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Romnibam or Obaromni: feel the difference

Not so long ago, a series of materials was published on the Military Review devoted to who would be preferable for Russia as the new American president. The conclusion has matured about the following: as they say, horseradish radish is not sweeter. Softly creeping Barack Obama, by and large, is no better and no worse from the point of view of taking into account the interests of the Russian Federation than Mitt Romney, a candidate from the Republican Party who is eager to fight.

In principle, to expect from any American president (presidential candidate) of any kind of indulgence in the address of our country is completely meaningless. At all times, if such indulgences took place, new demands appeared in exchange, and new pressure was exerted on other issues. Such a policy of substitutions, which is present in terms of the relations of the highest American politicians to Russia.

But if we had time to speculate on how Obama is better or worse than Romney for Russia, now it is worth raising the question, and who in the current situation of the two candidates would be preferable for the United States themselves? Who can solve a whole heap of urgent problems in the USA, problems of both economic and political nature.

So, first we should pay attention to the slogans with which Barack Obama went to the polls at the previous elections. Here, first of all, it is necessary to touch on the economic promises of the current president, because in the United States recently the internal economic situation is the main issue for the voter.

During the pre-election race of the last political season in the United States, Obama said that the Bush administration had brought the situation to an economic stalemate: the number of unemployed reached 25 million people, the national debt grew by leaps and bounds, the credit system was virtually destroyed. Obama said it was time to start a new economic policy. Even his slogan “We (USA) need changes” became a serious incentive for the majority of Americans to vote precisely for the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party. Everyone in Obama’s accusations against Bush and his ineffective policies saw a bitter reality and seriously expected the new president, with the support of the new administration, to make a real difference.

Although Barack Obama turned out to be in the presidency, the impression was that the economic policy that had been pursued in the country since January 2009 remained absolutely the same as was the case under Republican George W. Bush. And if we take into account the fact that during the pre-election race Obama himself was slinging mud at the previous administration, stating that it was Bush who had plunged the country into a financial crisis, it becomes completely unclear why the economic levers of managing the country were left the same ...

There is one consideration on this point: Obama, together with his associates, might have been glad to undertake a large-scale economic reform, but only new points of this possible reform would either look utopian in advance, or lead to the same system in a suspicious way. in the US economy managed to emerge. It’s like an old joke: “Whatever we do, it’s still a rocket.” So are the Americans: the Republicans were in power, the economic crisis turned out, the democrats came to power - the first crisis worsened, the second began to be born. Apparently, for the American economy, this entire change of presidents is absolutely meaningless. With the same success, even a cat or a crow can be planted in the White House, because the economy will still develop along the path once planned.

And if for the time being, economic difficulties were used exclusively as a subject for a pre-election attack of a new candidate for the old president (or for a candidate from the party represented by the current president), and this attack was supported by many US citizens, today, if someone from the US citizens believe the words of the next presidential candidate who promises to overcome the crisis and reduce public debt, then this person can be called a complete optimist. Apparently, it is precisely the finished optimists who are going to rake Mitt Romney under his wing, who today declares that he is the main force that is able to cope with the economic turmoil in the United States. Oh well…

It is even possible not to go to any fortuneteller to predict that if Romney replaces Obama in the White House, the economic policy will still remain the same. Also, the Fed will announce new programs of quantitative easing, based on the printing press, endlessly drawing dollars. Apparently, in the United States, such a policy is simply passed down from generation to generation, as some kind of security certificate of a certain community. And this very community informs any candidate that you can criticize it as much as you like, but as soon as you take the presidency (if you take it), you pretend that you are going to reform something economically, but don’t touch anything with your hands. For several generations of American presidents (both Republicans and Democrats) they are doing this.

Now it is worth touching on another issue, namely, the foreign policy of the United States in terms of both a possible change of president and Barack Obama’s hypothetical second term. Here, again, you need to turn to the slogans with which the current owner of the American White House went into battle. I remember that he declared the desire to make the United States truly respected in the world a country. To do this, Obama was going to stop all the wars started under George W. Bush, close the Guantanamo prison and the secret CIA prison in Europe, start a new phase of relations with both his allies and those who in recent years have been accustomed to be considered the main American opponents: Russia and China.

