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Exercises "Kavkaz-2012" and foreign reaction

The entire current week in the plans of the Ministry of Defense is reserved for the command-staff exercise Kavkaz-2012. The events that continue the series of large-scale exercises involve military personnel from the Southern Military District, as well as representatives of the high command. The goal of the Caucasus-2012 is to work out the interaction of the troops and improve the skills of combat work at all levels of the armed forces, from the infantry unit to the command of the military district. The training grounds were the Raevskoye, Ashuluk, Kapustin Yar and Prudboy polygons. Actions at different test sites begin in accordance with the plan of measures and involve the participation of certain types of troops. In the same way, the combat training tasks assigned to army units also differ.

You can get an idea of ​​the course of the Caucasus-2012 exercises using the example of the events of the first day, September 17. The first episode of the training battles took place at the Raevskoy training ground near Novorossiysk. Head of the General Staff N. Makarov, President V. Putin, Minister of Defense A. Serdyukov, commanders of combat arms, as well as journalists and foreign observers attended the command post of the exercise.

Capturing the beachhead marines

According to the scenario of the first day of training, the conditional adversary - "South" - landed its landing in the area of ​​Cape Maly Utrish. Two of his brigades should break into the defensive order of the "Northern" (if we may say so, ours), separate them and destroy them. The ultimate goal of this landing is to block the forces of the Black Sea fleet. The defense of the coast is carried out by the land 58th army and aviation 4th command of the Air Force and Air Defense. To deter the enemy, they were also given the 19th separate motorized rifle brigade. Immediately before the approach of the Yuzhny forces, the 19th separate brigade manages to create a forward position. Thanks to this step, the advancing enemy will not be able to immediately correctly determine the construction of the defense of the "Northern" and, as a result, maintain the further pace of the offensive. The main task of the 19th brigade is to link the "South" battle and the subsequent retreat in order to lure the enemy to the main defensive positions of the "North". Further, the defending side will be able to pinch the enemy from the flanks and close the return path by landing in its rear.

Without waiting for the enemy to approach the advance group, the air forces of the Nordic forces deal a first strike with a mixed aviation group consisting of Su-24M bombers and Su-25 attack aircraft, including the latest modification of Su-25M. Aviation makes a raid on the mobile control points of the Yuzhny, as well as on two mechanized columns, moving to the defensive positions of the Severny. Thanks to the first air strike, an assault landing lowers the tempo - reconnaissance of the “Nordic” reports about the destruction of at least a dozen units of military equipment. After an aviation attack, self-propelled artillery, the Msta-S installations, joins the "meeting" of the enemy. Soon after the South artillery fire, the motorized rifle units that had advanced to the front came under fire. This development forces the assault force to change its tactics as a matter of urgency.

Air phase of the exercise "Caucasus-2012"

The "Northern", in turn, also take certain tactical measures. An advanced group under the cover of artillery begins to retreat deep into the coast. Shortly after this, the Msta-S self-propelled guns also leave their positions in order to avoid the enemy’s retaliatory strike. This tactical decision has a positive result - the South are trying to catch up with the front group, but are hit by helicopters from the flank. While the advancing forces are forced to disperse and escape from the attack, the Severny advanced group and artillery manages to break away from the pursuit and return to the position of the main line of defense. Upon returning, the advance team joins tank and motorized rifle companies, with which they are preparing for the imminent approach of the enemy. At the same time, the Msta-S self-propelled guns unit is constantly moving from one position to another and firing at an advancing enemy. This technique allows you to simultaneously damage the columns of the "South" and at the same time not to risk falling under counter-battery fire.

At this moment, the aviation of the "South" enters the battle. Unfortunately for their ground units, most of the strike aircraft are shot down on the approach to the positions of the "Northern". The defense of the ground forces against air attack is carried out by anti-aircraft gunners working on the Tunguska and Pantsir-C1 complexes. Thanks to their actions, the aviation of the “Yuzhny” could not approach the defensive orders of the “Nordic” at a sufficient distance. As for the advancing ground forces, they move on to controlled explosive barriers, which also affects the quantitative and qualitative state of the compounds. Understanding the plight of its advancing units, which, moreover, is constantly deteriorating, the command of the Yuzhnye sends reinforcements to the company of the landing force. Since its disembarkation is carried out at a relatively short distance from the direct collision line, the aircraft and the paratroopers themselves fall under the fire of anti-aircraft machine guns and machine guns of motorized rifle subunits. All reinforcement is destroyed in the air.

