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Tales of old technology. About the dangers of smoking


On the dangers of smoking

Smoking has always been bad...even when it wasn't mainstream. You can't at the airport at all. And since the people, in spite of everything, still strive to breathe air through a cigarette, then at least this process needs to be streamlined. In general, you can still smoke at the airport. But only and exclusively in the places designated for this, which, firstly, are equipped for this (at least a sawn-off shotgun with water is standing), and secondly, they are as far as possible from parking lots and places of maintenance of military equipment - there is too much of any flammable and often explosive bullshit...

But this just creates that very “highly artistic conflict”: because you want to smoke, but running a kilometer and a half to the smoking room is absolutely not. So there are regularly (especially among sailors of military service) persons cunning (in their opinion) and lazy (in the opinion of others), who strive to drag on in the wrong places, and even often right here at the combat post entrusted to them by the working people ...

But if the same technician catches this case ... In general, then the strayer will live an unnatural life with all objects unsuitable for him and his immediate superiors. And therefore, "disgraceful violation" must be done with caution. However, a sailor is an inventive infection when it is not necessary ...

As a result, one “grandfather” wanted to smoke... And it was also desirable to lie down... But I didn’t want to run to the smoking room (and who else would let go of their APA) - at the PCB technical position in full swing...

Here we need to make some kind of reference - it happened in one glorious MRAP, armed with very old, but quite "inspiring" Carcasses - Badgers. And the RD-3M engines that carry this “badger” across the sky differ not only in thrust, but also in size ... Such a fool is almost one and a half meters in diameter. And air is supplied to the engine through a pipe of the appropriate size - an air intake, the same almost one and a half meters in diameter and five meters long ... And when the engine is turned off and in the parking lot, then in order to avoid any “foreign objects” entering the engine, this pipe is closed outside such a lid-stub ... A sort of "mink".

Well, this fighter came up with the idea that, since on a PCB car, no one will definitely start the engines, so he won’t remove the stub, and if he, like that little mouse under the stub, takes a crouch, then no one will see him there and won’t look for him it will be ... Well, the ladders are at the side, I waited for a moment until no one was around - I crawled in, covered the plug behind me, lies down, settled comfortably ... Here, again, no one sees, there is a metal pipe around, you can smoke, because no one sees ... He lit a cigarette, trudges, a parasite, like a boa constrictor on glass wool, lets smoke ringlets. As the saying goes, "Salve cigarettes - be healthy, don't cough!"

And everything would have worked (there is an assumption that this was not the first time he had arranged himself like this), but then the AO officers came aboard. They had to check something there, in general, they put the car “under current”. Well, our “cunningly crafted” smoked just at that moment ... Well, that’s what, he forgot a cigarette and, as if it were a sin, about the fire alarm system sensor, and it is under current ... And the first stage of fire extinguishing works well, completely automatically, discharging a cylinder of carbon dioxide under a pressure of 200 atmospheres into the engine ...

In general, we observe an “oil painting”: a little black flies - yells ... Our carcass spat out cunningly, like from a gun. Again, in itself, flying from a height of three meters onto concrete is an unpleasant thing, and then there’s the effect of complete surprise - you just lay high, suddenly bang and you fly ... He slammed against the concrete and calmed down. Either he was killed, or he thought deeply about the consequences. And the consequences were not slow to come.

Well, everything that the authorities who fled to the scene said, we cannot bring here because of complete unprintability, because:

1) the aircraft is disabled, because the engine must be removed and into the bulkhead - this is the regulation.

2) the sailor was also put out of action, because he received either a concussion (well, this is unlikely due to the absence of an object of concussion), or a broken arm ... For some reason, the concrete is very hard ...

3) and how to report this anecdote is completely incomprehensible - because it is impossible not to report (the aircraft is not combat-ready), but to report - so, consider yourself "incomplete official" hung ...

In other words, I don’t know how the people got out there, but the fact that all military service in that regiment went to the airfield only through a thorough personal search and seizure of everything that even just reminds of smoking is yes ... In general, smoking is harmful!

