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Air Force plans to decommission aircraft in fiscal 2022


F-15 fighters of the old modification "C" and the current "E"

The US Air Force is taking steps to renew its aircraft fleet. Deliveries of new aircraft and helicopters are carried out regularly and rhythmically, and at the same time old combat units are being written off. In the new FY2022. The Air Force plans to decommission more than 160 obsolete aircraft of various types, thus freeing up funds for urgent projects.

Common problems

According to the latest World Air Forces 2022 from Flight Global magazine, the US Air Force has more than 5 thousand aircraft of many models - these are tactical and strategic combat vehicles. aviation, scouts, tankers, transporters, etc. Despite regular purchases of new equipment, the average age of combat aircraft is approaching 30 years, and for some types this parameter has already exceeded half a century.

The moral and physical obsolescence of technology has several negative consequences. First of all, this is the discrepancy between the tactical and technical characteristics of the current requirements. Outdated aircraft can no longer effectively solve combat missions, and meeting with modern models of a potential enemy poses a particular danger to them.

The F-16C is a well-deserved but obsolete fighter

In addition, the operation of old technology is associated with organizational difficulties and increased costs. Due to the depletion of the resource, the aircraft require more maintenance and more often need to be repaired. At the same time, the stock of spare parts is coming to an end, and their replenishment is not always possible. Finally, some of the combat aircraft will fully deplete their service life in the coming years.

The obsolescence problem has been tackled in several ways. If possible, aircraft are repaired and modernized. Other machines, the restoration of which is impractical, are simply written off and sent to storage or disposal. They are replaced by new equipment, and the money saved is redirected to other purposes.

Due to the continuous process of obsolescence, the Air Force annually draws up plans to decommission a certain number of aircraft and helicopters. Such a plan is included in the draft military budget, and then approved by Congress. The preliminary plans for the new FY2022 were previously published, and now the decision of lawmakers has become known.

A-10 attack aircraft will continue to serve in the same numbers

At the suggestion of the Air Force

The Air Force's draft budget for the next year was published at the end of May. To finance this kind of troops, the Pentagon requested $ 156 billion. At the same time, the authors of the project found an opportunity to save 1,37 billion by writing off 201 units. aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The largest reduction, according to the project, should have affected the fleet of F-15C / D and F-16C / D fighters - 48 and 47 units. respectively. By abandoning heavy fighters, it was possible to save $ 249 million per year, while it was planned to save only $ 30,9 million on light ones. It was noted that the decommissioning of old modifications of the F-15 and F-16 is only a matter of time. So, in 2023-27. F-15C / D fighters must develop the airframe resource, after which their operation will be impossible.

To save 343,9 million dollars, it was proposed to write off 42 A-10C attack aircraft. The prerequisite for this was again the age of the technology - more than 35 years. Restoration and modernization are not possible in all cases. In addition, the Air Force considers the current fleet of attack aircraft to be excessive for urgent tasks.

Old KC-135 tanker transfers fuel to modern F-22A fighter

It was planned to save almost 287 million due to the abandonment of 18 KC-135 tankers and 14 units. KC-10. The fleet of transport aircraft should be reduced by 8 units. C-130H with savings of $ 83 million. Another 106,5 million could be saved at the expense of four E-8 JSATRS combat control aircraft.

By now, reconnaissance and strike UAVs of early models have fallen into the category of morally and physically obsolete technology. So, the Air Force wants to write off 20 RQ-4A Block 30 products. Their operation would require $ 273 million.

All other samples of manned and unmanned vehicles are not included in the reduction plans. Their operation will continue in working order. As necessary, they will undergo repairs and modernization, up to the development of a resource. However, it is clear that some of the planes “rescued” in FY2022 will be cut in the next fiscal year.

Decision of the Congress

Over the past months, the draft budget of the Air Force went through all the instances and underwent noticeable changes. After controversy, one of the points of the project was excluded, and several others were changed. Additional proposals concerning other types of equipment were not made. As a result, plans for the new year include the decommissioning of only 164 aircraft, which will save more than $ 1 billion.

Tankers KC-10 of one of the squadrons

Plans to reduce fighters, command planes and drones remain the same. The congressmen agreed with the inexpediency of further exploitation of morally and physically obsolete equipment.

The proposal to decommission the A-10C attack aircraft again became the cause of controversy. These aircraft have special features and capabilities and are not directly replaceable. In this regard, they enjoy support "at the top", and Congress again did not approve of their removal from service. 42 aircraft will remain in service, and the Air Force budget will have to provide 344 million for their operation.

