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How to cut the budget in the US Army

How to cut the budget in the US Army

Inspired by this news, more precisely, some quotes from there and comments to it. Quote interested in the following:

"Our guys from" Kazbrig "in all respects are much stronger than the Americans, the journalist said the publication. They would only good quality shoes, not Chinese.

“Before, we had the so-called„ wooden “berets,” admits the junior sergeant of “Kazbrig” named Yerzhan. - Strong were hard. That's why we called them “wooden.” And now dermatinovy ​​issue. From moisture, they crawl at the seams. Though rewind them with scotch tape. ”

In the comments, everyone immediately began to admire American gear. And here I want to clarify a couple of points. First, the rear man, who provided the Kazbrig with low-quality berets, must be found and severely reprimanded to his chest. It's minimum. Until clarification. And, secondly, you need to objectively look at the clothing allowance in other armies of the world. Well, at least in the same American.

Everyone has long known that the Pentagon - is nothing like a huge machine for drinking the government's dough. Examples are the wagon and the small truck, starting with the failing F-35 project (and the F-22) and the non-flying hypersonic devices, ending with the theft on fuel and drinking water supplies to Afgan, however, we are still talking about uniforms. A scandal broke out in Afghanistan a couple of years ago. Well, as a scandal, so - scandal. Another army supplier, the company TenCate did its best - delivered an absolutely useless form to the warring army. Everything there was disgusting - and the seams, and fabric, and accessories. As a result, after two weeks the soldiers began to sparkle with their bare thighs. Here’s how it was:

And then there began to receive complaints from the command of the ANA (Afghan National Army), which is fully provided by the American administration. It turned out that the berets, which shod the Afghans, did not hold on even for a couple of months.

Moreover, the ANA soldiers stated that the rifle weaponwhich is supplied to them from the USA - is complete and absolute, and besides, also dangerous antiques. And helmets, and at all - are covered with cracks. A fighter named Abdul Karim said that he would prefer to change his M16 rifle to 30-year-old Kalashnikov. Moreover, the Americans themselves are not fools to change their vintari with the good old Kalash. The recruits of the Marine Corps are even specially retrained for normal weapons - it is always useful:

It is curious that all this equipment is immediately on the bazaars, which are near any major base. Here journalists have discovered for themselves that there is a lot of American fines on any Afghan black market. Previously, these were called Bush Market, now Obama Market. In the USSR, such places were called Brezhnev Bazaars. They sell not only food rations and clothes (digital camouflage - 40 dollars), but also the most sophisticated equipment - Kevlar helmets, body armor, laser sights and even special digital tablets for officers (2 thousands of dollars). Weapons are not sold freely (although there are no problems to buy), but American rifles do not have success.
And all this despite the fact that the Pentagon only officially spent over twenty billion dollars to equip the Afghan army in the 2010-2011 years. That's where the space scales drank. However, in fairness, I note that high-ranking corrupt officials in uniform there are no-no-catch:

“In the US, a four-star general is suspected of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of budget funds for personal use. The Pentagon’s Inspector General completed an investigation into William Ward that lasted 17 months. He is suspected, in particular, of using military planes to travel to members of his family and spending exorbitant sums on luxury hotels. If the accusations against him are confirmed, then he faces a shameful resignation, demotion and partial loss of pension savings. In the worst case, criminal prosecution may start against him. ”

Note that criminal prosecution is considered not very likely. In the meantime, the court case, you can allocate (and later sawn) enormous sums for very original things:

“The US Army gave three million dollars to the Indiana University School of Medicine to develop a nasal spray that discourages suicidal thoughts. The research grant was issued after the record was set in the army - only in July did the 38 soldiers self-destruct. So far, in the 2012 year, 66 suicides have been established in the army and 50 is still under investigation, which adds up to 116 cases. ”

And this is their real headache. The New York Times writes that for every American soldier killed this year, there are 25 war veterans who committed suicide during this time.

