The situation at the front - Nikolaev, Donbass, Izyum, Balakleya, Kyiv

Yuri Podolyaka
Another summary
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    1. sen
      March 9 2022
      As I understand it, ours rely on fire suppression of Ukrainian artillery being outside its zone of action, minimizing losses.
      1. +3
        March 9 2022
        That's where the military tests of the "Lancets" are needed! Combine what you need with what you need!
      2. Maz
        March 10 2022
        The most successful map of the course and intentions of hostilities
    2. -10
      March 9 2022
      Two "according to Freud" clauses - "war" and "In Ukraine" clearly indicate the position of Pan Podolyaki: he is on the side of the Nazi regime.
      1. +1
        March 9 2022
        As I understand it, you, dear, are here recently. Where do you think I should send you? IN...? Or at...?
        1. -1
          March 9 2022
          You, my dear, didn’t understand a damn thing (like those who minus): I’ve been here for a very long time. Only here a lot of inadequate - like you - grazing. Which, due to the possibilities of the Internet, at a distance, many bazaars are raked without looking back. In my time (USSR): they got eye to eye for the bazaar right away.
          And about Podolyak, I expressed my opinion. Do not like it - express your own. If you don't, shut up.
          1. +1
            March 9 2022
            Actually, Yuri is from Sum. And in Ukraine everyone says ''in Ukraine''. So no labels.
            1. +1
              March 10 2022
              Krayna, ukraina (outdated) - outskirts. Somehow it does not look "in the outskirts"

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