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Cossacks sent ... The pro-Russian government in Kyrgyzstan was replaced by Pentagon appointees?

Cossacks sent ... The pro-Russian government in Kyrgyzstan was replaced by Pentagon appointees?

Expert: "The new government of Kyrgyzstan consists of representatives of the Pentagon"

The public figure and the ex-presidential candidate of Kyrgyzstan Toktayim Umetalieva is sure of this.

- A few days ago, the Pentagon congratulated the cabinet on the election of Satybaldiev to the post of prime minister. What would it mean?

- It was the Pentagon’s spin doctors who worked here that worked very well. They did this in anticipation of Putin’s visit to Kyrgyzstan and the SCO meetings. In fact, today we received a governing body of the government, consisting of key Pentagon representatives in key strategic areas. The henchmen of the American White House came to power. Those individuals who have passed a number of educational schools in the West have formed a new Cabinet. The Foreign Ministry was headed by a representative of the Institute for War and Peace Lighting, other ministries - his colleagues in Western democratic institutions. The level of literacy is one thing, but the level of connections, of unity of views in one direction or another is another matter. The actions of such persons can form a cold policy in matters of promotion within the framework of the Customs Union, lobbying interests across the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other organizations. It is safe to say that the pro-Russian politicians have failed. Those people whom the Russian government moved into power were used by political consultants to accurately and beautifully in the pre-autumn parliamentary conflict. All Western institutions were silent that the new coalition agreement contradicted the Constitution, that a number of appointments were made outside the framework of the Basic Law. It seems to me that today the president is completely bestowed by pro-Western politicians, who are beautifully led by Roza Otunbayeva and her associates.

- It was said that Babanov was removed by the hands of Russia? Why would Moscow, in this case, bring pro-Western Jantoro Satybaldiev to power?

- Trick in another. Today the regional balance has been broken, that is, a system of future conflicts is being built. There is a strengthening of the southern bloc of politicians, an imbalance of the north and south in power. This factor can be fraught with certain consequences. Today, only the president with curtailed powers remained in power from the northerners. The southern factor also played in the case when the parliament almost unanimously voted for the new prime minister. The regional balance is violated by all the same political technicians who find it advantageous to promote certain individuals. These people feel perfectly inter-ethnic, inter-regional friction, skillfully manipulating them in the implementation of their projects on the influence in the country and the formation of a conflict unstable situation. The trouble with the president is that he clearly does not own many of the software projects that the West is discussing - these are FANO, the large Middle East, and others. Today, Russia and the future Eurasian unity suffered serious damage. Pro-Russian politicians knocked out of the first rows of the strongest worlds of all. However unusual this may sound, Babanov was a pro-Russian politician. His business is connected with Russia, as well as his and his colleagues Nariman Tyuleev (deputy, ex-mayor of Bishkek, who is in jail on suspicion of corruption - auth. Note). There is nothing left for the pro-Kremlin forces but to place bets on the mandrass of the Kyrgyz people on political and party issues, on the dissolution of parliament.

- How long will the new cabinet last?

- Of course, forecasts are generally not bright. Everything will depend on the alignment of foreign policy forces, decision-making on key strategic issues and, above all, on the issues of the water and energy complex, and on the priorities that we will consolidate after Vladimir Putin’s visit.

- Does Kyrgyzstan realize joint projects with Russia, because this week agreements on Kambar-Ata and the Naryn hydropower plant cascade should be signed?

- It depends, again, on foreign policy influence and on real readiness on equal conditions of both parties to make a non-verbal constructive decision.

- Will Putin's arrival be able to solve the pro-American problem?

