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SRM multi-shot rifles


As you know, all ingenious is simple, especially when it comes to issues of firearms weapons or its individual nodes. No matter how designers try to subtilize and wind up automation systems, power systems, etc., they get a normal result quite rarely, which is not surprising, because it has long been known that the simpler the more reliable. But at the same time, progress does not stand still. Weapons now require that it almost the enemy itself took aim and fired, and with such demands it is very difficult to remain within the “simplicity” framework. In other words, no working conditions for people. Something different is the case for those designers who work with smooth-bore weapons. Being in demand mainly in the civilian market, where the consumer is less picky and rejoices at every innovation, this weapon is updated much less frequently, and many manufacturers do not even think about the appearance of a smooth-bore gun model that is completely different from all others. Although pleasant exceptions do happen. So, for example, SRM smoothbore gun which we will discuss in this article.

One of the problems of smooth-bore weapons is the small capacity of its store, or rather, it is not even a problem, but a feature. After all, nobody needs a smooth-bore shotgun with a magazine to the ground in which 30 cartridges fit, and in those rare cases when a smoothbore is used in the army and the police, the large capacity of the magazine is also not needed. Nevertheless, work in this direction is underway, all possible and impossible options for the location of cartridges have been tried, somewhere designers will succeed, and somewhere fail. SRM Arms presented its own version of a multiply shotgun rifle at the beginning of 2008. The designers managed to achieve not only a significant increase in the capacity of the weapon shop, but also to solve the problem of quickly changing the type of ammunition into a gun, which is a rather topical innovation for both hunters and the army and the police. At the beginning of the article it was said that all ingenious is simple, and in fact the design of the SRM gun is very simple and strange that no one had previously guessed.

Generally speaking, SRM's multi-charge, self-loading rifle refers to the 3 Model 1216, Model 1212 and Model 1208 weapons. All these models are 12-caliber rifles, as indicated by the first two numbers in the title, the remaining two numbers indicate the number of rounds that can be simultaneously loaded into the magazine. Also, these three models of weapons differ in the length of the barrels, which played a cruel joke with the manufacturer. The fact is that in many states of the USA there is a restriction on the shortest possible shotgun, for this reason civilian consumers are allowed to buy only the longest version of a smooth-bore gun with a magazine with a capacity for 16 cartridges. Although it seems to be possible to purchase a shorter version, but for this you need to obtain a separate permit and pay an additional tax. The longest model of a smooth-bore shotgun has a barrel length of 457 millimeters, the average model of 330 millimeters and the shortest model has a barrel length of just 254 millimeters. The length of the barrel and limited by the capacity of the store, as it is located under the barrel.

SRM multi-shot riflesAnd now about the most interesting - about the store of these weapons. The fact is that in fact it is not one store, but four, which are connected in parallel. What is good for a hunter is not a secret to anyone, but for law enforcement agencies why such a system is not clear, since at first glance they don’t have much diversity in ammunition. Although if you think about it, it is possible to quickly switch between traumatic and shotgun cartridges, in general, such an opportunity will not be superfluous. But the most interesting thing in all this design is that switching between the four stores connected together is made by the shooter himself in a completely random order. In order to switch from one store to another, an arrow needs to press a small switch at the front fastening of the store and turn the store in any direction before it locks back. It should also be noted that this weapon has such a remarkable feature as a slide lag, which allows for the exhaustion of cartridges in one tube, to quickly turn the magazine and continue firing without making any manipulations with the bolt. In addition, the store can be completely removed and replaced with another one, similar in length, for this you need to move another lock, which is also located at the front of the store, however, it is unlikely to be done quickly, but in general this possibility is not superfluous.

As noted above, SRM multiply-charged rifles are self-loading weapons, so it’s not a bad thing to tell you about what type of automatics this weapon has. And the automatics is built according to the semi-free-bolt scheme, and in fact similar to that of the G3, so that the SRM gun is not unique in this respect, but it’s very original, so you don’t recall a smooth-bore weapon with a similar automation system. No less interesting feature is the fact that this gun can be easily adapted for shooting from the right or left shoulder. The adaptation is carried out in case of incomplete disassembly of weapons, which, in principle, does not take much time and does not require any special tool, but of course, there is no question of instant adaptation, although for the civilian population this possibility is not necessary in principle. The switch of the fuse and the lock of the magazine were originally duplicated on both sides of the weapon, so there is no need to make any manipulations with them.