About chrome boots and liquid oxygen

Tales of old technology. About the dangers of smoking

Well, you young people probably don’t understand the phrase “chrome boots” a damn thing ... They are used to synthetics, berets, give a footcloth - you don’t know what to do with it, dear ... So why are “chrome” - chrome whether?

And although no one, of course, boots chrome, but this 24th element of the table of the father of Russian vodka has a direct bearing on the issue. It is with chromium salts that they tan the skin of young calves who have not even tried weed in order to get the so-called. "flask", from which those very famous officer "lame men" are sewn, which every cadet dreamed of ...

For beauty is literally unearthly... Strong, light, shining, like the same chrome, only black... Now, however, not the style. Again, the most fashionable guys generally built boots to order - now the craftsmen have disappeared ... Previously, you used to look at the eagle ... “in a glass”, the boots are polished to an exorbitant otherworldly shine and sit like those gloves ... White muffler, blue gaps and complete death to the female sex.

But we, in fact, are not talking about that ... In general, a chrome boot is good for everyone, but there is also a drawback in it ... Due to its naturalness, it, an infection, unlike rubber, does not really like water ... But snow porridge, which strives to cover all this black depth with vile whitish stains - in general. BUT aviation we, as you know, are “all-weather”, which means that life is in full swing at the airfield, regardless of what rubbish of the Lord falls on our heads and under our feet.

Headquarters, of course, are better - they are more and more in warm offices, but we, “pilots in black ZSH”, are not at all up to beauty ... So instead of limping people, we have more and more waterproof (since rubberized) berets and jackets (also waterproof, as they have been oiled for a long time). And yet, the passion for beauty in a person cannot be strangled or killed. She's a passion for that. But its beauty must also be protected, and a reasonable thought came to some fashionistas. Khromachi is stylish and cool, but they do not like water and mud, rubber is indifferent to water and mud, but there is no beauty in it ... And if we combine it? And they began to put on boots that were especially advanced ... What would you think?

Banal galoshes. After all, how convenient ... You run around the airfield - galoshes do not let water to the lame. He ran to the headquarters - he threw off his galoshes at the entrance and cuts all of himself so beautiful to the point of impossibility ... Again, clean. And the people in our aviation, you know, are different ... And some have a very peculiar sense of humor.

In general, it was in one glorious regiment, which was armed with the pride of the Soviet bomber aircraft Tu 16. True, it seems that they are not beavers, but intelligence, but this does not change the essence (it was a long time ago).

Airfield, pre-flight, cars are buzzing, TZ, APA, air, nitrogen, oxygen ... But with oxygen on the "Carcass" everything is not easy ... It is necessary to refuel it not compressed, but liquid ... For we fly high and for a long time, and the crew big ... So we saved weight, because a “dewar” with liquid weighs much less than the equivalent number of compressed cylinders in terms of volume. But liquid it boils at -183, which means that you can’t completely close the tank with it - it will explode like a steam boiler with a jammed safety valve. So when they refuel, then, in general, they simply follow - how liquid oxygen will flow from the drainage hole on board the aircraft, so it means “the box is full”.

And so, in the midst of the process, the squadron engineer comes running on board the preparing board, he personally had to check something there. In brand new, just built chrome boots, well, and in galoshes, so as not to soak the beauty ... I took off the galoshes from the stepladder, and he climbed into the cockpit to grind something with the technician “for life”. Well, our people are cheerful, don’t feed bread - let them make fun of your neighbor, they’re not even afraid, the female dogs are such that for jokes on the authorities you can even ... suffer.

One day, one such joker accidentally walked by and sees a ladder, galoshes at the ladder, the owner is not visible, and an oxygen tanker is already attached next to it ... Well, he moved the galoshes a meter to the side - exactly under the drainage. The oxygen tanker did his “blue” job, refueled with all his heart, at the same time poured oxygen into the commander’s galoshes ... In short, for a long time, but the engineer solved his questions on board, descends, hob - no galoshes ...