The British press, making a review of the actions of the US Army, and at all exaggerates:

“The heroic days of the American army are gone. Today, the American army is chronically unsuitable and more like a racist hangout, and its servicemen are members of some gang. ”

And this is true truth. For example:

“The FBI has released new assessments of gangster activity, announcing that there are 1,4 million gang members in the US (40 percent growth since 2009), and that many of them have infiltrated US forces. The report says that members of the 53 gangs from the 100 regions of the United States, which exist in every kind of American troops, are represented in the troops. Members of every large street gang, some prison gangs and illegal biker gangs. All of them are located both at military sites inside and outside the country.

Being transferred to overseas duty stations, military gang members spread their culture and activities to new regions around the world, undermining security and trying to establish a law with war crimes. Gang members with military training pose a very significant threat to law enforcement officials because of their combat skills and ability to transfer their experience to other gang members. The report notes that although gang members are represented in all branches of the military, most of them are in the American army, the reservist army and the National Guard. ”

And this is about another category of soldiers, they forgot to report. According to the official (obviously underestimated) Pentagon data, the number of drug addicts in the army from 2005 to 2009 increased by 50% to almost 40000. If in 2003 there were about a hundred of the number of hangers that were hospitalized, about a hundred per month, in 2009 there were already 250 fighters per month. There are in view of the soldiers who are addicted to be drugged after injuries. At the same time, the number of drug addicts in the army is constantly growing. And still need to spend the loot for the treatment of obese fighters. Yes, yes, and there are many. This is another billion dollars. In addition, the ringing coin is regularly allocated for the rehabilitation of victims of violence. And these are American soldiers, be healthy:

“The Pentagon, in its annual report to Congress, reported on 3192 known cases of sexual violence in the American army against men and women in 2011. Noting the increase in the number of rapes, the Pentagon said that according to Pentagon officials, all 14% of cases of violence in the American army are becoming publicly known and investigations are being conducted against them. Thus, the total number of incidents of sexual violence in the US Army can approach 20 000 only in 2011 a year. ”

And in the command there, too, the gangsters are still sitting. Only much higher flight. They were very upset when the bulk of the troops were withdrawn from Iraq. For there serious cases could be reversed - to conclude a contract for the supply of equipment and to purchase ordinary electrical switches, worth 7 dollars 5 cents, at a price - attention! - 900 dollars apiece!

And all this farming is conducted in this way for years and decades. Volumes of theft only increase over the years. Here is a quote on the same topic from the book “USSR 100 questions and answers” ​​of a distant 1981 year of release:

"- Why do you underestimate your military rahodah? If there is an approximate military parity between the USSR and the USA, then the expenses should be approximately equal. ”

"- In the United States, Pentagon’s customers often seek the highest prices for their goods: the treasury pays something (or rather, taxpayers)! US Senator Douglas cites such curious facts: the naval department pays 25 dollars to suppliers for a bulb of the entire 21,1 cents, the US Air Force pays 3,6 dollars for a yard of an electric cable worth US $ 50. Etc."

These fraerov, too, occasionally caught. For reporting:

“The US Department of Justice filed charges of fraud and bribery in three individuals and one corporation. They are accused of unfair competition, which consisted in the use of confidential information to obtain advantages when concluding a contract with the state to perform work in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Justice notes that this company, in its bid, indicated a price close to the price expected by the military, was awarded a six-month contract, which was extended several times. In accordance with this contract, AISC received about 54 million dollars, and those who allegedly entered into an agreement, divided more than 20 million dollars among themselves. ”

In Iraq, there was a lot of freedom for tax dwellers. Here is a classic case:

“After the US invasion of Iraq in March 2003, the government of the occupied country should have received about 61 billion from the US Congress. According to auditors, 6,6 billion dollars from this amount disappeared without a trace and, most likely, were stolen. “This is the biggest theft of subsidies for the whole history Of the United States, ”said Stuart Bowen, Inspector General for Control of Expenditures for the Restoration of Iraq. Americans often lacked either time or specialists to maintain full-fledged financial statements. Millions of dollars were easily carried in backpacks and carried in pick-up trucks to Iraqi recipients. Over the past six years, Pentagon officials have repeatedly stated that they can report on all these amounts if they are given enough time to process all the archives. But repeated attempts to find, actually, all these documents, and even better - the money itself, were unsuccessful. ”