Four years have passed, and again the feeling that the bacillus called “George Bush” has ultimately infected Barack Obama has not left. The Americans not only did not see the real end of hostilities and a complete victory over terrorism, but also felt even more hateful views on their part from representatives of various countries. The prison at Guantanamo continues its “educational process”. Having risen, there was Obama's rating after he launched the flywheel of the democratic revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East, in recent days (and this is the height of the election race) it began to plummet, which the Republicans gladly use. The same Romney declares Obama’s political weakness, which has allowed mass anti-American demonstrations throughout the Islamic world and is not taking active steps to punish those who stood behind the Benghazi murders of American diplomats.

Naturally, many Americans are already applauding these words of Romney: they say, would have been such a person like you, Mitt, now in power, all these Libyans, Egyptians and other suddenly manifested anti-Americanists would know what a “kuzkina mother” is in an American way.
True, the whole trouble is that from the American "smuggling mother" already begins to feel sick to many. Presidents come and go, and the overwhelming desire to get involved in conflicts in which no one expects the presence of Americans, continues in a strange way. The Republican Bush was sitting in the White House - brutal wars were unleashed, which claimed hundreds and thousands of lives for both soldiers of the enemy’s armies and civilians and American citizens, by the way. Democrat Obama came to the White House - nothing has changed in this regard. People in various countries continue to die from American military aggression, just as the Americans themselves continue to die from inevitable retaliatory strikes.

Even if Romney replaces Obama as president, nothing will change for the United States in terms of foreign policy. American citizens will also be sent to overseas territories to establish the "democratic order", coffins covered with national flags will still come back. And to cut this Gordian knot for several decades is impossible for either the Democrats or the Republicans.

In this regard, it is generally possible, in order to save money in the USA, to add one last name to the voting lists: Romnibam or Obaromni. Here, as they say, and feel the difference, gentlemen, American citizens ...

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  1. andrei332809
    andrei332809 20 September 2012 08: 31
    Apparently, the amers have driven themselves into a corner. And whoever was in power, improvements are simply impossible to achieve. as they said when the USSR-America rolls down a sloping ditch. it turns out to be right
    1. Ustas
      Ustas 20 September 2012 08: 44
      Quote: andrei332809
      Apparently, the amers drove themselves into a corner.

      This is greatly facilitated by the two party system of indirect US presidential elections. All other parties (if they suddenly appear) are simply not allowed. And the existing US parties (Republican and Democratic) are actually led by a handful of oligarchs led by the Fed.
      1. Redpartyzan
        Redpartyzan 20 September 2012 09: 21
        Indeed, remember Obama's promises about building relations with Russia. As a result, neither Jackson-Wennik has been canceled nor about not being rolled up. The difference is zero. Let at least Bzezhinsky become their president.
      2. wax
        wax 20 September 2012 13: 28
        The primary economy, not the party system. Dollar hegemony will ultimately destroy the United States as soon as real centers of economic and military power appear, the stability of which will not be tied to the dollar. The collapse of the United States will happen in this century, unless, of course, they do not disrupt the world war.
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 20 September 2012 08: 50
      Quote: andrei332809
      and whoever is in power, improvement is simply no longer possible

      One black another white - that’s all the difference request And if there is no difference, why should Amers finally have an election? winked
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 20 September 2012 08: 52
        and the election to zombie their own people. they say you have freedoms and you decide how to live. in short, a fairy tale for the average man
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 20 September 2012 09: 24
          Quote: andrei332809

          Hi drinks
          Quote: andrei332809

          and elections to zombie their own people. Like, you have freedom, and you decide how to live.

          People in America do not decide, everything is decided by completely different people, and zombies, well, so zombies are easier to manage than thinking people hi
      2. Vadivak
        Vadivak 20 September 2012 10: 02
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        And if there is no difference, why the amers finally need elections

        And this show is the presidential election, hamburgers, flags, Coca-Cola, ...
      3. Kaa
        Kaa 20 September 2012 15: 20
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        One black another white - that’s all the difference

        Good afternoon. Two funny geese, I agree, but there is one caveat. - “The religion of Mitt Romney, who belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly referred to in the press as the Mormon Church), became the focus of what is called the“ Mormon moment ”in America.” Much defamation was directed at the Church during the primaries and according to various studies, both conservative Christians and liberals were strongly opposed to having a Mormon in the White House.According to a 2011 Gallup study, the Mormon religion ranks third in opposition, behind only a candidate atheist (49%) and gay (32%). "
        In my opinion, for the Americans, the optimal candidate would be the one with 32%, but, "in the absence of a stamp, they write in simple.", I put on Romney. Mormons are still those guys ... funny ... esotericism ... polygamy, in general, it won't be boring with such a condom. And we have only one ... date, they don't care about religion, if that ...
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 20 September 2012 15: 28
          Quote: Kaa
          I put it on Romney.