He looks around - and here they are, some kind of infection moved to the side ... The oxygen from the galoshes had already evaporated by that time, and they look like they are alive ... In general, our hero twisted and twisted and jumped off the ladder to closer to the galoshes and quickly put them on the paws ... Successfully jumped - right into the galoshes. Well, what happened next? Well, then, probably, not only the whole airfield heard, but also the crows in the surrounding forests ... Naked physics worked. The galoshes, frozen by the extreme minus, shattered into dust, and the concrete frosted around them turned into a high-class skating rink, and our jumper, demonstrating all the brilliance of the chic lame men who soared above the ears, landed on the very point that is commonly called the fifth.

All this, of course, was accompanied by a wild cry, which we will not be able to translate from Russian into Russian, not because we are not a Yandex translator, but only sparing the tender modern ears ... But the semantic message was quite understandable even without translation .. Say, "I'll find this bastard and bury it in figs" ...

This is how beauty always requires sacrifice.

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  1. andr327
    andr327 6 March 2022 18: 39
    At the hour of rest, the soul requires .....
    Thanks to the author, at least one material does not give strain and definitely raises the mood!
    1. Timon2155
      Timon2155 7 March 2022 16: 04
      About the fire-fighting system-bike. There are no sensors in the air intake, they are around the engine itself, they react not to a bull, but to an open flame (ionization). And the agent is supplied not to the air intake, but also around the engine. Moreover, the fire extinguisher will not work automatically - the sensors only activate the alarm (it can also be false). And to trigger the pyroheads on the cylinders with the agent, you need to flip the protective cap of the toggle switch and turn it on.
      1. Taoist
        7 March 2022 18: 25
        Well, not really ... If the car was energized and at that moment a routine check of the status of the control lamps (including the fire system) was carried out, then the puzzle could have been formed.
        Open the description and read the following:
        "The aircraft has two fixed fire fighting systems: SSP-2A and SSP-7. The SSP-2A system is designed for fire protection of four compartments - engine nacelles and fuel tank compartments, the SSP-7 system for detecting and extinguishing fires in engines.
        SSP-2A and SSP-7 systems provide:
        light and sound signaling of a fire;
        automatic activation of fire extinguishing in the compartments of engine nacelles and fuel tanks;
        manual activation of fire extinguishing in compartments and engines;
        On the aircraft, the SSP-2A system includes the following elements and assemblies installed outside the cockpit: 72 sensors DPS-1AG,
        Each DPS-1AG sensor is a battery of thermocouples and is a fire sensor that senses the rate of change and the value of the ambient temperature.
        The principle of operation and control of the SSP-2A system.
        Automatic activation of fire extinguishing in compartments occurs when the system is switched on in the fire extinguishing readiness mode and a fire has occurred in any of the compartments.

        The scheme of the principle of operation of the SSP-2A system is shown in fig. 20. For the sake of simplicity, it shows only one group of sensors DPS-1AG (pos. 6) and distribution valve 7 of one compartment, some intermediate relays and other elements that do not determine the principle of operation of the system are omitted.

        To enable readiness for fire extinguishing, it is necessary to turn on the gas station-10 "Fire extinguishing system" on the gas station panel and set the "Fire extinguishing - Check" switch to the "Fire extinguishing" position. As a result, the bulbs 9, 11 signaling the serviceability of the squibs of fire extinguishers, as well as similar bulbs of OS-2IL fire extinguishers, turn on. Their negative power circuits are closed through the filaments of the squibs of fire extinguishers, so the bulbs will only burn if these filaments are intact. At the same time, the light bulb, compared to the filament of the squib, represents a large electrical resistance, as a result of which a relatively small current flows in the circuit, which is enough to light the bulb, but not enough to trigger the squib.

