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Ukraine on the operating table

Ukraine on the operating table

The Russian special operation in Ukraine is not just a special operation to demilitarize a neighboring country. This is a real surgical operation, which should lead to healing. Ukraine on the operating table. Doctors are experienced.

The fact that Ukraine has been sick for all recent years is a fact. And the disease progressed every year. An openly hostile state with a completely controlled government was created on huge Western infusions. These governments changed, but in the end it did not solve the problem. Ukraine has been taken over by a nationalist regime with all its radicalism, for which the essence of existence is not the development of one's own country, but opposition to Russia.

This regime was pumped up with money and weapons. This pumping continues today. It is not in the interests of the West, which has nurtured Russophobia in Ukraine, given that Ukraine itself, for the most part, is Russian, to lose this nationalist growth on the body of Europe. After all, if he loses, then his toxicity towards Russia may disappear.

Today, Western “partners” are trying with all their might to prevent this, whose Russophobia suddenly showed itself “in all its glory”. For the sake of this Russophobia, they are ready to do everything, even to the detriment of themselves. True, not yet understanding how all this can turn out for them.

Mikhail Leontiev reflects on the situation in the program “However” on Channel One:


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  1. Vovanych007
    Vovanych007 28 February 2022 08: 56
    If she is on the operating table... In medical terms, it is necessary to apply euthanasia. For later reincarnation. Good luck to our boys. God bless you guys!!!
    1. Commodore Arctic
      Commodore Arctic 28 February 2022 09: 10
      It would be nice to introduce anesthesia from the beginning! And then the patient is somehow inadequate because of the injections of nationalism - But not all is lost!
    2. -Paul-
      -Paul- 1 March 2022 01: 15
      Ours and perform the operation, surgical intervention.
      And euthanasia, this is when the whole world is in ruins, they have not yet come to this.
    3. fiv
      fiv 16 March 2022 17: 27
      "But if stupid, like a tree, you’ll be born a baobab
      And you will be a baobab for a thousand years while you die.

      Annoyingly a parrot live
      Viper with a long eyelid ...
      Isn’t it better to be in life
      A decent person?!"
      V. Vysotsky
  2. prior
    prior 28 February 2022 09: 13
    When a malignant tumor is removed surgically, this is normal.
    And there are simply no other ways to remove the "extensive maidan of the brain".
    1. The comment was deleted.
  3. Amateur
    Amateur 28 February 2022 09: 17
    Access to VO is difficult. Therefore, in the headings of articles it is necessary to accurately indicate the content. I personally am not going to listen to "ambiguous" personalities like Leontiev or Mikhalkov.
  4. Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov 28 February 2022 09: 32
    Ukraine on the operating table

    It's good that it's not at the cutting room ...
    1. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 28 February 2022 11: 34
      Quote: Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov
      Ukraine on the operating table

      It's good that it's not at the cutting room ...

      So it's not evening yet
  5. Alex Nevs
    Alex Nevs 28 February 2022 09: 41
    Operation Trepanation is just long overdue.
  6. Incvizitor
    Incvizitor 1 March 2022 12: 30
    Eh, no, there is no need to rush, there is no need to rush ... It is important to return a full-fledged person to society!