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Their task is the destruction of Russia

Their task is the destruction of RussiaJames George Jatras is a director of a public initiative firm (headquartered in Washington, DC). Before starting work in the private sector, he worked as a senior foreign policy advisor for the leadership of the Republican Party in the US Senate. Before that, he was a diplomat of the US Foreign Service, within which, among other things, he worked in the service of relations with the former Soviet Union. Now Jatras is the head of the American Council on Kosovo, one of the organizations in the USA, which surprisingly takes a pro-Serbian position.

- Kosovo gained its independence, thanks to the military machine of NATO. All the time past after the NATO bombing, we observe how Western countries continue to put pressure on unstable Serbia. Not so long ago, Montenegro departed from it. What do you think about the future of Serbian statehood?

- I will correct a little: Kosovo did not become independent. As long as Serbia does not recognize the amputation of Kosovo and Metohija, this area is a sovereign Serbian territory occupied by NATO forces.

Even with a pro-Western government in Belgrade ready to make any concessions, and the Muslim Albanian mafia administration in Pristina, their patrons in NATO and the EU are not able to consolidate the fraudulent Kosovo “state”. An impressive part of the world recognizes the correctness of the positions of Serbia: Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Iran, Israel, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, South Africa, Mexico, Nigeria. Vietnam, Ethiopia, Thailand, Congo, Egypt. Almost all of South America and Africa, not to mention EU member states, such as Spain, Romania, Cyprus, Slovakia and Greece. Even such puppets of Washington as the Iraqi authorities or the Saakashvili government in Georgia are not so stupid as to recognize the independence of Kosovo.

Serbia needs a patriotic government that will energetically defend national interests, and not cooperate with countries eager to divide Serbia. If such a government emerges, Kosovo costs can be recovered by engaging in dialogue with states that were either deceived or too intimidated not to recognize the sovereignty of Kosovo.

The pressure on Serbia will undoubtedly continue, and even intensify after the election of President Tomislav Nikolic. As Diana Johnson [an American journalist] noted, Serbia is "Half-occupied state" : “Western politicians and the media need Serbia only as a negative example of“ nationalism ”, with which NATO and the EU are fighting, famous for their noble“ anti-nationalism ”. In an era when the EU may make the slightest critical remarks about an ethnic or religious group lead to legal proceedings and accusations of “inciting hatred”, Serbs are always on hand to allow different multipliers, journalists and directors to stigmatize them as pariahs . Europe, of all Serbian exports, values ​​most of all the “war criminals and creators of the genocide” before the Hague Tribunal. This is a consoling humanitarian ambition of Europe. ”

This campaign will end only when Serbia refuses not only Kosovo and Metohija, but also Sanjak and Vojvodina, and, above all, abandons its identity as the Orthodox people of Europe.

The victory of Nikolic showed that this has not happened yet, and Serbia needs additional “therapy” from NATO and the EU.

- Patriotic Serbian media often speak of the “fifth column” of the West among the country's political elite. What, in your opinion, is the depth of penetration of Western influence into the Serbian political scene?

- The penetration of the West into the political scene of Serbia goes both in depth and in breadth. The word “West” does not mean here a traditional American or European nation, among whose representatives there are quite a few people who have so distrusted their own government that they instinctively profess pro-Serbian views. They understand that those whom our governments hate can actually be quite decent people.

By the word "West" we mean a narrow layer. "Foreign policy professionals" ready to impose on all progressive values ​​- the rights of sodomites and all in the same spirit. So does the fund "Open Society" Soros, who works closely with the government circles of the West.

The penetration of the West goes far beyond political parties, including NGOs as well (theoretically, these are non-governmental organizations that receive funds directly or indirectly from the governments of the EU and the USA. So they should be more accurately called "Governmental non-governmental organizations" ) and the media. NGOs and the media play the role of “coupling” the model, first proposed by the Comintern. In the US, no matter who is in power, Democrats or Republicans, then it’s about "Promoting democracy" our “Demintern” - a structure with its own bodies, both within and between governments. It is still a miracle that the Serbs did not give up completely!

- What is your opinion on similar actions against Russia?

The destruction of Russia is an important element on this agenda. United States, or rather "Ersatz USA" represented by our modern elites will not tolerate any obstacles on their way to sole rule as the only one after the Cold War "Superpowers" and "avant-garde of progressive humanity". All others, and among them Russia, as a relatively strong military power on the planet, are considered as satellites or enemies.

Since Russia under Putin does not want to be a satellite, as under Yeltsin, she means an enemy. The same is with China, but here Washington has a different approach due to the important economic role of this country. I want to emphasize that this is our problem. Not Russia has created it. This is the problem of the American pseudo-elites with their vision of a new ideological progressive order with headquarters in Washington.

As Minister Lavrov said, American politics is very similar to Bolshevism and Trotskyism. This is not the original problem of the American people, which, although spoiled by anti-Russian propaganda, is still not completely. Some right and left American politicians are trying to resist. For example, left Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich, former right-wing presidential contender Patrick Buchanan, or Republican Ron Paul, is a libertarian. Interestingly, the two leading commentators for one of the most influential conservative magazines American Conservative (The American Conservative) are Orthodox, and they often write about international politics, including Serbia and Russia.