        If a fire breaks out in the compartment, then as a result of their heating and temperature rise, the sensors will create an electromotive force, due to which current will flow through the winding of the sensitive relay R3 located in the BP-2AU executive unit. When the heating temperature of the sensors reaches 150° and will increase at a rate of at least 2° per second, the value of this current will be enough to operate the relay and it will close its contacts. This will turn on the intermediate relay P4, which turns on the siren, the button lamp and the electromagnetic distribution valve. The distributing valve will open and become self-locking through the gas station-10 and the switch, as a result of which it will be open until the system is turned off. In this case, through the closed contacts of the distribution valve, the following will be carried out:
        closing the power circuit of the button lamp, which will now burn as long as the tap is open;
        turning on relay P5, as a result of which the lamps for signaling the serviceability of the squibs of fire extinguishers of the first stage go out, nThe voltage of the on-board network is supplied to these squibs and the fire extinguishers are discharged" (with)

        I agree that the coincidence of all the described conditions is unlikely ... But not impossible.
        1. Timon2155
          Timon2155 7 March 2022 19: 59
          You described in detail the operation of the system, but did not take into account two points:
          1. The sensors are not located in the air intake duct - I have never seen them there on any aircraft. There is no point in putting them there, there is nothing to burn there.
          2. Fire extinguishers are discharged into the engine nacelles (collectors around the engine) and there is no way for the agent to enter the air intake duct.
          1. Taoist
            7 March 2022 20: 08
            To be honest, I didn’t witness this particular story ... I heard from a veteran from the Tu 16. But the sensors at the entrance to the tract (namely in the air intake) are still present there ... (Maybe based on surge). Again, on old machines, not freon, but carbon dioxide was used, and accordingly in much larger quantities ... and gas, as you know, expands in all directions. In general, this is a tale ... (possibly composed with "fire-fighting purposes") but theoretically not unrealistic.
            1. Timon2155
              Timon2155 7 March 2022 20: 46
              There are ice sensors. The channel is sealed - neither freon nor carbon dioxide can penetrate there: when extinguishing, they “irrigate” the engine from the outside. As for the bike, I agree, we’ll run away on this))
        2. svoroponov
          svoroponov 11 March 2022 17: 20
          Most likely, someone decided to play a trick on this technician and scrolled the engine from the starter without opening the stopcock. Here it was swept away from there, so that it no longer climbs and does not slip from work.
  2. sabakina
    sabakina 6 March 2022 18: 55
    In life, there are even things that, in principle, cannot be.
  3. O. Bender
    O. Bender 6 March 2022 19: 03
    So yes, lame men were sewn to order even after graduation. But a cap, they ordered one guy, I don’t remember his name, but the airfield with a high crown was charming. And 25 rubles was not a pity. who already had such. But a year later he earned the right to wear one, except of course for drill reviews.
    1. Bad_gr
      Bad_gr 6 March 2022 22: 45
      Quote: O. Bender
      But the cap, ordered for one guy, I don’t remember his name, but the airfield with a high crown was charming.
      She ?
      1. O. Bender
        O. Bender 7 March 2022 08: 53
        Exactly she laughing I went to this one.
  4. Alemax
    Alemax 6 March 2022 19: 13
    I'm final, Ches speaking did not understand. Where did he fly to? Well, got into crispy galoshes. They just had to crumble to dust. And everything..
    And, of course, it's exciting. It reminded me of some moments of my own ingenuity in such things, for which I later received a hat with earflaps))
    1. bk0010
      bk0010 6 March 2022 20: 19
      Quote from Alex
      I'm final, Ches speaking did not understand. Where did he fly to? Well, got into crispy galoshes
      Liquid oxygen turned all the surrounding water into ice.
  5. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 6 March 2022 19: 14
    The truth does not seem to be beavers