The plans for the decommissioning of C-130H transport aircraft were changed, and also linked to the procurement of new equipment. Not 8, but 13 cars will be written off. At the same time, the purchase of five additional boards was added to the budget. Thus, the total number of aircraft will be reduced in accordance with the request of the Air Force, but the condition and average age of the fleet will improve.

They also approved a proposal to write off the KC-135 and KC-10 tanker aircraft in the amount of 18 and 14 units. respectively. At the same time, a further reduction of the KC-10 fleet was approved - such a permit will be used in the future, as needed.

Despite all the problems and difficulties, B-1B bombers will not be decommissioned next year

More than a billion dollars saved on decommissioned equipment will be redirected to the purchase of the necessary new production products. With their help, the budget for the purchase of new aircraft and various weapons will be increased. However, the growth of purchases in terms of quantity and price is not expected. FY2022 The Air Force will receive less equipment than in the previous period.

Growth problems

The world's largest aircraft fleet provides the United States Air Force with the broadest operational and combat capabilities. At the same time, the Air Force is faced with a number of specific problems, and one of the main ones is associated with the continuous obsolescence of aircraft, helicopters and UAVs. Every year, tens and hundreds of aircraft develop the assigned resource or, at least, lose the required combat qualities.

In this regard, the Pentagon has to make plans not only for the purchase of new aircraft, but also for the massive write-off of unusable equipment. The next annual plans of this kind have gone through all the authorities and are included in the general military budget, which will soon be sent to the president for signature.

According to the published data, in the new financial year more than 90 aircraft and helicopters of modern types and modifications will be purchased. At the same time, 160 aircraft will be decommissioned. As a result of such processes, the total number of the Air Force aviation fleet will be reduced by several dozen combat and auxiliary units. However, the losses in numbers are expected to be offset by an increase in performance and a reduction in the average age of vehicles.
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The US Department of Defense

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  1. Nexcom
    Nexcom 20 December 2021 18: 24
    Svidomye is already happily rubbing his hands and waiting ...
    The Air Force has a replenishment soon.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 20 December 2021 19: 13
      Quote: Nexcom
      The Air Force has a replenishment soon.

      Well, yes! All the trash to Ukraine, and with the look of a big favor
    2. House 25 Sq. 380
      House 25 Sq. 380 9 February 2022 14: 03
      The United States does not have money to operate them, where does the money come from in Ukraine ...
  2. URAL72
    URAL72 20 December 2021 18: 31
    Kirill! Always glad to your work. Briefly, clearly, to the point. +
  3. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 20 December 2021 19: 13
    If I'm not confused, in Kiril's article, our Air Force should receive a little over 60 aircraft by the end of 2021, without UAVs.
    1. Glagol1
      Glagol1 20 December 2021 19: 54
      This is all together, airplanes and helicopters, new ones, repairs and modernization. Not much, but what we have is what we have.
      1. tralflot1832
        tralflot1832 20 December 2021 20: 07
        Precisely without renovation and modernization, rechecked, article in August.
    2. bayard
      bayard 21 December 2021 04: 34
      Quote: tralflot1832
      our Air Force should receive just over 60 aircraft for

      A few years ago, the RF Armed Forces received up to 200 new aircraft and helicopters annually.
      Why are purchases almost stopped?
      The guarantor and the Supreme Commander announced that "Enough is enough."
      In the current conditions?
      But already due to the reduction in purchases (and exports too!), Specialists from the industry were dismissed. And it will no longer be possible to return many of them.
      And the United States is simply planning to write off old and buy new aircraft. Instead of F-16 - F-35. Instead of the old F-15s, there are new F-15Xs. New B-21s are expected.
      We have critically few combat aircraft. And even existing regiments most often consist of TWO squadrons.
      No new AWACS aircraft, refuelers, VTA, PLO, RCU aircraft.
      And with a disastrous state for heavy and medium UAVs.
      1. demiurg
        demiurg 21 December 2021 08: 11
        There is a principle of reasonable sufficiency.
        The current army of the Russian Federation can defeat any of its neighbors without using nuclear weapons, except for China and the United States.
        The Russian army is now one of the freshest in equipment and weapons on the planet. So the Air Force rejuvenated much better than the Land Forces and even more so the Navy. Better than the Air Force, only heat carriers in every house feel.
        1. bayard
          bayard 21 December 2021 16: 32
          Quote: demiurg
          So the Air Force rejuvenated much better than the Land Forces and even more so the Navy.