But the commanding posts are still in the hands of the “progressive imperialists” and Russophobes who are twenty years old on the unipolar world, although the merits of such a world are dubious. Russia did not create this problem, but it does nothing to resolve this problem. Moscow extends a hand to Washington, but Washington adheres to the issue of cooperation with Moscow of selective tactics (for example, in Afghanistan, where Russia helps us, but not in the expansion of NATO, missile defense or Kosovo, where, we believe, Russia has no right to have its own interests ). Russia has the opportunity to take US tactics (and the USSR, no matter how ironic it may sound), and support healthy forces in American society through open sources like those that Washington uses inside Russia.

- What will the victory of Tomislav Nikolic in the presidential elections bring to Serbia?

“It is interesting to see what Nikolic can and cannot do.” Many in Washington and Europe think that they can easily make him go the same way as Tadic. Is that a little different methods. They even think that Nikolic is ready to do this, because the widest opportunity for this is open to him. And it depends on him to show that they are wrong.

It is important whether he can form a patriotic government, or will he be only the formal head of state. And it depends already on whether the socialists Ivica Dacic will want to enter into a coalition with the Tadic democrats and ethnic minority parties. Earlier, Dacic said he would do just that. But after the victory of Nikolic, which, according to Dacic, changed the political landscape in the country, negotiations are still underway. The social-progressive coalition, especially if together with the Democratic Party of Serbia Vojislav Kostunica, will be strong and patriotic, moderately pro-European, but anti-NATO and pro-Russian. Dacic said he wanted to think. Undoubtedly, they are putting pressure on him; people from Washington, Brussels, London, and Berlin are tempting him to reunite with Tadic. I hope Moscow is also working hard to ensure that it is united with Nikolic.

- Is it possible to consider the Serbian question as an example of the Western strategy of crushing the Orthodox Slavic geopolitical area from Russia to the Balkans?

- In addition to what I said above about Washington’s policy against Russia as a separate state, there are a number of broader aspects of the geopolitical and moral-spiritual order.

For geopolitical reasons, Washington should not allow Russia’s victory on Kosovo (as well as Syria), because then the United States will be bound by legal methods, for example, by the veto of the Russian Federation in the UN Security Council. This is tantamount to perceiving Russia not as a global, but as a regionally dominant power with its own interests. Since the zone of our interests covers the entire planet, and extends not only to the border between Estonia and Russia, but further, to the inner regions of Russia itself, this is unacceptable for us.

At the same time, we, or rather, our pseudo-elites consider it necessary to dictate their conditions in the moral and spiritual terms. This means antipathy towards all traditional manifestations of Christianity, including conservative Catholicism and Protestantism within the country regarding abortion and same-sex marriage. But this especially means hatred of Orthodoxy (I call it Orthodox phobia), since Orthodoxy is the most traditional form of Christianity with respect for the religious structure, doctrine, worship of the Apostolic Church, and because Orthodoxy is the largest reservoir of traditional Christian values ​​in the modern world.

It turned out that Western modernization and consumerism caused Christianity much more harm than communism!

Russia is the largest Orthodox power, and even a defender of Orthodoxy at the state level, and this is a problem for our elites. It is sometimes thought that Washington’s Russophobia is a relic of his resistance to communism. On the contrary, our elites loved communism for its hostility to public values, especially Christianity, and for its "Progressism". But to their horror, Russia once again turned to conservative values, conscious of its religious and national heritage.

This explains why the United States, with all its rhetoric. "Fight against terrorism" (although it has no religious content, unlike jihad, when Serbs were beheaded in Bosnia and Kosovo, and Russians were in Chechnya), they always supported jihadists who were attacked by the Orthodox.

First, in Afghanistan, in 1980-s, together with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, we supported the anti-Soviet jihad Bin Laden, were the midwife al-Qaida and the Taliban. Later we sponsored al Qaeda cells and Iranian protégés in Bosnia and Kosovo in the Balkans, where “the creation of two Muslim states in the heart of Europe” was recorded by American authorities as achievements.

Then Afghanistan came again, followed by Iraq, and there, and NATO intervention in Libya. Now, together with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, we want to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Syria, which is a threat to the Orthodox population of this country.

A couple of years ago I said that the current situation coincides with the West’s vision of its relations with the East during the time of the last great Islamic offensive against Europe, when the dying Byzantium, Bulgaria and Serbia faced the invasion of the Ottoman Porte in the 15th century. The West was then frank: "We will help if you deny Orthodoxy in favor of Catholicism."

I described it in a simplified way, but the difference here is only that the West now is not a Roman Catholic monolith, as it used to be, but the most important requirement for the Orthodox East remains: “If you do not accept the Western humanity in political, social, spiritual and economic form (this collective "religion" of the Enlightenment), we will leave you to be devoured by the wolves. "

And the West will help the wolves, as he did in Kosovo.