Given the capacity and design of the weapon shop, as well as the fact that the self-loading rifle is an interesting issue is weight. Due to the fact that the design of the gun is widely used high-strength plastic, the weapon itself can hardly be attributed to the heavyweights, but it is not easy. So for the longest model, the length of 825 millimeters, the weight without cartridges is equal to 3,2 kilogram, for the average with a total length of 698 millimeters, the weight without cartridges is equal to 3 kilogram, and for the shortest one with the total length of 622 millimeter, the weight is just 2,8 kilograms. In general, these are quite small indicators, but do not forget that the weight of ammunition is added to this weight, and when reading the store location, the weapon balance is initially shifted forward, and if you also charge the entire magazine with 16 cartridges, the barrel will significantly outweigh that not everyone will like it.

Another interesting point in these SRM models of rifles is that they are devoid of the usual aiming devices. Apparently the wide distribution of various additional devices will soon lead to the fact that the open sights will be considered completely obsolete, but if this happens, not very soon, because from the very first days of selling these guns, the consumer has requested that the weapon be equipped with a front sight and entirely, and that was done. The truth is very peculiar. On the front fastening of the store, a fastening strap was cut into which the front sight is mounted, and the rear sight began to be attached to the fastening strap passing over the entire upper surface of the weapon. At the same time open removable sights are offered in a variety of options. In addition, all variants of the open sights are made folding, so that they will not interfere with the use of the collimator. Also, on the left and on the right, there are additional short mounting brackets for additional devices in the form of a flashlight or LCC.

This weapon appeared on the market quite recently at the end of 2011 of the year, despite what was demonstrated in 2008. Such a delay can be explained by the fact that the manufacturer’s company is far from being the largest and establishing mass production of weapons, which, however, requires not the largest, but still, precision in production is not the easiest. But from a different rifle any store is suitable without a “file”, for which it was clearly worth postponing the entry of weapons to the market. In general, it is somehow sad that even a relatively small US company manages to make a qualitatively new weapon, albeit spending a few years setting up production, but unfortunately this cannot be said about individual domestic models, although many may disagree with me .

Naturally, these weapons are not devoid of negative qualities, at least in the form of a weapon balance shift, however, how easy the manufacturer has been able to achieve compact dimensions, multiply charged, the possibility of using different types of ammunition, depending on what the situation requires, shows that Everything was thought out and implemented by prototypes in experimental models of weapons, not to mention the mass-produced samples, so there is still room for development. Even if we take this construction, then it could be improved by automatically turning the magazine when all the cartridges in the tube are used up, although then the store itself would have to be closed with the foregrip, but nevertheless there is room to move. Not to mention the transfer of the location of the store to the butt, which would level the balance of the gun. In general, far from everything is invented, as it turns out, and this is good news.
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  1. understudy
    understudy 26 September 2012 08: 58
    In the top picture, the "front sight" is a bar with a rectangle in cross section. Slight twist and glare are assured. I am confident that amers will not think of smoking a sight. However, for such a weapon, a choice of direction is enough, the buckshot will do the rest. :about)
  2. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 26 September 2012 09: 05
    This is just a perversion and the idea itself is deeply vicious in my opinion - everything can be done much easier and the tasks will be solved in the same way, if not better ...
    1. haron
      haron 27 September 2012 08: 39
      And what do you think is a vicious idea?
      Quote: Brother Sarich
      everything can be made much simpler and solving the tasks will be the same, if not better ...

      Well, and how is it easier to put 16 rounds of 12 cal in acceptable dimensions ?? and most importantly, it’s so simple (unlike the 32-cartridge disk magazine below).
      IMHO is not a very bad design. The advantage is the dimensions of the weapon (lack of protruding and hanging parts), weight, simplicity, the ability to change the type of supply.

