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China's proposal to hand over two "used" submarines to the Thai Navy has been confirmed


The other day, the Commander of the Thai Navy, Admiral Somprasong Nilsamai, confirmed a recent unofficial offer from China to provide two submarines for training personnel of the Thai fleet. The submarines, as noted by the admiral, will be transferred in anticipation of the delivery of the first order of new Chinese submarines. The Thai admiral did not comment on the Chinese proposal in more detail.

Meanwhile, the Bangkok Post writes that China had previously run into trouble trying to buy an engine from Germany for an S26T Yuan-class submarine being assembled in Wuhan for the Thai Navy.

According to the publication, the proposal to transfer used submarines was associated, among other things, with this incident. While Beijing continues negotiations with the German supplier, in connection with which the delivery of the new submarine, scheduled for September 2023, will probably have to be postponed until at least April 2024.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, General Prawit Wongsuwan, when he was the Minister of Defense of Thailand, initiated the signing of a contract with China for the supply of submarines. Therefore, when he was approached for a comment on the current situation, he only noted that he hoped for good news.

Thai Navy Chief of Naval Operations Vice Admiral Thalergsak Sirisawat, meanwhile, has ordered the creation of a special commission to consider whether Thailand should accept maintenance costs for used Chinese submarines.
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  1. Jacket in stock
    Jacket in stock 7 February 2022 10: 16
    So much for the free market.
    Two in one.
    On the one hand, a click on the nose of the newly-minted "leader".
    On the other hand, they educate "natives" so that even the thought would not arise to slip out from under the umbrella of the "civilized world".
    1. Mountain shooter
      Mountain shooter 7 February 2022 10: 36
      Quote: Jacket in stock
      On the other hand, they educate "natives" so that even the thought would not arise to slip out from under the umbrella of the "civilized world".

      Do you mean Thai? They will just force the Chinese to put their engines on these boats.
      Such demarches usually end in losses for the original suppliers, in this case the Germans.
    2. knn54
      knn54 7 February 2022 11: 20
      In June 2015, the commission formed to implement the submarine procurement plan voted in favor of acquiring the CSIC, a modified export version of Yuan-class diesel-electric submarines (Type-041), proposed by the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. Their cost was one third lower than the cost of competitors' proposals.
      Accordingly, let them learn on "prototypes" for now.
      PS There are no (yet) submarines in the Thai Navy at all.
  2. Doccor18
    Doccor18 7 February 2022 10: 23
    How is it that Thailand has always been an ally of Western imperialism, and here such a demarche towards the camp of the enemy ...
    1. Jcvai
      Jcvai 7 February 2022 10: 27
      On the other hand, they have long been a strategic partner of China in terms of expanding influence.
      1. Doccor18
        Doccor18 7 February 2022 10: 30
        Quote: JcVai
        they have long been a strategic partner of China ...

        This is what surprises. Okay, Myanmar, where the Maoists have been in charge in the north for a long time, but Thailand ... Few write about this, but this, except as a victory for China, cannot be called.
        1. Jcvai
          Jcvai 7 February 2022 10: 38
          It is you who are spoiled by the modern abundance of paid collaborators near the Russian Federation, who make suicidal people out of their people.
          And adequate managers understand that it is possible to take money from a distant customer, but it is better to be friends with a strong neighbor at hand.
    2. donavi49
      donavi49 7 February 2022 12: 42
      So they have been for a long time. For example, a landing ship. Since everything is native Chinese, it is ahead of schedule. In September 2019, we signed a contract, the ship is already on the water.

      After the story with Strongholds, we bought VT4.

      And armored personnel carriers

      And air defense FK-3
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 7 February 2022 10: 56
    China's offer to transfer two "used" submarines to the Thai Navy
    And who will say that this is not a goodwill gesture of China until the construction of new submarines is completed?
  4. Arkadich
    Arkadich 7 February 2022 11: 13
    Germany is one of the leaders in the construction of submarines. China is trying to get there. Why help a competitor? and transfer air-independent power plants to China, which loves to copy everything. What for?