          Well, this is perhaps a battle. And even then - exterminate.
          The attack aircraft remained from the Union and only underwent modernization (not all).
          Only by purchasing 120+ Su-34s. But there is still enough Su-24M among the troops. With the modernization of the Tu-22M3 - and the horse did not roll. Experiments only. The basis of Long-Range Aviation is still Tu-95, Tu-160 are not all combat-ready, and the new serial has not yet taken off.
          Military Transport?
          Let's not talk about the sad ... Serial production of the Il-76MD90A has not been established, this year has again become a year of shame and disruption of supplies. How much did you promise to deliver "from the new assembly line"? 5 ? 6?
          Have you passed it?
          ONE !
          And constant scandals and strikes in Ulyanovsk because of the disgusting organization of production, meager wages and the stupidity of the "topmanagemant".
          Il-112? The hope of our VTA in a light plane?
          Maybe something has appeared to replace the An-12 in the category of carrying capacity of 20 tons?
          Maybe "Ruslana" found something to remotorize?
          Or is something new coming to replace them?
          Not !
          There are failures everywhere.
          And this is not a confluence of circumstances, the intrigues of external enemies or other objective - excuseful reasons. This is a SYSTEMIC CRISIS of power.
          The built "vertical" simply CANNOT.
          She is not capable.
          And he doesn't want to.
          These are her objective qualities and characteristics - she cannot, does not want, does not want to study or listen to advice, use the successful experience of previous generations ...

          So you shouldn't rejoice at the renewed air force of the capitalist Russian Federation. Firstly, they are too few in number.
          Secondly, the purchased aircraft cannot be called completely modern due to the discrepancy between some of the key components of the avionics. Lack of AFAR radar, for example. It is because of this that we have been losing tender after tender lately. Despite the lower price and excellent performance characteristics.
          Thirdly, in order to effectively maneuver the forces of our small air force, it is necessary to quickly transfer not only combat aircraft, but also everything necessary for their operation and combat use ... by VTA aircraft ... which we are crumbling from decay.
          Fourthly, a modern war in the air is inconceivable without radar illumination by AWACS aircraft and their control of combat aviation ... But we have NO such aircraft. Several old A-50 and 6 pcs. modernized to a level lower than that of the "Sentry" in the mid-80s ... A-50U ... this is perhaps for a minor regional conflict with a very weak rival ... And our rivals are not weak at all, but quite themselves - vice versa .
          IN GENERAL, the update did not affect at least some modernization of reconnaissance aircraft - RTR, REB, PLO, RCU ... naval patrol aircraft ...
          You take the fetish for renewal, but in our troops, even so reduced, as before ... there are not enough pilots !!! And this despite the fact that Serdyukov has been in the Moscow Region for 9 years already ...
          So think about what you are happy about and how much it corresponds to the declared levels of power.
          The one who rearmed itself more or less competently and in a balanced manner was the Ground Forces. But they are also extremely few in number and are 20 to 25 percent lower than the National Guard.
          So only the Strategic Missile Forces and the NSNF.
          And this is in conditions when we have been living in the conditions of the New Cold War for almost 8 years. And now it's not far from the hot one.

          Quote: demiurg
          There is a principle of reasonable sufficiency.

          There is NO sufficiency and this is INSANE.
          1. Osipov9391
            Osipov9391 21 December 2021 17: 09
            No pilots? But where do they come from? After all, for almost 10 years we have been preparing athletes for the Sochi Olympics, football players for the championships. Each of them was paid hundreds of millions of rubles a year.
            Plants and institutes, including the military, were demolished by hundreds in the 2000s. What for ? After all, we have oil, as they said, and Mistral bought everything else for it.
            But now they have touched it, but there is nothing! What you need. What we need now.
            Power is still in its dimension.
            There is a billion there, there are two billion.
            Test pilots, AT operation engineers, and just workers - shipbuilders / aircraft builders / electronics engineers will come out tomorrow morning.
            There, after all, as they think, here is the money and everything will be at once!
      2. Osipov9391
        Osipov9391 21 December 2021 12: 42
        It looks like a serious military crisis is brewing in the world next year.
        Representatives of the Foreign Ministry have already stated that they will not allow the appearance of NATO in Ukraine and US bases there.
        And ... they refused to guarantee a "non-aggression" against Ukraine as the West demanded.
        What is it all tending to?
        1. bayard
          bayard 21 December 2021 17: 13
          Yes, everything is fine there with statements. Red lines are placed, peaceful coexistence is proposed ... Isn't it proposed? winked
          Yes. yes
          And the enemies refused. yes
          Have abandoned the WORLD. yes
          It means - war, and they themselves are to blame. bully
          Quote: Osipov9391
          Representatives of the Foreign Ministry have already stated that they will not allow the appearance of NATO in Ukraine and US bases there.