          Hi Kaa, may he not become president, he will always fall into trouble and will not stretch the American economy until the elections, this time there will be no shorter elections in America hi
          1. Kaa
            Kaa 20 September 2012 15: 59
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            he won’t become president, he constantly gets into trouble and the American economy doesn’t last until the elections, this time there will be no shorter elections in America

            Hello, Alexander, that there will be no elections - your words, yes, to God. And as for a hitch, so that Reagan and Bush Jr. weren’t cheating, they were president, they rewound them for two terms. The American project is nearing its logical conclusion, and there were so many other ideas - a female president, a gay president, you never know. Maybe they’ll try Mormon in the end, here’s the fight against drunkenness and alcoholism, and then, you see, and Perestroika UWB is just around the corner ...
            1. Alexander Romanov
              Alexander Romanov 20 September 2012 16: 07
              Quote: Kaa
              The American project is nearing its logical conclusion,

              The American project has already been closed, but the date of the "official" announcement of this will be later, somewhere in October. I set a box of vodka for October that America will be covered with a copper basin and the closer the deadline, the more confidence that everything will be so hi
              1. Kaa
                Kaa 20 September 2012 16: 11
                Quote: Alexander Romanov
                I put a box of vodka in October that America would be covered with a copper basin

                I would be guided somewhere in December-January, after all, the Mayan predictions, the term of the Fed, the 2012 blockbusters ... it's not a sin to dream. good
                1. Alexander Romanov
                  Alexander Romanov 20 September 2012 16: 24
                  Quote: Kaa

                  I would be guided somewhere in December-January, after all, Mayan predictions,

                  Well, if predictions, then Wang said the black president of America will be the last president of the United States - all the amb negative
                  1. Kaa
                    Kaa 20 September 2012 19: 00
                    Quote: Alexander Romanov
                    Wang said black president of america will be the last president of the United States -all amba

                    Well, then for the repose of her soul, entot box and bite, I will join, from the Ukrainian is far ... October, January, it does not matter.
    3. Vadivak
      Vadivak 20 September 2012 10: 00
      Quote: andrei332809
      and whoever is in power

      It makes no difference, in power bank capital is an axiom
    4. ImpKonstantin
      ImpKonstantin 20 September 2012 10: 58
      It is possible to achieve, there would be a desire, as they say. The nationalization of the economy and the limitation of liberalization - this is the way of a total change of affairs in a positive direction and, first of all, the nationalization of the Fed and the state. control over the release of the dollar.
      But one misfortune, the president, who will try to initiate this, to wait for the same sad fate as Kennedy.
      1. INTER
        INTER 20 September 2012 11: 25
        But what's the difference between Roma Both? They are dolls on ropes, nothing depends on them. wassat
  2. Russlana
    Russlana 20 September 2012 08: 42
    The USA is just a club, but in whose hands?
    1. Uncle
      Uncle 20 September 2012 09: 24
      In the hands of Israel, Hitler called the United States a "Jewish shop". Although from the outside it seems quite the opposite.
    2. baltika-18
      baltika-18 20 September 2012 10: 23
      Quote: Russlana

      The USA is just a club, but in whose hands?

      In the hands of the world, let’s say the oligarchy. There are three points of financial power in the world: Washington DC, the City of London, the Vatican. Each of these territorial entities has its own constitution and its own laws, independent of the laws of the states in whose territory these entities are located. If briefly without going into details: Rothschild with comrades and the like.
      1. Russlana
        Russlana 20 September 2012 10: 56
        The saddest thing is that ordinary Americans will have to pay. Although, there is an opinion that the people are responsible for their rulers.
    BARKAS 20 September 2012 09: 11
    It was necessary in the 80s to divide the CPSU into two wings and let them rule in turn. here you have democracy, freedom. But the main thing is not any revolution.
  4. JonnyT
    JonnyT 20 September 2012 09: 37
    The same eggs, only in profile .......

    The president in the USA is a tame monkey in the hands of a trainer, who will say what he does. But no one chooses a trainer
  5. Sars
    Sars 20 September 2012 09: 39
    Americans need to choose an ass for two terms, an elephant for two terms, and approve a viper and a dog for the post of secretary of state.
    1. lewerlin53rus
      lewerlin53rus 20 September 2012 13: 09
      Quote: SarS
      choose a donkey for two terms, an elephant for two terms, and approve a viper and a dog for the post of secretary of state.