Or another fresh example. Amer in his statistics on Afghanistan is always godlessly lying. With different goals. For example, in the case of MPAs, because of sawn budgets. Last year, according to Pentagon official data, MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) saved the lives of forty thousand soldiers. And now the high-ranking official of the Ministry of Defense admitted that this figure was brazenly exaggerated. And the lives that were saved are actually around 2000 (they lied, right? Twenty times). The feature is that the generals have already spent 45 yards of green on the MPAs. And the sense from them, as it turns out, is not the one that was promised.

It is ridiculous and hard to believe, but in the USA even purchases of a strategic nature are carried out in such a way that the responsible persons get a few bucks. Because of this, then funny things happen:

“In the American weapons found a million counterfeit Chinese parts. As a result of the investigation, it became known that forgeries, mainly electronic chips, are involved in night vision systems, radio stations, GPS devices, helicopters, transport planes, as well as in computers controlling interceptor missiles. ”

And the newspapers have extremely frankly, but doomedly state:

"A large part of the $ 400 million allocated by the US administration for infrastructure projects in Afghanistan in the 2011 year may be lost due to deficiencies in planning, coordination and execution."

This is called generally simpler - because of the indiscriminate razdolbaystva and mess.

And the most interesting thing is that all of this is good. With amerskoy dough and the Taliban have a good idea. For example, the Pentagon-financed private security companies are carving the Taliban for the safe passage of supply convoys. Moreover, when Pakistan closed the transit, Taliban revenues plummeted, which even led to a decrease in the number of attacks in the southern and eastern regions of Afghanistan. As one of the Taliban commanders in Ghazni province told the Associated Press, “Profit has fallen significantly. Therefore, the uprising was not as strong as we had planned. ” Another commander from the province of Kandahar said that the money of the PSCs bought weapons and paid for the work of the militants. According to estimates of the US military last year, 360 million US dollars fell into the hands of the Taliban, bandits, corrupt officials. More about this said FoxNews:

“Security firms regularly negotiate with the Afghan rebels to protect US-funded construction projects. The notoriously unreasonable project of the 64-Mile Road Khost-Gardez is expected to cost the taxpayers a total of 176 million dollars. More 43 millions of them went to a security company who immediately hired a person who was on the American list of rebel leaders to be captured or killed. They paid a jihadist 160 thousands of dollars a month to protect the construction from himself. "Taliban" everywhere removes the foam from the money of American taxpayers. The US official responsible for the contracts told me that construction contracts for the expensive bases of the Afghan National Army in the south of the country only go to contractors associated with the Taliban.

The rebels receive theirs even from small and, at first glance, beneficial construction projects sponsored by the United States - such as the construction of detaining dams by peasants. Jihadists shake an Afghan contractor first, and then get another piece when US officials give money to peasants. Our taxpayers, in essence, paid for the coordinated attacks that this week was carried out by the rebels from the Haqqani network, which finances their operations with money obtained through American road construction contracts. This disastrous system negates the efforts of the United States to fight the rebels. American officials usually calmly look at the fact that American taxpayers' money goes to the Taliban. ”

But military families do not get their nishtyakov. This is not, of course, the Pentagon generals. Here is what the American press writes:

"The financial crisis has reached the families of the American military: more than a third of families have problems paying monthly bills, one in five tries to borrow money on the side to avoid problems with the bank, because 27% of other families have credit card debts exceeding 10000 dollars . The family of a soldier from Fort Stuart, Georgia, consisting of his wife and two children, cannot afford to spend 300 $ on a new uniform kit. A veteran from St. Louis with his wife and two children needs help paying their bills for electricity. The wife of a sailor from San Diego with four children lost her job. There are laws that protect military families from evictions for non-payment of bills, but there is no one to monitor their observance. ”

