The West has been creating “anti-Russia” for decades under plausible pretexts

The West has been creating “anti-Russia” for decades under plausible pretexts

Today, peculiarities have become more active in Ukraine and in the West, those who are trying to declare that, they say, no denazification of Ukraine is possible, since there are “no Nazis” in Ukraine. They say that all these torchlight processions, the glorification of Bandera, Nazi symbols are all inventions of Russia, well, or "a simple manifestation of Ukrainian patriotism."

Such attempts at "explanation" are quite understandable - the West cannot and does not want to admit that the Ukrainian nazification has been systematically built in recent years with the involvement of their own special services. The state “anti-Russia” was created, the basis of whose existence was an ideology alien to the Russian people - the ideology of ethnic intolerance, the ideology of trampling the memory of the victory over Nazism in the Great Patriotic War.

Western experts themselves often admit that in 1945 many active figures of Nazi Germany were evacuated to the United States and Canada, where many of the methods of the Third Reich in politics and intelligence were actively used and continue to be used to this day. One of the methods is to separate the primordially Russian lands in order to weaken the Russian state. Ukraine is the very field of the Western experiment, the final implementation of which was supposed to put an end to the existence of Russia itself. In this regard, the West also relies on the British theorists of the early XNUMXth century, who spoke directly in their writings about the need to "divide Russia, including by cutting off the outskirts." It turned out with the Soviet Union, they decided to continue against Russia. "Anti-Russia" has been created for decades, and under plausible pretexts - democracy, freedom, European values ​​...

Mikhail Leontyev reflects on the situation in the program "However":

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    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. +4
        6 March 2022 10: 01
        You need to create your own YouTube, Facebook and other gadgets ... our programmers, IT admins need to be given complete freedom in this area and then things will get off the ground ... you won’t get far with bans.
        1. +3
          6 March 2022 10: 14
          You can't go far with bans, just like the position of passive defense, this is a path to nowhere, or even to a complete loss!
        2. +1
          6 March 2022 11: 49
          Rutube has been around for a long time, Facebook - there is also an analogue - VKontakte, etc. You can visit. wink
          Expert Zykov listed Russian analogues of Facebook and YouTube

      2. 0
        6 March 2022 10: 02
        Aerodromny, Shaw for the "pipe" and why are you shaking it?
        1. 0
          6 March 2022 10: 35
          YouTube in free translation.
      3. +6
        6 March 2022 10: 40
        Was the West creating "anti-Russia"? And what was being created in Russia itself all this time? What did our rulers create in their country in order to attract neighbors to their sphere of influence? What, during this time, a civil society with equal rights and opportunities, attractive to neighbors, was created in our country? What, all this time we have been creating such a country that would become a model of prosperity and would become attractive for Ukrainians so that they would want to join us? No matter how!
        All this time, we have been creating and nurturing a kleptocracy, a state where the rule of law is based on the Basmanny Court, and management is carried out by the notorious vertical of power, where family ties, personal devotion and a "pro-government roof" have been put at the basis of professional and social elevators, a state where people have been lowered into poverty, ostensibly for the sake of making it attractive as a labor resource for the notorious external investors, the country where the "middle class" begins, turns out to be with 17500 rubles of salary per month! In the month of Carl! Where pensioners who have plowed their whole lives receive 10-14 thousand pensions at constantly rising prices for goods, medicines, services and housing and communal services! In Russia, all this time they were building a state where the people in power were treated with contempt, calling it "second oil", that is, something that can be milked and milked, only statements "there is no money, but you stay there", "did not ask give birth", "the state owes you nothing", "pasta is the same everywhere" and others - show the true attitude of the authorities in Russia towards the people! In the country, instead of a productive economy, an economy of "plans" and projects, an economy of regluing nameplates and a "screwdriver assembly", an economy of "cuts" and "cuts" have been created. A state that has always complained about the lack of money, and at the same time burying this money in billions in the Olympics, world and European cups, summits and other clownish gatherings and games! A state that keeps its people in poverty and terrifies entrepreneurs with inspections, taxes, extortions, wild loan rates and at the same time exports gold and foreign exchange resources from the country where half of them, if not more, were safely chopped off by their beloved "partners"! A state where instead of creating a high-tech economy based on its educated citizens, a feudal economy was created based on millions of imported disenfranchised poorly educated migrants from different "..stans"! And do you want our neighbors to find our country in this form attractive for themselves, instead of Europe? Do you think that our neighbors do not see the real Russia? Naturally, they see everything and they do not need such a Russia. And now what? Instead of creating an image of Russia, really, with our achievements in the economy, politics, public life and the quality of life of all segments of the population, creating an image that will be really attractive for unity with us, will we now drive everyone into our "embraces" with bayonets? The State Department and the European Union are to blame for everything, yeah.
        1. +4
          6 March 2022 10: 54
          Quote: Snail N9
          And what was being created in Russia itself all this time?

