Another revival of interest in the IL-114

Over the past couple of weeks in the Russian media there has been a wave of reports regarding the allegedly emerging prospects of the Il-114 passenger plane. It all started with a statement of September 14, 2012 of the chief designer of JSC "Aviation complex named after S.V. Ilyushin "by Sergey Gromov, who told Interfax-AVN agency that the Design Bureau" will definitely process the documentation for the Il-114 ", and we have such experience."

At the same time, he noted that "the Tashkent aircraft plant has a full set of design documentation and technological equipment and continues to accompany the operation of Il-114-100 aircraft." Finally, the most interesting thing was that, according to him, “various options for the special purpose of the Il-114 aircraft for various departments are being worked out,” and the possibility of transferring the production of the Il-114 from Tashkent was also mentioned (a proposal was prepared to locate the production of the Il -114-100). A modification of the Il-114-100 aircraft with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127H engines was adopted as a basic version.

Unfinished IL-114 aircraft in the workshop of the SJSC "Tashkent Production Association named after V.P. Chkalov". The nearest unfinished IL-114 has the serial number 03-07.

Developing this story, Sergey Gromov also told Interfax-AVN that the total need for Il-114 aircraft in various modifications up to 2030 could range from 300 to 500 aircraft of various purposes, including special purpose aircraft for the Ministry of Defense and others. departments of Russia, as well as for foreign customers. Referring to the Interdepartmental Analytical Center, S. Gromov estimated the need of various departments of the Russian Federation for special-purpose planes up to 2030 in the number of at least 100 units.

As a partial confirmation of his words, he cited the following figures: today there are preliminary requests from 13 Russian airlines for 48 aircraft in passenger IL-114-100 and IL-114-100Т versions and a memorandum for the supply of IL-25-114 aircraft for Indian airline Indus Airways.

Of the promising areas of work on the IL-114, he mentioned a modification of an aircraft with increased passenger capacity with an increased fuselage length, as well as an advance project of the base patrol aircraft based on the IL-114.

It appears that these statements should be viewed as an attempt to “push” the IL-114 primarily for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense - perhaps as a palliative of the IL-112В military transport aircraft, which, in turn, was partly a derivation of the passenger IL-114 . Interestingly, the need of the Ministry of Defense for light transport aircraft is estimated precisely in 100 copies, while the Ministry of Defense did not suit the IL-112В. Largely due to the lack of knowledge and insufficient power of the TV7-117CT engines. And in this regard, the decision to produce in Russia a modified IL-114 with PW127H engines can formally close the issue of the power supply of a light transport aircraft.

Finally, recent statements by the Russian Ministry of Defense about plans to announce a tender for a new naval base patrol aircraft before the end of 2012, could also force Ilyushins to offer their own version of the base patrol aircraft.

However, the feasibility of all these plans remains in question. Although there is a precedent for the transfer of production of IL-76 from TAPOiCH to Russia, it is obvious that a similar project IL-114 has much lower chances. Firstly, there is virtually no assembly site for its release (with the exception of Voronezh-based VASO), secondly, there is no starting customer with a guaranteed order, and, finally, the likelihood of purchasing IL-114 by Russian civilian airlines is also low.
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  1. +3
    26 September 2012
    What kind of throwing back and forth? At least one project would be brought to mind!
    1. 0
      26 September 2012
      Quote: Kurdalagon
      What kind of throwing back and forth? At least one project would be brought to mind!

      Right, show the product first, then the series!
    2. dimanf
      26 September 2012
      Quote: Kurdalagon
      What kind of throwing back and forth? At least one project would be brought to mind!

      if brought to mind, then the feeder for cutting budget money - slam shut.
      But is it necessary for our reformers?
      1. FID
        26 September 2012
        I support! The feeder will slam! It is because of the feeder that the An-140 is not manufactured - the replacement of the An-24.
  2. +5
    26 September 2012
    Article - started for health, finished for peace! You can compare a very good joke with all these gestures:

    A woman (F) comes to the doctor (D).
    J: Doctor, everything infuriates me! Infuriates! Infuriates!
    D: Try changing the atmosphere in the apartment.
    A week goes by ...
    J: Doctor, I changed the situation, but all the same, everything infuriates me! Infuriates!
    D: Go somewhere, get some fun.
    A week goes by ...
    J: Doctor, the trip did not help. All the same, everything infuriates me! Infuriates! Infuriates!
    D: Can you make a lover?
    J: So where do you find it, good one?
    D: Well, here I am, for example, what is bad?
    The doctor takes off his pants, puts F on the couch and begins to appease her,
    making active body movements.
    A minute passes ...
    F: Stop !!! Doctor, you already decide. Either there or here. And here it is
    back and forth infuriates me! Infuriates! Infuriates!
  3. 0
    26 September 2012
    And why is this aircraft better or worse than the An-140 and Superjet?
    And why did the Uzbeks stop its production?
    1. FID
      26 September 2012
      They can not be compared - they are different, and Uzbeks without filling were left without motors.
    2. +2
      26 September 2012
      Uzbeks and airplanes? What are you talking about? IL-114 is the brainchild of the USSR, its stoles are Russian on Uzbek soil. Am I wrong?

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