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Armament of Iran - SAM "Ra'ad"

21.09.12 of the year. In the capital of Iran, a military parade was held in honor of the 32 anniversary of the beginning of the war with Iraq and the so-called "Week of sacred defense." The parade was attended by representatives of various divisions of the IRGC and copies of military equipment standing and coming into service. One of the representatives of the newest military equipment was the Ra'ad anti-aircraft missile system, which belongs to the medium-range air defense system.

Armament of Iran - SAM "Ra'ad"

The Iranian air defense system, previously practically not "illuminated" for the general public, is a development based on the Soviet-Russian air defense system Buk-M2E. Both SAMs look very similar not only to the launch, but also to the missiles used. The first mention of the newest self-developed air defense missile system was announced by the commander of the IRGC, General M.A. Jafari 17.09.2012. At the press conference, he briefly spoke about the characteristics of the new complex:
- height of the struck air objects to 27 kilometers;
- range of fire to 50 kilometers.

The newest anti-aircraft missile system is executed on the chassis with the wheel formula 6X6. It is very possible that a Belarusian-made MZKT-6922 type chassis or its Iranian counterpart is used (based on obvious external features), in which there are certain structural changes in a number of elements.

On the chassis, a launcher with three guided anti-aircraft missiles (analogous to 9М317Е) was made, which had previously been delivered to Iran to modernize the Kvadrat anti-aircraft missile systems, which have several visible differences. Of the equipment, we note the absence of the radar station’s guidance and illumination of the target being hit.

The use of well-proven units of the Russian and Belarusian military industrial complex (Buk-М2Е, МЗКТ-6922, ЗУР 9М317Э) when creating your own complex "Ra'ad" can be interpreted differently, for example:
- and that the Iranian designers are not able at this time to independently create such a complex;
- and that when using the complex in military conflicts, Iran will have a strong defense argument, which will be able to successfully carry out its defense missions;
- and about the “unknown” military assistance of Belarus or Russia to the Iranian state.

Additional Information:
There was a video about the tests of the "Ra'ad" air defense system. The launch of missiles on unmanned targets was carried out. And even though the video does not show the radar car, most likely it is an “own” development of the Slavic radar.

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  1. Trailer
    Trailer 25 September 2012 08: 19
    Old developments do not mean yet, not effective! Let us recall the Serbs - the air defense was old, BUT! The training was excellent, and this was transmitted to American aviation in the form of wrecked aircraft. What I really would like to know is about the Iranian missile training system - where and how are they taught? For education and improvement of experience is the foundation of victory. And as for the presented system, for me, it’s time for them to repaint their military equipment in some more frightening colors, otherwise such a color is like a thing from an old chest (my opinion)!
  2. Yarbay
    Yarbay 25 September 2012 09: 06
    Quote: Karavan
    BUT! The training was excellent, and this was transmitted to American aviation in the form of wrecked aircraft.

    And how did the training help ??
    How many were knocked out?
    The main result !!
    With minimal losses, the amers achieved what they wanted ,!

    From the teachings of the Great Prophet-7

    here is another photo !!
    1. Trailer
      Trailer 25 September 2012 09: 16
      Well, about the aviation there. Taken, say, in a snap! Who helped Serbia, and how many jackals crawled out against it. And about the color of the rockets - at least for the parade, I would choose the colors that would embarrass the enemy analyzing these events. So that the rockets would be associated with nothing pale with sand color, but bright, aggressive, and therefore dangerous.

      By the way, your last photo with yellow-green missiles is already closer to the concept of intimidation of the enemy that I support!
      1. Yarbay
        Yarbay 25 September 2012 09: 54
        Quote: Karavan
        By the way, your last photo with yellow-green missiles is already closer to the concept of intimidation of the enemy that I support!

        Well, what kind of intimidation can there be?
        Everyone knows what Iran is capable of and what potential opportunities !!
        1. Trailer
          Trailer 25 September 2012 09: 59
          Well, I don’t know about the possibilities, but in terms of intimidation, the Iranian authorities work very well!

          Iran has begun the initial stages of developing its first heavy nuclear submarine. About this Iranian agency FARS on Tuesday, 12 June, told the Rear Admiral of the country's Navy Abbas Zamini (Abbas Zamini).
          According to Zamini, the experience gained during the construction of a nuclear power plant, as well as the use of atomic technologies in agriculture and medicine, will help Iranian specialists create an atomic ship. The representative of the Navy also emphasized that the development of nuclear engines for submarines does not go beyond the civilian use of nuclear technology.
          1. Yarbay
            Yarbay 25 September 2012 10: 13
            Quote: Karavan
            Iran embarks on the initial stages of developing its first own heavy nuclear submarine

            Well this is talk)))
            that is))

            Quote: Karavan
            Well, I don’t know about the possibilities, but in terms of intimidation, the Iranian authorities work very well!

            Sorry, but I'm skeptical of their work in this direction!
            1. Trailer
              Trailer 25 September 2012 10: 16
              Okay, then let's talk about the surface naval forces of Iran. Again guns for intimidation. The first type is dangerous in size. The second - in speed and maneuverability. Your opinion on:
              1. The new destroyer "Jamaran-2" of the "Moudge" class was created exclusively by Iranian specialists. According to the Iranian authorities, it has become a technological breakthrough in the military industry of the Islamic Republic.