          And they won't. yes
          So what ?
          The Ukrainian "vlada" yearns for war.
          The collective West wants war. repeat Afraid, but really wanting. wassat Even the Germans ... with their women ministers and pregnant fighters and transgender people in heels.
          Quote: Osipov9391
          refused to guarantee a "non-aggression" against Ukraine as demanded by the West.

          bully OH YEAH ! laughing
          Quote: Osipov9391
          What is it all tending to?

          What they are driving at, they are driving at that. yes
          TO HER . soldier
          If everyone suddenly wanted this, how can such a Universe be denied?
          In the United States, they generally started talking about ... the Revolution ... or the Counter-Revolution ... or the split of the States into 2 or more pieces / states.
          And the majority thinks that this is good!
          And it really is GOOD!
          Because no one thinks that war is bad anymore.
          Or because such a Thin world has become much worse than the already expected Good War.
          1. Osipov9391
            Osipov9391 21 December 2021 17: 38
            After all, it was the case that agreements were signed with Gorbachev and Yeltsin and Medvedev. We discussed, talked, somehow counted. They promised that we are not doing this against you.
            And now everything has sunk into oblivion. You are the enemy, this is all against you, there are no guarantees and we do not want to talk to you.
            Ours hoped for a new Yalta.
            But apparently the country and the population in it are not the same that would be reckoned with.

            And Europe can mobilize up to 30-50 million people against us.
            1. bayard
              bayard 21 December 2021 18: 56
              Quote: Osipov9391
              signed agreements with Yeltsin and Medvedev. Discussed, talked, somehow reckoned

              They agreed, conceded, and therefore talked.
              But when the new "owners and owners of the Russian Federation" realized that the fate of Serbia and, most likely, disposal awaited them ... They kicked up. Yeltsin to retirement, to the throne of the young, to restore the Army, to save the State and the Country from the already prepared collapse into dozens of pieces, where the "national rulers" have already been placed ... and ... made the People "New Oil".
              Very reckless ... But they are not from the People - the essence. So it is quite understandable.
              But again they received an ultimatum for a full and unconditional surrender.
              And they are used to it.
              They don't want to give EVERYTHING.
              And in order to find the true stability of the state at all levels, it is necessary to restore the Big State. You can't do without it.
              Don't survive.
              And they saw the threat from the consequences of their passivity.
              It means there will be a war.
              Is Europe ready for it?
              In 2014, the sudden threat of such a war forced France and Germany to kick / ignore the United States and England, and become guarantors of the Minsk process - the war was suspended / frozen.
              Now the time has come for the final decision of this overripe state.
              Ukraine has essentially declared war on Russia. bully request
              She has been at war with her for 8 years now.
              And now the time has come for Russia to come to this war.
              And her safety is NOT GUARANTEED.
              This is our Earth and Our People.
              Austrian-Polish galitsais can be locked in their own reservation afterwards.
              They are aliens, enemies and murderers. So to whom the gallows, to whom the defeat in rights.
              And Europe on its streets cannot put up its men against those who have come in large numbers, so that their women are not raped. Or is she mobilizing Barmaleev?
              Well, then their women and "men" for sure - the end.
              From armed blacks and Arabs.
              He who sows the wind reaps the Tempest.
              1. Osipov9391
                Osipov9391 22 December 2021 00: 24
                With those it was not so simple. They gave way, they agreed. So be it.
                We were kind of given guarantees not to move NATO eastward to Eastern Europe.
                Only from our side no one gave money for the countries of the former socialist camp and any intelligible programs and did not plan anything. It was not up to that.
                And Gorbachev also told them that they say don't rely on our tanks anymore.
                That is why these same countries of the former Warsaw Pact began to turn to the West. Who needed Russia with its drunken president and eternal crisis then? And what would she have offered them when and then there were conversations that we should join NATO by Bush's legs? So they wrote in the newspapers. We went to this.
                They also said that the United States and NATO are our main partners.
                And the West adhered to its promises of not expanding NATO until 1999, when Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic, very eager for Europe, joined it.
                But the largest expansion of NATO was in 2004 to the post-Soviet space.
                This was the same red line and violation of data agreements earlier. But the Russian authorities did not react to this because they firmly believed that we were partners in the fight against international terrorism and gave corridors across our skies for their aircraft to fly to Afghanistan.
                And I personally saw "Hercules". And that was until about 2012.
                They flew a lot through our territory and collected a huge amount of intelligence.
                But then no one paid attention to it. Everyone liked it.
                And the Baltic states left us that we could not offer them anything. Well to the common people there. Well, those pensions and salaries could not offer what the EU pays.