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  1. Leisure
    Leisure 21 September 2012 06: 57
    The West does not need either Serbs, Russians, or everyone else. He needs stupid consumers of Western goods and services. Which do not care about their culture and history, Hollywood and Coca-Cola are on our heads.
    1. Che
      Che 21 September 2012 07: 28
      Russia has the opportunity to take the tactics of the USA (and the USSR, however ironic it may sound), and support healthy forces in American society through open sources, similar to those used by Washington inside Russia.

      Create their own NGOs with amers to use their own weapons, the media.

      A couple of years ago I said that the current situation coincides with the West’s vision of its relations with the East during the time of the last great Islamic offensive against Europe, when the dying Byzantium, Bulgaria and Serbia faced the invasion of the Ottoman Porte in the 15th century. The West was then frank: "We will help if you deny Orthodoxy in favor of Catholicism."

      Everything is correctly said, from time immemorial, the West has been fighting against Orthodoxy and the Russians.

      Again, take the old maps - Great Tartaria. The Tatar-Mongol yoke is such a crap against our peoples inhabiting Eurasia.
      1. T72B
        T72B 21 September 2012 07: 45
        Quote: Che
        Create their own NGOs with amers to use their own weapons, the media.

        And what will Russia be allowed to do this in the states? Not even funny.
        1. Che
          Che 21 September 2012 14: 27
          Quote: T72Б
          And what will Russia be allowed to do this in the states? Not even funny.

          They can be with us, but we are not. No gentlemen, Democrats, move in. Or recall your guardsmen.
      2. zelenchenkov.petr1
        zelenchenkov.petr1 21 September 2012 08: 05
        I support you, dear, I support! But it’s afraid that our political elite is afraid to fight the West with them, and not them, it’s as old as the world, by methods or doesn’t want to dirty its fingers with such dirt !!!
        Only on this very "... Muslims" you can get a lot of POINTS, which will not seem a little !!! But here's the question ... Who in the end ... will not seem a little?
        I am impressed by a certain CONSERVATISM of our political elite, which has been monitored recently, but also .... "Zhirikov" sometimes SHOULD be released or released !!! SHOULD !!! Let them leave ... with spits and stones ... into the vegetable garden of the West !!!
        1. vadimN
          vadimN 21 September 2012 11: 19
          Quote: zelenchenkov.petr1
          But afraid, you see, our political elite to fight the West

          But how can she not be afraid if our political elite has the West - that’s it! ... And real estate in cozy corners of Europe, and children at universities in England, and accounts in Swiss banks ... Just look at how our Duma complained against the ban on officials and deputies for real estate abroad ... That’s it.
          Western fodders cannot fight the hand that feeds them ...
        2. OSTAP BENDER
          OSTAP BENDER 21 September 2012 15: 31
          zelenchenkov.petr1! The whole problem is that our elite is not ours, it is already 100% of them! Raven, crow, eye will not peck !!!! Their influence agents are already working at the local level, namely; in regional and district administrations! (At least in Ukraine it is, and in Russia too), perhaps people like Putin and Rogozin are trying to do something, but their efforts are breaking on the rocks of overt sabotage!
      3. Fox
        Fox 21 September 2012 08: 07
        NGOs work with people ... and with animals, of which there are a lot in the USA, trainers work.
      4. Eraser
        Eraser 21 September 2012 10: 37
        Create their own NGOs with amers to use their own weapons, the media.
        Well, after all, this character is doing this. Orthodox Greek American, head of the American Council of Kovovo, deputy director of the American Institute in Ukraine, which carries out anti-NATO propaganda for Russian money, also provides PR services, for example for such people. laughing Our man, for the loot sell his mother bully
        1. them
          them 21 September 2012 12: 48
          "Our man will sell his mother for the loot." - Are you talking about yourself?
          1. Eraser
            Eraser 21 September 2012 13: 03
            No, I specifically about this person. And the fact that ours is me, so I answered this: "Create your own NGOs from amers to use their own weapons, the media." is it really so hard to understand?
            1. Eraser
              Eraser 21 September 2012 16: 39
              Easy to pass, but to substantiate the cons, the gut is thin? laughing
              1. them
                them 21 September 2012 19: 43
                Do you think that we should silently watch how the holy amers meet in every way in our affairs?
              2. Фокус
                Фокус 22 September 2012 19: 46
                You are minus because you cannot tell the truth from propaganda. A man calls a spade a spade and you philosophize about propaganda.
        2. Isr
          Isr 21 September 2012 21: 13
          You are undoubtedly right, the USSR, and now Russia, supports anyone who is engaged in anti-American activities. Americans need to introduce a law to investigate the financing of such individuals and organizations. This is not easy, but when the dirty money comes out of crazy Muslims and former (or they never are former?) Communists, then Americans will think about their carelessness.
          1. them
            them 21 September 2012 22: 51
            Isr! Well, yes, your "careless" Americans have drenched half the world with blood and, of course, they ask: are we financing the one. Like we are so naive, we don’t know where else to put the money (fortunately, there is a lot of paint in the copier). Sorry, but you are either sick in the head, or a sent Cossack.
            1. Cadet787
              Cadet787 22 September 2012 11: 51
            2. Isr
              Isr 23 September 2012 23: 15
              Quote: jimm
              You are either sick on the head, or mishandled by a Cossack.