“Putin will not be able to solve anything in the government scenario.” It is unlikely that his visit will play a major role in changing the policy in this area .. It is possible that a new show will be organized by his arrival. In order to change the balance of forces, the leadership of Russia must radically change its positions, tactics and cooperation strategy, move away from the waiting position, strengthen the work on integrating the civilian sector. Unfortunately. Moscow officials and political consultants see only officials, forgetting about the powerful potential of the civil sector, which is effectively used by Western institutions. Today, the Ministry of Justice counts over 9 of thousands of organizations of LLC, NGOs with foreign participation, and among them there are rather weak indicators with the participation of Russian citizens, while we represent the country with the largest Russian-speaking population as a percentage of other CIS republics. It is necessary to move from concrete statements about Eurasian unity and customs union to concrete actions, if the visit proceeds in this vein, it can acquire a completely new character, breaking out of the framework of the usual visits.

- Where will ex-head of government Babanov go?

- In Babanov, to a greater extent it is not a politician who is to be considered, but a businessman who, having come into politics, preserves an entrepreneurial philosophy. Babanov can form a strong enough opposition, at the head of which the West will try to pull out its "bulldozers", in particular, the same Mr. Beknazarov or Madame Otunbayeva.

- Why did you put Otunbayev in these ranks?

- She has always been there and today she already opposes the president, her actions are aimed at the destruction of the pro-Russian figures, in particular the most recent, the president himself. As they say, look for a woman. She tactfully substituted Premier Babanov, skillfully manipulating the destruction of strong political players. Under the guise of settling bills for the ex-prime minister before Atambayev, she carries out her secret work, relying on the offended. She went along with Tekebayev with people promoting anti-Russian sentiments, in particular with the former head of the Presidential Administration, Emilbek Kaptagayev, and she is conducting an active, undeclared election campaign by region, relying on funds from international donor institutions. Its behind-the-scenes actions on attempts to form the necessary blocks, both in opposition and in power, are well visible.

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  1. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 21 September 2012 06: 43
    hmm, pentoses are getting closer and closer to Russia
    1. Ataturk
      Ataturk 21 September 2012 09: 15
      Uzbekistan and now minus Kyrgyzstan. In another article, the Kazakh president is also stirring up water. In the course he is in line. The Belarusian president is also clear. Tajiks also squeeze Russia, raised the price to 300 million per base. The CSTO can already be dissolved. As wrote in a previous article, the reality is

      1. spender
        spender 21 September 2012 10: 02
        What kind of "stuffing", amers are being driven from Kyrgyzstan after 2014, ours signed a base agreement !!!! hi
        Here from an amersky article, on the contrary, they are afraid of Russia's strengthening in Kyrgyzstan

        The Russian president, visiting Thursday Kyrgyzstan, a republic in Central Asia, entered into a new agreement with Kyrgyz leader Almazbek Atambayev. It will strengthen Russia's military and economic presence in this former Soviet region as the country prepares for the Americans to leave the Kyrgyz Manas base, which is scheduled for 2014..

        Putin managed to extend the lease term of the Kant airbase, where there are about 600 Russian employees and a small squadron of aircraft. Kyrgyzstan’s request to increase the cost of rent, which would exceed the $ 4,5 million that Russia has paid annually to Kyrgyzstan for almost ten years, was not satisfied, but Putin agreed to gradually write off the Kyrgyz debt to Russia, which is almost half a billion dollars.

        In exchange for this, Moscow will receive large stakes in some sectors of the Kyrgyz economy - especially the Dastan torpedo plant, located near the remote lake Issyk-Kul. Post-Soviet Russia has long concealed the fact of the existence of the plant, because it produces high-speed underwater missiles, the VA-111 Shkval, which are one of the most advanced weapons in the world.

        And what about the American base Manas, which Kyrgyzstan has repeatedly received requests to close from the Kremlin, Atambayev said he recently informed Washington that the US would have to vacate the base after its lease expired in 2014. In a joint statement, the two leaders said that “Manas is a civilian airport and that, starting in 2014, it will become a real civilian airport. There will be no American presence here. ". Putin denies that he somehow influenced Kyrgyzstan’s decision to expel the United States from Manas.

