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Tu-95MS - a strategic bomber, not in a hurry to rest


The fastest aircraft with turboprop engines in the world is the domestic Tu-95, which has now been transformed into the Tu-95MS. This strategic bomber has a long, multi-year история, in which there is a place for unique tests - the drop of an atomic bomb over the Novaya Zemlya archipelago. It was the most powerful explosion ever made by man. As the announcer said on the footage of the chronicle, even heavy cloud cover did not prevent the glow from being visible a thousand kilometers from the epicenter of the explosion.

The bearer of the "Tsar Bomba" left his appearance practically unchanged. At the same time, over the years of its operation in the USSR Air Force, and now in the Russian Aerospace Forces, its “stuffing” has changed significantly. We are talking about the weapons of a strategic aircraft aviation, and its on-board equipment - navigation, communication, control systems weapons.

The plane is in no hurry for a well-deserved rest, for rest, because there is still work for it. The tension in the world is growing, and our country, which in the West has already been openly included in the list of the main enemies, cannot look indifferently at how the enemy’s infrastructure is being improved, including on the outskirts of the Russian borders. To defend Russian interests, the Tu-95MS is a serious argument with a huge resource.

Tu-95MS missile carriers continue to carry out long-range patrols, including airspace over the Atlantic, the Arctic and Pacific Oceans - where a retaliatory strike can be launched from if the crews receive an appropriate order.

About the Tu-95MS in the plot of "Military Acceptance" on the TV channel "Star":


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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 8 February 2022 12: 55
    Mobile launch pad for missiles...
  2. mark1
    mark1 8 February 2022 12: 55
    I wonder if they have new propellers or from the 50s, and is it possible to install something more modern (smaller diameter with a large number of blades ...). It turned out to be a painfully noisy machine, you can do without locators with sound pickups alone (a joke, of course, but ...).
    1. YOUR
      YOUR 8 February 2022 13: 14
      I live in the Far East from Ukrainka constantly flying overhead. The pair went to the 95s and IL-78, of course, on duty with a tanker, without IL-78 it means a training flight. They will fly around in circles.
      I don't know who the smart one is running this super loud plane joke. Don't repeat stupid things.
      1. mark1
        mark1 8 February 2022 13: 31
        As a child, they also wound circles above me (also takeoff / landing long-range drive) and the 142nd and 95th, and I know firsthand how glass tries to jump out of the window frame - only the Mi-6 flight at low altitude was worse
      2. Region-25.rus
        Region-25.rus 12 February 2022 17: 53
        started this joke about a super loud plane
        well as a joke. In 93-93, when I served in Mongokhto, my unit was a kilometer from the take-off. So when the Tu-142s took off, the walls in the barracks were shaking if anything))))
        right here -

        roared in general notably! No wonder our "sworn friends" assigned him a code name - "Bear". Now I do not know. Maybe there's something wrong with the screws. But then it was
        1. YOUR
          YOUR 13 February 2022 06: 08
          If so, then when a passenger plane takes off in the airport building, the walls tremble and the windows rattle
    2. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 8 February 2022 13: 59
      They wrote that the screws were updated
      1. mark1
        mark1 8 February 2022 14: 01
        It seems they wrote, but they don’t differ much in appearance - which means they probably make the same noise
        1. Zaurbek
          Zaurbek 8 February 2022 14: 07
          There is such a mode ..... at such speeds they will make noise ..... I, on the other hand, was surprised that the screws on Antey are different
          1. mark1
            mark1 8 February 2022 14: 12
            Quote: Zaurbek
            I, on the other hand, was surprised that there were other screws on Antey

            Interesting. It will be necessary to read what is the difference and why. I did not know.
            1. Zaurbek
              Zaurbek 8 February 2022 14: 22
              Type, some traction, others high-speed
              1. mark1
                mark1 8 February 2022 14: 30
                Well, this is understandable, but what are the changes in the width (length) of the blades or just different pitch angles.
                1. Zaurbek
                  Zaurbek 8 February 2022 14: 33
                  This is already in TsAGI ....... I'm also interested - where are the saber-shaped blades?
                  1. Sergey Valov
                    Sergey Valov 8 February 2022 14: 34
                    More like CIAM.
            2. Sergey Valov
              Sergey Valov 8 February 2022 14: 36
              Most likely optimization for different high-speed modes.
    3. bar
      bar 8 February 2022 13: 59
      Quote: mark1
      Painfully noisy machine turned out

      So the adversaries are scarier. Let them be afraid smile
    4. Nemchinov Vl
      Nemchinov Vl 8 February 2022 20: 54
      good article. Nothing but short (!).
      Paragraphs and phrases (предложения) I don’t repeat them three or four times, like Ryabov’s ...
      1. mark1
        mark1 8 February 2022 21: 54
        Quote: Vl Nemchinov
        good article. Nothing, but short (!).

        Interesting angle of view yes
    5. EMMM
      EMMM 9 February 2022 23: 21
      When Tu-142 was shown a few days ago, well, the same thing, then the right external engine had different propellers
  3. 75 Sergey
    75 Sergey 8 February 2022 13: 19
    Interestingly, he gives a good light on air defense, is it possible to smuggle something else in his shadow or divert attention to them?
    1. Cottodraton
      Cottodraton 8 February 2022 13: 40
      He has tasks long before the air defense to drop the gifts. There's no difference how it glows. For 2-5 thousand km to the target it does not matter
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 8 February 2022 14: 34
        And hang for a long time and economically in the launch area ....
    2. YOUR
      YOUR 8 February 2022 13: 47
      And what's the point?
      It was different. During the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese discovered a single B-52. They raised a couple of MiGs to intercept. It turned out that the Americans used a camouflage technique in close formation, there were 4 F-4s on the screen, they gave a mark as from one large aircraft, and even at the appropriate speed.
  4. Amateur
    Amateur 8 February 2022 14: 37
    Once I flew a Tu-4 for about 114 hours. There is a terrible vibration in the cabin. To the teeth grinding. Moreover, she seemed to 'walk' around the cabin, periodically changing in frequency and amplitude. In general, the feeling of flying the most disgusting.
    I wonder if there are similar vibrations in the cockpit of Tu-95 pilots and how they endure them during 10-15 hours of combat flight.
    Pilots! Tell me. drinks
    1. Sergey Valov
      Sergey Valov 8 February 2022 17: 36
      Constant vibration will very quickly knock out the resource of the airframe. You are most likely just unlucky.
      1. Amateur
        Amateur 8 February 2022 17: 37
        You are most likely just unlucky.

        In what? I was flying on a regular plane
        1. Sergey Valov
          Sergey Valov 8 February 2022 18: 14
          The simplest thing that comes to mind is almost the entire flight in a turbulent zone. You can, of course, fantasize for exotic reasons, such as the plane was accidentally loaded so that it began to resonate, but most likely something simple that I simply don’t know.
          1. Amateur
            Amateur 8 February 2022 18: 20
            but most likely something simple that I just don't know.

            And if you don't know, why are you commenting? I'm interested in the opinion of those who KNOW.