              General rules of conduct on the site:
              a) mate in any form (open and veiled), swearing curses; insulting an opponent;
              b) inciting ethnic hatred. This also includes the use of such words and derivatives as: crest, india, Jew, bulbash, Talaponet, chock, khachik, Azer cross-eyed, b, Raska (generally speaking Russia and Russianness in a derogatory form) and other similar turns of unnatural speech

              You are violating the rules of the site. This is enough to delete your post. And to comment on the chatter about paint, blood, Xerox and other things generally not worth it.
              1. them
                them 24 September 2012 16: 32
                Isr! What about "crazy Muslims" - is it inciting ethnic hatred or insulting the faithful? Isr, double standards? Somewhere I have already seen it.
          2. Фокус
            Фокус 22 September 2012 19: 49
            Quote: Isr
            The USSR, and now Russia, supports anyone involved in anti-American activities
            - If that were true, then Assange would have been already in Russia, while you are lying so seductively and therefore rightly earn a minus.
            1. Isr
              Isr 23 September 2012 23: 21
              Quote: Focus
              while you lie sooenno
              and distort the facts. We pulled Assange here, clumsy work, there are a lot of thimbles now, become familiar.
    2. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 21 September 2012 07: 49
      Quote: Lazer
      He needs stupid consumers of Western goods and services.

      What is it you, dear, so finely represent the task of the West? Your third line is closer to the true goal of THEM, the third !!! The 3-Hots Committee clearly outlined their goals!
    3. mongoose
      mongoose 21 September 2012 08: 33
      everything flows, everything changes, about Europe, rootless internationalism is already bursting at the seams there, thanks to the "brothers" of the Muslims, who went nuts at the end of benefits and freedom wow ... speech. look at the results of Lee Pen in France, the practical legalization of neo-Nazi movements in Germany. a couple more "high-profile actions" committed by Islamists in Europe, and Europeans will remember the healthy selfishness that made Europe Europe, it will not seem a little. besides, the Jewish media (and all the media are Jewish) are already beginning to curtail the mantras about tolerance and about that. that the "poor" "hungry" Negro-Arab-Pakistanis they need because there is no one to work, if someone works from Muslims in Europe, it is the Turks
    4. Kaa
      Kaa 21 September 2012 11: 47
      Quote: Lazer
      He needs stupid consumers of Western goods and services.

      But Russia is not even included in this number of consumers, from Russia they need only one thing - self-destruction and extinction, leaving the territory and resources chosen - they, loved ones.
      1. Chukcha
        Chukcha 22 September 2012 00: 37
        This fool will die soon, but we will stay)))
        1. Isr
          Isr 23 September 2012 23: 24
          She is far from being a fool, and she was able to change the world, and the "remaining" ascribe to her words that she did not say.
    5. Adel
      Adel 22 September 2012 03: 05
      I completely agree with you Lazer, but when in the country, unfortunately, everything that is done helps American plans.
      take television as an example, even on the central channels there is a proliferation of idiotic programs about UFOs and sorcerers and debauchery.
      under the godless Soviet Union, the main programs were about achieving the national economy and science, and in the news, the first news was a new tractor about space, but now about rapists and ... there’s not a single scientific program on television, even on state channels in the press there is a complete debilitation as ordered by the State Department
      in politics, the new Democrats are acting in the same direction if in America it would have been known that the politician acquired something from the money of taxpayers not only abroad, but he would have gone to prison far and for a long time from confiscations
      therefore, they do not even hide their plans for the dismemberment of Russia, knowing earlier that no answer will be given.
      and the top keep their savings and real estate in the west and therefore such personalities as Serdyukov allow themselves to criticize their own army and weapons in the press for what it is done they heard sometime the American defense minister would speak about his army and the quality of its weapons what would become of this minister
      therefore, we must take sharp steps and remove the liberal heritage of Yeltsin and comrades and invest in our own country in army science, etc. otherwise ....
  2. aleks3897
    aleks3897 21 September 2012 07: 05
    1. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 21 September 2012 08: 13
      Quote: aleks3897

      What are you so aggressive, our friend, set up against the shit ???
      Shit is needed .... but on a short habits and with a strict neck!
      Well, it’s not worth it, OH, it’s not worth it .... that's so bloody to break shitty rights!
      1. zelenchenkov.petr1
        zelenchenkov.petr1 21 September 2012 08: 27
        "Each creature - a pair", said our Lord somehow in vain !!!
      2. SHILO
        SHILO 21 September 2012 11: 56
        Well, it’s not worth it, OH, it’s not worth it .... that's so bloody to break shitty rights!