Combat firing of the Caliber-NK missile system from the ship "Dagestan"

Around this time, the battle takes a positional character. The forces of the "Northern" keep the defense and try to prevent a breakthrough of the "Southern" in the intervals between the positions of individual units. The "South", in turn, again call aviation and deploy an artillery battery. The second attempt to strike from the air ends with the destruction of several helicopters and airplanes, and the artillery of the “Nordic” manages to destroy the enemy guns before they can inflict significant damage. At this stage, a command comes from the control point of the exercises: cease fire, weapon discharge. The combat training program of the first day of the command-staff exercise Kavkaz-2012 has been completed. The end of Monday’s events was the awarding of soldiers and officers who distinguished themselves during the maneuvers by the President of Russia V. Putin.

The Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla took part in further training battles as part of the Kavkaz-2012 maneuvers. In addition, on September 18 and 19, three large amphibious assault ships from the Northern Fleet participated in the landing operation to land infantry on the unprepared coast. September 20 at Kapustin Yar is another stage of the exercise, during which ground units worked to block and destroy illegal armed groups in the conditions of the settlement.

Work swimmers

Doctrines of this scale are not often held in our country, therefore they always attract particular attention. The latter, one has to admit, does not always give rise to objective statements. For some strange reason, the majority of opinions about the exercises are “polar” judgments: some shout about the omnipotent and invincible army that Russia has, while others rest on the uselessness of all such events, because everything has long disappeared and the exercises are no more than dusting eyes. In addition, in the discussion of the Kavkaz-2012 event, the topic of politics and potential goals for the trained forces often emerges. Similar statements, questions and opinions are heard both abroad and within the country. Let us consider a few examples, let's say, of a specific reaction to the maneuvers of the troops of the Southern Military District.

Let's start with the "internal" opinions. September 20 in the newspaper "Arguments of the Week" published an article with the bold title "Potemkin teachings for the Main Command". From the title it is clear what this publication is about. The author believes that training battles, aircraft flights and missile launches, as well as naval landing and cunning plans with luring a conditional opponent into the future cauldron is a real window dressing (this is the term used in the article), intended only for the supreme commander. As proof of this, the strategic status of the exercises does not correspond to the real state of affairs. According to the author of the publication, as many people and equipment are involved in the Kavkaz-2012 maneuvers as they should be employed in the divisional level exercises. Accordingly, the general of the army can command the measures, and not the chief of the general staff. The article also cites the words of the former chief of intelligence of the Siberian military district, Major General S. Kanchukov. He believes that the Kavkaz-2012 exercises are conducted in a highly simplified form and are more like demonstration performances. In addition, he criticizes the absence of any involvement of the command of other military districts and rear services. The latter, it is worth noting, trained a little earlier.

From the ship "Dagestan" rocket complex "Caliber-NK" produces launch on the specified targets

As we see, there are dissatisfied with the course of the teachings and even the peculiarities of their conduct. However, much more interesting is the reaction of foreign politicians. Work makes them think wider, because of what sometimes appear the most interesting thoughts. The first "noted" Georgia. The foreign minister of this country, G. Vashadze, accused the Kavkaz-2012 exercises of creating a threat to both Georgia and peace in the entire Caucasus region. In support of his words, he recalled similar events that took place in the summer of 2008. According to the official position of Tbilisi, it was the exercises of the Russian army that became one of the reasons for the war in South Ossetia. Such statements look, at least, strange. However, the Georgian foreign minister is not alone in this opinion. The head of the Estonian Defense Ministry, U. Reinsalu, fully agrees with the potential danger of Russian maneuvers for a Caucasian country and even considers them an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of Georgia. Concerning attempts to interfere in the internal politics of Tbilisi, there is a rather interesting and relatively popular opinion in certain circles connected with the upcoming parliamentary elections. Ostensibly, the exercises are designed primarily to demonstrate the strength of Russia to the Georgian population and thus hint at the need to select candidates loyal to Moscow. Perhaps these abstracts can not even comment.

The topic of relations between Russia and Georgia is raised in one more statement, this time they are authored by K. Neretnieks, an analyst at the Royal Swedish Academy of Military Sciences. From his interview with the Latvian newspaper Latvijas Avize, it follows that the Baltic states should not worry and be nervous about the exercises in southern Russia. At least for now. The analyst believes that in the near future Moscow’s opinion on the Baltic countries may change, and then the Russian army will train on the borders of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. T.N. The war of three eights in this context appears as an example of Russian “aggression” against independent countries. In general, some politicians of countries bordering Russia are at least afraid of the Caucasus-2012 exercises, if they are not afraid of them.