Pretty heart-breaking tells about some families of military personnel and the magazine «Time»:

“For people who can not afford to pay for housing, the car becomes the last stage at which you can still maintain dignity and sanity, but this is only a step higher than the complete despair of people caught on the street. Motorhomes have become American classics, from the wagons of the first settlers to the campers. More recently, you quickly climbed the social ladder, and now economic depression makes you turn the back seat of a sedan into the bedroom. “In December, during our patrols, we found six people sleeping in their cars at night,” said John Edmund, aide to De Andrews, a member of the city council on Long Beach. “One of them was a widow who lived in a four-door sedan. She and her husband were veterans of the air force. She did not know where to turn for help. I had tears in my eyes. ”

But ahead of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Already, the US Army is destroying built bases and destroying property that is impossible or extremely difficult to take out. And blow up everything, down to the printers (below in the photo). And Hamid Karzai almost personally crawls in front of the Americans, persuading them to leave at least something. And amers, know your bend. One local policeman even tried to stop the demolition of the next buildings, saying that they belonged to the Afghans. In response, officers from the base stupidly stuffed his face. Can you imagine how much good can be written off for this topic?

And for what were all these multibillion-dollar expenses? No, well, in addition, to create an extensive intelligence network in the region, prepare terrorists for our territories and kill youth with heroin. In fact, after Afghanistan, after eleven years of occupation, the case is full of seams. The bourgeois newspaper published an article entitled “Karzai. Mayor of Kabul. Well reflects the essence of what is happening. The correspondent drove away a few kilometers from the capital and ofigel. First of all, the fact that almost every province, from those directly surrounding Kabul, is controlled by the Taliban: Logar, Wardak, Parvan, Kapisa, Laghman plus 70 percent of Nangarhar province. Locals there despise Karzai - they say that even the title of mayor of Kabul for him is a steep search. The maximum that he controls is his palace.
However, there is a sphere in which DGI confidently achieve certain success. First, it is the protection of poppy plantations. Former footballer Pat Tillman, who quit his career, for military service, wrote directly in letters: “All that Americans abandoned in Afghanistan do is guard poppy plantations and transport opium.” The guy, by the way, as a result, and killed their own. Three shots to the back of the head.

The second successful field of GI activity is the killing of civilians. Here are the most recent cases:

- A US soldier in Afghanistan shot 17 civilians.
- In the province of Paktia, 8 civilians were killed by NATO air strikes, including six children.
- in the province of Logar aviation NATO stabbed at the wedding venue. Among the eighteen dead - five women and seven children.
- one child died, another two were seriously injured as a result of a joint military operation by Afghanistan and NATO in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar.
- during the next NATO operation, ISAF soldiers killed four civilians, including two children.
- Americans bombed Chapa-Dara district in Kunar province in eastern Afghanistan. Killed 10 civilians.

But most of all, as we know, the soldiers of the Army of Light love to kill from afar, without direct contact with their victims. They sit with Coca-Cola at the Creech airbase in Nevada, press the buttons and destroy people - women, children and the elderly. Without discrimination. And the rewards even get it. Here are just the latest examples:

- As a result of a strike by an American drone on a house in the capital of the North Waziristan province of Pakistan, 5 people died.

- As a result of the missile attack of the American drone in a residential building near the town of Miramshah (North Waziristan of Pakistan), 4 people died.

- In the Philippines, a shock drone killed an 15 man.

- In Yemen, American shock drones attacked a car. Killed 4 man.

- in Somalia, near the islands. Where the American drones struck at one of the villages. Killed 6 people.

- Near the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, as a result of attacks by American drone 25 people were killed, 40 were injured.
- As a result of a missile strike by American UAVs in the city of Mogadishu, 7 people died, 17 was injured.
- As a result of the impact of American drones in North Waziristan (Pakistan), 4 people died.
- In Yemen, an American UAV killed 5 people.
- Twenty-one people died as a result of an attack by an American UAV in Somalia.