        That yes there are other methods. yes
      3. Isr
        Isr 21 September 2012 21: 16
        Quote: zelenchenkov.petr1
        Shit is needed

        no, no, nobody needs that, democracy is needed.
    2. cool.cube2012
      cool.cube2012 21 September 2012 12: 46
      they are never two sides of the same coin.
  3. valokordin
    valokordin 21 September 2012 07: 48
    The article is interesting, however, when the destruction of the 5th column only begins, it should not be confused with the closure of the State Department grants, an unprecedented attack by all liberals on Russia and the Russian government will begin. The authorities will be remembered to dishonor them, who fed them and supported them. As soon as the State Department’s grants were closed, they immediately talked about the participation of United Russia in the use of these grants and participation in US projects .. One thing is, to steadily advance Russia's interests both outside and inside, and are not afraid of a barking progressive public. At the same time, it is necessary to show the true face of Yeltsin to everyone, not being afraid that it was he who brought them to power, to disown this destroyer and stop feeding the Yeltsin family. People in Russia will greatly support this course.
    1. Delink
      Delink 21 September 2012 08: 16
      Totally agree!
      Led by Medvedev 5, the column must be removed. And the faster the better.
      1. cool.cube2012
        cool.cube2012 21 September 2012 12: 48
        maybe headed by Putin?
        1. merkel1961
          merkel1961 21 September 2012 16: 42
          Who do you propose in return? NO-GO-GO!
          1. cool.cube2012
            cool.cube2012 21 September 2012 17: 56
            merkel1961 Who do you propose in return? NO-GO-GO! - and if you look among the Russians.
            1. Фокус
              Фокус 22 September 2012 20: 05
              Quote: cool.cube2012
              But if you look among the Russians
              Leave Putin alone if he danced to the western tune, long ago he would have received the peace prize and traveled with lectures around the world. And so long ago, the Western media have not spared dirt on him, only pictures do not print that he bites babies in the mornings, and the local 5th column has cluttered the entire Internet with anti-Putin sites and pages. I talked with a man who served in the place with him, he spoke very well about him, I think we’ll break through.
  4. Pula
    Pula 21 September 2012 07: 57
    The rise in spirituality and patriotism in Russia alarmed the West. Sales markets and raw materials in the East have been taken over the past 10 years under the control of countries that were "colonies" of the US capitalists. The Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches are not at enmity (at least openly). The USA is a country of immigrants who remember their roots. At the head of the United States is a dark-skinned man (and not killed, as predicted 4 years ago).
    Wouldn't all of you be excited?
    1. mongoose
      mongoose 21 September 2012 08: 34
      so on this and pull on the Russian Orthodox Church, because. that put it under the control of FIG
    2. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 21 September 2012 08: 43
      He suggested .... somehow ..... to transfer the capital of our Motherland to the heart and blood-vein of Russia in Tobolsk or Khanty-Mansiysk, even the government did something and somehow .... said something about this, but it died down THOUGHT SUCH, STOPPED !!! But it’s a pity that the missiles, like RUST, while flying, will be destroyed a hundred times !!!
      That's just the idea of ​​disconnecting the Primorsky Territory from Russia and they were enough !!! Are you surprised??? Well, have you started the GOVERNMENT of Primorye !? Started! The only thing left is to establish the Primorsky Principality and become INDEPENDENT of MOSCOW !!!
      Well, like that .... somehow !!! As it is!!!
  5. bask
    bask 21 September 2012 08: 21
    One chatter and earning + as in ,, syphilis ,, moral. Yesterday posted koment.v 22.10. In Moscow in the gelman gallery .. opened an exhibition in the territory of the winery. Where pro-Orthodox icons again spoil. And in the image of the Savior and saints ..... filthy heads masked by buskkkrayt .... I thought there would be a flurry of indignant comments, there is no silence. There was one comment from a satanic miscarriage that he wrote, solid de .... and .... His login S1N7T. Enough to caster amerav. THE 5TH COLUMN IS OPERATING ON THE SITE AND MOSCOW. The Zavid Muslims would have slept all this nasty thing ,,, exhibition, Orthodox Russians maybe we really deserve the fate of cattle. If we can’t protect HOLY !!!! .
    1. zelenchenkov.petr1
      zelenchenkov.petr1 21 September 2012 08: 32
      I suggest for insulting, humiliating or mocking religion and religious feelings ... give 5-10 years of strict regime or more! Holiness, spirit ... in a person should be INVALID, like other FREEDOM !!!
      1. Funker1981
        Funker1981 21 September 2012 14: 03
        But what if one religion with its convictions directly "insults, humiliates or mocks the religion and religious feelings" of another religion and vice versa. Will it be possible to imprison all adherents of both religions for 5-10 years?
      2. taseka
        taseka 21 September 2012 17: 19
        Quote: zelenchenkov.petr1
        ... give 5-10 years of high security and more!

