French perspective Missile Moyenne Portee ATGM

Last year, representatives of the European concern MBDA announced the launch of the Missile Moyenne Portee program this year to replace the Milan ATGM Milan with the promising anti-tank missile system.

French perspective Missile Moyenne Portee ATGM

The new "MMP" will have to become a fully universal means of destruction on the battlefield. They will be provided with increased accuracy of guidance and defeat. The range of destruction in different sources is different - from 2.5 to 8 kilometers on land-based stationary and mobile targets up to tanks last generation. The MBDA website has a range of up to 4 kilometers for MMP and 8 kilometers for MLP / MHP. When creating the anti-tank complex will be taken into account the results of the use of anti-tank systems "Milan" by the French military in Afghanistan. ATGM “MMP” will receive “LOS” and “NLOS” - the ability to use from closed and open positions.

Missiles will be controlled in two ways:
- shot and forgotten (infrared guidance);
- command guidance, the rocket is controlled remotely by an optical device via fiber optic wire.

The promising MMP ATGM will be fully compatible with Felin-type networks and is positioned as a possible replacement for the heavy Haut subsonique Optiquement teleguide tire d'un Tube.

In the 2012 year, at the Eurosatory 2012 arms exhibition last summer, MBDA presented MMP material for review. It is being developed exclusively for the French army - the French military department entered into a one-year contract with MBDA to refine the technical documentation of the promising anti-tank missile system. Before the end of 2013, the Euroconcern should complete testing of all the technologies used to create a new ATGM, such as fiber-optic missile control, the missile aerodynamic design used. After submitting a technical project, MBDA hopes to get a full-fledged contract for the development of MMP. On the 2014 year, prototype tests are planned. When adopting the French Ministry of Defense will order about 500 newest anti-tank complexes and 3 thousands of missiles. It is expected that the new ATGMs will be provided with units of the French infantry by 2017, with the gradual withdrawal of the “old” Milan.

Euroconcern hopes that after the adoption of the new ATGM in the NW of France, the ATGM will be successfully exported, making competition to American and Israeli counterparts.

Representatives of MBDA at Eurosatory 2012 spoke about the features of the anti-tank complex being developed:
- the possibility of using ATGM from a limited space such as an enclosed space;
- the range of minimum use - 150 meters;
- range of maximum use - 4 kilometer;
- effective range of application - 2.5 kilometer;

ATGM "MMP" will receive a guidance system of the combined type. The homing head is warm (or tele) -vizionnogo execution, the development of the unit "Sagem" type IIR with an inertial system and command guidance through a fiber-optic cable.

The previously voiced methods of “shot and forget” and “command guidance” were confirmed. Also, the rocket will be provided with guidance when firing from closed positions, retargeting during the flight of the rocket and performing complex flight path maneuvers.

The rocket will hit the selected objects from above, the tandem cumulative warhead will be installed. The launcher will have a weight of about 12 kilogram without taking into account the weight of the guided missile - 15 kilogram.

The rocket itself will be built in versions of “MMP” and “MNT”. MNT - version of the missile for the armament of armored vehicles. She will not use command guidance. The purpose of the rocket is the same as the version of the "MMP". The range of maximum use is 8-10 kilometers with a rocket weight of the order of 30 kilograms. The length of the heavy version of the 1.7 meter.

Guided missiles will have a total warhead, common main equipment and total diameter (more than 50 percent of the total equipment and units). The Roxel division of the Eurocom concern is developing a rocket engine, the SBDS division is developing a tandem cumulative warhead, and the MEXANS division is developing a fiber optic compartment and system.

In the 2012 year, about 24.5 million dollars were allocated for the development of the MMP program.

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  1. vylvyn
    19 September 2012 09: 54
    It’s too early for the French to PR. Dzhevelin has almost the same parameters, and in some ways even surpasses, and he weighs only 18,2 kg in running order. soldier
  2. +2
    19 September 2012 10: 53
    I have no doubt that they will bring this system to mind. But how much will it cost at retail and in bulk?
    Jewelin has almost the same parameters, and in some ways even surpasses

    Does Javelin hit 8 km? Has team guidance?
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      19 September 2012 12: 11
      In my opinion, there is nothing better in the market right now, IMHO of course.
      1. +1
        19 September 2012 18: 04
        Spike has one big plus - the variety of versions
        1. Alexey Prikazchikov
          19 September 2012 21: 47
          So I know. This is his most important advantage. Yes, and he, in principle, is much more technologically advanced than the same javelin. Plus, considering that there are more compact versions. Well, just done well done.
  3. -3
    19 September 2012 10: 54
    vylvyn, PR is never too late - this and ours would be good to learn !!!!! wink
    1. Konrad
      20 September 2012 19: 40
      Quote: datur
      this and ours would be good to learn

      Ours have nothing to learn! We have all the best, we are the smartest, the most talented, in general WE are !!! PTRD and PTRS - a thunderstorm "Abrams" and "Leopards"!
  4. +1
    7 December 2013 14: 33
    Le "missile moyenne portée", futur remplaçant du Milan, c'est (bien) parti!
    I was right, brought to mind and placed an order for 400 launchers and 2850 missiles, with 175 launchers and 450 missiles to be delivered in 2014-2019.

    allocated 400 million dollars for this, not including the 250 million euros already spent on NICR.
    Défense: l'armée de Terre obtient enfin son nouveau missile tactique

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