Impressive? But this is a very nervous job - to kill people on the monitor, as in a computer game. Then the executioners are sick. Tired because it is strong:

“More than half of the operators of American unmanned aerial vehicles suffer serious psychological and physical disorders. This conclusion follows from the first study of this kind, conducted by the Medical University of the United States Air Force. The study affected 1500 people, of which 840 is the UAV operators Predator, Reaper and Global Hawk. According to the Air Force, more than 46% of the UAVs Predator and Reaper and 48% of the codebreakers of the images obtained from these UAVs have a “high level of working stress”.

A quarter of analysts suffer from "chronic stress", which is expressed in depression or level of aggression, which can affect professional qualities or family relationships. Two main causes of stress were identified: the long duration of operations and frequent changes in work schedule due to a lack of qualified personnel. One of the most striking results of a study conducted by the US Air Force is the fact that an increased level of stress is observed among those operators who took part in operations during which people were killed. ”And so that only the right one could reach the world’s general public from the combat zone information, the Pentagon again allocates a lot of money, which mercilessly sawn:
“USA Today's reporter Tom Vanden Brook and editor Ray Locker published an article saying that the Pentagon paid hundreds of millions of dollars to private contractors for propaganda campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. In particular, between 2005 and 2009 a year, propaganda spending increased from 9 to 508 million dollars a year. During the investigation, the journalists also found out that one of the contracting companies, Leonie Industries, did not pay taxes to the state in the amount of 4 million dollars. At the same time, the company received from the Pentagon over 120 million dollars from 2009 of the year. ”

But on the possible consequences or responsibility of the murderers ... how to say it more softly ... no, it is better to portray Here is what they do with responsibility and morality:

But this is not at all a cellar in the basement, but an intelligence officer’s room while serving in Iraq. Well, the officer himself - James Douglas:

In a legal sense, the process of driving a bolt onto basic standards and decency happens like this:

- An ex-sergeant of the US Army escaped prison for killing 24 Iraqis.
- The command of the US Armed Forces has decided to exempt military personnel involved in the death of 24 Pakistanis from liability.

But Afghans take revenge whenever possible. Moreover, the occupants felled from a firearm even 13-year-olds and 70-year-olds. Only this year, US troops sent the coffin 243 home from Afghanistan. During the entire war, the Pentagon’s losses amounted to more than three thousand people.

And in conclusion, some fresh cases of accidents with army aircraft. And some people think that it is only in the CIS that airplanes and helicopters are falling. Yes, and we are talking about accidents for technical reasons, knocked down vehicles, as well as fallen for some reason in a combat zone, I do not take into account: - Seven marines were killed in the collision of two helicopters in the United States.
- A US Air Force plane crashed in Djibouti, killing an entire crew of 4 people.
- In a catastrophe convertoplan in Morocco, American soldiers were killed.
- When the fighter crashed in the US, 7 people suffered.
- A US Navy helicopter crashed in Oman.
- An American fighter jet crashed off the coast of Russia.
- A combat plane crashed into the ground at an air show in the United States.

And all these problems, as well as the flow of zinc coffins from all over the world, the grandiose theft of budgets and the poverty of veterans are not widely discussed. Other topics are suggested for public discussion. Well, for example, is it possible for women soldiers to breastfeed children in a public place. And the people are discussing with might and main. Almost foaming at the mouth.

Yes, and I will not fail to remind you that in Kazakhstan all this pack of murderers, rapists, slaughters and thieves is officially represented by Mr. Kenneth Fairfax. Please love and respect.