          This is a topic for a very lively discussion. But it will be even more relevant to find out what the Russian authorities have thought up after they simply seized the stolen funds and capital in one sitting under the guise of arrogant, shameless appropriation? What will be the decision of the head of state to those who withdrew underpaid, concealed, hidden?
          1. +2
            6 March 2022 11: 02
            How, what will the head do? Already "made", for example: one, which kept the country's funds in the west, for "preservation from inflation, growth" and "better safety", punished - forbade wearing a "brooch", and the other, who invented all this and even received an award from "partners" for this, as the "best" - "suffers and suffers" while still being in the economic advisers to the president. hi
            1. +1
              6 March 2022 11: 10
              You can, of course, list the "sins" of our leadership, BUT, you need to offer something.
              Offer, organize what a significant part of our fellow citizens will believe in.
              Movement, position, AGAINST, this is just a tool, an additional argument, for what is offered in return has become more attractive.
              Also, something new, besides attractiveness, should be clear, both in terms of achievement and in terms of prospects!
              Very often, the reluctance to change what is, even if / when you don’t like it, is based on the fact that IT IS NOT CLEAR WHAT TO CHANGE FOR and WHY!
              Those. not everyone wants to change "an awl for soap".
              I do not like what is ... but what to change it for ???
              1. +6
                6 March 2022 11: 16
                I have already suggested here point by point and more than once. Therefore, I will not repeat myself. I will only say one thing, that the most important thing should have been done long ago - to remove the Central Bank and all commercial banks that are accomplices in the export of capital. There should be one bank in the country responsible for everything, including the issue of money - the State Bank! It is necessary to remove the "mad printer" - an absolutely unnecessary Duma, instead of it, legislative functions should be performed by the Council of Federations and Ministers. In addition, I am surprised that, for example, Russia could quite officially declare from the UN rostrum that the United States and its allies are guilty of creating the COVID-19 virus, and Russia, knowing this, cannot tolerate American bio-laboratories for the production of bioweapons on the territory of a neighboring state and is conducting an operation to eliminate them, just like the US did in Iraq. And let the Americans launder and extinguish the scandal. By the way, if our president had done this a month ago, then perhaps there would be no need to carry out the current operation.
                PS: for information: Yesterday Delyagin published an extensive list of points of what needs to be done now. Find it and read it. There, half is not feasible, and I personally do not agree with some of the points, but you can already "dance" from him.
                1. -3
                  6 March 2022 11: 42
                  There should be one bank in the country responsible for everything,

                  this is useful for the army - "for everything", in the economy everything is in constant motion and changes every second, and not only in the domestic and foreign markets, but also in their relationship, then either a cross or cowards, back to "socialism" with honest distribution centers
                2. +2
                  6 March 2022 11: 46
                  Khazin and others, I listen / read ...
                  We have such a "pluralism" of opinions that a simple layman, if he listens / reads all this, if he doesn't blow his head off, then only because he doesn't read anything, doesn't listen.
                  By the way, many propose to rationally reform the current system ... this is a tempting path, because it cannot lead to a great shock to the foundations ... except perhaps a storm in a teacup, because many, many, who considered that this is their power, this is their finest hour and the opportunity ... to enrich themselves, of course, they will resist change without limiting themselves to any methods !!! But it's all up there. If it comes to the layman, then very later, and then, if the changes taking place are directed in the right direction, for the country and the people.
                  Honestly, to believe in such a prospect ... no way.
                  Because, AND WHO WILL DO IT, CAN!!!
                  Those. as always, we need a FORCE that has authority, resources, material and physical, in order to carry out the changes that are necessary ...
                  However, this is a transfusion from empty to empty, because as a tribute to how to do it and to be able to do it, there is a very big difference.
                  Without the formation of counter-forces that have real support ... many people, with sour prospects.
                  It is a simple layman who feels it in his gut and does not try ....
                  We can write anything, but ... we'll just keep being clever and keep writing, the same thing.
                  Alas, alas, it can turn out differently ???
                  1. +1
                    6 March 2022 12: 00
                    This is the main problem now - "who will do everything"! ! Those who are tied to this "west" with their finances, real estate, other interests? Those who have been building all these years tied to banks and the West "kudrinomics"? "Effective managers" of the HSE spill and Yale and Columbia short courses for underdeveloped countries and colonies? No frames! No more Primakov, Maslyukov and Gerashchenko! There is not anyone! Everything has been purged by the notorious vertical of power, which does not tolerate honest and truthful professionals, but requires only personally dedicated and executive ones, and most importantly, that he should not be "smarter" than his superior. There is no one to carry out changes and pull the country out of the crisis! No one! I already wrote that you remember how Mishustin could not gather his ministers for an emergency meeting like most of them, moreover, they were not at their workplace, they were not in Russia! And this is our main disaster! Not in vain, oh not in vain, Stalin said: “Cadres decide everything!” Now the main danger is that all these pro-government forces tied to the West, accustomed to Western values, can unite and remove those who quarreled them with this West and come to bow to the US and the EU, for the sake of indulgence for yourself and your loved ones.
                    1. 0
                      6 March 2022 12: 20
                      Quote: Snail N9
                      Not in vain, oh not in vain, Stalin said: "Cadres decide everything!"

