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The command of the US Air Force sent F-16 aircraft to Poland for another military exercise


The transfer of US Air Force F-16 fighter jets from an air base in Germany to neighboring Poland is said to be planned. American pilots will have to work together with their Polish and Belgian counterparts for several months to practice joint operations in the air. However, in the context of the aggravation of the situation around Ukraine, the presence of American fighters in Poland takes on a new meaning.

The US Air Force Command said in a press release that US Air Force fighters will practice forward maneuvers in the air. The goals of the next exercises are multifaceted: this is the improvement of interaction between aviation countries - partners in NATO, and the establishment of management and communication processes. In addition, it is obvious that NATO and the US want to increase the combat readiness of their armed forces on the eastern flank of the alliance.

The United States pays special attention to actions in the Baltic region, which is now of strategic importance for the North Atlantic Alliance. It is the Baltic States in the event of a potential armed conflict with Russia that can become one of the main areas of hostilities, along with the Black Sea region. Therefore, it is very important for the United States to develop joint actions with the armed forces of Poland - the only country on the eastern flank of NATO in the Baltic region that has at least some military power.

In addition, the United States wants to show Russia the ability to quickly deploy its combat aircraft in close proximity to Russian borders. According to American observer Chris Osborne, the presence of American aircraft in Poland is an important component of the overall deterrence system in Eastern Europe. Both the Polish authorities and the Baltic countries, which cannot count on their own forces in the event of a conflict with Russia, insist on increasing the number of American troops and equipment in the Baltic region.
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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 31 January 2022 10: 33
    Poland is happy, Ukraine feels the support of the United States with every fiber of its soul. Everyone is happy and the United States does not burden itself with the protection of Ukrainians with its soldiers, because. it is enough to show that you are somewhere nearby and ready ... to support the fighters for "democracy" with words and supplies, but no more.
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 31 January 2022 10: 44
      Quote: tralflot1832
      Poland is happy, Ukraine feels the support of the United States with every fiber of its soul.
      Spanish political scientist professor Jorge Mestre said that in order to stabilize relations between the West and the Russian Federation, the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance must “calm down” Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states.
      He noted that Russia "clearly outlined its position" on security, and now it is the turn of the United States of America, NATO and the EU.

      «We should go back to the 1997 agreement on the formation of the Russia-NATO Council, which clearly states: neither side will create spheres of influence in Europe. What does this mean? That Ukraine cannot be an active member of NATO. Ukraine can cooperate with the alliance, but not be a full member,” - concluded the expert.
      1. Rusticolus
        Rusticolus 31 January 2022 12: 12
        "calm down" Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states.
        And that's not a bad idea. Before that, just drive all the Dypkainsky Natsiks into Galicia. And then "calm down" all of them there. Preferably with the use of nuclear weapons. For one thing, there will be a "buffer" between Russia and Europe, in the form of a radioactive desert.
  2. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 31 January 2022 10: 38
    Did the Pentagon secure itself by overtaking the F16 to Poland? lol
    APASUS 31 January 2022 10: 39
    Someone must fill up to start a conflict. Will the Americans be set up or according to a well-established scheme with MH-17?
    1. tralflot1832
      tralflot1832 31 January 2022 10: 46
      PMCs from the Ukrainian side, for what? They don’t even hide.
      1. Romario_Argo
        Romario_Argo 31 January 2022 11: 35
        to resist an unknown "polite" PMC, they say in Odessa already 2000, in Kharkov under 5000 wassat
  4. Murmur 55
    Murmur 55 31 January 2022 10: 58
    That's where the logic is laughing NATO has the right to move troops across the territory of the alliance and allies, but Russia does not have the right to move troops across its own territory, the world of duplicity and super DOUBLE standards is in action.