Well, in view of the fact that today is the next anniversary of the most ambitious geopolitical decrees of all times and peoples, it is appropriate to share some details of how they caught Bin Laden. Supervisors will immediately recall the Chechnya of the mid-90's:

“Hank Crumpton, who served in the CIA 20 years and served as deputy. Director of the Anti-Terrorist Center, revealed in a television interview, several facts about the events of 9 / 11, in particular that the CIA could have repeatedly killed the leader of Al-Qaeda Bin Laden and before and after 9 / 11, but each time there came an order not to touch him. “In 1998, in 1999, up to 2001, we had an extensive network of informers in Afghanistan, we knew where and what Bin Laden was doing. Somehow, our agents took us to a village - not far from Kandahar.

We saw a group of people from the security services, and then Bin Laden, coming out of the vehicle. Saw clearly. We immediately notified the White House. And the response of the Clinton administration was as follows: “Well, the strike will take several hours, it is necessary to prepare a submarine, cruise missiles and do a lot more work. Let us know where bin Laden will be five or six hours later. ”The disappointment was huge. Krampton said that he wanted to kill the terrorist there and then personally, but "he was also denied permission to do this."

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    Aleks tv 21 September 2012 12: 42
    So "drank" is in the US Army ... hehe. This makes me happy.

    Well written article, sincerely.
    What mud is still felt when you read about Amerov’s warriors ...
    Makarkin loves everything foreign, we can’t copy this whole crap. You can take the best - but not copy ...
    Does Amers have an army? A rabble, thinking only about himself and money. They do not fight with an equal enemy ...

    And the Russian Spirit - he is in Africa - the Russian Spirit. We need to save this in the army.
    1. Gurza
      Gurza 21 September 2012 13: 26
      There is a cut everywhere, all depending on the country. The only question is in what quantities.
      1. crazyrom
        crazyrom 24 September 2012 08: 17
        Quote: GurZa
        There is a cut everywhere, all depending on the country. The only question is how much.

        Well so, they print dollars in countless amounts, they cut accordingly. We need to send our convicted in the cut there, as a weapon, so that they help to cut there! laughing
    2. Trailer
      Trailer 21 September 2012 16: 51
      This article returned my belief that the US Army is not afraid of us! BUT! Can talk about the US Navy? There, deliver, don’t deliver, but 10 times it is stronger than ours! So, jokes, jokes, but it's a shame that we do not get better!
      1. crazyrom
        crazyrom 24 September 2012 08: 16
        Quote: Karavan
        This article returned my belief that the US Army is not afraid of us! BUT! Can talk about the US Navy? There, deliver, don’t deliver, but 10 times it is stronger than ours! So, jokes, jokes, but it's a shame that we do not get better!

        Shame on you! Have you ever lost this faith? wink
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    smiled ..... with a sense of humor the boys are fine, in this they are similar to ours laughing

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      I liked the pants. With us, the foreman or platoon would be bounced so that these pants themselves were already sewn up.

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      Quote: Vanek
      If there is a fence, there will certainly be a hole in it!

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  4. strannik595
    strannik595 21 September 2012 13: 16
    We saw a group of people from the security services, and then Bin Laden, coming out of the vehicle. Saw clearly. We immediately notified the White House. And the response of the Clinton administration was as follows: “Well, the strike will take several hours, it is necessary to prepare a submarine, cruise missiles and do a lot more work. Let us know where bin Laden will be five or six hours later. ”The disappointment was huge. Krampton said that he wanted to kill the terrorist there and then personally, but "he was also denied permission to do this."....... Chechnya does not resemble a sample of the mid-90s? I wonder who took the scheme of action from anyone, Yeltsin and Grachev from Clinton, or vice versa?
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    Since the beginning of the 70s of the last century, when I was in school, I came across an article about a scandal, when it became clear at what prices the Boeing company sells B-52s, and the Pentagon "for some reason" willingly buys. It turned out that only 150 (even those more "heavy") American dollars were taken for an ordinary toilet lid ...)))
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    But I liked the analytics of the article (even if 50% is true), I was once again convinced that the majority of the US army are not warriors, without their supply and super-duper smart weapons, they will surrender to the masses or shoot themselves! The latter is preferable, otherwise feed the parasites later!
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    1. andrei332809
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