The crisis of capitalism leads to war, but Russia is not on it


A few decades ago, a formula appeared that, apparently, continues to work to this day. It consists in the fact that the crisis of capitalism leads to war. The more this crisis deepens without a rational solution, the more global its consequences. And those who have huge capitals understand that the crisis can “eat up” their fair share, which means that extraordinary measures should be taken. War - as the most radical option, but also an option that allowed world capital to gain momentum in moments of the most severe economic upheavals.

But today, if I may say so, an alternative scenario is being realized. The West is trying with all its might to draw Russia into the war in order to finally take over the European market, including the energy market. But Russia is still not going to war, which they are trying to declare on her behalf on her behalf. In this regard, an alternative scenario is the continued promotion of the subject of an allegedly imminent "offensive on Ukraine." And now not only to Ukraine, but allegedly to the Baltic states.

Against this background, additionally growing profits from US shale gas suppliers were revealed. Shale oil companies from the US are sending their tankers to Europe, claiming that this is how they "save European partners" from the energy crisis, which "is about to break out due to the Russian attack on Ukraine." In this way, the United States is trying to solve several problems at once: to get the European market for its gas, ousting Russia. And take away from Germany the opportunity to act as the main link in the European economy. Poland actively supports such a plan, offering to stop the Nord Stream gas pipeline (the first one), because significant volumes of LNG from the United States will go through its terminals.

Konstantin Semin reflects on the situation in the Agitprop program:

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  1. +2
    21 February 2022 08: 08
    the crisis of capitalism leads to war

    It seems that the author is unaware that this very capitalism has existed in Russia for a long time.
    1. 0
      21 February 2022 08: 15
      Duc, the author has a different task - agitation and propaganda. What for inconvenient moments broadcast to the general public? In such cases, it is even contraindicated, because it makes you think.
      1. +3
        21 February 2022 09: 44
        Quote: Dalny V
        What for inconvenient moments broadcast to the general public?

        And what there "inconvenient moments"? The owners of capital divide the market, and for this division all means are good, nothing new ...
        It is worth digging deeper into any political action, as the real reason will become clear - the redistribution / capture of the market ...
    2. +3
      21 February 2022 08: 58
      Russia has long been this very capitalism

      Besides size matters, the big sharks of capitalism devour the smaller sharks.
      1. -6
        21 February 2022 09: 12
        Is Russia small?
        1. +1
          23 February 2022 17: 58
          Yes, dear, by the value of the capital it is small .. But territorially large .. After the fall of the USSR, it was given an honorary world place of world refueling, nothing more. It's all right, Chubais chirped, to whom everything, at one time, was painted on an internship in the then growing hegemon ... And the fact that many do not agree to this is correct. But the production facilities belong to the oligarchs and you can’t expect development from them ... Your own shirt is closer ...
    3. -3
      21 February 2022 09: 04
      Quote: Avior
      the crisis of capitalism leads to war

      It seems that the author is unaware that this very capitalism has existed in Russia for a long time.

      Capitalism is different, just like socialism
      1. -5
        21 February 2022 09: 12
        " You do not understand. Is it different?
    4. AB
      22 February 2022 13: 26
      The author is unaware that Marx seems to have described this formula. The first Imperialist is just a consequence of the crisis of capitalism.
  2. +3
    21 February 2022 08: 10
    War destroys the US, they must understand that their time has come.
  3. +4
    21 February 2022 08: 10
    The crisis of capitalism leads to war, but Russia is not on it

    To weaken Russia, the United States desperately needs a large-scale war between Russia and Ukraine, like Vietnam. Only Russia will not go for it. As a last resort, if Ukraine attacks the Donbass, a short and devastating blow will follow.
    1. 0
      21 February 2022 08: 47
      Quote: riwas
      As a last resort, if Ukraine attacks the Donbass, a short and devastating blow will follow.

      Your words - yes to God's ears! Or is it better to write to the Kremlin in the ears?
  4. +7
    21 February 2022 08: 12
    You can minus me to death ... But the Anglo-Saxons will bring the world to war. How did Tolstoy do it? Peace (in the sense of the existing order of countries) and war ... For any world war ... There will be a war, they will turn inside out, but they will arrange it. Already satisfied.
    1. +1
      21 February 2022 08: 21
      Yes, why downvote? Quite a possible scenario. But a global one, such as two in the last century, is not possible. The presence of nuclear weapons, among a large number of potential WW participants, will lead to the global destruction of sales markets and the crisis will only deepen.
      1. +2
        21 February 2022 08: 30
        It's not that much of a pollution problem. When detonated, the entire mass is destroyed. Man-made disasters are much more critical. Do you think they will hit Moscow? They will hit the power plants.
        1. +3
          21 February 2022 08: 49
          MV is the participation of most of the countries of the world. This is a worldwide bummer. Multi-billion people live not only in Moscow and Washington. And yet, radioactive contamination is a very unpleasant thing, almost fatal to life.
    2. -3
      21 February 2022 10: 09
      If there were no nuclear weapons in the world, then a couple of world wars would have already passed in different parts of the planet, there are enough conflicts of interest, but nuclear weapons now make any major wars meaningless.
  5. +3
    21 February 2022 08: 15
    Quote: Avior
    the crisis of capitalism leads to war

    It seems that the author is unaware that this very capitalism has existed in Russia for a long time.

