Summing up the results of the battles on March 1, 2022

Yuri Podolyaka
Summing up the results of the battles on March 1, 2022 in Ukraine

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      March 2 2022
      From the border we turned the Earth back -
      It was the case, first.
      But our battalion commander twisted it back,
      Having kicked off from the Urals.

      Finally, we were ordered to advance,
      To take away our spans and crumbs,
      But we remember how the sun went back
      And almost went into the East.

      We do not measure the Earth in steps
      Wasting flowers for nothing,
      We push it with our boots -
      From myself, from myself.

      And from the wind from the East bent stacks,
      Presses to the rocks of the flock.
      Earth axis we moved without a lever,
      Changing the direction of the blow.

      Do not be alarmed when sunset is not in place.
      Judgment Day is a fairy tale for the elders.
      They just rotate the Earth wherever they want,
      Our interchangeable companies on the march.

      We crawl, hug the tubercles
      Tussles squeezing evil, not loving,
      And we push the Earth with our knees -
      From myself, from myself.

      No one would find here, even if they wanted to,
      Hands raised up.
      All living things - a tangible benefit from the bodies:
      As cover we use the fallen.

      Does this stupid lead find everyone right away,
      Where will it overtake - at close range or from the rear?
      Someone there ahead fell on the pillbox -
      And the Earth froze for a moment.

      I left my feet behind
      Passing through the mourning of the dead
      I rotate the globe of the earth with my elbows -
      From myself, from myself.

      Someone stood up to his full height and bowed,
      Took a bullet while inhaling
      But a battalion creeps to the West, to the West,
      For the sun to rise in the East.

      Belly - through the mud, we breathe the stench of swamps,
      But we close our eyes to the smell.
      Today, the sky is normal in the sky,
      Because we are rushing to the West!

      Hands, feet - are they in place, are they not, -
      Like at a wedding, sipping dew,
      We pull the earth with our teeth by the stems -
      For yourself, for yourself, for yourself!
    2. -1
      March 2 2022
      knows everything. sees everything. knows where are the fights. who surrenders. well done. a find for everyone

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