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Not to be forgotten. Story with one photo

Not to be forgotten. Story with one photo

For the first time I saw this photo a very long time ago - as a boy, in the days of a happy Crimean vacation with my parents and brother in Evpatoria. My father was fed up with the fact that on the terrace in the reading room I was so carried away by the magazine "Perets" - the Ukrainian understudy of "Crocodile", and he offered me a book about partisans.

About how they crossed the border of the USSR and ended up on Polish soil. In that book there was this double photo, along with others, just as terrible - about the massacre in Volyn. This picture was actively replicated in Soviet propaganda, although the partisans could not see the monument made from the first photo.

On the Internet, the photo, as it turned out, is controversial, or rather, not indisputable, it just walked around, including on Polish resources. And I came across my eyes more than once, and for many years it did not cause any doubts.

It also inspired the sculptor to create a monument to the victims of the Volyn massacre, which was erected many years later. And today it is hardly worth looking for that book from Yevpatoria - really an agitation, and even with errors.

In the very old picture with traces of a break mistaken for barbed wire - the children of a crazy gypsy, frightened by the dispersal of the camp and the expectation of starvation. It was she who hung them back in 1923, and to say and write that the photo about that massacre is, of course, a fake.

Yes, and barbed wire is also a fake, still of that time, which became possible by no means by accident. Polish historians, who studied the circumstances of the "Volyn massacre", counted about 125 methods of killing, which were used by the "cutters" in their reprisals. A normal person's blood runs cold from one description of these methods of murder.

But for some reason, the monument itself is now listed as a fake. However, the Volyn massacre itself is not a fake, and hundreds of other photos about it, perhaps not so replicated, are not fake either. But in his recent article, the author used the same photo, the authenticity of which for many years had no doubt ("Remember everything. From boycott to divorce).

I’m ready to admit my mistake, because I wasn’t going to check it either - I found a solid source. But thanks to inquisitive readers - corrected. Well, Zhvanetsky from Odessa did not say in vain - it is necessary to be more careful. And we will!

And instead of a fake, we publish only one guaranteed verified photo about those events. Watch and don't forget. Such oblivion is not subject to.

Poles - victims of the OUN (b) action on March 26, 1943 in the now defunct village of Lipniki
Photos used:,,

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  1. host
    host 13 March 2022 06: 03
    A difficult topic for comments, to be honest, for me, let this monument continue to stand as a reproach to those who unleashed that terrible war.
    1. Basil50
      Basil50 13 March 2022 11: 33
      You're right.
      That's just for some reason that in Europe, that on the outskirts they diligently * don't remember * about the settlers and then by what methods the assimilation of * non-Poles * was carried out. Even more *strange* is that the Poles, with the help of the British, diligently chime in about the fact that the Germans carried out a provocation in Gleiwitz and that it was the British-French who inflated the Polish-German conflict in WWII.
      In a stream of *details* of all sorts of different things, it is easier to *drown* real facts, which is why even provocative rumors arise, if only there were a lot of them. Then they will expose something, absolutely slanderous, and * sweep away *, but * sediment * will be left so that later, after a while, refer to past publications.
      1. Igor Kobernik
        Igor Kobernik 13 March 2022 13: 47
        "Even more *strange* is that the Poles, with the help of the British, are diligently talking about the fact that the Germans carried out a provocation in Gleiwitz ..." But nothing strange ... "History is written by the winners ..." The Germans would have won (God forbid) , and they would, like "twice two", prove that the provocation in Gleiwitz was the work of the Poles ... The reason is to push Great Britain and France (their allies) and Germany against their foreheads. The Poles are on the side and have their own "gesheft". By the way, there are a lot of inconsistencies in this episode, both on the one hand and on the other, even now ... It's like today in Ukraine ... First, "Moskalyak on Gilyak", killing civilians in the Donbass, and when they messed it up, then immediately: "And us - then for what??? "...
  2. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 13 March 2022 06: 38
    The author indicated not the most terrible photos from Volyn at that time.
    I got acquainted with a large number of photographic documents of the crimes of the Ukronazis ...
    and there are the bodies of murdered women, children, old people... the corpses are mutilated and the faces of the victims show grimaces of horror and despair... it is very difficult to see.
    After that, I organically do not digest the Natsiks of Ukraine, either then or today, and I am ready to fight with them wherever it is.
    1. Lech from Android.
      Lech from Android. 13 March 2022 06: 43
      1. Soveticos
        Soveticos 13 March 2022 18: 15
        Horrible!! Forgive me, Lord, how could one reach this state of complete deprivation of humanity?! It's non-humans! The Polish film "Volyn" was very hard to watch, but these photos...
      2. Lyuba1965_01
        Lyuba1965_01 13 March 2022 19: 07
        This is beyond the human psyche.
        This is what mentally ill people do.
        It was as if sadists with a good ideological cover specially went to Bandera to justify and release their perversions.
        How did the people who buried them not go crazy after that?
    2. Catfish
      Catfish 13 March 2022 07: 29
      ready to fight with them wherever it was.

      Why are you wiping the couch then?
      1. Lech from Android.
        Lech from Android. 13 March 2022 07: 48
        what are you wiping the couch then?

