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Multidimensional situational awareness: Israeli armored personnel carriers equip with new video systems


The Israeli company has completed the shipment of the first batch of the latest video surveillance systems designed to be installed on the IDF armored personnel carriers.

As explained at the Nir-Or company, which developed the new product, it belongs to a new generation of video monitoring equipment and has been successfully tested in combat conditions. The Namer armored personnel carrier is to be equipped with video systems.

According to the head of the company, Nir-Or has been supplying the Israel Defense Forces with its products for many years. The new model is capable of operating in a multidimensional situational awareness mode. The expansion of the potential of the video system became possible thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence, the algorithms of which were adapted for use on armored vehicles and special combat platforms.

Namer belongs to the class of heavy armored personnel carriers. Work on its creation started in 2004. The vehicle is produced on the Merkava MBT chassis (by analogy with the Akhzarit, based on captured T-54 and T-55) and is capable of delivering 9 soldiers to the front line. Thanks to the elements of the KAZ Trophy, the landing force and the crew have additional protection. As of the beginning of 2021, according to the IISS, the IDF was armed with 1 armored personnel carriers, including about 330 Namer and about 230 Achzarit.

Nir-Or is a subsidiary of IMCO Industries, a defense services provider, and has participated in the modernization of a number of combat vehicles, including tank Merkava and BTR Namer.


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  1. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 24 December 2021 15: 40
    Soon a third of the gunsmiths will be electronics engineers. Logistics battalion commanders are not to be envied.
    1. Lech from Android.
      Lech from Android. 24 December 2021 15: 52
      It's a profitable business.
      The Israeli military-industrial complex is loaded with lucrative orders ... all these systems need to be serviced and improved on a regular basis ... and only electronics specialists can do this high-tech work.
      An ordinary soldier still needs to be trained how to use the equipment ... here the Jews can give odds to the Arabs and Persians ... for now.
      And so to see and hear in front of you the general picture of the battle in all details is cool.
    2. Bolt cutter
      Bolt cutter 24 December 2021 16: 02
      a third of the gunsmiths will be electronics
      It will be fun if a third are moonshiners wassat
      1. Catfish
        Catfish 24 December 2021 16: 37
        Moonshiners, it's always fun! laughing

        1. Bolt cutter
          Bolt cutter 24 December 2021 16: 56
          The main thing is professionalism yes Otherwise the fun won't last long.
    3. Oleg83
      Oleg83 24 December 2021 17: 56
      It is written about Namer, and on the video Eitan
  2. Secutor
    Secutor 24 December 2021 15: 45
    It looks very cool. The ability to notice the danger before the person reacts. The operator will better and faster assess the environment.
  3. Pavel episkop
    Pavel episkop 24 December 2021 15: 49
    Given the fact that not only tanks are serially equipped with KAZ, but also armored personnel carriers, it is alarming ... They have the closest cooperation in the defense industry with the United States, so soon all this may be close to us .. It's sad that we have KAZ starting from the "thrush", but this is not in the series ..
  4. sen
    sen 24 December 2021 15: 51
    The new model is capable of operating in a multidimensional situational awareness mode.

    We also need a top view: UAVs, satellites.
  5. Uh Neuhov
    Uh Neuhov 24 December 2021 16: 45
    Ahead of the rest of the armies of the world. Such high-tech conditions reduce the tension of military service and allows you not to think about when the minimum wage will come in order to dump retirement.
  6. bovi
    bovi 24 December 2021 17: 41
    It is curious that there is literally next to the news about the decision by the States to replace Bradley, and on the profile the same Namer. Is fantasy bad or is there really something to go for? Yes, we have actual practice, but in general, the specifics should not be underestimated.
    Sitting on the sofa, I see it this way: these infantry fighting vehicles are not for front-line operations or a war of destruction, but a purely "humanitarian war" with partisans. In such a situation, it is clear how to sell optical recognition to a customer. I will omit the feasibility of the task, the depth of the algorithm's tolerance is curious, whether the terms of reference assumes automatic suppression and how it is with "a 9-year-old boy aiming a stick at cursed occupants". Along with the likeness of God comes the temptation of impunity. In this sense, their "advanced interface" surprised me with wretchedness, it does not show the distinction of meaning, but it is easy to succumb to the "false positive signal". Perhaps this is how they understand the need to unload the controls, but observation / control and management in general should be in different projections. It's trite: surveillance requires details and augmented reality, and control requires alternative channels for direct rapid response teams.
    It seems to me that an automated platform for transporting visual control drones could solve more surveillance tasks with a better choice of the number and direction of tracked targets. Unlike a human carrier, such a platform can be duplicated, it is easier to replenish and carries completely different risks. On the other hand, placing the eyes on the body can lead to a dazzle trap when a way is found to make it impossible to see and this will put pressure on the psyche in the first place. Where there was security, it turns out to be a hit, people treat it very badly.
    And to round off, in the topic of network-centric warfare in urban development, there is the issue of reliable communications in the first place. There will be a thick channel with reliable coverage - there will be a spider tank and machine-gun turrets on wheels. And so everything is still .. "xs what's going on around the corner, we only hear the shooting, it seems that both are shooting from both sides ..."
    1. konstantin68
      konstantin68 24 December 2021 18: 38
      Quote: bovi
      these infantry fighting vehicles are not for front-line operations or war of destruction, but a purely "humanitarian war" with partisans