Landing military assault

More distant countries, as well as the leadership of international organizations, are looking at Russian maneuvers much more calmly. For example, NATO Secretary General A.F. Rasmussen openly says that the Alliance is not against the teachings. The only complaint is the openness of information. Since Russia has suspended its participation in the CFE Treaty, data on the quantitative and qualitative composition of the troops participating in the exercises is limited only to official press releases. For example, according to official information, about two thousand personnel, two hundred units of various equipment and about a hundred artillery pieces participated in the training battles of the first day of the “Caucasus-2012”. More specific numbers have not yet been announced. In addition, as is clear from the statements of Georgian and Baltic politicians, some of Russia's neighbors are not satisfied with the official information on the objectives of the exercises. As a matter of fact, the reaction of the NATO Secretary General does not only look normal and balanced, but also is quite reasonable. The North Atlantic Alliance regularly conducts international exercises at a small distance from the Russian borders. Indignation at the Kavkaz-2012 maneuvers in this case would look like another example of double standards.

Regardless of the reaction of foreign officials, experts or journalists, the exercise continues. The latest training battles will take place this Sunday. The next few weeks will be spent on analyzing the information gathered and making various recommendations, the purpose of which is to increase the defense capability of individual units and the entire military district as a whole.

Preparing for aerial shooting

In the cabin of the rocket ship "Tatarstan"

The crew member of the missile ship "Tatarstan"

Missile cruiser "Moscow"

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  1. andrei332809
    andrei332809 22 September 2012 07: 44
    I looked at the box-beauty. Our weapons can and should be proud
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 22 September 2012 08: 27
      And how our ships shoot! A sight for sore eyes! smile
      1. max73
        max73 22 September 2012 16: 19
        gee .... all ships shoot about the same ... what does it happen when someone else shoots - also a sight for sore eyes?)))
        1. max73
          max73 22 September 2012 20: 41
          this comment was specially laid out))) as required to prove ... with such reflexes we will not go far .... alas ... (((
        2. Dovmont
          Dovmont 23 September 2012 09: 13
          Well, this is on whose side you are! If shooting enemy ships is a sight for you, then you are also an enemy.
        3. lelikas
          lelikas 23 September 2012 14: 07
          Quote: max73

          gee .... all ships shoot about the same ... what does it happen when someone else shoots - also a sight for sore eyes?)))

          - not all yogurts are equally useful laughing
      2. pesec
        pesec 23 September 2012 18: 01
        Allow the question. Does it matter whether or not to hit the target? Scorching in the white light. In my opinion, this is profanity. Not any opposition. Still managed and unmanaged targets? (Air defense ranges do not count)
        1. sania275
          sania275 23 September 2012 18: 36
          In August 2008 they did not miss.
    2. oper66
      oper66 22 September 2012 10: 32
      And I watched it all on Raevsky - beauty
    3. Pixel
      Pixel 22 September 2012 17: 20
      But the military is not chtol? Well done too after all!
      1. NSG42
        NSG42 23 September 2012 10: 05
        They can only do it in exercises, but like in Chechnya - so immediately they didn’t know what to do. How many boys were killed, and for what? and no one answered and probably will not answer, but how many people with disabilities are thrown? And that’s all - window dressing, they say, look how inflated we are. If we had conducted exercises all over the country with the reflection of the attack of a probable enemy and with missile launches (only with cannons) in cities and industrial centers, then we would have looked at what kind of air defense and anti-aircraft defense we have, and how our aviation works, when it will be fired by rockets (charge is paint), and how infantry will repel an attack. And then you can give an assessment to those who remain alive (without paint). And after the analysis, half of the General Staff and the Minister of Defense retired. Because they will be considered dead - because the whole army has collapsed. Let them live in cottages near Anadyr.
    4. starshina78
      starshina78 22 September 2012 21: 06
      Beauty was before. When the "Ocean" exercises took place. All fleets, flotillas, aviation took part in them. They took place on all oceans, including the Indian, and the seas washing the USSR. This is the scale, and the Caucasus 2012 exercise is a show.
      1. 77bor1973
        77bor1973 22 September 2012 23: 09
        Any teachings are just teachings and "Ocean" is no exception, a pun !!! But seriously, it was at the exercises "Dvina-70", "Berezina-78", "West-81" show-off was no less but larger.
      2. galeo88
        galeo88 23 September 2012 17: 55
        Good day. I dare to note that the USSR held the "Ocean" when it had already gained the power of its Navy, and Russia is still ahead. In my opinion, the exercises have nothing to do with "window dressing", it's just a practice of actions in the event of a war between Iran and the United States. But there is also a subtext in the teachings ...
    5. lelikas
      lelikas 23 September 2012 01: 09
      Who said that we lived badly ... (c) Lube
      1. Botanologist
        Botanologist 23 September 2012 22: 09
        Not in the first order of the Mi-28!
    6. zstalkerzz
      zstalkerzz 7 October 2012 08: 26
      and you look into the Siberian military district, the Far East. You’ll see what’s going on there. it's just awful. I speak not from Bolda and information not from an enter.
  2. Belo_ticketnik
    Belo_ticketnik 22 September 2012 08: 52
    The teachings are good ... The main thing is that everything does not turn into a showcase ... At the beginning of the twentieth century, in front of the German Kaiser, the BF ships also perfectly shot ... and then there was Tsushima (mediocre command, defective ammunition, structural defects of armadillos and unparalleled heroism sailors)
    But I still want to believe in the best .. drinks
    1. oper66
      oper66 22 September 2012 11: 00
      [media = http: //]
    2. valokordin
      valokordin 22 September 2012 19: 18
      White, don't high Christmas
      1. Pinochet000
        Pinochet000 22 September 2012 19: 39
        Quote: Belo_biletnik
        The main thing is that everything does not turn into a showcase ...

