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Moldova again put up for sale at auction six Soviet MiG-29 fighters at the same price - 8,5 million dollars.

Moldova once again put up for sale six MiG-29 fighters remaining at the disposal of the national army after the collapse of the USSR, at the previous total starting price of 8,5 million dollars. According to the Ministry of Defense of Moldova, the auction for the sale of aircraft will be held 7 August 2012г. Marculesti International Airport. In addition, two An-72 aircraft are on sale. Both aircraft, as well as MiGs, were produced in 1988, but one of the An-72 aircraft is located at Chisinau airport, the other at Kiev airport. They are offered for sale at a starting price of 950 thousand dollars and 650 thousand dollars, respectively.

The participation fee in the auction for the sale of MiG-29 aircraft is 3 thousand dollars, and An-72 aircraft - 300 dollars. In addition, applicants must pay a deposit of 10% of the initial value of the lot.

MiG-29 fighters were repeatedly put up for sale by Moldovan authorities, but there were no buyers for them. As the Minister of Defense of Moldova, Vitaly Marinutsa, noted, if these fighters cannot be sold, they should be disassembled for parts and scrapped. He recalled that MiG-29 airplanes offered for sale are in non-flying condition and need repair, which is estimated at about 30 million. According to the head of the Moldovan Defense Ministry, the planes needed to be sold 10 years ago when they were in relatively good technical condition. condition.

There are currently five helicopters in the national army of Moldova, four of which are located in Afghanistan, where they participate in peacekeeping missions under the auspices of the United Nations. In addition, the defense department of Moldova owns four more military transport aircraft (two of them have already failed). In 2004 former military base aviation Black Sea fleet The USSR in Marculesti, located near the city of Balti in the north of Moldova, received the status of a civilian airport, and in 2008 Moldovan authorities decided to create a free economic zone on the basis of the former military airfield. After the collapse of the USSR, the Moldovan government sold most of its military equipment, including MiG-29 fighters. According to an international report, in 1992 the first of them was sent to Romania in payment of the debt for military and other assistance provided by this country to Moldova during the Transnistrian conflict. Two years later, four more fighters were sold to Yemen. The largest batch (21 MiG-29 fighters) was sold in the United States in 1997. for $ 40 million. Currently, only six such aircraft remain in the Air Force of Moldova.
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  1. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 25 September 2012 11: 44
    I offered a piece of bucks, no, they don’t want to. Of these, arms dealers, as from amers peacekeepers. One is worth another negative
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 25 September 2012 12: 21
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      I offered a piece of bucks

      Hello Sasha! In my opinion, you inflated the cost, wait a bit, it will fall to a hundred wink
      1. Ataturk
        Ataturk 25 September 2012 14: 13
        I don’t understand why they want to sell it? No pilots or did they decide to buy an American raptor? But what shisha?
        1. datur
          datur 25 September 2012 14: 17
          Ataturkwhich pilots are the same general-purpose plasterers! wink laughing
        2. bereg
          bereg 25 September 2012 15: 43
          they need to get rid of the Soviet inheritance so that the us and euro give a loan on used equipment, and money for small expenses
        3. Rossmk
          Rossmk 25 September 2012 17: 15
          Yes, here these authorities are all about ** whether. Okay, but the Soviet monuments ... In short, and laughter and sin.
          1. Ataturk
            Ataturk 25 September 2012 18: 43
            Quote: RossMK
            but Soviet monuments ..

            mdaaa. What can I say, I don’t know. Patience to you.

            Quote: bereg
            they need to get rid of the Soviet inheritance so that the us and euro give a loan on used equipment, and money for small expenses

            mdaaa :( and how are they going to repay the loan?
        4. Pimply
          Pimply 25 September 2012 21: 19
          Airplanes are old, expensive to maintain.
        5. VAF
          VAF 25 September 2012 22: 12
          Quote: Ataturk
          No pilots or did they decide to buy an American raptor?

          No dear Omar. everything is much more .. more prosaic! +!

          Romania will acquire several used F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters from Portugal.

          12 Portuguese F-16s will cost Bucharest $ 600 million. The Romanian government plans to allocate the first tranche of $ 70 million in 2013.