        I remembered how in Poland in Gdansk I asked about a photograph in a city church, where two men were shot in the forest - How do you understand this? Answer - The property in the temple is the property and shrine of the people, and whoever robs the people is worthy only of death! (photo shoot of the temple robbers)
    2. mongoose
      mongoose 21 September 2012 08: 35
      gelman before jumping, a brick in the open field will fall to him
  6. badervlad
    badervlad 21 September 2012 09: 36
    The situation is getting complicated, the current leadership, led by the President of the Russian Federation, is starting to advance interesting points .. But is society ready?

    The scandal that erupted when the mandate was taken away from Gudkov Sr. is increasingly reminiscent of Bulgakov's "session of black magic with subsequent exposure." Instead of revealingly whipping the deputy who played in opposition games, United Russia itself was exposed to the blow: only the lazy does not discuss the "golden pretzels" of United Russia. And the proceedings over the business of the deputies threaten to acquire the format of the series.

    Last Thursday, the Duma commission for monitoring the income of parliamentarians summoned the top five suspects to the carpet. And these are not even characters from the "Gudkov's list", which found inaccuracies in the declarations of two dozen United Russia members, but their comrades in misfortune from the "Sergei Mitrokhin's list" are Andrei Skoch, Oleg Lebedev, Vladislav Rezink, Adam Delimkhanov and Ivan Demchenko. The leader of the Yabloko party made an inquiry about the incomes of these deputies almost a year ago, but, apparently, before that everyone didn’t get to answer his questions. And now a whole queue has lined up: on the way there are still United Russia deputies from the list of the leader of the Social Revolutionaries Sergei Mironov: Vladimir Pekhtin, Alexei Knyshov, Elena Nikolaeva, Grigory Anikeev, Sergei Yesyakov and Ilya Kostunov.

    The persecution of United Russia deputies (albeit at the level of an oral threat) is not just an attempt to pretend that the fight against corruption is a universal thing, so to speak. Here is another. Power for the first time openly demonstrates distrust of a part of the ruling class. Moreover, that part of it, which until now, it would seem, has not given (unlike the same Gudkov) reasons to doubt its loyalty.

    And this is not a special case. In the same series - the now vigorously debated law prohibiting officials from owning real estate and business abroad. The Kremlin does not even really hide the fact that it is about strengthening control over representatives of the political and business elite: the nationalization of the domestic bureaucracy is carried out in order to exclude the situation of "double loyalty" of the ruling class.

    Until recently, it seemed that most of the efforts made by the state apparatus were aimed primarily at suppressing independent civil society: draconian rally laws, the status of "foreign agents" for non-profit organizations funded from abroad, the return of the article "libel" to the criminal code ... However it suddenly turns out that the bureaucracy is no longer perceived unequivocally as the support of the regime. The "social contract" concluded at the beginning of the XNUMXs, which implied indulgence against corruption in exchange for loyalty and correct voting results, is no longer valid. This is not because it is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure correct voting results. Just the beginning of a drop in oil revenues means a sharp sequestration of the elites and the Kremlin has begun preparations for the "cutoff": examples of Arab revolutions are still fresh, when leaders instantly lost the support of the elites in the face of a protesting crowd.

    To prevent this from happening, the Kremlin is trying to "close" officials in Russia, blocking their path to retreat. The effect will be achieved not only with the help of a ban on the export of capital (which, by the way, has left the country at an accelerated pace in the past two years), but also due to the threat of possible reprisals for "regime violators" - that is why United Russia was ordered to come to grips with those who doesn't want to play by the new rules.
  7. vorobey
    vorobey 21 September 2012 10: 34
    Their task is the destruction of Russia

    how many of them were already - still alive in the photographs.
    1. neri73-r
      neri73-r 21 September 2012 11: 42
      I agree, do not get used to it, as a last resort, we will take everyone with us when they give us nuclear x ......... (wow) stick it !!! am
  8. Nevsky
    Nevsky 21 September 2012 11: 51
    Oh, what are you talking about the Middle East .... Here's what they write on the city forums of the Russian city, the founder of which was Count Vorontsov:

    "And what is the USSR? And what kind of victories did this USSR have? I don’t remember. How did the fascists harm you? What bad have they done to you personally, your relatives, your Russia? Have you or your ancestors ever seen a living fascist? Personally, I don't know a single person, either in Ukraine or in Russia, who would have suffered from the Nazis and whose relatives would have suffered from them. True, if your relatives were mercenaries and fought against them on their land, then it's another matter. "

    And I’m alone there waging war on the forum, there’s no time for everyone — grandmothers earn Russian vacationers like :(

    Then he writes to me:

    You read about fascists in another topic, and you will tell tales about the Kulikovo battle to your drunk friends near the garbage bin. Until now, in all ages, they have not found a single confirmation that the so-called Kulikovo battle was taking place. The mass of excavations shows the existence of one or another event, one or another city of the country in the most ancient times. The remains of primitive people and their camps are found, mammoths ... But nothing was left of the Kulikovo battle. How so?
    By the way, Novgorod was founded by Ukrainian princes, and once it was subordinate to Kiev, our Ukrainian capital. Like Moscow. Learn, kid! "

    And what’s the most annoying, the editor of the newspaper and the forum, a man with F, IO: Belousov Sergey Viktorovich .... and he doesn’t ban them, but ban me all the time !!!
    1. smile
      smile 21 September 2012 16: 18
      I must admit, you surprised me a lot ... I was especially struck by the passage about the Nazis who did nothing wrong to anyone .... And this, as I understand it, declares ... a resident of the land wiped out of Odessa? There are no words !!!!!!
      1. Odessa
        Odessa 21 September 2012 21: 16
        And this, as I understand it, declares ... a resident of the obliterated land of Odessa? There are no words !!!!!!