        In-in, and then from the description of the actions of the troops in the article, it seems that the enemy is blind, deaf and legless .... IMHO or imitate the opponent retarded technically, also my opinion.
      2. Strategia
        Strategia 24 September 2012 22: 17
        Yes, not Christmas, but CHRISTMAS !!!
  3. erased
    erased 22 September 2012 09: 02
    Doctrines are needed, it goes without saying. These exercises were part of the overall training plan for the year. Due to the lack of complete reliable information, it is impossible to judge the nature of actions and accuracy. But the scale allows us to say that the teachings are not of the highest rank. But even such ones are needed!
    And the hype ... well now everything is done either with fanfare or with spitting. need to get used to it.
    1. Nick
      Nick 22 September 2012 20: 02
      Quote: erased
      the scale allows us to say that the teachings are not of the highest rank. But even such ones are needed!

      That's it! It is necessary to carry out the whole complex of training, starting with individual training of a fighter and further ...
    2. viruskvartirus
      viruskvartirus 23 September 2012 09: 52
      "Well, now everything is done either with fanfare or spitting. You have to get used to it." this is for sure and not only in Russia.
  4. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 22 September 2012 09: 32
    oh, in the spirit of the Soviet large-scale exercises, thanks to the author for the article and the abundance of photos)) it would be possible to put 10 pluses
  5. nnz226
    nnz226 22 September 2012 10: 08
    Is the exercise scenario scheduled in advance? that is, the "Yuzhnye" constantly fall under the attack of the "Severnyh" and their planes are shot down, and under the fire of the ACS they climb. And the "Northern" ones are just like Schwarzenegger, unkillable and crumbling everyone. And then what can you learn if the defeat of one side is predetermined by the script? In the 30s of the 20th century, they also trained like that. Even when in KSHU Zhukov "rolled" Pavlov, and that victory was recognized for the "red". Then they got it to the fullest .... For some reason, the "Blue" did not climb into traps and under fire, and the commanders of the "Reds" learned to fight in a changeable environment only by 1943 after Moscow and Stalingrad, having laid MILLIONS of simple Russian men in greatcoats. Now, in case of war, they will also train to win ???
    1. Splin
      Splin 22 September 2012 10: 37
      When I first watched the plot the same feeling - SHOW!
      1. Vyalik
        Vyalik 22 September 2012 13: 47
        And any teachings are a show. Where students study, they don’t take pictures, but study.
      2. sania275
        sania275 23 September 2012 18: 40
        No window dressing. It became hot in the south.
      3. Botanologist
        Botanologist 23 September 2012 22: 20
        The exercises, in addition to tactics, have the main task of developing various types of weapons, their reduction into a single system.
        So only from the side you can see no more than 15% of what is being worked out.
        What did you see on TV? Helicopters fly, guns fire. And behind the scenes is the work of the BIUS, the reduction of communication systems of various levels into one system, the management of various command levels. Actually, this is the main gamer for the headquarters. And how many guns in which direction shoots is a matter of taste. Only the adequacy of the company and battalion levels is assessed in terms of fire density, depth of damage, controllability, deployment speed, and many, many, many other things. But we won’t see the results of the showdowns - decisions will be made quietly, at the level of compliance of various weapons, command and communication systems with the requirements of the troops.
        So - everything is right and good!
      4. His
        His 24 September 2012 23: 12
        For some reason, they forgot about the MANPADS of the enemy, and the lack of an enemy UAV. That is, we are at war with ourselves. After all, we don’t have a UAV, which means the enemy should not have it, the logic is iron in the General Staff
    2. 11Goor11
      11Goor11 22 September 2012 16: 42
      Is the exercise scenario pre-scheduled?