    Actually, the Tu-16 - the badger (Badger) was higher. Perhaps the Freudian slip - beaver1982 notably swears here with Bez, the navigator of the naval aviation. The material is good, respect to the author, come on.
    1. Taoist
      6 March 2022 19: 45
      This is not the nickname of a particular aircraft, but the slang "beaver" - a bomber in general.
      1. Aviator_
        Aviator_ 6 March 2022 20: 58
        Thank you for the clarification. drinks
    2. akarfoxhound
      akarfoxhound 6 March 2022 19: 47
      Yes, "badger" in NATO.
      And that "noble sea navigator", even before emotional hoarseness, said that the crew of the Tu-16 at high altitudes, without oxygen, plowed open spaces.
      And the article is a class, each regiment has its own "tales" of the old airfield. I always liked it when the "grandfathers of aviation" gathered in the smoking room, neighing to the point of colic in the stomach ...
      1. Taoist
        6 March 2022 20: 04
        Even in the presence of pressurized cabins in the "combat" position, oxygen masks are put on and turned on. Accordingly, the oxygen system is always refueled before departure.
        And the stories, yes .... they always poisoned .... So I decided in my old age to keep what I heard, what I saw ... It’s also history.
      2. Aviator_
        Aviator_ 6 March 2022 21: 05
        But the persecution of tales in 1951, in Garovka near Khabarovsk. My father put his foot on a log.
        The regiment flew Li-2 and Si-47. Regularly carried cargo to Andong during the Korean War.
  6. vovochkarzhevsky
    vovochkarzhevsky 6 March 2022 19: 34
    Tu-16, the plane is a legend.
  7. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 6 March 2022 19: 35
    Thanks, Alexey. Distract from dark thoughts ...
    And about the harm of smoking - he himself witnessed the "burial of a cigarette butt." We received the guard, and the nachkar handing over, discovered this disgrace right on the porch. Well, while we were given the last briefing, we watched how the whole resting and part of the waking shifts performed the ritual. With a crust of a pit, a solemn removal in a box, an instillation and an imitation of a "salute". laughing
    1. Aag
      Aag 6 March 2022 22: 50
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      Thanks, Alexey. Distract from dark thoughts ...
      And about the harm of smoking - he himself witnessed the "burial of a cigarette butt." We received the guard, and the nachkar handing over, discovered this disgrace right on the porch. Well, while we were given the last briefing, we watched how the whole resting and part of the waking shifts performed the ritual. With a crust of a pit, a solemn removal in a box, an instillation and an imitation of a "salute". laughing

      We (in the Strategic Missile Forces) had
      "norm" - burial of a cigarette butt (smoked in an unspecified, prohibited place, in hexane time).
      There was even a standard formed by the political officer - one "bull", - one "grave" (1 * 1 * 1 m) ... In the OZK ... Anti-gas (both at - 35, and at + 35). ..And rightly so - the troops are ....
      The question is not in pedagogy, gnosseallogy, sociology...
      I have always been a realist.
      The plot - excuse me - who read it - was already: two fighters were caught (a good start - you need to tell someone ..) for smoking in an unidentified place.
      The sentence was carried out - two rubberized bodies, isolated from the atmosphere by coal and hapcolite filters, change the terrain ...
      The pedagogical component does not cause any special
      divisions among
      officers watching the process from the smoking room, waiting for the shift...:
      "Yeah, throw two cubes of earth...."
      - Well, after all, - one "bull", - a cube. Accordingly, two bulls, - - two cubes! ...
      "Thought", pogolyalsya, joked more than once ...
      But, political officer, no matter what they say, they knew the laws of physics))): if one "bull" is 1 * 1 * 1 m, then two "bulls" are 2 * 2 * 2 m !!!
      Well, yes, they were still arguing in the smoking room - what is 4 cubic meters of this, what is two;))).
      It would seem funny - but you need to know arithmetic ... hi
  8. Catfish
    Catfish 6 March 2022 19: 43
    Smoking has always been bad.