                What about today? The United States is threatening to suspend the sale of aviation parts, electronics, auto components, smartphones to Russia.
                This will mean stopping a number of military programs and many industries in the country where these components are used.
                This is already more serious than the sanctions on the oligarchs. There is a reserve made earlier, then it will not last long.
                In the Su-34, a significant part of the element base is American.
                About satellites there are almost all imports. And these things are produced in Russia and Belarus only very limitedly. Almost everything is purchased from the US and the EU.

                Somehow I remember that the USA in the summer or autumn of 1941 stopped the supply of oil and fuel to Japan.
                1. bayard
                  bayard 22 December 2021 02: 55
                  Quote: Osipov9391
                  Somehow I remember that the USA in the summer or autumn of 1941 stopped the supply of oil and fuel to Japan.

                  That's where we had to start - we need a war.
                  It is being sought.
                  They are pushing to her.
                  So it will be.
                  Or a direct escalation will begin with the deployment of Ypres missiles.
                  And in this case - that war is inevitable, Krain-U will certainly have to take. So it was on the eve of the Second World War, when the USSR created its own foreground on the lands of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus, conducted a not very successful (in terms of losses), but effective (in terms of acquisitions) winter war with Finland, and returned Bessarabia (Moldova).
                  If not for these acquisitions of 1939-1940. , then advancing from the old borders of the USSR, the Wehrmacht would have had time to reach and take Moscow before the autumn thaw and winter cold. The new territories gave us time to mobilize and evacuate the defense industry.
                  Now the question is even more acute - the enemy is already near Belgorod, Rostov and Voronezh. From the Baltic to Moscow, you can finish shooting with a tactical (or operational-tactical) missile. The Kaliningrad region is surrounded by the enemy ...
                  So the Guarantor says that there is nowhere to retreat.
                  And that means war.
                  But I'm not very sure that after the capture of Krajina-U, NATO will rush into battle.
                  But with the Baltics it is more difficult.
                  But there, too, are our people. Who live in the apartheid regime.
                  So there is a reason.
                  Forces, too.
                  And there is no way out (so otherwise).
                  Quote: Osipov9391
                  In the Su-34, a significant part of the element base is American.

                  And for the Su-34M modification, a significant part of the component base will be Chinese. And domestic. Moreover, all previously built Su-34s are planned to be upgraded to Su-34Ms during a scheduled mid-life repair.
                  Quote: Osipov9391
                  And the Baltic states left us that we could not offer them anything. Well to the common people there. Well, those pensions and salaries could not offer what the EU pays.

                  Yes, that was not how she left, which is the difficulty. These republics filed applications for secession from the USSR back in 1990.
                  And they were released by the decision of the Supreme Soviet at the insistence of Gorbachev.
                  I finished my studies in Vilnius two years earlier, so I remember and know how it was.
                  But their authorities have violated and continue to violate international law, affecting the rights of all their Russian-speaking population.
                  And this is a crime.
                  And the Crimean scenario for these limitrophes is the best solution to the issue. They are waiting for us there.
                  Quote: Osipov9391
                  And Gorbachev also told them that they say don't rely on our tanks anymore.

                  No, Gorbachev just walked into the hall where the OVD defense ministers had gathered and said that he had already agreed on everything with Bush and from that moment the Warsaw bloc was disbanded.
                  Allied ministers were shocked.
                  And the coups in their countries occurred later.

                  The Ukrainian question will be resolved next year, this is already inevitable.
                  And not because it is good for the authorities of the Russian Federation, but because it cannot be otherwise.
                  Quote: Osipov9391
                  What about today? The United States is threatening to suspend the sale of aviation parts, electronics, auto components, smartphones to Russia.