        According to some reports, The Kyrgyz government is virtually bankrupt. The budget deficit in the country for the second year in a row reaches 30%. In addition to debt relief Russia is offering up to $ 5 billion for a line of hydroelectric power station and other critical infrastructure. Russia's growing influence coincides with Putin’s plan to create a Eurasian Union from former Soviet states, which should be the counterweight to the United States. and restore some of the economic and strategic ties lost by Russia during the collapse of the USSR twenty years ago. Moscow, increasingly worried about the threat of chaos in the region due to the planned withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan in 2014, is also taking steps to strengthen ties with Tajikistan, another former Soviet republic adjacent to Afghanistan.

        “The presence of the Russian military component in the region, both in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, will be a significant factor in stability,” Putin said during a joint press conference with Atambayev on Thursday. Atambaev seemed to agree. A common history and common destiny connects us with Russia. Without Russia, we have no separate future, " - he said.

        Original publication: Russia bolsters influence in Kyrgyzstan as US nears airbase exit

        Опубликовано: 20/09/2012 19:54
        1. Kaa
          Kaa 21 September 2012 11: 03
          Quote: spender
          What kind of "stuffing"

          Good afternoon! It's high time to get used to it, since the informational component of the 6th generation wars has long been in full swing. And this opus, it seems to me, is intended to incite the old slogan: "Enough with the former republics to clatter" and, incidentally, "What a mediocre Russian leadership." Repeat a thousand times, like a mantra - a neighbor is a fool - and, gradually, you yourself will believe it ... even if he is an academician, and you have 2 classes and 3 corridors ... fool
          1. Trance
            Trance 21 September 2012 19: 33
            Kaa,Repeat a thousand times, like a mantra - a fool-neighbor - and, gradually, you yourself will believe it ... even if he is an academician

            Kaa, the situation in those parts is really bad:

            Beaten and convicted for faith
            21.09.2012 - 15: 21

            Disabled childhood Natalya Pleshakova and her mother, Orthodox Christians, were brutally beaten by police in Tashkent and convicted of missionary work.

            At about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the gate of their house on Oak Uyl (Good Way) Street in Tashkent was torn down and six strong men with sticks and bats burst into the yard. According to Uznews, Natalya, who moves with the help of “walkers,” came out to meet them, barely having time to hide. To the frightened question “who are you, where are you from?”, The girl received the first blow, dragged her along the ground into the kitchen ...

            Six healthy men turned the house upside down, one stubbornly searched for documents for the house, the other dumped icons, bibles, Orthodox calendars, prayer books in two bags. And all this happened under the supervision of a local district policeman, who was filming on a cell phone, trying to catch the moment when Natalya or her mother, Valentina Semenovna, would try to brush aside blows streaming from the hail.

            All this went on for several hours. Then a minibus arrived with several submachine gunners in camouflage and masks, and everything continued in the 303rd office of the Mirabad District Department of Internal Affairs of Tashkent, where they brought Natalya and Valentina Semenovna.

            There Natalya is offered to accept ... Islam. Say, he is better than Christianity ...

            The next day, women turn to the district prosecutor's office, where they refuse to accept the application. And soon they will be taken to court. There, two law enforcement officers are assigned to the Pleshakovs.

            Judge B. Ermatov spent about “five minutes”, as the women claim, and ordered them to go home without even reading the order. And only a week later they got it in their hands.

            The court found that the women resisted the police, kept forbidden religious literature at home, and therefore were already engaged in missionary work. Punishment is a fine of 20 minimum salaries each.

