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January 10 - Day of the Mechanical Engineer of the Navy


January 10 is the Day of the Mechanical Engineer of the Navy. In modern Russia, the holiday appeared in 1996, after it was approved by order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, but it began to be celebrated long before that.

For the first time, the "Regulations on the Corps of Mechanical Engineers of the Naval Department" was approved on December 29, 1854 (January 10, 1855 in a new style) by the Russian Emperor Nicholas I. Since then, this date is considered a holiday for these naval specialists.

The imperial decree of the emperor not only renamed the naval engineers servicing the "steamship machines" as mechanical engineers of the maritime department, but also determined the staffs and timesheets of the created Corps for the Baltic and Black Sea fleets, as well as the terms and conditions of production from rank to rank, monetary allowance, etc. .d.

In its form, the Corps of Mechanical Engineers existed until 1886, when Emperor Alexander III reorganized, introducing five positions for ship engineers: inspector of mechanical parts, flagship mechanical engineer, senior mechanical engineer, assistant senior mechanical engineer, junior engineer- mechanic. For mechanical engineers, 300 positions were identified that they could occupy on ships. In 1905, general military ranks were introduced for mechanical engineers, naval ranks were returned only in 1913 with the prefix "mechanical engineer".

During Soviet times, mechanical engineers continued to serve in the USSR Navy. Mechanical engineers serve in the BC-5 (electromechanical warhead), ensuring the operational safety of the ship. The commander of the BCh-5 heads one of the most numerous naval divisions, which includes three divisions: movement, survivability and electrical. The mechanics are definitely better than many other crew members know the structure of the ship, carrying out its maintenance at any time of the day, at sea and at the base. The ship is alive as long as its electromechanical warhead is alive and its equipment is in good working order.

Congratulations on your professional holiday to all those involved!
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VKontakte / Ministry of Defense of Russia

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  1. tatra
    tatra 10 January 2022 07: 33
    How many senseless "holidays" were invented by the enemies of the communists, but for 30 years after their seizure of the republics of the USSR, they did not have a single truly national holiday, which was the case in the USSR on May 1, May 9, November 7.
    1. tralflot1832
      tralflot1832 10 January 2022 07: 57
      Dear, do not touch the saint, the 2nd Sunday of July and the last Sunday of July, who invented our holidays!
    2. Motorist
      Motorist 10 January 2022 20: 24
      Quote: tatra
      How many senseless "holidays" were invented by the enemies of the communists ... not a single truly national holiday

      Are you so angry because you don't have a bike? Why are mechanics not a people to you?

      To mechanics: Happy Holidays, colleagues! drinks
    3. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 12 January 2022 00: 23
      Quote: tatra
      How many senseless "holidays" have the enemies of the communists invented?

      belay Actually, among the friends of the communists in this matter, there was also a variety, moreover, a more global one, because it also took "foreign countries".
      Ali is not a pompous man? wink Come on ... Uncle Mitya: "Tellingly, Bastille Day was wasted..." laughing So, we open the "date calendar" (tear-off calendar, if we remember) for ... well, let's say, for 1973 ... and we learn a lot of new and useful things. fellow yes hi
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 10 January 2022 07: 38
    Happy Marine Electromechanics! soldier While buzzing and spinning - even a ship, even a boat will complete its task.
    Happy Holidays again and don't overdo it with awl! drinks
    1. Vladimir_2U
      Vladimir_2U 10 January 2022 08: 03
      The commander of the BCh-5 heads one of the most numerous naval divisions, which includes three divisions: movement, survivability and electrical

      Special hold! Whatever that means! laughing
      Congratulations to my stepfather, Boris Efimovich!
      1. Non-fighter
        Non-fighter 10 January 2022 13: 02
        Special hold! Whatever that means! laughing

        Special hold - BCH-5 sailors serving a nuclear reactor.
  3. faiver
    faiver 10 January 2022 07: 45
    happy naval techies drinks
  4. Sharky
    Sharky 10 January 2022 07: 48
    I join in the congratulations! Congratulations, colleagues! drinks.
    No power supplies and good supply of spare parts!
    ODERVIT 10 January 2022 07: 56
    Happy Holidays !!!
    The main mechanics. wink
    1. Waterways 672
      Waterways 672 10 January 2022 08: 42
      Quote: ODERVIT
      Mechanics home

      The navigator and the senior mechanic argued on the ship, whose work is more difficult. Well, we decided to change - whoever comes first from another to ask for advice, he lost. The navigator is sitting in the car, everything is fine. Then a few days later the bearing began to warm up. Whatever they did to him, nothing helps. When it was about to jam, there was nothing to do, the navigator went to surrender. He comes to the navigator's cabin, so and so, yours took - the bearing is warming up, but I can not do anything. Starmech draws something on the map and is thoughtfully like this: "How can he not get warm, we are walking through the desert for the third day.
  6. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 10 January 2022 08: 02
    Happy holiday to everyone who is related to the warfare unit 5. Happiness, health of the former and current. For the current, only routine maintenance, no accidents and breakdowns. On the question of who is on duty, the answer is: Computer! hi drinks
  7. Serg65
    Serg65 10 January 2022 08: 11
    Happy Holidays, Shit Kings and Couple !! soldier drinks
  8. Doccor18
    Doccor18 10 January 2022 08: 30
    Happy holiday of all furs of ships! How many of them did not know, the guys are all colorful and solid, they knew their business well, powerful, and a pig of kg. at 60 they could raise and one and a half liters in one pour, and after less tenacious colleagues spend ...
  9. Soldatov V.
    Soldatov V. 10 January 2022 08: 47
    My congratulations to the mechanical engineers of the Navy. I would like to remind you that an engineer is translated from English as a mechanic. And it would be correct to name the ship mechanic. In civilian life, a ship mechanic.
    Higher in terms of knowledge and skills is probably a technologist-designer of spacecraft.
    Most of all, the ship is loved by the chief engineer of the ship. For him, this is a living being. Every day he listens to the heart of the ship, the main and auxiliary engines. There was even a device like a stethoscope for doctors. Now I don’t know, but before, if a mechanic was written off ashore, he was taken to any enterprise, especially to shipbuilding and ship repair plants. One of my classmates was even the director of a piano factory. The piano was called "Yenisei". And the other was the director of a shoe factory, then he privatized it.
    My toast is "To the noise of the propellers, to the light in the windows" seven feet under the keel of a happy sailing, dear sailors! drinks soldier drinks love
  10. Vladimir Mashkov
    Vladimir Mashkov 10 January 2022 18: 14
    Happy holiday to all fellow mechanics!
  11. Kushka
    Kushka 10 January 2022 22: 27
    I would like to remind you that an engineer is translated from English as a mechanic.
    To remind those who got confused about the spelling of the word "engineer"
    (through "and". or through "e") there was a hint:
    An engineer is one who brings little money to his wife! - worked flawlessly.
    Happy holiday of mechanical engineers, a lot of reliability and a lot of money for you!