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ZSU PGZ-07: Mysterious Self-Propelled Installation

At the end of the past 2011, photos of new anti-aircraft self-propelled guns made in China began to appear in the profile media. The machines, designated as PGZ-07, appeared on the existing photos in several copies, which led to the appearance of a version about the beginning of deliveries of new ZSUs to the troops. China does not often make such equipment, so the new PGZ-07 attracted the attention of specialists and amateurs of military equipment from all over the world. The fact is that earlier the Chinese defense industry was engaged in copying and “rethinking” foreign constructions, mainly Soviet ones. The new PGZ-07 ZSU, in turn, resembles foreign equipment only in part.

ZSU PGZ-07: Mysterious Self-Propelled Installation

Judging by the appearance, the new anti-aircraft self-propelled gun is a development of the "Type 90-II", created about twenty years ago. This is a tracked chassis with a rotating turret mounted on it. Armament PGZ-07 - two automatic guns of 35 mm caliber. The basis of the self-propelled gun is a tracked chassis, in appearance it closely resembles the corresponding unit of the PLZ-45 self-propelled howitzer. If this assumption is true, then you can imagine the main characteristics of the anti-aircraft installation. According to reports, the self-propelled gun equipped with a 155-mm howitzer is equipped with a 500-520 horsepower diesel engine. With a combat weight of 33 tons, self-propelled guns accelerate along the highway to 55 kilometers per hour. While driving over rough terrain, a self-propelled gun is capable of operating in the same battle formations as all available tanks. From these figures we can draw certain conclusions about the likely characteristics of the ZSU. In favor of the version of the borrowing of the chassis from an older artillery self-propelled guns, the approximate layout of the new ZSU also speaks. So, from the available photo materials it follows that the PGZ-07 engine is located in the front right side of the armored housing. This is confirmed by the workplace of the driver, shifted to the left of the axis of the machine, the drive wheels of the caterpillar mover in the front of the hull, as well as the presence of a hatch in the aft sheet. Through the latter, the crew landed. Regarding the reservation of self-propelled guns PZL-45 and ZSU PGZ-07 there is no exact information. Obviously, this is a homogeneous bulletproof protection, although one should not exclude the greater strength of the case.

Arms anti-aircraft self-propelled gun mounted on a rotating tower. The tower assembly of complex shape bears two guns, apparently being the development of older 30-mm “Type 90”, two radar antenna, as well as a certain unit of optical equipment. It is often noted that the ZZU PGZ-07 automatic guns outwardly greatly resemble the guns of the Swiss production of the company Oerlikon. In the 80-ies, China bought a number of 35-mm towed guns, and then acquired a production license under the name "Type 90". Judging by the appearance of guns "Type 90" and guns PGZ-07, design weapons was significantly improved.

To monitor the air, the ZPU PGZ-07 has a surveillance radar. Its antenna is placed in the back of the tower, when the station is working, it rotates around its axis. Pointing weapons at the target is carried out using the second radar, whose duty is tracking the target and its capture for tracking. The antenna of the second radar is located in front of the tower and can only be rotated in a vertical plane. In general, the concept of the PGZ-07 radar systems resembles the system used on the Soviet Tunguska 2K22 anti-aircraft missile system. When creating the radio-electronic part of the Soviet ZRPK, the goal was to ensure the search and tracking of targets with the own forces of a specific combat vehicle. The earlier Soviet ZSU-23-4 “Shilka” alone could only fire at targets and required external targeting. Apparently, the Chinese military and designers had the opportunity to analyze the experience of exploiting alien Shilok and, creating their own ZSU, made the appropriate conclusions.

In case the enemy uses electronic warfare equipment, the PGZ-07 has an optical-location station equipped with a laser rangefinder. The presence of laser equipment is indicated by warning signs on the station's armored casing. The optical system is located in the front of the tower, on the radar tracking unit of the target tracking. Due to this arrangement, the optical-location station can swing in a vertical plane with the antenna and, possibly, work with it. There is an opinion about the presence of the tracking channel television equipment.

The combat characteristics of the PGZ-07 ZSU are not reliably known. Their approximate value can be established on the basis of indicators of the 90-II Type self-propelled self-propelled gun, which had weapons of similar caliber. The 35 Type 90 cannon fire rate achieved 550 rounds per minute. With an initial speed of at least 1100-1150 m / s, shells could hit air targets at a slant range of up to four kilometers. If it was necessary to fire ground targets, the “Type 90-II” was able to beat 12 kilometers. The arsenal of the old ZSU consisted of two types of shells: fragmentation and incendiary and semi-armor-piercing and incendiary.

