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  1. sen
    sen 9 March 2022 14: 32
    As I understand it, ours rely on fire suppression of Ukrainian artillery being outside its zone of action, minimizing losses.
    1. Vladimir_2U
      Vladimir_2U 9 March 2022 14: 45
      That's where the military tests of the "Lancets" are needed! Combine what you need with what you need!
    2. Maz
      Maz 10 March 2022 09: 10
      The most successful map of the course and intentions of hostilities
  2. Sibguest
    Sibguest 9 March 2022 15: 46
    Two "according to Freud" clauses - "war" and "In Ukraine" clearly indicate the position of Pan Podolyaki: he is on the side of the Nazi regime.
    1. pafegosoff
      pafegosoff 9 March 2022 16: 12
      As I understand it, you, dear, are here recently. Where do you think I should send you? IN...? Or at...?
      1. Sibguest
        Sibguest 9 March 2022 18: 11
        You, my dear, didn’t understand a damn thing (like those who minus): I’ve been here for a very long time. Only here a lot of inadequate - like you - grazing. Which, due to the possibilities of the Internet, at a distance, many bazaars are raked without looking back. In my time (USSR): they got eye to eye for the bazaar right away.
        And about Podolyak, I expressed my opinion. Do not like it - express your own. If you don't, shut up.
        1. Kosta153
          Kosta153 9 March 2022 18: 30
          Actually, Yuri is from Sum. And in Ukraine everyone says ''in Ukraine''. So no labels.
          1. Siberian54
            Siberian54 10 March 2022 07: 43
            Krayna, ukraina (outdated) - outskirts. Somehow it does not look "in the outskirts"