      You again believed the media news. You have been published here about the military plans of the "northern" ones, and you are already upset because of their "one-sidedness".
      But any military plans are rather "one-sided" - to suppress the enemy and keep their troops (if possible).
      What matters is not the scenario of the exercises, which simply must be very tough (after all, these are not real military operations, and in case of unexpectedness people can die, but this would be a failure of the exercises), the work itself, the running-in of people and equipment are important.
    3. valokordin
      valokordin 22 September 2012 19: 19
      226 I completely agree with your opinion.
    4. psdf
      psdf 23 September 2012 17: 45
      Give a list of those who fought for the "Reds" at those KSHU, who for the "Blues", cite the conclusions on those teachings.
      And then try to explain why such nonsense was written.
  6. Trevis
    Trevis 22 September 2012 10: 10
    It’s hard to learn, easy in battle.
  7. slav4ikus
    slav4ikus 22 September 2012 10: 34
    everything that is being done for the show-off is ALWAYS just the show-off !!! especially when there are great officials and reporters
  8. gorkoxnumx
    gorkoxnumx 22 September 2012 10: 41
    All is well, only the soldiers’s outfit is upset. Equipment is the first thing to do when equipping the army and navy, and many of our specialists buy protection and uniform sets for their money !!!
    1. Joker
      Joker 22 September 2012 12: 17
      Our entire history, absolutely all, our soldiers have always been equipped worse than the enemy’s troops, this is already taken for granted and nothing will change.
      1. buga1979
        buga1979 22 September 2012 22: 56
        no, it’s not impossible to take it for granted, but it’s necessary to change the Russian soldier should be equipped to the highest level.
      2. Director
        Director 24 September 2012 17: 46
        And at the same time, the enemy was smacked like dead piglet. the main thing is that the command would be honest and would like to WIN !!!!!!!!!!!! good
      3. Gren9
        Gren9 25 September 2012 23: 55
        I do not take for granted, but I accept your words as a knowingly false statement.
    2. Odessa
      Odessa 22 September 2012 13: 53
      If I'm not mistaken, this is a SOBR photo.
      1. Dmitry23RUS
        Dmitry23RUS 22 September 2012 22: 49
        Quote: Odessa
        If I'm not mistaken, this is a SOBR photo.

        Just many want our soldiers to go in special uniforms and with special weapons.