The data on test test shooting of PGZ-07 systems by China were not disclosed. Judging by the absence of rocket weapons, the combat potential of this installation is hardly high. Existing assumptions about the effective range of fire and the composition of weapons suggest that the main purpose of the new anti-aircraft self-propelled guns are helicopters and other low-speed aircraft, forced to approach the attacked object at a short distance. But even in this case, the capabilities of the ZSU do not look high. At the same time, shortly after the appearance of the first photos of the PGZ-07 self-propelled gun columns, some images of the allegedly updated version of the complex got to the Internet. In these photos, the ZSU on each side of the tower have attachment points for anti-aircraft missiles.

The existence of the rocket-cannon variant PGZ-07 has not been officially confirmed, as is often the case with Chinese military equipment. Moreover, the photos of self-propelled guns with rockets themselves raise certain questions: they can be a photomontage. Finally, even if the ZRPK exists, their number is still small. All photos and videos, which captured more than one self-propelled gun, show only purely cannon versions PGZ-07.

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  1. Jeka
    Jeka 22 September 2012 08: 27
    More like a German ZSU Cheetah
    1. Nova
      Nova 22 September 2012 16: 40
      The tower is one to one.
      1. Civil
        Civil 23 September 2012 12: 58
        where did they stole the Cheetah ?! or technical espionage ?!
      2. borisst64
        borisst64 25 September 2012 16: 40
        And the caliber converges!
  2. sesame
    sesame 22 September 2012 08: 31
    Do not underestimate the Chinese. They can quickly rivet such machines. The enemy must always be evaluated objectively.
  3. Belo_ticketnik
    Belo_ticketnik 22 September 2012 09: 05
    It really looks like a Cheetah, only the filling is different - Chinese. Like all Chinese products, it is propiarine, but everyone only wonders about real TTX. It seems to me that the Chinese army is such an incomprehensible contraption everyone fears it, but only a narrow circle of experts knows about its real capabilities wink (and those Chinese hike)
  4. gregor6549
    gregor6549 22 September 2012 09: 27
    A copy of the German Cheetah with minor changes. Among the most notable ones is the replacement of the parabolic antenna of the surveillance locator, used in Cheetah, with a flat PAR. What does it do? It increases the noise immunity of the surveillance radar, makes it possible to more reliably overlap the area of ​​responsibility of the complex in the elevation plane of the r / l field, makes it possible to measure and update the 3rd coordinate of detected targets at each survey (on the pass). This, in turn, increases the reliability of tracking detected targets (routes), reduces the likelihood of their confusion, provides more accurate target designation to the tracking radar, etc. That is, the presence of such a radar should, in principle, increase the combat effectiveness of the complex as a whole. It is difficult to say how much the designers managed to realize this opportunity. A similar radar, by the way, is used in Pantsir and would not be superfluous at all in Tunguzsk.
  5. snek
    snek 22 September 2012 11: 40
    What I was talking about recently is that the era of "cloning" the Chinese have ended the synthesis of technologies and their development.
  6. snek
    snek 22 September 2012 12: 26
    Here, by the way, is another new Chinese anti-aircraft gun:
  7. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 22 September 2012 13: 57
    They work, the Chinese, work tirelessly!
    It’s hard to say how they will strike at air targets, but they’ll strike at ground targets, especially if these vehicles do not lag behind the tanks ...
    There is only one cure against them - launching missiles from helicopters with obviously more than the firing range of the ZSU, but for ours this is still a rather serious problem, and it comes out quite expensive ...
  8. SlavakharitonoV
    SlavakharitonoV 22 September 2012 14: 00
    Shit slime from Shell C and Cheetah.
    1. Antipetian
      Antipetian 22 September 2012 15: 58
      You outwardly determined? What about the shell?
  9. wolverine7778
    wolverine7778 22 September 2012 15: 47
    Another stone in the garden in those who claim that China will fight with the United States in the future, it is China that is developing land forces, not naval forces, that is, it is possible to march not to Taiwan, but to Kazakhstan and Russia. sad
    1. Antipetian
      Antipetian 22 September 2012 16: 04
      I think it's just obvious. You are 100% right
    2. kotdavin4i
      kotdavin4i 24 September 2012 14: 43
      Quote: wolverine7778
      that is, a trip is not possible to Taiwan, but to Kazakhstan and Russia.

