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Russian troops liberated Balakleya, DPR units carry out a cleansing operation in the quarters of Mariupol


Russia's military special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine continues. The latest report refers to the successful actions of Russian troops in the Izyum district of the Kharkov region.

According to the official representative of the main defense department of the Russian Federation, Major General Igor Konashenkov, Russian troops liberated the city of Balakleya from nationalist battalions.

This is a strategically important settlement, in which there was not only a concentration of Ukrainian security forces, but also impressive arsenals. weapons and ammunition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A few years ago in Balakliya, explosions thundered at the military arsenals, which destroyed most of the weapons and ammunition, but then the command decided to partially restore the facility.

Against the backdrop of the liberation of the RF Armed Forces from the national battalions of the Kharkov Balakleya in the Donbas direction, the Ukrainian security forces lost control over several settlements at once, including Chistopolye, Novopoltavka and Zhovtneve. This information is confirmed by the People's Militia Department of the DPR.

General Konashenkov emphasized that the Russian servicemen do not create any obstacles for civilians to leave the settlements.

Meanwhile, according to military correspondent Semyon Pegov, the forward detachments have already entered the outskirts of Mariupol. This happened after the Ukrainian security forces completely lost control over the Azov coast. According to the military correspondent, the Vinogradnoye quarter in the eastern part of Mariupol is currently being cleaned up. There is information about the increased activity of the artillery of the nationalist unit "Azov" (an extremist group banned in the Russian Federation). The "Azov" militants are shelling the suburb of Mariupol - the settlement of Sartana, although the people's militia of the DPR has already passed it. Shells are exploding in residential areas, but Ukrainian TV and Western media, of course, do not pay any attention to this.

Semyon Pegov:

There is a critical humanitarian situation in Mariupol. There is no gas or electricity in the houses, and the national battalions are holding civilians hostage.

The operation to liberate Mariupol continues.
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  1. Nastia makarova
    Nastia makarova 3 March 2022 11: 50
    work brothers!
    1. albert
      albert 3 March 2022 15: 46
      Task V is running.
  2. rusich
    rusich 3 March 2022 11: 54
    Who with weapons and Nazis should not be taken prisoner
    1. Sasha from Uralmash
      Sasha from Uralmash 3 March 2022 12: 48
      Take and drive along the main streets of Donetsk and Lugansk, and then to the national construction sites of the republics!
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 3 March 2022 11: 57
    The ring of the boiler is narrowing. The end of the encircled Nazis is near. And no sentimentality for them!
    1. Seryoga64
      Seryoga64 3 March 2022 12: 09
      Quote: aszzz888
      And without sentiment towards them!

      I don’t know if it’s true or not, but when it seems that the Debltsevsky cauldron was here, one guy told VO that he lives on the border with the LDNR, then the shells from our side flew over our heads
      1. vitvit123
        vitvit123 3 March 2022 13: 02
        What is it written for?
        1. Seryoga64
          Seryoga64 3 March 2022 13: 07
          In addition, even then ours were spitting
          1. vitvit123
            vitvit123 3 March 2022 13: 08
            Ah, another open secret for a tiny hype... got it!
      2. tikhonov66
        tikhonov66 4 March 2022 13: 52
        shells from our side flew over their heads
        - and shells - they always fly through someone's head.
        Such is the work of shells ...
    2. Enemy
      Enemy 5 March 2022 07: 41
      and without the Minsk truces.
      Independenceit is an infection that can only be treated with fire.
  4. Metallurg_2
    Metallurg_2 3 March 2022 11: 58
    Hang all Azov residents on the central square of Mariupol on piano strings!
    Bo is not subject to re-education.
    1. Alexander 3
      Alexander 3 3 March 2022 12: 08
      Drown in faeces. In the cesspool should be only. And it is not necessary that it spoil the air.
    2. mark1
      mark1 3 March 2022 12: 11
      Quote: Metallurg_2
      All Azov residents - hang on the central square of Mariupol

      Organize the sale of drinks, popcorn, ice cream. After the official event - dancing and fireworks
      1. sniperino
        sniperino 3 March 2022 12: 33
        Quote: mark1
        Organize the sale of drinks
        Do not offer Coca-Cola: according to rumors, they are leaving us, in the end they can shit in this swill. smile
    3. Seryoga64
      Seryoga64 3 March 2022 12: 11
      Quote: Metallurg_2
      I'm on piano strings!