          Portugal will receive the remaining amount within five years. The supply of aircraft can begin in 2016 after the completion of the training of Romanian pilots.

          Portuguese fighters have a flying time of 3500 hours.
          Thus, their resource will be enough for another 4-4,5 thousand flight hours.
  2. Nevsky
    Nevsky 25 September 2012 11: 47
    Moldovani amers sold twenty 1997 Mig-29 in XNUMX? Wow ..
    Eh ...
  3. lelikas
    lelikas 25 September 2012 11: 48
    After this, it’s not convenient to be offended by our stools ...
    Five helicopters, four in Afghanistan - who needs it?
  4. baltika-18
    baltika-18 25 September 2012 11: 54
    I looked at the data on the army of Moldova from 2007, I didn’t find any fresh ones. They actually do not have it. I don’t think that for 5 years something has changed for the better, most likely for the worse, judging by this news. It’s for the better, easier back back.
  5. anfreezer
    anfreezer 25 September 2012 12: 13
    The sad fate of the aircraft .. probably even plainly did not see the sky crying What x ... and they generally left something, except for the craftsmen ..
  6. tan0472
    tan0472 25 September 2012 12: 15
    Americans sold 2 million flying cars, and after 15 years, 8,5 million non-flying cars. Rebus Craxword.
    Surely those who directly participated in the deal, on the part of Moldova, have long been living in the Maldives.
    1. Sars
      Sars 25 September 2012 12: 19
      Yes, there’s nothing more to sell. And money is badly needed.
    2. urzul
      urzul 25 September 2012 14: 03
      8,5 is the total price of 6 Migs, that is, for 1,4 mln. Plus dollar inflation for 15 years.
  7. edge
    edge 25 September 2012 12: 35
    the most profitable thing is to sell your homeland, you can sell to anyone as much as you like; which they do
  8. Leisure
    Leisure 25 September 2012 12: 38
    What, dill is not ugly?
  9. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 25 September 2012 12: 53
    ha, there’s nothing to refuel, they’re selling ...
  10. omsbon
    omsbon 25 September 2012 13: 56
    Even if the plane does not fly, it still requires care and maintenance, and this was hardly done. They were puttied, primed and painted , inside "finishers" do not climb. Happy sale!
  11. Eraser
    Eraser 25 September 2012 14: 29
    [quoteAs reported by the Ministry of Defense of Moldova, the auction for the sale of aircraft will be held on August 7, 2012.]
    Well, so what about the auction results?
  • Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 25 September 2012 17: 32
    Iran will come in handy.
    Iran will act wisely, ate it to test for further suitability, and having purchased this batch, it will send it for repair and modernization in the Russian Federation.
  • Shum86
    Shum86 25 September 2012 21: 18
    Their government will soon sell its ass !!!
  • Mr.Fox
    Mr.Fox 26 September 2012 00: 16
    The sale of Moldova is coming to an end. Then the Romanians simply come there under the pretext of protecting themselves from someone.
  • Shah
    Shah 26 September 2012 00: 29
    A opozdali 11 sentyabra prodavat nujno bilo
    1. Shah
      Shah 26 September 2012 11: 41
      In Russian exports to the Turkish state, energy carriers (oil and oil products, natural gas, coal), metals and products from them predominate. According to 2010 information, their share in the total volume was 73,8% and 7,4%, respectively. In addition, the share of raw materials and “intermediate” goods in Russian exports is 97,7% (more than $ 21 billion). Turkish exports to the Russian Federation are less, in 2010 it amounted to $ 4,6 billion, but it is more balanced. Thus, the share of consumer goods (final product) is 44,7%, and the share of raw materials and intermediate materials is about 44,9%. Mutual direct investments are growing between the two states; as of mid-2010, its volume was estimated at about $ 10 billion.

      Russian companies got the right to build the first Turkish nuclear power plant (Akkuyu NPP), an agreement was reached in May 2010. The project cost is approximately $ 20 billion.
  • Shah
    Shah 26 September 2012 11: 42
    So chto Russkie daleko ne v proigrishe