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Russian Su-30SM conducted air patrols of the borders of the Union State


Russian combat aircraft reappeared in the skies of Belarus and conducted joint patrols with combat aircraft. aviation The Republic of Belarus. This was reported by the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Russian Su-30SM multirole fighters together with Belarusian Su-30SM conducted patrols along the state border of Belarus. The flight took place at an altitude of about 8 thousand meters at a speed of about 750 km / h. In total, the aircraft covered over 1800 kilometers. According to the report, during the flight the crews of Russian and Belarusian fighters worked out some elements of maneuvering, as well as interaction. After the end of duty, the Russian fighters went to the home airfield in Russia.

The day before, two Russian Tu-22M3 long-range bombers carried out air patrols in the skies of Belarus. A pair of aircraft spent about 4 hours in the air, flying around the borders of the Union State. During the flight, joint tasks with aviation and air defense systems of the Republic of Belarus were worked out. After completing the tasks, the bombers returned to their base airfield.

As previously stated in the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, joint patrols of the borders of the Union State will take place on an ongoing basis due to the concentration of NATO troops near the republic.

Not everyone liked the appearance of Russian aircraft in the airspace of Belarus, rather, they didn’t like it at all. Sharp statements on this issue were made in Poland and Lithuania, and in Ukraine they were generally afraid that Russia could strike at important targets from the territory of Belarus.

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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 7 February 2022 11: 06

    Russian Su-30SM conducted air patrols of the borders of the Union State
    . Normal ... training and reminder, the most zealous. If at least something can reach them, at least somehow.
    1. prior
      prior 7 February 2022 11: 29
      Nothing promotes sound sleep like a regular nightly wake-up call. laughing
      Patrols should be carried out on a regular basis. good
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 7 February 2022 11: 41
        So it has long been known ... the army is fighting the way it was prepared!
        Everything needs skill, hardening, TRAINING!
    2. knn54
      knn54 7 February 2022 11: 57
      - Russian Su-30SM conducted air patrols of the borders of the Union State ...
      as part of the test of the reaction forces of the Union State.
  2. Private SA
    Private SA 7 February 2022 13: 21
    "and in Ukraine they were generally frightened."
    "Let them lykayutsya". Until the transition to "bear disease" from the roar of turbojet engines.
    One Ukrainian politician, Saakashvili, was also afraid of them ... In 2008.
  3. sanya_sergant
    sanya_sergant 7 February 2022 15: 06
    patrolling the borders of the Union State will be held on an ongoing basis

    It is from this principle that one must always adhere to, regardless of any concentrations there.
  4. Normann
    Normann 7 February 2022 15: 46
    Was there any other possible scenario?
  5. Dkuznecov
    Dkuznecov 7 February 2022 18: 58
    These are the "dryers" that were removed from the VVO and relocated
    to Belarus for maneuvers?

    I think, to overtake aircraft from air defense for maneuvers,
    to put it mildly, unreasonable.

    Pilots can also train in Primorye,
    and the combat capability of the Air Defense Forces would remain at the level.

    My opinion, of course.
    1. Vaўkalak
      Vaўkalak 7 February 2022 20: 17
      No, these are those that are located in the Republic of Belarus. For the exercises, the Su-35S were transferred.
      1. Dkuznecov
        Dkuznecov 7 February 2022 21: 36
        Really wrong.
  6. Shuev
    Shuev 8 February 2022 03: 33
    MiG 1.44 (J-20 "Black Eagle") patrolled the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    (UAV) "Scat" (Lijian) patrolled the border of Rwanda