      This is a luxury
      Ropes and that's a lot
      1. Metallurg_2
        Metallurg_2 3 March 2022 17: 51
        And this is to make them suffer longer.
        They write that the participants in the conspiracy were hanged on 20.07.44/XNUMX/XNUMX in the same way, so that death did not occur from a quick fracture of the neck, but from slow strangulation.
    4. Sasha from Uralmash
      Sasha from Uralmash 3 March 2022 12: 50
      It's a pity for the strings on them! Give them one by one to the Donbass mothers!
    5. Incvizitor
      Incvizitor 3 March 2022 13: 14
      It’s more correct to put them in cages and bring them to Novorossia so that they are poked with sticks there, everyone spit in the face and carry them for a month and you can feed them with waste like pigs.
  5. fif21
    fif21 3 March 2022 12: 01
    Avakov arrived in Kharkov. I hope this is the last place of stay in his life. hi
  6. Seryoga64
    Seryoga64 3 March 2022 12: 03
    Second good news in the morning
  7. ABC-schutze
    ABC-schutze 3 March 2022 12: 10
    This is wonderful...

    But, freeing Balakleya and carrying out a "cleansing", did you appoint a MILITARY COMMANDANT, HE, - THE TEMPORARY head of the civil administration? ...

    Did he, and not some "former head of administration" address the population? information about the current state of urban infrastructure and economy and proposals for their restoration? Incl. with the population and a schedule of reports to him - the commandant, with reporting on the fulfillment of the tasks set by him, the Military Commandant and their proposals to meet the current needs of the population? .. Food supply, education, medicine, etc.? ..?

    He clearly explained to everyone that Russia and its army did not "temporarily come", but RETURN FOREVER to THEIR TERRITORIES? NATIONAL SECURITY and NATIONAL interests of Russia, with the refusal of the Kiev coup d'etaters from the proposals put forward by Russia, is achieved ALREADY by the LEGAL RETURN of Russia to THESE ITS territories FOREVER, and not only by military operations allocated to solve the assigned task of the military
    1. ABC-schutze
      ABC-schutze 3 March 2022 12: 12
      The keyboard has failed, I will finish the last phrase:

      "... and not only by the military operations of the military group allocated to solve the assigned task."
    2. Xnumx vis
      Xnumx vis 3 March 2022 12: 57
      Quote: ABC-schütze
      He clearly explained to everyone that Russia and its army did not "temporarily come", but HAVE YOU RETURNED TO YOUR TERRITORIES FOREVER?..
      These words should be the main ones! We won't abandon you! Russia does not betray its own and does not abandon! I'm sure people are afraid ... Russia has passed, the world, the Nazis have returned and start over ...
  8. alexey sidykin
    alexey sidykin 3 March 2022 12: 12
    Bastards ... I hope the Nazis will be buried there.
  9. Garris199
    Garris199 3 March 2022 13: 21
    In the Mariupol cauldron, a bunch of myrnyak. How to cook this boiler?
    1. IFFI from the EU
      IFFI from the EU 3 March 2022 16: 29
      Do not worry.
      It has never been like that, that it never happened. It has always been so, so that somehow yes it was.
    2. tikhonov66
      tikhonov66 4 March 2022 13: 53
      How to cook this boiler?
      - gradually.
      We will hit hard, but carefully ...
  10. Roust
    Roust 4 March 2022 06: 34
  11. UFO
    UFO 4 March 2022 16: 34
    Cities must be taken with wave (sonic) weapons, as, for example, during the dispersal of demonstrations: it is not fatal for civilians, but unbearable for the Nazis.
  12. Enemy
    Enemy 5 March 2022 07: 39
    If not for Lukashenka's fierce peace truce aimed at saving the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the onset of the militias, in 2015 Mariupol would have been taken.
    Now this one is trying to disrupt the cleansing of Ukrainian territory from sovereignty.
  13. The comment was deleted.