        Odessans themselves will erase anyone in powder! bully
        1. smile
          smile 21 September 2012 23: 01
          It will win !!! So they didn’t give change too weakly .. I’m not a bet and I don’t argue .... especially some Odessa residents! :)))
          I read your discussion of the functional designation of sapper blades and Martian chronicles, and then some insults to general dominance - I grinned! :)))
  9. sergo0000
    sergo0000 21 September 2012 12: 43
    Yes, I looked at your Berdyansk forum - I haven’t watched so many fascist scumbags for a long time! Well, I’m not surprised, the forum is Ukrainian! And your young people have already taken out their brains for 20 years of independence. I could not resist, I left a comment! I think I brought some to my senses! drinks
  10. Apollo
    Apollo 21 September 2012 13: 10
    Russia is able to create a fifth column in the United States, given how many dissatisfied US citizens
    The whole question is if the desire is at the top. Who will do this and will there be money for this ???
    I would love to do this.
    1. Robin_3ON
      Robin_3ON 21 September 2012 14: 05
      Quote: Apollon
      Russia is able to create a fifth column in the United States, given how many dissatisfied US citizens
      The whole question is if the desire is at the top. Who will do this and will there be money for this ???
      I would love to do this.

      The IDEA is good, only there with the 5th column they will not be cerimonized like ours. Our 5th column will soon be protected from the people, so that they won’t be beaten, otherwise the West will quickly make victims and martyrs out of them.
      from me to you +
      1. cool.cube2012
        cool.cube2012 21 September 2012 20: 33
        The most expensive commodity in the world is not gas or oil. Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich confidently stated this at the international forum "Yalta European Strategy". "This is the US budget deficit. The whole world needs the economic development of this country, it is necessary for the American economy to remain strong, and we pay for it. We pay a high price," he said.
        For some reason, a person simply became sincere. Why? Perhaps he had problems with his position and career, and therefore he is trying to gain American support, otherwise, God forbid, he will be fired to hell.
        We care about something else, Dvorkovich's words revealed what I and many others have repeatedly said: among our young reformers there are many people who sincerely believe that the phrase "what is good for General Motors is good for Russia" is a very correct phrase. And by the way, the irony is that these same people understand and share the opinion of many Americans that the phrase "what is good for General Motors is good for America" ​​is a wrong phrase.
        Personally, I was very pleased that Mr. Dvorkovich was ready for Russia to pay for the solution of American budgetary problems. I was glad that this phenomenal statement was made. Only in our country with you after such an official can remain at his post and feel good.
        Of course, the words of the deputy prime minister have some economic sense, because if the US debt crisis goes into an open form, the entire world economy will collapse and the world will fall into global depression. But this is true not only for US problems, but also for European and Chinese affairs, Americans are far from alone. Dvorkovich expresses not only his opinion, but the essence of the entire state policy of modern Russia, because unused state budget funds are not directed to modernize Russia, and 7 trillion rubles. the federal budget is lying around without movement, supporting the American financial system, and there has been no modernization, no, there are only a certain number of thieves' projects of various kinds.
        Another thing is that earlier officials were shy about expressing what they were doing so openly. Why Dvorkovich is not restrained, one can only guess: he is overheated in the sun or is trying to get support overseas before the US election.
        However, for American problems, the Russian economic resource is nothing, and even if Mr. Dvorkovich sucks Russia dry, it will help America last a month or a half. If the world falls into a global depression, the only way to survive in this global depression is to rely on your own market and those markets that you can attach to yourself. Russia currently does not even control its own market, since its leadership is not engaged in modernization. And I'm sure that theoretically we have a chance to be in time, but not with such deputy prime ministers as Dvorkovich. The possibility of modernization will appear only if the composition of the government is improved, and if the recovery process is extended to the posts of prime minister and deputy prime minister.
        Head of the Institute for Globalization, Mikhail Delyagin for Nakanune.RU
    2. Leisure
      Leisure 21 September 2012 15: 34
      I think we need to bribe senators, start with them. Everybody loves money.
  11. andrei332809
    andrei332809 21 September 2012 15: 56
    It seems to be sensible, but some sediment remains. In something it darkens, but in what? In America, the percentage of sound is at least 1%? not smart, but it is sensible
  12. escobar
    escobar 21 September 2012 16: 31
    The conclusion can be made from everything: the USA is the same fascists and their goals are fascist, they simply use more diverse and sophisticated methods.
    1. MI-AS-72
      MI-AS-72 21 September 2012 22: 06
      Or maybe still look even further into history, Zionist methods. Read the protocols, the Nazis are resting with their ideology.
  13. taseka
    taseka 21 September 2012 17: 11
    “The destruction of Russia is an important element on this agenda. The United States, or rather the“ ersatz-United States ”represented by our modern elites, will not tolerate any obstacles on the way to one-man rule as the only post-Cold War“ superpower ”and“ vanguard of the progressive of humanity. "All others, including Russia, as a relatively strong military power on the planet, are viewed as satellites or enemies." - We have known Ento for a long time and do not have silly illusions, like some liberal-pro-Western democrats!