    Once, in the summer, on the march, at my mechanic's, on a pothole, he knocked out a cigarette under the ass. For about five minutes I listened to TPU about his attitude to smoking, to the march and our tanks, but he did not slow down, although he burned a hole to his underpants, such was the training of Soviet tankers. laughing
    1. Bad_gr
      Bad_gr 6 March 2022 21: 37
      Once I went on a business trip on a "loaf". The salon was littered with various equipment and all sorts of rubbish. But also a canister of gasoline on the table next to the seat on which one comrade was sitting, who, after a while, lit up. I pointed out to him the canister, which was literally at his side, and made a remark about smoking next to gasoline. To which he received the answer: "I calculated everything, there are no conditions for an explosion ...."
      ************************************************** ************************************************** **
      On another business trip, in the same "loaf" employees of the energy sales company were brought up. Out of the corner of my ear I listen to the story of the energy salesman:
      - ................. we were on a bus and had an accident. Everyone was beaten, some more, others less. In general, for several days the entire Tuapse region was left without power sales.
      I ask
      Why did you put all your eggs in one basket?
      - Why, all the eggs? ... there were women among us ...
      1. Catfish
        Catfish 6 March 2022 21: 41
        "I calculated everything, there are no conditions for an explosion ...."
        ************************************************** ************************************************** **

        Did everyone survive? laughing
        1. Bad_gr
          Bad_gr 6 March 2022 21: 45
          Quote: Sea Cat
          Did everyone survive?
          Yes. Didn't explode.
          1. Catfish
            Catfish 6 March 2022 21: 51
            The most important thing. My deputy technical officer said - "I've been smoking on gasoline all my life, and nothing." And he crashed on a motorcycle ... fate.
            1. Bad_gr
              Bad_gr 6 March 2022 21: 54
              Quote: Sea Cat
              Crashed on a motorcycle...

