewhat wrong. Although why they mixed up with us is understandable: the Italian units as part of the troops of Nazi Germany.
    3. Chervony Biker
      20 March 2022 01: 38
      I didn't want to bore readers with details. The red flag and anti-fascist ideology have a lot to do with it. I lead a group of this village in f.b. I defend my position. There is an operation to liberate Ukraine. Of course, there were "heroes" who tried to prove the opposite to me. Moreover, the pan president himself promised them both forgiveness of the crime and rewards. By the way, the first "calibers" flew over my house. You know... An absolutely indescribable feeling of the triumph of justice in this sound.
      1. Ros 56
        Ros 56 20 March 2022 09: 05
        Regarding the red flag and anti-fascist ideology, you betrayed them as soon as you left the USSR. It all started with Kravchuk, and then didn’t Kuchma betray Ukraine or Russia? So it went, let's go, someone smarter quickly realized where the Bandera wheel was rolling and moved either to the west or to Russia. Here is mamo, sho mayo and the time has come -
        There is an operation to liberate Ukraine.

        In the first place, you should have been doing this all over the country ten years ago, but no, you were seduced by lace panties and multi-thousand dollar salaries and pensions. Well, well, you won’t see them for another hundred years, and for 50 years you will have to restore everything to the level of 1991.
        1. Chervony Biker
          20 March 2022 12: 01
          Your train of thought is worse than the "Bandera" ideology. Why do I consider the period of Yeltsin's rule not the fault, but the tragedy of Russia? Are you trying to shove everyone who finds themselves within the borders of Ukraine into "lace shorts"? Yes. We had both traitors and fools. Yes. Not always ordinary people could resist sophisticated propaganda. Before the "panties" we still had the "Polubotka gold" lol
        2. Chervony Biker
          20 March 2022 12: 07
          Sorry ... I endured for a long time. I give you a MINUS. Take the trouble to listen to the speeches of the early Kravchuk. This is practically an internationalist apostle. Read the program of early Kuchma. All his pre-election theses are cooperation with Russia. He has not even learned to speak Ukrainian until now.
          1. Ros 56
            Ros 56 20 March 2022 13: 55
            I don't care about your minus, as Fedya from "Operation Y" said
            By virtue of life experience, I have not believed in words either in a colloquial genre or in writing for a long time. Evaluation only by actions and believe me, I spat even when my land Chernomyrdin was your ambassador, the Lord sent a countrywoman, tfu you. Did no one see that you immediately started there? It had to be either deaf-blind-mute or completely goofy. Excuse the harshness.
    4. Chervony Biker
      20 March 2022 01: 46
      They may even disappear if they are not supported. And faith in goodness, and in justice. And the morality of the worker farmer can be replaced by the "morality" of the murderer of the nationalist
      1. Ros 56
        Ros 56 20 March 2022 08: 50
        Interesting, and who should support it? Aliens - aliens or from Russia should come to you to restore order?
        You won't do it yourself, no one will do it for you. The example of Donbass says a lot, because they had morality and they gave their lives for its preservation, however, like many others in Ukraine, but who were not supported by the khataskrayniks, who have one morality, if only I felt good, otherwise all of a sudden something something will happen to my comfort. But they are so stupid that they do not understand that their well-being will come to an end and they will have to flee. How many of them have already washed away in the direction of the Poles, more than 3 million, and there they begin to become impudent.
        1. Chervony Biker
          20 March 2022 11: 53
          To be honest, the desire to discuss with you already disappears. Therefore, I write for those who do not think in clichés. Donbass and Crimea fought back, among other things, precisely because they were helped at the time. My Odessa, my morals and my burnt house are not for you to judge. It is unlikely that you are now in a trench. At the expense of "support" ... Yes, they should have! And not for me or for other Ukrainians. And for ALL of us. Would have supported in the 14th, those who stood up against the Nazis - then everything would have ended. Or in the 14th We were not one people? But it was decided to "be friends" with the powder and co. Who and what should pay now, we see. At least at that time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not actually exist. And whose "hut on the edge" was in that historical period? About those who "washed away" - also a finger to the sky. From the point of view of pressure on the Kyiv regime, it is just necessary to trumpet that all men are Ukrainians. actually locked up like cattle. If the borders were opened for ALL, then no more than 10-15% of those who stained themselves would remain in the trenches.
          1. Ros 56
            Ros 56 20 March 2022 13: 42
            Odessa is not only yours, my in-laws live there, so do not strain too much, and it’s too late for me to go to the trenches at almost 70 years old. Well, all your further continuation only indicates your habit, unlike the Donbass, of relying on someone. There the men were not waiting for anyone. I can assure you of one thing, almost all of Russia was waiting for Little Russia to follow the path of the Crimea or, in extreme cases, the Donbass, but, but, but. Russia did not have such an opportunity then, because there is a fight not only for you and Ukraine as a whole, there is a fight for our existence in general in this world.