        Firstly, special weapons - for that, and specials, because its use is narrowly targeted, secondly, in this outfit, as in the photo, try to run.
  9. Stary oper
    Stary oper 22 September 2012 10: 58
    Indeed, reading the scenario of the first day of the exercise, one gets the impression that the two sides are in obviously unequal conditions. Inexperienced and always falling under the distribution "southern" and invincible "northern". Just some kind of one-sided game. There is no need to talk about the scale of the exercises. When exercises were held in ZABVO in the winter of 1981, in which I had a chance to participate, then through one village the equipment was going for a whole day. People thought the war with China had started.
    I'm not even talking about the scale of such exercises as "Dnepr-67", when a full tank division (330 tanks) crossed the Dnieper on the move in its middle reaches, where the width of the river reached 450 - 500 meters, and the depth - three to four meters. Not to mention the landing operation. "British military commentator and historian John Erickson wrote in his 1973 study on Soviet Military Power for the American Institute for Strategic Research that the Dnepr exercise showed how quickly the Soviet Union was able to deploy a colossal number of personnel and equipment by air - after all, 22 thousand people and 8 units of military equipment were parachuted within 160 minutes. "
    These were strategic exercises. That was power. Therefore, the voice of the USSR on the world stage sounded quite weightily.
    1. Generalissimus
      Generalissimus 22 September 2012 18: 27
      Well, in "Dnepr-67", and all "Shields" - also a scenario with the victory of one side and the defeat of the other =) In one gate, as you say. This is normal. After all, the goal is to work out interaction, not a pioneer "zornitsa".
      One of the reasons for the defeat of Soviet troops in the Belarusian direction in 41 is the problem of the interaction of large military formations.
      And the headquarters is studying the strategy of victory. Including the results of such exercises, identifying places where it is "thin".
      1. Stary oper
        Stary oper 23 September 2012 13: 36
        Maybe you are right (I am about the predetermination of the result). I am not a professional military man and therefore I do not presume to judge this. Just, in this case, I do not see competition and meaning, except for the actual window dressing. For, it seems to me, in this case, what is the point of talking about the training of personnel, about its capabilities to accomplish the impossible at times. I'm not talking about the fact that commanders of all levels can not then make non-standard decisions that can confuse the enemy.
        And about 41 failures, I think the reason you indicated has deeper roots. Yes, there must have been problems with the interaction of large military units. ... But what caused them? And the reason for them was that the command staff of the Red Army was, starting from the battalion level, practically "cleaned out" by repression. After all, one cannot say that on the eve of the war, we did not conduct large-scale exercises. And, by the way, Stalin soon realized this and released from the camps and rehabilitated those military leaders whom they had not yet managed to destroy.
        1. psdf
          psdf 23 September 2012 17: 50
          Regarding purges and repressions - in recent years, the Internet has almost been littered with Credible copies of archival documents. Browse, compare with current statistics on criminal and other offenses (you can even other countries).
          1. Stary oper
            Stary oper 23 September 2012 19: 48
            I read about it when the Internet was not there, so ... :)
    2. biglow
      biglow 22 September 2012 19: 25
      Stary oper,
      when the time comes the Dnieper will again be forced by the Russians ...
  10. Maestro
    Maestro 22 September 2012 11: 02
    Teachings (more precisely, their apotheosis with shooting and mass movements) are always in any army - window dressing. It is not the teachings themselves that are important, but the PREPARATION for them.
    The brigade commander completes control and interaction a thousand times, the company commander manages the company’s actions in battle a thousand times, the soldier shoots and fulfills his actions to stupor. This is the most valuable thing in the teachings - PREPARATION FOR THEM !!!! What the layman does not see, but what brings real benefits. Well, the active phase is a kind of reward for the work done.
    1. Green 413-1685
      Green 413-1685 22 September 2012 12: 35
      Eh, for those who shout about "window dressing" it is too difficult not to understand.
      1. MI-AS-72
        MI-AS-72 22 September 2012 13: 10
        Justify, in my understanding. command-staff exercises imply the involvement of part of the forces of the direction, everything else on the map and the entire tsimus of the exercises is the interaction of the headquarters at the "top level", and basically the "war" is practiced on the maps, everything that was shown to us is good from the point of view of "show" for the electorate, good for those who participate in the exercises, it does not interfere with training once again. It’s just “excellent” (I want so much) that new systems of automatic control of troops were worked out, about which our reformers and communications based on new principles and technology so proudly declared. This was not mentioned, but I really hope that it was, the level of command in the exercises is very high, so that they could just show old stuff. That is in what sense it is "window dressing" and nothing more.
        1. Pinochet000
          Pinochet000 22 September 2012 19: 54
          Quote: MI-AS-72
          very much the level of command in the exercises is high