      This design may well be applied on a non-automatic "classic" pump by changing the design quite a bit, which will further reduce the weight and dimensions.
  3. Mikhado
    Mikhado 26 September 2012 09: 08
    No, for close combat it’s very conceivable!
    It’s urgent in all shooting games - now all kinds of zombies will be more convenient to bring down, and it’s like not cheating - you won’t complain)))
  4. vylvyn
    vylvyn 26 September 2012 10: 23
    The technical idea is very interesting. A magazine with 16 rounds is a serious thing. Yes, and the unit itself looks stylish. But the store is class! Everything ingenious is simple. But it would seem that everything, the capabilities of shotguns will be limited to a maximum of 6-7 charges, and here once - 16 pieces per pack and grind with buckshot to the right and left as much as you like, who the hell will put his head out. True, our Saiga-12 store can be used on 20 and 30 rounds of 12 gauge, but hell, damn it. Yes, buckshot is a strong and very convincing thing. Napoleon respected her very much and actively applied it. He said - give me 20 cannons with buckshot and I will again become emperor of France (well, something like that or something like that, I don’t remember exactly).
  5. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 26 September 2012 10: 43
    The very principle of the so-called. revolving has been known for a long time, but how beautifully the developers used it! Absolutely cool short range sweeper! And when using special. ammunition is a versatile, powerful weapon for fighting in buildings. Liked! And in comparison with our COP ... I had to use it.
  6. carbofo
    carbofo 26 September 2012 13: 42
    an interesting idea, but why didn’t they do a rotary store, so that they wouldn’t have to switch.
    In addition, there are already disk stores of similar capacity, in this case, unlike the disk, it is more compact, but more mechanical actions and the balance of the weapon is shifted greatly.
    As an interesting concept, it will find its place, but it’s hard to say whether it will go to the masses.
  7. Sanches
    Sanches 26 September 2012 13: 49
    It is strange that in such an original drum there are only 16 rounds. For example, in the automatic AA-12 (the most reliable shotgun in the world), a completely ordinary and much more capacious drum for 32 rounds can be used:

    Lighter and more convenient than the AA-12 - the store-bought USAS-12 and Saiga (it's time to stop "Yaroslavna's crying" for her father's development), but even in them you can put a magazine for 20 rounds, and they will not become less convenient. There is also the South African Truvelo Neostead, with two supra-barrel tubes of 6 rounds each (12 rounds in total), but there is manual reloading (given the speed of automatic firing from a shotgun, this is hardly a serious drawback, but you can change the tubes one by one):

    In general, the main innovation is a quick change in the type of cartridges, otherwise the SRM is no better than the old people
    1. haron
      haron 27 September 2012 08: 47
      Quote: Sanches
      In general, the main innovation is a quick change in the type of cartridges,

      Not only the type of cartridge, but also the store itself. In essence, this is a compromise between the drum and over-barrel tubes.
      The drum is bulky, the tubes are tedious to change and fill. An excellent compromise was obtained. It will go perfectly well on a non-automatic design.
      1. Sanches
        Sanches 27 September 2012 09: 57
        if the new drum is made super-barrel, the barrel is lowered closer to the finger, this will increase the barrel and drum length and provide greater control over the shotgun when firing (Picatinny rail can be left at the barrel itself, in principle, such a long rail is not needed on the shotgun, or an integrated collimator can be made like a sight G-36). It is quite possible to cram 32 cartridges into such a drum, without changing the overall dimensions of the weapon. We are waiting for the logical continuation of the ideas of SRM. But pipes and shops are still easier to change
  8. biglow
    biglow 26 September 2012 16: 14
    technically beautiful idea
  9. Alabay.63
    Alabay.63 26 September 2012 18: 26
    Great idea and implementation is not lame! During the "clearance" you have to randomly change the type of ammunition. Lucky!
  10. Axel
    Axel 26 September 2012 20: 30
    Quote: Understudy
    In the top picture, the "front sight" is a bar with a rectangle in cross section. Slight twist and glare are assured.

    Quote: Understudy
    In the top picture, the "front sight" is a bar with a rectangle in cross section. Slight twist and glare are assured.