                  I think, again, this issue will be resolved with the help and in cooperation with China. The joint wide-body airliner should take off soon and then be launched into series. All avionics will be imported from the beginning - China also drew conclusions.
                  As he concluded, and that the West will not sell him aircraft engines for his aircraft industry.
                  He himself cannot.
                  Therefore, the engines will be Russian. And perhaps not only PD-35.
                  In the joint production, Russia will be responsible for composite wings, keels and empennage, as well as for engines. China for everything else and assembly. So they will inevitably have to localize the components for avionics and on-board systems. We localize something ourselves - for the MS-21 and SSJ-100. And we have an incentive for this import substitution - Iran is waiting for both of these aircraft in a purely Russian configuration, intending to purchase at least 300 MC-21s and up to 150 Superjets. This is a very good incentive. Except for the domestic market. But there will be more who wish. They will definitely be.

                  There is another opinion - conspiracy.
                  For a long time, the West's war with Russia has been planned precisely for 2022. And since all the previously outlined strategic plans have already been implemented, then this war cannot be avoided.
                  And the Simpsons for 2024 shows the revived USSR (map), in which not only all the former republics, but also Finland, Sweden, Norway and ... even Denmark ... And it seems even Poland.
                  I understand that we do not need this, but ... this is not what we planned.

                  And the Russian Federation will have to act willy-nilly, like the same Japan at the end of 1941.
                  And there are no my own preferences, I just write what I see. And time will tell how true this is.
                  Wait no longer.
                  1. Osipov9391
                    Osipov9391 22 December 2021 03: 35
                    There is no alternative to the element base and optics (LCD, LED matrices, plasma, etc.) that Russia is now buying from the USA and the EU, and will not be for a long time.
                    It is not produced anywhere else in the world. Well, the truth is, the West is doing something in factories in Southeast Asia. including for yourself.
                    Very little of it is produced in Russia. The quality is lousy and the price is high.
                    The microcircuits are called KNS (silicon-on-sapphire) and SOI (silicon-on-insulator). Only they are for satellites and space.
                    It is resistant to various radiation and temperature extremes.
                    These are limitedly engaged in Moscow Sapphire and Zelenograd Ansgstrem.
                    But these products (series 1620 and 1825) are still of Soviet design and are outdated.
                    They go for SLBMs and GLONASS satellites.
                    But this is a drop in the ocean. Everything else is imported, mainly from the USA.
                    And the industrial and consumer element base in Russia is not made at all. What is put even in the automation of nuclear power plants is also of Western production.

                    And if this is something the United States will hit so painfully (also by disconnecting from payment systems), then it will already be regarded very badly.
                    And how to give it a name if they go for it? And there is a very strong dependence on medical devices and drug components.
                    Almost everyone is from the USA and Western Europe.

                    Then I think if it is necessary to beat the enemy inside the country - to take away from him and from offshore strategic enterprises, other ports where they have their possession.
                    Prevent money from leaking out of the country.
                  2. Ol willy
                    Ol willy 9 February 2022 10: 52
                    This whole stream of consciousness assumes that there is a certain monolithic entity as "the West". There is nothing like that. The Americans continue to muddy the waters quietly and wage open wars only under conditions of decisive advantage. The British act like they are still an empire, but they do it sitting on the shoulders of the USA. The Germans do not want anything at all except gas and silence. The French are leading their line. Etc.

                    The main threat comes from the USA, but they will never get into a serious mess that threatens with serious losses.
                    1. bayard
                      bayard 9 February 2022 17: 54
                      Quote: Ol Willy
                      The British act like they are still an empire, but they do it sitting on the shoulders of the USA.

                      A very accurate allegory. That's why they feel like an Empire, because they sit on the shoulders of the "Golem" - the USA.
                      The United States is only an authorized "Derzhimorda" from the British Commonwealth of Nations ... "Police", until the time - a cluster of transnational corporations and the location of the printing press for the "money of the world".
                      But the Metropolis is not in the USA at all.
                      Quote: Ol Willy
                      The main threat comes from the USA, but they will never get into a serious mess that threatens with serious losses.