          This is bad, in my opinion. What kind of independence and initiative is shown by local commanders when the NSS and the president are at the Communist Party? Stupidly according to the script, everything worked out, my opinion.
    2. AIvanA
      AIvanA 22 September 2012 16: 16
      I agree, and the larger the exercises, the greater the preparation that precedes, but the tasks to be solved during the exercises, that’s the main thing, for them both the strength and the result, the current ones for some reason only fight against terrorists, and even the issues of countering the exercises do not lead at all, before they defended from the armies of enemies, and now from the terrorists, as they say, feel the difference.
    3. viruskvartirus
      viruskvartirus 23 September 2012 10: 00
      And it is worth recalling that one of the reasons for the rapid defeat of the Georgian troops is the exercises carried out in 2008. And the soldiers in the interview said that they did everything as in exercises.
  11. Uruska
    Uruska 22 September 2012 11: 13
    I liked the movie very much. It's time to PR the Army. And the former brigade commander of the 27 of the Buvaltsy brigade is growing ... Probably Makarov is pulling ... I look at the familiar face ...
    1. Joker
      Joker 22 September 2012 12: 20
      There would be nothing to PR, so far all the technology of the USSR, all its characteristics and capabilities in the West are known, therefore there was only one observer from the USA, but if BMP Kurganets and the soldiers were in the new outfit participated in Armat’s exercises AK-12, there would be so many observers that it would be difficult to notice their own against their background.
      1. Brother Sarych
        Brother Sarych 22 September 2012 14: 32
        I doubt it - hardly anything fundamentally different in the exercises, even on the T-34, even on the mythical Armata! Something is rolling in the dust, shooting somewhere ...
        Yes, and about the equipment - from the rostrum you will not see anyway, is it good equipment or a half-ditch of the cooperative level ...
  12. Stasi.
    Stasi. 22 September 2012 11: 51
    The exercises should be permanent, because only thanks to them the army can maintain combat readiness at the proper level. Moreover, such exercises should be in every military district, otherwise it seems that the only combat-ready military district is the South. Another point. The exercises should take into account the mistakes made during the war with Georgia in August the eighth. Apparently this was not the case in the exercises. I would like to hope that our military experts will take into account the lessons of the Georgian conflict and put them into the combat practice of the troops.
  13. wax
    wax 22 September 2012 12: 08
    The main thing is that the decomposition of the army was stopped. Ahead - the rise of skill. For entertainment of real men there is nothing better than a march throw with full ammunition behind enemy lines. Instead of hazing, which most recently swept the whole army.
    1. thatupac
      thatupac 23 September 2012 20: 22
      Well, here he is, and with the full calculation on the march-throw. I found here the country of Rambo athletes.
  14. gen.meleshkin
    gen.meleshkin 22 September 2012 12: 35
    Tame Anglo-Saxon mongrel got the go-ahead from the owner or took the initiative? Rather, an initiative by its nature is scary, but you have to yap.
    1. nycsson
      nycsson 22 September 2012 14: 19
      I give a link. Read:
  15. algol
    algol 22 September 2012 17: 04
    Even command and staff exercises begin with the announcement of anxiety, gathering personnel, and entering the area. And the assessment of the strategic doctrine by the commander-in-chief from the observation deck is, to say the least, perplexing. Everything is aimed not at creating a combat-ready army, but at varnishing reality and showing false success in reforming the army of nuclear power plants and NMMs. An objective assessment of a new swoon of the army can be given to the commander-in-chief by suddenly arriving at the military unit and announcing an alarm. But who will let him do this and why should he spoil his mood. As he was already informed, the army has been reformed and there is no return to the SA.
  16. Cadet787
    Cadet787 22 September 2012 17: 12
    The fact that the exercises are taking place is already good.
    1. algol
      algol 22 September 2012 17: 23
      Who is good?
  17. Max79
    Max79 22 September 2012 18: 20
    In the video, everyone has such smart faces, but in fact, half, if not more, in the rank and file can be demoted. And put on the nightstand. There are no patriots in this photo.
  18. Andrei
    Andrei 22 September 2012 18: 53
    The exercises are certainly good, even if they are ostentatious, all the same, in order to show something, you first need to educate the soldiers ... you just need to turn the exercises from rehearsed performances into real ones, exercises that are as close as possible to combat conditions, with constant input, and nowhere before spelled out here then and check how good our aircraft are and how effective the command is ... and in the best case, the combat training of the soldiers and the interaction at the tactical level are checked .... what command and command are there? when in advance who is known? what? and when it will do ... all control is to monitor the implementation of actions according to the plan ... we need full-fledged teachings and not that!
    1. crambol
      crambol 22 September 2012 19: 08
      Andrew! I agree with you that you cannot turn teachings into a show. However, it seems to me that this is the first attempt to define the future tasks for conducting exercises. After all, much has been destroyed, much has been built, new systems of interaction are being created. I think this is a preliminary experiment, not involving great results. In the future it will be more interesting. But you still need to scare someone!
      1. valokordin
        valokordin 22 September 2012 19: 24
        Kramdol, what is destroyed we know, and what is built?
        1. crambol
          crambol 22 September 2012 20: 02
          Well, at least the mobility of the connections has been increased, the number of steps of the command vertical has been reduced. Wait and see something else. You have to be optimistic! Good health!
          1. Strategia
            Strategia 23 September 2012 20: 51
            Please answer, what, in your opinion, is the increase in the mobility of our Armed Forces at every level - strategic, operational, tactical? And regarding the decrease in the number of control steps, I remember in some book (possibly, "The Adventures of the Gallant Soldier Schweik") one of the soldiers in the hospital argued that it is best when each soldier will be personally commanded by the emperor. And to cut the generals and officers as an extra element. wink
  19. serezhasoldatow
    serezhasoldatow 22 September 2012 19: 39
    Maybe I repeat, everyone imagines himself a strategist seeing a battle from the side. Teachings are what they need to learn. The soldiers even heard the guns firing. And fighting, God forbid, on such a scale!
  20. mark021105
    mark021105 22 September 2012 20: 14
    How beautifully "Rooks" fly ... Beautifully and powerful !!!
  21. donchepano
    donchepano 22 September 2012 23: 15
  22. 77bor1973
    77bor1973 22 September 2012 23: 27
    In 1981, for the "West" exercises, for complete reliability, the BVO Engineering Forces equipped the defense area of ​​the US Army Mechanized Division. They drained two lakes, equipped 120 tanks with remote control to simulate an attack, and it was planned to repulse this attack with real fire, war shells. They did not spare the dough !!!
  23. PC-36M
    PC-36M 23 September 2012 06: 40
    Caucasus 2012 is a statement by Russia that we are preparing in the event of a US attack on Iran, we can say that this is a warning to our "friends".