    Which author? This is the preamble to Semin's video, which has long understood everything. Although, of course, I understand you - you need to sketch out the fact that Russia is the aggressor. And this despite the fact that your guns are still firing.
    1. -3
      21 February 2022 09: 17
      If everything is clear to Semin, and everything is clear to the author, and everything is clear to you, why pretend that capitalism is somewhere far away, not in Russia?
  6. +4
    21 February 2022 08: 28
    Forcing the atmosphere of fear is felt almost physically, yes. But for some reason, the feeling of deja vu does not leave: a couple of years ago, the same injection was going on regarding a super-deadly pandemic. Apparently, conditional "capital" realized that the "covid-19" project did not work, and decided to return to the old proven method: to scare everyone with the coming war. Habitual, "hot". But still, two points haunt me: why are our turbo-patriots from the high corridors of power in no hurry to recall their households from enemy Palestinians to their native land? And why are the foreign beneficiaries of our economy in no hurry to withdraw their assets from our economy?
  7. +4
    21 February 2022 08: 33
    get the European market for their gas, ousting Russia

    The United States buys more from Europe than it sells, it turns out a negative trade balance, so they are apparently going to even out the trade balance by selling gas, otherwise the debt is growing, but it’s impossible to increase debts forever. Perhaps the EU should meet the US and help balance the balance, as the EU itself will also suffer in the event of a crisis, auto sales to the states will collapse, mass unemployment will begin.
  8. 0
    21 February 2022 08: 37
    “The war must be waged for real, or it must not be waged at all. There can be no middle ground here.“
  9. -6
    21 February 2022 08: 51
    There was such a film in the USSR. "Dato Tutashkhia". There, too, the hero did not want to fight when a young woman was seduced before his eyes. The result for him was sad. We have something similar with Donbass. I have been killing civilians there for 8 years, and we are still hiding in bunkers. As a result, we will be drawn into the war, and we will get all the sanctions, and we already have, in fact. But only the results of this war will not be the same as if we blew their noses back in 2014. Now everything would have settled down and there would not have been these thousands of victims among the civilian population. Cowardice is always unprofitable.
  10. +4
    21 February 2022 09: 15
    It happens.
    Our media have also announced Ukraine's attack on the republics 4 times over the past 4 years (every year, in fact), but Ukraine has not been to the war.

    It’s just that injection is beneficial to someone (remember, "the owner of factories, newspapers, steamships ....")
  11. 0
    21 February 2022 09: 37
    The imperialist powers are fighting for markets, Russia, being the same power, has also entered the struggle for markets .. It will not be possible to divide peacefully .. Oats are expensive today.
    "Maybe we'll bang?
    - Be sure to bang! And more than once! The whole world is in ruins! ... But then. "(c)
  12. -3
    21 February 2022 10: 07
    Wait, wasn't Putin the first to put forward all these "ultimatums" to the West? Well, as it turned out, the United States is also good at playing bluff and whipping up “hysteria”. And they took advantage of the fact that Russia was conducting exercises along the border with Ukraine and on the territory of Belarus, the United States pumped weapons to Ukraine for this case, now if Ukraine still decides to conduct an operation in the DNR and LDNR, Russia will have to openly participate.
  13. +5
    21 February 2022 10: 12
    Quote: Avior
    If everything is clear to Semin, and everything is clear to the author, and everything is clear to you, why pretend that capitalism is somewhere far away, not in Russia?

    Of course you didn't watch the video. Semin is a communist, he never made a difference between capitalism in Russia and capitalism in the West. He says that fanning nationalism is a tool of capitalist propaganda anywhere and everywhere. He says that there will be no winners in this war, not in Russia or Ukraine, no matter what the result. The fall in the standard of living is inevitable. It's just that the United States will grab a gesheft on the outflow of capital from Russia and reshape the hydrocarbon market in its favor. The states have nothing else to do, they themselves are running out to the fullest, and they don’t know other methods besides war games somewhere.
  14. 0
    21 February 2022 13: 21
    "I don't know another country like this ... that would generously distribute its lands, and then demand to return them back." Attraction of unprecedented generosity "- signing the Belovezhskaya agreement. We gave part of the water area of ​​the sea to Norway. We will also demand. But I left the topic .Many young capitalist countries have grown out of short pants, and they have imperial ambitions. This is the law. We are also becoming adults, and we are sorry that we gave it up for the sake of a good style. To look good. Maybe I don’t understand something, but in in the current situation, you need to strengthen your body. The body of the country.
  15. 0
    23 February 2022 00: 29
    The political system of the Russian Federation is the same capitalism, and at its beginning.
    And in general... You generate profit with the resources conquered by our grandfathers. These capitals are easily exported over the curb. For all offshore companies, etc. It comes to the fact that regional utility companies are already registering offshore. Some laugh.
    And you are quietly watching the whole process. As it should be.
    Warriors? .. well, well ...
  16. -1
    26 February 2022 22: 32
    The crisis leads to war, but Russia is on it is not
  17. +1
    27 February 2022 07: 02
    The main thing for people is "that there should not be a utopia." Attempts to build Paradise on earth resent them deeply, they need hell. Now, if a fragment of a shell releases your guts in real life, this is not a utopia at all. Such are the paradoxical mores of a fallen world!
  18. 0
    28 February 2022 03: 18
    It's time to change the stupid headline of the article, in the light of recent events ... Not just appeared, but she herself began

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