      And there it is. That Obama's ass, that Romney’s elephant. And the secretary of state is the viper, the Rondist, the mad dog, Hilaya Klitorsha
  6. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 20 September 2012 09: 41
    what a plague, what a cholera, no difference ...
  7. volcano
    volcano 20 September 2012 10: 04
    In this regard, in order to save money in the USA, it is possible to add one last name to the voting lists:

    ROTSHILD (NU or ROCKEFELLER) although judging by the latest rumors it would be more correct ROCKEFELLERS_ROTSHILD ....

    they have another tandem there .. am
  8. d.gksueyjd
    d.gksueyjd 20 September 2012 10: 54
    "Horseradish radish is not sweeter" The United States has been pursuing an anti-Russian policy for the last 100 years
    1. Russlana
      Russlana 20 September 2012 11: 05
      You know, it seems to me more and more that Catherine the Great made a mistake by not sending troops to America to help the British during their war of independence.

      Although England was then the main rival of the Russian Empire ...
      1. volcano
        volcano 20 September 2012 12: 33
        Quote: Russlana
        You know, it seems to me more and more that Catherine the Great made a mistake by not sending troops to America to help the British,

        I’ll tell you more ... there is infa that they sent help just to the Americans (two regiments in my opinion .. I don’t remember exactly)
    BARKAS 20 September 2012 11: 16
    Donkey and donkey is this one animal or similar but different representatives of the animal world can only a different suit? Most know the answer and do not argue.
  10. Bekzat
    Bekzat 20 September 2012 11: 45
    Good day Everyone, I think there were two presidents in the United States who broke from the rules: Lincoln, Kennedy. You know the fate of these presidents. Therefore, the rest of the presidents try not to deviate from the "planned plan."
  11. cucun
    cucun 20 September 2012 11: 52
    A simple, childish question: What does it matter to us who their president is?
  12. Averias
    Averias 20 September 2012 13: 22
    In my opinion, there is not much difference, Obama or Romney. Indeed, it is not they who rule. Or am I wrong?
  13. Rashid
    Rashid 20 September 2012 15: 50
    As Joseph Vissarionovich said, "Both are worse."
  14. d.gksueyjd
    d.gksueyjd 20 September 2012 16: 02
    In the most "democratic" country of the USA, there is no direct election of the president by the people! The presidents are elected the same way as Yeltsin was elected in 1996. "DEMOCRACY"!
  15. Gorchakov
    Gorchakov 20 September 2012 19: 53
    Radish horseradish is not sweeter ... The methods are a little different, but the goal is one !!! But I think Romney will be preferable, because he is an open enemy of Russia, which is more honest with us. It is better to deal with the enemy than with a strategic partner and a friend who is ready to turn a knife into your back when turning his back .... An honest enemy is better than a flatterer-partner-democrat !!!
  16. Gromila555
    Gromila555 20 September 2012 20: 34
    As long as America has a Fleet and the Army, it will fall / fall apart nowhere. Such slogans were under the USSR, well, or almost such, still fall apart. Be realistic, gentlemen. Do you understand what will happen if in a country with such a nuclear potential everything flies to tartar? They, to swim out, will pull ALL. They will be a center of power for a very long time, though it is no longer the only one on the ball. Something like this.
  17. gorkoxnumx
    gorkoxnumx 20 September 2012 21: 07
    It is clear why in the USA such a meager education. Dumb less questions are asked.
    1. roninas
      roninas 22 September 2012 00: 18
      Yes, now the European-American system of education is being introduced everywhere, the Unified State Standard is designed to deteriorate the quality of education, although it is declared that the opposite is true.
  18. not good
    not good 20 September 2012 21: 45
    Putin likes Romney better, he doesn’t love us, and Obama treats us well, well, he’s in .. lol
  19. wostok
    wostok 20 September 2012 22: 56
    One guy correctly said - "In America, even plant a cat as president, everything will be the same ..." They are just puppets. The real rulers of the United States are billionaire capitalists who don't care about their own people. I am amazed at the naivety of ordinary Americans ...
  20. Leisure
    Leisure 21 September 2012 07: 29
    Radish horseradish is not sweeter. I agree with the parent.
  21. roninas
    roninas 22 September 2012 00: 15
    And this is generally interesting, after all, no matter who comes to power, whether Democrats, Republicans, by and large, nothing will change in the states. Neither in foreign, nor in domestic policy, Even the elections themselves are not held directly, but by some "electors" from every state ... the room for "maneuver" is incredible, as it was in the Bush election.