    However, in addition to "Caucasus 2012", there are still quite a few exercises and are being conducted, while the scale is quite comparable to "Caucasus 2012", but there is so little information on them ... - it already looks like we are quietly preparing without warning "friends" so to say covertly, just like in the good old days.

    Karoche keep it up! and do not turn anywhere.
  24. DIMS
    DIMS 23 September 2012 09: 59
    Ballet for the electorate. And the money is wasted and the participants of the play are distracted from real combat training
  25. valerakuz
    valerakuz 23 September 2012 11: 54
    It seems to me that the Americans are again taking away the blow of the world for their tricks. And the West-East confrontation is remade into the North-South confrontation, and they themselves as always aside
  26. Dimitr
    Dimitr 23 September 2012 12: 38
    I would like to participate there myself! Beauties!
  27. nagolovu_military
    nagolovu_military 23 September 2012 17: 05
    Yes, such events really cause pride in the Russian Armed Forces!
  28. kush62
    kush62 23 September 2012 19: 50
    One thing is clear, if there are no exercises, then this is bad. And if there are teachings, then this is also bad. So choose what bad you need the Russians.
  29. kov
    kov 23 September 2012 19: 53
    A fragment of a video from the Exercise

  30. Voin sveta82
    Voin sveta82 23 September 2012 20: 29
    This is all normal ...)) It should be so .... soldiers should learn to fight ... rather than peeling potatoes in the dining room ....)))
  31. Strategia
    Strategia 23 September 2012 20: 43
    Without going into trifles, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the article and video about the STRATEGIC command post exercise, not a single STRATEGIC issue is reflected, it does not even smell operational. These several Iskanders are dragged from one "strategic" exercise to another. Artillery is represented by only one Msta battalion, which is ridiculous even for a brigade. Most likely, here, as well as at the "Center-2011", some formations (well, if in full force) were brought to the training grounds ahead of time, and with them combat training episodes were "rolled back" to automatism according to a template. Moreover, they trained furiously at all training grounds to show the Supreme any option he chose. Indeed, in the Soviet Army of this scale, exercises were called divisional.
  32. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 23 September 2012 21: 22
    Here I am tormented by vague doubts, and our troops are winning back the Northern and Southern. Half the army (those who are for the southern) are just morons and can’t fight in a priori :-))))))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))
  33. codvosem
    codvosem 24 September 2012 07: 14
  34. SIBIR38RUS
    SIBIR38RUS 25 September 2012 17: 39
    Guys, when I started to read the plot, the movie really reminded me of the return move in the area of ​​special attention. About the landing :) Painfully familiar plot. Also North and South :) True, the South won there :) Who watched - remember who did not watch - I advise you to watch :) a good movie.
  35. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 25 September 2012 19: 27
    So everyone thinks that this is not a dumb window dressing?
    1. Strategia
      Strategia 25 September 2012 23: 47
      This is not a two-sided exercise by design, therefore, the troops DEFINED a pre-planned course of action as conceived by the NGSH, that is, they were engaged in SHOW. None of the trainees showed military thought, but stupidly "voiced" a role that had been repeatedly rehearsed according to a given scenario. "Backtrack" and "Special Focus" are bilateral exercises from the much criticized Soviet period. We are up to them as to Beijing on all fours. And the enthusiastic puppy squeal of some about the "sea of ​​fire", etc., resemble a speech on Raevskoye of the Supreme ... By the way, the amphibious assault for some reason is walking on the water in a column, but should be in a battle line. When retreating from a forward position, combat vehicles drive along knurled paths, artillery, changing firing positions, stands in trenches prepared (by whom?) ... And so on ...
  36. zstalkerzz
    zstalkerzz 7 October 2012 08: 33
    the fact is that the teachings are a grand display before other states and before their own in particular.

    the governor came and our class was honored that he would decide to "unexpectedly" visit our class and watch us learn. we rehearsed the roles for 2 (!) fucking weeks, who will pull his hands, who will play a stupid student, whom the whole class "friendly" helps to learn, we were given the newest equipment, we did laboratory work, but the rank was late for 2 lessons. all this time we sat in the classroom, until the lathered head teacher came running and said that he would come right now. everyone put on smiles, and began to work actively, asking and answering questions, etc. cameras, newspapers, this mandyuk in a jacket greets the camera by the hand ... then when the lesson was over, I learned that we were not the only class who were visited. in the next class, at 2 students, I saw the LAPTOP! and I also saw how the teacher, splashing saliva, scolded one of them that he had scratched him with a pencil ... like that ... HERE IS THE SAME