              The motorcycle is among the leaders of vehicles in terms of mortality.
              They were also referred to as "Death by installments".
              Although he himself is not indifferent to powerful motorcycles.
              1. Catfish
                Catfish 6 March 2022 22: 17
                I fell in love with a quadric, but I don’t drive drunk, there was a moment and the hops kicked out right away, but, fortunately, without consequences.
                But my deputy commander, Heinrich, flew in on a drunken business, on a log at night, thank God, he remained alive, but after that he sold the motorcycle. It's either vodka or racing, he chose vodka. request
                1. Bad_gr
                  Bad_gr 6 March 2022 22: 41
                  Quote: Sea Cat
                  .... he chose vodka.
                  1. Catfish
                    Catfish 6 March 2022 23: 14
                    Unfortunately, it gets worse. request
  9. Sasha from Uralmash
    Sasha from Uralmash 6 March 2022 20: 03
    Master words! Song! Hood!!!
  10. singless
    singless 6 March 2022 20: 08
    got into the regiment after Shmas. all in heels. with horseshoes. aircraft repair shops swarm. we were so groaned, especially for the horseshoes. and sparks flew only on the way. 81 - 83 boat field
    ODERVIT 6 March 2022 20: 19
    Smoking, of course, is bad. But ... There was a cabin leak check on the MiG-21smt river. Establishing an air outlet was difficult. However, the usual Belomor helped. Some of the specialists rr SD was located in a cabin with two cigarettes, the latter was sealed and inflated. It was not difficult to establish the place where the smoke exited. It’s bad that then at the source I felt dizzy and my ears hurt.
    What was, was. wink
  12. VicktorVR
    VicktorVR 6 March 2022 20: 21
    Memories are such memories :)
    A year later, only good things are remembered, but everything happened ...
    Well, right, what's wrong with remembering?
  13. The comment was deleted.
    1. Taoist
      6 March 2022 20: 45
      You understand what's the matter ... In the fleet there is not only "seafarers" (where such an appeal was actually adopted), but also ground units, which include the same naval aviation ... And even in terms of service life in those ancient times, ship sailors the composition was called for three years and two served on the shore. And the nicknames for the terms of service were also different ... (there were even "local features") because no one officially approved the "unofficial" table of ranks. So in this case there is no mistake ... just "features of local color"
      1. Kushka
        Kushka 6 March 2022 21: 11
        I was drafted in May 1971.
        From the place he was drafted into naval aviation.
        Upon arrival at Pionerskoe as a result
        "vocational selection" landed in Liepaja in a radio school.
        Those. to the fleet, respectively, for three years.
        After the radio check (9 months) he arrived in the crew.
        He served with the guys for the fourth year.
        They taught us and without them we were nobody and would have been
        and no one else. In difficult situations by ship
        there was a command - OLD SERVANTS to arrive ....
        There QC appealed to them to apply all their experience,
        every effort, take control of every young
        specialist. That is, they were very respected guys.
        On the shore, if the rookie has done it, young lieutenant,
        the commander of the warhead, collected GODKOV and made a speech:
        I won't go home to my young wife for a week, I
        I will sleep with you. BUT YOU WILL NOT SLEEP!
        I will play alarms all night in a row - air,
        fire, chemical, etc. I am an officer, I can do it and I
        I will stand it. Do you want an org period for a month? I him
        I will do - no shore (every year has a girl
        on the shore) Decide, do you need it?
        You know how to serve, you know how to do everything. You doing
        so that the young serve as they should, and I sleep next to
        wife every day Contract?
        In all my service, not a single hair has fallen from my head.
        I became a top notch.
    2. akarfoxhound
      akarfoxhound 6 March 2022 20: 51
      It can take an amendment not only for "sea", but also for aviation. And in "big" naval aviation there is more aviation than fleet. These are not decks. In my two regiments of MA (assault (Black Sea Fleet) and fighter (Pacific Fleet)) slang from the Air Force practically did not differ.
      1. Taoist
        6 March 2022 20: 58
        So I’m talking about something ... Here I am a deck worker ... So even though they attributed us to Warhead 6, we really didn’t belong to the ship’s service. A permanent composition was not assigned to the TAKRs, but dressed up from the regiment - i.e. my place of service is not the same Kyiv or Baku, but 299 KShAP. And we studied at aviation and not at naval schools ... - so ... We respect maritime traditions, as they say ... but, however, we have our own.
  14. Aag
    Aag 6 March 2022 22: 25
    Author - Thank you!
    A little "diluted".
    On the other hand, - on my own, - not up to that now!
    There are more pressing issues.
    The eternal dispute: heaven-earth, - (IMHO) - is now not appropriate ...
    In general, the first battle, informational, was blown by our wrestlers on federal channels. (Hello to all of them!) I would like to believe that they will also answer for everything ...
    I have no doubt - there will be minusers (a vegetable with them), - But, we, our guys, not only need to win, but also to prove the correctness of the path ...
    Agree, it’s more difficult (I understand the guys from the front line ': you would be here, h (m) good luck!
    Not a question of the sun. But it is to be decided. For the solution of this issue, I am sure that some of our guys have already paid with their lives and health ... Parts are yet to come.
    There are other options?(((
  15. Saxahorse
    Saxahorse 6 March 2022 22: 36
    was accompanied by a wild cry, which we will not be able to translate from Russian into Russian, not because we are not "Yandex-translator"

    Recently I was shown a Russian-Chinese dictionary. So there it turns out to be a well-known Russian word of three letters - three pages are allotted! In an attempt to explain all the possible translations of this word for different cases .. Great and powerful is the Russian command language! laughing
  16. BedMax
    BedMax 6 March 2022 22: 41
    Quote: sabakina
    In life, there are even things that, in principle, cannot be.

    And our life, all the laws of physics_chemistry bypassed .. Even 200 years ago
  17. BedMax
    BedMax 6 March 2022 22: 46
    Quote: ODERVIT
    Smoking, of course, is bad. But ... There was a cabin leak check on the MiG-21smt river. Establishing an air outlet was difficult. However, the usual Belomor helped. Some of the specialists rr SD was located in a cabin with two cigarettes, the latter was sealed and inflated. It was not difficult to establish the place where the smoke exited. It’s bad that then at the source I felt dizzy and my ears hurt.
    What was, was. wink

    For this, now they take money in car services, and the suction in the internal combustion engine does not work well.