              It is stated that the destroyers of the Mudge project are multipurpose high-speed combat ships that are capable of simultaneously fighting enemy submarines, aircraft and ships in electronic warfare conditions. The destroyer has a helipad and a place for launching portable anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as, apparently, an anti-submarine bomb launcher.

              Based on the available information, in terms of size and armament, these ships can hardly be assigned to the class of destroyers, it is rather a multi-purpose patrol ship of the near sea zone, according to the western classification - a corvette.

              Destroyer Jamaran-1 Project Mowj Navy Iran

              General tactical and technical characteristics of destroyers of the Moudge project (moudge) of the Iranian Navy

              It is long - 94,5 meters, width 11 meters;

              Displacement - 1420 tons;

              Speed ​​- 30 nodes;

              Draft - 3,2 meters;

              Crew - 140 man.

              The armament of the destroyers of the Moudge project of the Iranian Navy

              Artillery weapons: one fajr 27 gun (analogue of the 76 melara / mk75) one gun of 40 mm caliber;

              Torpedo tubes - two 324 mm guns;

              Anti-ship systems - four noor complexes (analogue of yj-82 (c-802))

              Machine guns - two machine guns caliber 20 mm

              2. more than 40 of Swedish Boghammar speedboats equipped with guided missiles, recoilless guns, and heavy machine guns. In total, Iran has at least 55 missile, torpedo and patrol boats, including those of Iranian design and construction, with anti-ship missiles; 100 speed boats, also equipped with manual MANPADS. Boats are hard to spot with a radar.
              1. Yarbay
                Yarbay 25 September 2012 10: 22
                Quote: Karavan

                Okay, then let's talk about the surface naval forces of Iran

                Quote: Karavan
                New destroyer "Jamaran-2" of the "Mudge" class

                Do you consider them dangerous for NATO ??
                1. Belo_ticketnik
                  Belo_ticketnik 25 September 2012 17: 55
                  I think the real danger with skillful use is only missile boats (in large groups) and small submarines (with active mining of the strait), everything else runs the risk of sinking during the first air raid.
                  I think no expert will be able to predict the fate of the attack by a crowd of missile boats (count the suicide bombers) on the AUG)
        2. Ivan Tarasov
          Ivan Tarasov 25 September 2012 21: 54
          Most likely, in front of us is an armored vehicle "Talaeiyeh".
  3. gregor6549
    gregor6549 25 September 2012 18: 34
    In my unsoiled vzgkyad this is nothing more than a copy of the old "Buk". So it is not necessary to expect something extraordinary from the "novelty". And those against whom this "novelty" was made have long had an antidote from it. It is not for nothing that all videos show only a launcher without detection and guidance radars. Those. another advertisement for "terrible power". I'm not even talking about the fact that with such a high center of gravity, the PU can turn over by itself even in calm weather smile
  4. 25 September 2012 19: 58
    On the Brazilian website "Armament and Defense", an article leaked, citing the Spanish newspaper ABC, that the Venezuelan government sent a disassembled F-16 to Iran, to the Mehrabad base. This was done to calibrate and confirm the capabilities of Iranian air defense systems.
    1. Ivan Tarasov
      Ivan Tarasov 25 September 2012 21: 51
      Such information took place in mid-August.
      It looks like Venezuela has replaced the park, now Russian "dryers" will remain there, and the American ones (21 cars) were sold to Iran.
  5. bask
    bask 25 September 2012 20: 12
    It’s not clear what kind of air defense system Iran obtained. But you need to take a closer look at the wheeled transporter. An interesting armored personnel carrier could be
  6. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 25 September 2012 20: 40
    It is not clear whether this is a "appendage" of Cuba, or a new development?
    If new, it is interesting to see a car with radar detection and tracking.
  7. Kir
    Kir 25 September 2012 21: 00
    As the saying goes, God forbid war, but if I wish "Amers" and their lackeys more coffins with "valiant defenders of democracy", and the great people of Iran success in all their endeavors, and woe to our rulers to stop worrying about how We look from the outside, in other words, deeply on ..... opinions of everyone there, and to do what is beneficial to RUSSIA!
  8. de_monSher
    de_monSher 26 September 2012 03: 43
    Surprisingly clumsy cars these "Ra'ad". It would be necessary to knock on the head of the designers, but "I can't". Firstly, even at first glance, this machine is taller than wide. With such an arrangement of the center of gravity, this machine, at any opportunity, will fall on its side. Dee is not doing well with her response time - she is also striking. Eh ... She reminded me of the "Korean armored car" - Matiz. The same awkwardness.
    1. Civil
      Civil 26 September 2012 19: 43

      from what they could have gathered from that ...
    2. Ivan Tarasov
      Ivan Tarasov 26 September 2012 20: 24
      If the Iranians complete the complex, then it is possible that the new Talaeiyeh chassis with 4 missiles will be just right.