      China still has unresolved problems with India (land equipment is also very useful there), and as for Russia - as long as it is possible to attack China with nuclear ammunition - China will not yap at Russia.
      By the way, the sea component in China is no worse than introducing several destroyers per month, new submarines, landing ships.
    3. urzul
      urzul 27 September 2012 13: 39
      And who has the greatest air force? Could you tell
  10. gregor6549
    gregor6549 22 September 2012 16: 47
    China is unlikely to be at war with the United States, but Midway Uye is trying to shove it off. It is trying and more insistently to stand with both paws, especially the left, in areas of the Middle East and Africa where it smells strongly of oil. But mainly the Navy and Marines will be sent there. But the ground forces and their support may well be used against Russia if it suddenly becomes interested in what they say is so many Chinese doing in the regions of Russia bordering China, and against southern neighbors like India. Moreover, the guys from the barracks where Obama lives will not be quick to push Russia with China, as Churchill had pushed Hitler and Stalin in his time. And then someone will replay whom. And to fight China there is someone and there is something, and the military potential is growing by leaps and bounds. Who, for example, could have thought 10 years ago that China would have a first-class road network. But it appeared, but such that the German autobahns are resting.
  11. Andrei
    Andrei 22 September 2012 17: 05
    The Chinese are certainly well done and not the fact that everything is Chinese bad ... they if their equipment will have some defects just simply crush the amount ... for example, we have one modern tank well armed and protected and they have ten copies of a few
    (and even that is not a fact) ... most likely they will win and not we are doing this and it’s done ... although in my opinion such ZSU needs to be supplemented with missiles ... guns with guns but their range (especially in height) of use is significantly limited and with missiles, the effectiveness of such an installation will increase significantly ... although given the current territorial claims of China to all neighboring countries, I would like the Chinese soldiers to be armed only with slingshots and sticks ... otherwise they don’t like anything ... the current RA is no longer a SA and the Chinese army is much si nee ... in the case of armed conflict (God forbid, of course) to keep Chinese conventional means almost not real ...
  12. gregor6549
    gregor6549 22 September 2012 17: 36
    And about the quality. Do not confuse the quality of Chinese consumer goods with the quality of military equipment and weapons. If the quality of consumer goods is basically a private matter of the owner of the Chinese factory that this ... produces, then the state is engaged in the quality of military equipment in China. Those. For a marriage, they can very well put and place a scammer to the wall. And it stimulates a hint of unnecessary words. Again, both America and Russia and other different Swedes of which only technologies have not been sold and are still not being sold. But what they didn’t sell, the Chinese copy and steal wherever they can. Given the size of the Chinese diaspora around the world, stealing is where and to whom. And China sends its students to study in all the leading countries of the world. And these students study so that God forbid everyone. Those. and their brains have long been available. And those that are not enough are invited from behind the hillock and pay very sickly salaries. It happens of course that what is earned is then sent to the widows. What to do. Industrial accidents, especially Chinese, still have a place to be.
    1. Pushkar
      Pushkar 23 September 2012 18: 44
      Not always high quality. There are more technology secrets. It is enough to recall the survivability and reliability of the Chinese copy of AK.
  13. 16
    16 22 September 2012 22: 44
    chassis bmp-soviet! on opportunities-tunguska!
  14. Generalissimus
    Generalissimus 23 September 2012 03: 20
    Quote: 16 obrspn
    chassis bmp-soviet! on opportunities-tunguska!

    Shilka. But not tunguska.
    1. Windbreak
      Windbreak 23 September 2012 15: 21
      ZSU-37-2 "Yenisei" already then.
  15. gregor6549
    gregor6549 23 September 2012 08: 20
    About the chassis. In Soviet times, the chassis for the Tunguski was made by the Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ). After the collapse of the USSR, Russia abruptly abandoned this and all other MTZ products and the Belarusians rushed to look for new markets for tractors, including such a "tractor", around the world, and primarily to China. To live as it was necessary. So it is quite possible that the mentioned chassis contains a lot from the Belarusian design, adapted to the capabilities of the Chinese military-industrial complex. So the collapse of the Union not only dramatically weakened the defenses of its former republics, but also seriously strengthened the military potential of their potential adversaries.
  16. sedoj
    sedoj 23 September 2012 22: 43
    The firing range of the 35 mm Type 90-II cannon is 12 km.
    Is this nonsense? Or I’m not catching up with something.
  17. Karmin
    Karmin 24 September 2012 02: 43
    Quote: sedoj
    it’s China that is developing land forces, not naval forces,

    wolverine7778, well, you give! Everything would be so, not developed ,,, naval ,, troops!
  18. codvosem
    codvosem 24 September 2012 10: 06
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      Alexander Romanov 24 September 2012 10: 18
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  19. codvosem
    codvosem 24 September 2012 11: 23