                      They , like true Anglo - Saxons , prefer to do the dirty work with someone else 's hands . And war is a dirty job. They prefer to stand behind the combatants. And now I'm talking about the inseparable symbiosis - horse and rider, USA and England.
                      1. Ol willy
                        Ol willy 10 February 2022 08: 17
                        At the moment, international capital is ordering the music, at the same time, the base and, as it was accurately said, the golem, of international capital are the USA. England herself has been such a golem in the past, but everything flows and everything changes. They lost this status completely in the 1930s - 1940s and at the moment they are only singing along.

                        It is foolish to think that England and the USA are constantly in an inseparable loving embrace. In the XNUMXth century, relations between them were very tense, and subsequent alliances in both world wars in the long term played clearly not in favor of England. It's a long story, but in short, both countries fought for economic dominance and control of the shipping lanes; both sides tried to avoid an open conflict - as a result, the USA successfully outplayed England in the geopolitical arena and made them directly dependent, thus England lost the status of an empire and ended up in subordinate roles.

                        Pretty ironic: England was for centuries first in line to stifle any perceived threat in continental Europe - Spain, France, Russia, Germany... In doing so, the British completely missed the economic boom in their former colony and ended up losing the fight to her.

                        From the position of history, we can confidently say that the mistake of the late Russian Empire was the inability to find a worthy ally. At the end of the XNUMXth century, the USA were not yet a "golem" and would quite willingly go for rapprochement with Russia as opposed to England and its allies; It is worth noting that the USA and Russia did not have a conflict of interest and Russia was not a threat to American control of the sea lanes.
                      2. bayard
                        bayard 10 February 2022 16: 56
                        Quote: Ol Willy
                        . In the XNUMXth century, relations between them were very tense, and subsequent alliances in both world wars in the long term played clearly not in favor of England.

                        We can only consider their relationship at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when it was decided to transfer the role of the Golem to the USA. During both world wars, the world was reformatted, the status of the British Empire was reduced to the level of the Commonwealth, and England became just a small island state near Europe.
                        But the role of the City of London has not diminished in the slightest.
                        The role of the London Stock Exchange is not downgraded.
                        The status of the English banking houses only strengthened.
                        And if the US is essentially ruled by the founding banking houses of the Fed, then we should remember that these same banking houses are predominantly of English origin. Or rather origin from the City of London.
                        And it is precisely at this level - at the level of real, but not too public power, that England and the USA are an inseparable symbiosis of rider and horse. Like a Centaur ... Although no - the Horse Rider can change. Once again . The Horse has too many problems ... internal problems ... chronic ... neglected.
                        Quote: Ol Willy
                        The Russian Empire was unable to find a worthy ally. At the end of the XNUMXth century, the USA were not yet a "golem" and would quite willingly go for rapprochement with Russia as opposed to England and its allies; It is worth noting that the USA and Russia did not have a conflict of interest and Russia was not a threat to American control of the sea lanes.