            1. Kaa
              Kaa 22 September 2012 00: 00
              Quote: Trance
              Natalya Pleshakova and her mother, Orthodox Christians, were brutally beaten by police in Tashkent

              1. Tashkent is not Kyrgyzstan.
              2. Protection of Russians in the near and far abroad, as a task, is not canceled.
              3. Refusing to maintain influence in the post-Soviet space means fulfilling the wishes of the Brzezinski and the like, passed already in the 90s, and now we’ll dissolve it.
              4. There are scoundrels everywhere, including and in the Russian police, and the Ukrainian police.
              5. A demonstration of such an attitude towards Russians and Orthodoxy was already observed in Chechnya in 1991-1994, and not only, therefore, someone needs this.
              6. Based on paragraph 5, this disgrace must be stopped, but it is necessary to maintain a presence in Central Asia. An example is after the Khasavyurt agreements, they will be remembered by night, almost all of Russia has not blazed.
              Well, and about the mantras, it concerns us more, let's not ... Hare Krishnas.
        2. nycsson
          nycsson 21 September 2012 18: 42
          Quote: spender
          What kind of "stuffing", amers are being driven from Kyrgyzstan after 2014, ours signed a base agreement !!!!

          Amer under him will dig the earth to correct the situation in the Kyrgyz direction! We must wait and then everything will be clear!
      2. kush62
        kush62 21 September 2012 15: 50
        As in the previous article, I write that there is a third "ally" ataturk. We can't figure it out without him. Well, there are such stubborn dirty tricksters, horror and nothing more.
      3. Melchakov
        Melchakov 21 September 2012 17: 06
        Comrade, do not follow the latest developments. The base in Tajikistan will remain free. We are gaining strength in Kyrgyzstan, they promise to drive out the amers.
    2. Melchakov
      Melchakov 21 September 2012 17: 05
      sasha 19871987,
      Article 2 years ago.
  2. dmitrich
    dmitrich 21 September 2012 07: 30
    and they look like brother and sister.
  3. tm70-71
    tm70-71 21 September 2012 08: 36
    We found an expert, it’s the same as Navalny asking about the Russian Prime Minister an air force interview
  4. valokordin
    valokordin 21 September 2012 08: 58
    Anyone who is not knowledgeable in politics, especially with relations with Kyrgyzstan, may agree with this article. I do not know anything in this direction of politics, but if that is so, then Putin needs to express this directly to the Bishkek leadership and there is no need for diplomacy.
  5. Apollo
    Apollo 21 September 2012 18: 10
    No comments

    Kyrgyz expert: Russian leadership makes concessions to Bishkek on many issues

    "Based on the results of the visit, it can be stated that the parties have achieved the desired results," said independent expert Temir Jumakadyrov, commenting on the results of the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Kyrgyzstan to REGNUM news agency ................... .......... Another point to which attention should be paid is that the Russian leadership made certain concessions to Kyrgyzstan in many areas, "Temir Dzhumakadyrov emphasized ........... ............................ Regarding the issue of the strength of the agreements reached, Temir Dzhumakadyrov said that "it depends on several factors." -first, on the financial capabilities of Russia. After all, the agreements reached presuppose a decent amount of financial injections into Kyrgyzstan. Second, it depends on how much Kyrgyzstan itself adheres to the general principles on the basis of which the agreements were signed. Here a key role will be played by the firmness of Kyrgyzstan's position in relation to the Transit Center (the former US Manas airbase - REGNUM news agency's comment). Thirdly, it depends on the situation in the Central Asian region, "the expert believes. According to Temir Jumakadyrov, Putin's current visit to Kyrgyzstan is connected, among other things, with the way that official Tashkent has changed its attitude to the integration processes in the region. , Uzbekistan's withdrawal from the CSTO and, at the same time, an open rapprochement with the West. "In this situation, Russia needed to strengthen its positions in our region. From this point of view, the visit of Vladimir Putin to Kyrgyzstan can be perceived as an open allusion to the official Tashkent, "he said ........................... .... The local ruling elite is receiving political dividends, appealing to the success in bilateral relations. Russia, in turn, has clearly defined its presence in the region and identified key priorities in Central Asia, "concluded Temir Jumakadyrov

    full text regnum.rf / news / russia / 1573241.html
  6. The gentleman
    The gentleman 21 September 2012 19: 23
    one can argue here, but so far no one can determine exactly what and how. the fact that they met with Obama does not say that the eyes have gone west. and no one will guarantee that the money of the West will not be hunted again by any family and people again but the experience of popular uprising is available