    "But especially this means hatred of Orthodoxy (I call it Orthodoxy), since Orthodoxy is the most traditional form of Christianity with respect to the religious structure, doctrine, worship of the Apostolic Church, and because Orthodoxy is the largest reservoir of traditional Christian values ​​in the modern world." - That is why the nerdy twigs dance in our Temples!

    “If you do not accept meekly custody of the West in a political, social, spiritual and economic form (this collective“ religion ”of the Enlightenment), we will throw you to the wolves.”
  14. cool.cube2012
    cool.cube2012 21 September 2012 19: 47

    In Russia, a Russian singer was banned. Our history knows many examples of persecution of thought, word, book, song, but always secretly and secretly. Today, for the first time, this was done in publicly revealing reprisal, as a warning to everyone in whom conscience still breathes.

    On September 11, in the program of Arkady Mamontov "Provocateurs. Part Two" Vika Tsyganova, having stood up to defend Orthodoxy, criticized the organizers of the Madonna's concert in St. Petersburg. In addition to outright propaganda of homosexuality, support for Pussy Rait mixed with outrageous abuse, the highlight of the program was the destruction of the model of the temple. And all these heinous riots in the center of the northern capital in front of a crowd of thousands. The organizer of this sabbath, a certain Evgeny Finkelstein, to whom the criticism was directed, excluded all Vika Tsyganova's songs from the rotations of radio stations belonging to the PMI corporation belonging to him, including Peter FM.
    Just think about it! Finkelstein forbids a multimillion-dollar audience, the majority of which are Russian and Orthodox, to listen to their beloved Russian singer only because she dared to raise her voice in defense of Orthodoxy, morality and spiritual health of our children. But if today the owner of St. Petersburg radio stations will be able to deal with the singer with impunity for her religious beliefs, then tomorrow the Finkelshteins like him - owners of television channels, publishers and book networks will begin a satanic campaign against Russian spirituality and culture. If today it is permissible for the "offended" merchant Finkelstein to ban Viktor Tsyganov, then who will stop all these Finkelshtins tomorrow from banning the "too Orthodox" Dostoevsky and Gogol, and the day after tomorrow the Gospel ?! This is not just an insult to the feelings of believers, it is a challenge to the entire Orthodox world. We will remain silent, agree, mop up or give hands to all those who are evil-offended by our traditions and faith?
    We urge everyone who calls himself Russian and Orthodox not to stand aside. Express your position: in word, deed, ruble.
    Listeners, advertisers, all those who somehow work with Finkelstein and his company PMI, we urge you to boycott! Turn off their radio! - ban those who hate you!

    Chairman of "ROS" S. N. Baburin

    Deputy Chairman of "ROS" I. B. Mironov
  15. mind1954
    mind1954 22 September 2012 01: 52
    Before talking about countering external machinations,
    it would be necessary to deal with traitors within the country !!!
    1. lars
      lars 22 September 2012 14: 59
      And also look inside yourself! Let everyone decide whether he is Orthodox, how he thinks, what he wants, and most importantly what he does so that the children are not ashamed to look in the face and teach what they have experienced themselves. Now it is important to start with yourself - how stuck I am in the imposed values, where am I and where is Vera ?! Many fell away, dropped their hands and "let go" of the children. But there is still a chance for revival, and it must begin from within each of us. It sounds pretentious, but try to stop and see what we have been doing, what we have wanted in recent years. I am ashamed of myself.
  16. gor
    gor 22 September 2012 19: 36
    I’ll correct it a bit: Kosovo did not gain independence. Until Serbia recognizes the amputation of Kosovo and Metohija, this area is the sovereign Serbian territory occupied by NATO forces.
    Georgians, too, do not yet recognize amputation. So this territory is the sovereign Georgian territory
  17. studentmati
    studentmati 22 September 2012 21: 42
    "James George Jatras is the director of a community initiative firm." In my understanding, this is the leader of an ideological gang in relation to Russia.
  18. Sleptsoff
    Sleptsoff 22 September 2012 22: 02
    Yes, we will soon destroy ourselves. Today another drunk drove 7 people to the other world sent. In China, he would be executed for this, and we have a maximum of 9 years, and then they will probably be released under an amnesty in honor of Victory Day.