                      We are hustling around one postulate ... the current ones to do against ourselves, for the benefit of the state and the people, WILL NOT BE ANYTHING!
                      This is where we can finish.
                      So it is necessary to create a FORCE that can influence all processes in the country in a proper, positive way ...
                      That's all, there are no other, main goals now.
                      The upper ones, at the moment, will not make serious gestures, they will get stuck in that ... situation that exists now and without the support of the people, they cannot play their "game".
                      However, we, too, raise a storm, right now, not out of hand ... these are all objective reasons and circumstances.
                      It is necessary to create a full-fledged association, a union of like-minded people, in order to CREATE a promising, positive future for our country, for the well-being of the people!
                      Bucha, we certainly do not need it, we need a progressive movement forward, with a parallel process of correcting the mistakes made earlier.
                      1. 0
                        6 March 2022 12: 28
                        Enter the Karaulov platform.
                        1. 0
                          6 March 2022 12: 32
                          This is one of those others that I have watched and read.
                          I, even on Echo, read some ... if serious materials appeared there.
                          There is no useless knowledge ... everything is in its own way, so that you know both friends and enemies.
    2. +1
      6 March 2022 10: 12
      The West has been creating “anti-Russia” for decades under plausible pretexts
      . Come on, Western "partners" are what they have always been ... there is nothing to be surprised at.
      The question is, why did ours miss the formation and formation of such a bantustan ??? Just to understand, so as not to repeat such mistakes in the future.
    3. +1
      6 March 2022 10: 48
      The West has been creating “anti-Russia” for decades under plausible pretexts

      For centuries, the West has nurtured and encouraged hatred for Russia, for the Russians...
      Leave us: you have not read
      These bloody tablets;
      It’s incomprehensible to you, alien to you
      This is a family feud;
      The Kremlin and Prague are silent for you;
      Pointlessly seduces you
      Fights of desperate courage -
      And you hate us ...

      For what? answer: for whether
      What is on the ruins of flaming Moscow
      We did not recognize the brazen will
      Who were you trembling under?
      For the fact that they plunged into the abyss
      We are idol over kingdoms
      And redeemed with our blood
      Europe, freedom, honor and peace? ..

      Or so:
      When silent Warsaw rose,
      And the revolt [of the gentry] got drunk,
      And the mortal struggle [with Russia] began,
      When you click "Polish has not perished!"

      You rubbed your hands from our failures
      With a sly laugh, he listened to the news,
      When [the regiments] ran at a gallop,
      And the banner of our honor perished.

      We must understand (for ourselves) - no one in the West (more precisely, among the Anglo-Saxons) will be happy with the success and prosperity of Russia ... That's it !!! Now only the blind do not see, "what is the strength, brother" ...
    4. +1
      6 March 2022 12: 11
      The enemies of the communists are incorrigible, again now on the Internet they cowardly blame the Soviet communists for the fact that the Russian and Ukrainian enemies of the communists are now killing each other, and those citizens of the Russian Federation who supported this are called "scoops".
      This is already a mentality - to always be AGAINST, including, and against each other, and always cowardly "nothing to do" with what they did. And with all this, they also imagined that they were worthy to own the country.
    5. +1
      7 March 2022 11: 08
      Quote: Vavilov
      back to "socialism" with honest distributions

      You have no idea about socialism. Engels wrote on this subject in the 19th century. ("The development of socialism from utopia to science") And he noticed that people like you and Napoleon should be considered a socialist and a communist. Because he also introduced "distribution" and nationalized.

      This question is out of your competence. Socialism does not appear from the "red master", as the descendants of the serfs think, but from the mass labor movement. But this thing is impossible in a society where the only popular movement is "OPG-AUE"

    "Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

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