        And I have a machine-gun mount with a keyboard and a sight in the monitor on my couch ... I’m fighting from here ... it will be more useful.
        Removed from military records and for health reasons, the sofa has to be wiped, dear cat ... to each his own.
        Why aren't you at the front?
        1. Catfish
          Catfish 13 March 2022 08: 12
          Clearly, I wish you success in virtual battles. Bella gerant alii. hi
          1. Korsar4
            Korsar4 13 March 2022 08: 58
            Marriages, of course, are better.
            1. Catfish
              Catfish 13 March 2022 09: 11
              To each his own. Let others fight; you, happy Austria, marry! smile
              1. Korsar4
                Korsar4 13 March 2022 09: 19
                “I drank birch sap in the spring forest,
                With a beloved singer, I spent the night in a stack
                What he did not save, what he loved, he lost.
                I was brave and lucky, but I didn’t know happiness ”(c).
                1. Catfish
                  Catfish 13 March 2022 10: 25
                  "The blue dusk poured,
                  In the sails of a frigate
                  Escorted to the robbery
                  Pirate's grandmother.
                  Two brass knuckles laid
                  And for a bag of gold
                  And then, of course, soap
                  And tooth powder." (c)
              2. mr.ZinGer
                mr.ZinGer 13 March 2022 20: 26
                Thank you for enlightening me, I did not immediately understand, or rather I did not even know.
      2. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine 15 March 2022 11: 56
        Quote: Sea Cat

        Why are you wiping the couch then?

        Happy birthday, I wish you health and prosperity.
    3. Yuri Grubov
      Yuri Grubov 21 March 2022 15: 39
      It begs the question of what kind of Natsiks do you organically digest?

      And by the way, how did you achieve organic changes through reading? Also interesting.
  3. Alexander Trebuntsev
    Alexander Trebuntsev 13 March 2022 11: 06
    The photo provided by the author is not the most terrible. I saw pictures of people hacked to pieces by Bandera. After the end of the Second World War in Ukraine, one Ukrainian poet, concerned that too much unfair negativity was being poured on Ukrainians for "some" (as he believed) atrocities, decided to investigate this issue. As a result, he was horrified by the reality of what had happened. And from a defender of Ukrainians he turned into an accuser. And before that, he believed that, in general, the good-natured Ukrainian people were not capable of such a thing.
    1. Alexander Trebuntsev
      Alexander Trebuntsev 13 March 2022 17: 49
      Regarding the link, here it was almost 10 years ago.
      Unfortunately, I did not save links to those dozens of photos. I didn't think anyone would need them. There were several pictures with people hanging from trees and wrapped in wire. Whole families. I remember a photo of a naked girl cut into pieces. Very clear photo, the girl was just with a perfect figure. Everything cut into pieces lay side by side. But x @ junk DO NOT PROVE, EVEN IF THE PHOTOS ARE SUBMITTED. One intellectual from Kyiv literally told me about Babi Yar: "Several thousand Bolsheviks were killed there, and now they made a genocide out of it" ...
      1. Yuri Grubov
        Yuri Grubov 21 March 2022 15: 42
        the photo itself, as the author of this article has convincingly shown, is not proof. To the photo, you definitely need t.s. provenance.
    2. Alexander Trebuntsev
      Alexander Trebuntsev 13 March 2022 17: 58
      Вот ещё польский взгляд на эти события. Но описывают зверства в отношении и других национальностей. Очень подробный разбор.
    3. Yuri Grubov
      Yuri Grubov 21 March 2022 15: 35
      And what? For the crimes of individual people, he hated the whole people and himself? Wisely.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Azis
    Azis 13 March 2022 20: 25
    The Poles still need to re-read this:
    PS. The binding, unfortunately, has not been preserved.
  6. Evgesha
    Evgesha 14 March 2022 03: 34
    Again, the author cannot operate with normal words !!
    Another fan of the letter combination "FAKE".
    He cannot express his thoughts in normal words. Folly does not allow chtoli ???
    1. Dimont
      Dimont 17 March 2022 09: 23
      Give me an idea, what are you talking about?
  7. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 15 March 2022 11: 51
    However, the Volyn massacre itself is not a fake, and hundreds of other photos about it, perhaps not so replicated, are not fake either.

    My uncle's wife, she is my aunt, a Pole from near Lutsk, experienced all the horrors of the genocide. Of the six people in the family, only she and her sister managed to escape and stay alive. No one knows how her relatives were killed and where they are buried, but they were killed, and we all know who killed them. In Soviet times, she was forbidden to talk about it. We never forget it.
    1. nemez
      nemez 22 March 2022 09: 05
      You always want to remind the Poles of 1921, when they rotted Russians in concentration camps.
  8. shinobi
    shinobi 3 June 2022 14: 22
    Everyone is wondering how a person can reach such a state and create such a thing? It’s very simple. And this principle lies at the very basis of Nazism. acquired social instincts forbidding the killing of their own kind. Nazism, at its core, recognizes as people only those who belong to its ideology. All the rest are not people. There is no prohibition, no emotions, no remorse of the psyche. The West has been leading the entire history of confrontation with a policy of dehumanization. At least 300 years. We are always animals for them.