    The collimator will be put
  11. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 27 September 2012 13: 40
    Actually, at the battle distance, which this weapon suggests, the collimator is not much needed. But the ability to quickly change the type of ammunition is very much in demand. For example, knock out the lock with a soft bullet and switch to buckshot for further work. Today, we have only the notorious COP for these tasks in service. In any case, about three years ago it was like that. Maybe that has changed, but I'm not sure. And then a short modification behind the back and threw in the hands of the main trunk. I had to work with the COP - apart from him, nothing could really be dragged away anymore.
    1. Sanches
      Sanches 30 September 2012 11: 52
      The cop was originally developed for firing gas grenades, it is no longer needed for anything (mainly in colonies against unarmed convicts). For what you write about, automatic saigas and 18,5 KS-K are intended. Changing one store for another is a matter of a couple of seconds, and here you have a different type of cartridges
      1. Sanches
        Sanches 30 September 2012 12: 42
        .................................................. .Sayga-12K performed by 040
  12. Jah
    Jah 9 October 2012 21: 40
    I believe that many people who write in boiling water about a quick change in the type of ammunition are very mistaken.
    Quote: hohryakov066
    But the ability to quickly change the type of ammunition is very much in demand. For example, knock out the lock with a soft bullet and switch to buckshot for further work.

    Quote: Sanches
    In general, the main innovation is a quick change in the type of cartridges,

    Quote: Alabay.63
    In the course of "clearing" you have to randomly change the type of ammunition.

    It seems to me that the author enthusiastically drawing such a picture was in a hurry:
    "Although if you think about it, it is possible to quickly switch between traumatic and shotgun cartridges, in general, such an opportunity will definitely not be superfluous. But the most interesting thing in this whole design is that switching between the four magazines connected together is made by the shooter himself in absolutely random order."
    I suspect that these guys only use weapons in computer "shooters" ...
    Quote: Mikhado
    It’s urgent in all shooting games - now all kinds of zombies will be more convenient to bring down, and it’s like not cheating - you won’t complain)))

    To me, the situation with a quick change in the type of ammunition does not seem so rosy. I'll try to explain ...
    The shotgun is self-loading, right? And this means that he himself, automatically, sends the next cartridge. So?
    Now imagine that you needed to "... knock the lock ..." What will be the algorithm of your actions? AND?
    And it will be extremely ridiculous in the face of hostilities!
    You cut off the supply of the cartridge from the magazine (if it is provided for by the shotgun design), pull the bolt to remove the previous cartridge, turn or change the magazine, turn off the cartridge cut-off and send a new cartridge. And your partner still has to catch the cartridge you extracted: after all, you most likely have two hands and they will be busy with shotgun manipulations.
    Agree that such "dances with a tambourine" are problematic to perform in a real battle.
    And one more thing: your opponent, seeing your sham, apparently will patiently wait until you change the type of ammunition ...: o)
    The author believes that: "... fast switching between traumatic and shot cartridges, in general, such an opportunity will definitely not be superfluous."
    It turns out interesting!
    A policeman, setting off to disperse a demonstration of anti-globalists, will stuff half of the store with traumatic cartridges and some half with buckshot for some kind of bullshit ?!! ... He will be hit on the head with a beer bottle and he will forget where and what he would stuff and instead of rubber, he would fill the fool with buckshot ?! ...
    Or a valiant commando, picking out an evil Wahhabi from the basement, all of a sudden, he will start to mock fanatic with rubber bullets and all due to the fact that in the heat of a mess he will forget what tube he is in. In this case, the Basurman will be pleasantly surprised by this situation, and the commando will go home with a load of 200.
    Here are my thoughts on the quick change in the type of ammunition, although the design itself is quite interesting.
    1. dustycat
      dustycat 26 June 2013 14: 33
      Of course, the author drove a lot of drooling, so for an operational change of supply it is necessary that it be rustled for firing from an open shutter.
      What is not so scary for a shotgun.
      So just a dofigazary shotgun for duck hunting.
      Finish with a file or change something in the conservatory.
  13. Michael HORNET
    Michael HORNET 30 October 2012 21: 52
    The design, of course, is interesting, but not brought to mind
    1. Even with the existing dimensions, the weapon could, without any problems, have stores for one cartridge in a row more - 12, 16, 20 rounds
    2. It would be wise to make some kind of AUTOMATIC tube change after the cartridges are exhausted in it, at least on the basis of a spring drive, other than a combat gun or a sport gun like IPSC-IDPA shotgun there is a value equal to zero. - since after 2,3 or 4 shots in the longest gun it is necessary to perform MANIPULATIONS to continue shooting (and not the fact that everything is fast there), the firebox is such a gun;)
    3. How is it a HUNTING gun, with such a barrel length - nothing, and changing the type of ammunition is relevant when hunting .... Not a dock
    The summary - as engineering sophistication - is quite interesting
    There is no practical benefit from such a gun