      You know, I am also interested in reading about new items in various combat systems, but the question always comes up directly: how will all THIS work in a real battle with its IR overload, smoke, rab-countermeasures and other delights.
    2. Gavrohs
      Gavrohs 24 December 2021 21: 25
      It seems to me that an automated platform for transporting visual control drones could solve more surveillance tasks with a better choice of the number and direction of tracked targets.
      You looked into the water (an interesting mortar is on the Merkava) wink
      1. bovi
        bovi 5 January 2022 17: 22
        Thank you for a beautiful example. But I meant the ability to add eyes as needed, i.e. The drone should be able to set +3 .. + 12 eyes to organize over the area of ​​the observation network, echeloned in height and latitude / accuracy of optical observation. Duplication of functions and task executor to increase the reliability and reliability of control.
        And from above, above this grouping, a repeater should hang so that it is in line of sight of elementary drones and can provide a protected channel with ground control agents (for example, using a laser).
        It is a complex and branchy cranberry, but it is potentially more stable than observation by a single initiator within the situation.
        1. Gavrohs
          Gavrohs 6 January 2022 11: 45
          All this has existed for a long time and the war in Karabakh confirms this!
          1. bovi
            bovi 7 January 2022 17: 20
            Also thank you, my heart is poured with oil when I see my own pinatas and all those who are in business and knowledgeable. But this is an advertising video, here all the chiki-bunches and interference are putting boxes, and not something the size of Krasukha? - I'm talking about power, not a potential "partner".
            Well, I was raving about something else: where should I put my eyes, which should give an all-round view of two tanks and a platoon of motorized riflemen that are on the northern outskirts of the village in the mountains? Eyes on the body of a tank or an infantry fighting vehicle are not bad, but for AI they are frankly not enough because visibility is a priori limited. And another thing: in the cartoon, visual confirmation and identification are staged by the director and are performed by two-legged with a sickly silicon-organic processor, which has no problems with fuzzy logic and distinguishing between a stick and a shooter in the hands of a teenager. And what will it be like with an autonomous system inside a piece of iron in a tank? But what if the infantry cannot approach the line of sight in time? And why not use flying eyes? ..
            As an engineer, it seems to me incorrect to assume that 2-3 repeaters will transmit a signal because the interference will be filtered out. Introduce an autonomous drone hunter drone with high radio emission and kaput repeaters on the counterparty's field. For the price, it can be comparable to a "rab box".
            Perhaps I have raised too much and I need to drink some tea, but a serious war of the future in the gray zone will not be against the "rab box", it seems to me so.
  7. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 24 December 2021 17: 44
    Well done, what to say.

    Situational awareness is one of the cornerstones control environment.
    And this is already a guarantee of victory, moreover ... with smaller losses.

    I have always repeated and will repeat:
    In modern combat, destroying the enemy is not so difficult, much more difficult than it detect in time и classify correctly the degree of its danger.

    Eh ....
    "Vision through armor" on "fact", yes with additional goals from other sources of intelligence, but with target selection .....
    And all with maximum protection from the Rebites.
    In lafa would have been ...)))
    - Storyteller! Grandma barked and shouted "Allaakbar!" put a machine-gun fire from a baby carriage on video cameras and tank sights ...
  8. Zlyden.Zlo
    Zlyden.Zlo 26 December 2021 17: 57
    Even the video shows that the system is very crude ...