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New physics in World of Tanks

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September 25, 2012 - Wargaming is pleased to announce the release of Update 8.0 for the World of Tanks MMO Tank Action. The game introduced a new model of physics, thanks to which the movement tanks became as realistic as possible, and the players received complete freedom of action.

Large-scale tank online battles in World of Tanks have become even more vivid and spectacular. Now steel vehicles can fall off bridges and cliffs, a fall from a great height can provoke damage to the module, and previously inaccessible points on combat maps have brought in a ton of new tactical decisions and tricks.

Along with updating the physical model, World of Tanks 8.0 introduces improved graphics, an optimized interface, and an adaptive camouflage system. The first British premium tank Matilda Black Prince has been added to the game, and four PT-ACS have been added to the tree of Soviet vehicles.

About the game World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game entirely dedicated to armored vehicles of the mid-20th century. The game features more than 160 models of Soviet, German, American, French and British tanks, and the global map provides plenty of opportunities for fans of clan gameplay.


About Wargaming

Wargaming is one of the world's largest publishers and developers in the free-to-play MMO market. The company was founded in 1998 year and during this time managed to develop and release more 15 projects. Wargaming is working on a military series of MMO games dedicated to tank, air and sea battles of the mid-20th century: World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships. All three projects will be part of the unified MMO universe of, which unites millions of players in the global wargamer community.


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  1. Petergut
    Petergut 26 September 2012 13: 14
    Wonderful game.
    1. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB 26 September 2012 17: 16
      Himself a sinful thing yesterday traveled all evening ... a good patch if someone pulls ...
  2. USNik
    USNik 26 September 2012 13: 30
    Svetlyakov, the physicist greatly cut, now on t50-2 you do not show off as before negative
    1. bairat
      bairat 26 September 2012 13: 52
      Etozh what a thrill to break through to the rear to the art, in the camp of the enemy swearing "what a light they missed !!!", consider the battle won.
  3. cerber
    cerber 26 September 2012 13: 53
    Tried to ride a test. Asked not to blame. recourse figurines who listened crying
    1. Manager
      Manager 26 September 2012 15: 11
      Quote: cerber
      Tried to ride a test. Asked not to blame. figurines who listened

      I agree. On the recommendation of friends, I installed myself this game a couple of months ago. But after playing for 30 minutes, from the strength of the hour, I realized that it was almost impossible to pump it myself in the near future to a tank that could destroy anyone. Or you need to buy for real money.
      Gamers don't really interest me, but this is a special project, so I’ll probably try to install the game again. Maybe with a new update, the game will draw me in. And then winter is coming and in the cold evenings there will be something to do while the wife watches TV shows
      1. ShturmKGB
        ShturmKGB 26 September 2012 17: 19
        The game is excellent, the models of tanks of the war and the post-war period ... I learned a lot from the history of tank building, different medals, their history ...
  4. wolf095
    wolf095 26 September 2012 23: 51
    cool toy. at least something a little useful. and then all the time fiction mystics are some kind.
  5. Great Plague
    Great Plague 27 September 2012 00: 45
    The toy is normal, but there is one minus sign with the update ..... I pumped the account to the eighth level tanks, but the trouble is, this update came out, but only laptops do not pull! I couldn’t enjoy all the charm of novia ... Previously, the game settings were medium-high, I enjoyed the evenings, but now the FPS has dropped to 30 and ping is present (whoever plays it will understand) although the developers said that the game will be pulled and a little computer, but the campaign is just words ... a question is born by itself, or buy a new computer, or tie a game, but it’s a shame so much time and money (albeit not much) has been spent ... in general, I don’t know what to do now. In my opinion, not everything is thought out in this respect!
    1. Manager
      Manager 27 September 2012 11: 12
      Quote: gregor6549
      either buy a new computer,

      Do not even think about buying a computer for the sake of the game. (Well, at least if you are not an avid player).
  6. gregor6549
    gregor6549 27 September 2012 09: 03
    Advise where to download this toy in the version compatible with MacBook (Apple).
    1. cerber
      cerber 27 September 2012 21: 47
  7. Chief1
    Chief1 4 December 2012 14: 17
    WoT Laboratory

    Pumping accounts World of Tanks. Pumping tanks and crews.
    Raising statistics. Training.