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India tested an improved version of the BrahMos anti-ship missile system from a new destroyer


India continues to develop an improved shipborne version of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. The next stage of missile testing took place on Tuesday, January 11, the press service of the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) reports.

According to a message posted by DRDO on Twitter, the next tests of the anti-ship version of the BrahMos missile took place from a surface ship. The carrier was the new Indian Navy destroyer Visakhapatnam. Details of the tests are not given, it is emphasized that the missile successfully hit the target, which was played by a sea target. The tests were carried out at Visakhapatnam, on the east coast.

It is noted that an improved version of the BrahMos supersonic anti-ship missile system is being created in the interests of the Indian fleet.

The test destroyer D66 Visakhapatnam is the lead ship of Project 15B, which entered the Indian Navy in November 2021. Project 15B is an improved version of the 15A project of the Kolkata type. The ship was designed by the Office of Naval Development of India with the participation of specialists from the Northern Design Bureau (St. Petersburg). Power plant - gas turbine, combined, type COGAG - two independent turbines for each propeller shaft. Two M36E units (4 gas turbines, two gearboxes) manufactured by Zorya-Mashproekt (Ukraine) are used as main engines. The lines of the propeller shafts were manufactured at the Baltic plant (St. Petersburg).

The destroyer is 163 meters long, 17,4 meters wide, and has a total displacement of 8100 tons. The ship can reach speeds of over 30 knots and travel up to 4000 miles without refueling. Armament - 16 BraMos anti-ship missiles in vertical launchers, an Israeli long-range air defense system LRSAM (Barak 8ER) with a 32-charge launcher, a 76-mm / 62 Leonardo (Oto Melara) Super Rapid artillery mount, four 30-mm AK-630, 533 artillery systems -mm torpedo tubes, two RBU-6000 rocket launchers.
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  1. Prapor-527
    Prapor-527 11 January 2022 14: 49
    And what is Indian in it? Beads and Kari?
    And, more money ...
    1. Jacket in stock
      Jacket in stock 11 January 2022 15: 28
      Quote: Prapor-527
      And what's Indian about her

      At least a new engine. The new GOS is better than ours. And so, on the little things.
      1. Momento
        Momento 11 January 2022 19: 29
        so I understand the Hindu zircon.
      2. Momento
        Momento 11 January 2022 19: 55
        if you look at their official website they are pushing more on the improved ramjet engine, lighter weight and dimensions. a little vague, but it is written that the new gsn using gps / glonass gives an error of 1 meter.
        in general, it is not clear where the brahmos-2 went (with 8M and a range of 1500 km), but they wrote that they will be tested in 2012. they named this rocket brahmos-ng (next generation).
  2. Thrifty
    Thrifty 11 January 2022 17: 20
    Here, at Indian shipyards and build destroyers for Russia. Buy engines through India, the rest is all ours.
    1. the Urals
      the Urals 12 January 2022 13: 00
      Of course, Ukrainians are fools ... it’s easier to throw away money right away, it will be faster. And as for the speed of building ships, then yes ... But what will their quality be for us if we order from the Chinese or Indians?