                        It was impossible. and impossible in the beginning.
                        USA is a derivative of Britain. The US elites are descended from the British elites, the US banking houses were and are controlled by the mother houses of the City of London.
                        And remember the MAIN thing - the preparation and course of the REV 1904 - 1905.
                        WHAT BANKING HOUSES gave Japan a loan on the eve of the war - LOAN FOR WAR?!
                        These were US banking houses, and this loan was organized by Yankel Schiff, a confidant of Comrade Baruch. bully
                        With that money, Japan was able, on the very eve of the war, with the diplomatic assistance of England, to redeem two Italian armored cruisers - "Nishin" and "Kasuga", which the Russian side so frivolously refused. These funds of Japan were enough for the entire war, for the purchase of everything necessary in Europe and England already in its very course.
                        And you propose, under SUCH conditions, Russia to look for an ally in the USA against the half-blooded England - its mother country and a landmark in politics?
                        This is the height of naivety, because the banking houses of the United States and England acted harmoniously, as a whole ... and politics was portrayed by professional politicians-actors.
                        Russia's natural ally in those conditions was Germany.
                        And it was Germany that rendered the maximum services to RI in that war, despite its neutral status.
                        And in the war with Japan, NO ONE could enter into an alliance with the Republic of Ingushetia, because it would automatically receive the British Empire as its rival! According to the Japanese-British Union Treaty, England undertook to act on the side of Japan if MORE THAN one state attacked it.
                        And how skillfully the Republic of Ingushetia was lured / dragged into that trap, how they first organized a lease agreement from China for Port Arthur and the Liaodong Peninsula + the right to build the CER and the right of extraterritoriality to the exclusion zone under the CER. They organized the infrastructural development of this entire Chinese region at Russian expense, the construction of cities, the Dalniy commercial port ... but at the same time they maximally slowed down the construction of the Fleet and the infrastructure for its basing ... and delayed the saturation of the region with Russian troops by sea on the eve of the war.
                        How did the English (Anglo-American) banking houses and British intelligence manage to organize SUCH?
                        It's simple - a certain Count Witte, an offspring of one of the branches of the Rothschild house through his grandmother, was promoted to the post of Prime Minister in the Republic of Ingushetia ... He organized everything.
                        And the Treaty of Portsmouth after the war that had not yet been lost (on land, the Russian Army was then already ready to defeat the Japanese army and throw it off the continent, and the threat of this defeat could be a weight on the scales of negotiations ... But Witte surrendered all the interests of the Empire, signed an agreement on the terms of the Japanese and... thereafter resigned and left the Empire...
                        And the stupid king has since called him His Chief Enemy. request
                        And the French at that time, although they were officially considered allies of the Republic of Ingushetia ... helped so-so. But the ports and harbors in their colonies were still provided for the 2nd squadron.
                        Only Germany could be a natural ally in the confrontation with England for the Republic of Ingushetia.
                        But the Anglo-Saxons made it so that we fought among ourselves in both world wars. Although historically, mentally and even genetically Germany is closer to us. And it very well made up for the shortcomings and lags of the Russian economy.
                        But the British art of pitting their enemies against each other turned out to be stronger.
                      3. Ol willy
                        Ol willy 11 February 2022 08: 01
                        For the most part, I agree, but the moment about the banking houses and their English origins... The banking houses had a slightly different origin, ahem, not quite English so to speak.
                      4. bayard
                        bayard 11 February 2022 10: 51
                        The question is not about the origin and genealogy of banking houses, but about their entry into the City of London at the end of the 19th century. And their origin is not English at all.
      3. House 25 Sq. 380
        House 25 Sq. 380 9 February 2022 14: 05
        For some reason, the USSR purchases did not help ...
  4. expert
    expert 20 December 2021 20: 14
    A very, very serious opponent. Practically unlimited in funds.
    Russia will have to tackle huge, most important tasks.
    And the article is very interesting.
    1. Secutor
      Secutor 20 December 2021 21: 12
      This requires tactics like China's. First, the economy, and then the military manners. With such budgets for development, army updates, you will never keep up.
  5. dauria
    dauria 20 December 2021 21: 09
    Due to the depletion of the resource, the aircraft require more maintenance and more often need to be repaired.

    Kirill. This is mistake. ERTE (unified operating procedure) for the type of aircraft (helicopter) does not contain any reservations and concessions to the "new" aircraft in comparison with the "old". And the resource (any) is assigned from the condition of constant failure rate.
    Within the resource, the failure rate does not increase .
    If these rules applied to personal cars, you would simply go broke, changing components and making repairs in a timely manner, without waiting for breakdowns and not killing equipment in the trash. And we would drive "Kopeyka" exactly as much as the manufacturer established. But the old one would have been just as much trouble as the new one.
  6. Nord11
    Nord11 20 December 2021 23: 30
    Are flying trash written off? Well, then Svidomo aviation will become a formidable force, otherwise the enemies were talking about the transition to hang gliders and beach paragliders ..
  7. demiurg
    demiurg 21 December 2021 08: 21
    Formally, the RF Air Force purchases slightly less aircraft.
    But the RF Air Force is desperately short of aircraft VKP / AWACS / RTR / tankers.

    My humble couch opinion is that it is better not to upgrade the SU-30 to the level of SM-2, but to convert it into electronic warfare machines, at least partially. And we need to do something with RTR and AWACS, which are relatively simple. Wunderwaffe A-100 RF will not pull much. And what is needed is that a dozen or so two or three relatively simple machines capable of acting in the interests of the division / brigade. And to accelerate the production of the Il-78, and possibly transferring them to the Su-24 refuellers (instead of modernization).
  8. Basarev
    Basarev 22 December 2021 09: 49
    Sorry sight. It seems to be a superpower, but is engaged in the purest water triviality. In an amicable way, the military budget should be such that there is enough for everything and does not have to be written off, so that the military can not look at the price tag, choosing the best, not the cheapest. And it must be an irreducible article, you cannot save on the army. Best of all - like with NASA - a budget of more than a trillion and no direct orders, let them play as they want. And so on all important points. A trillion in medicine, a trillion in education, a trillion in social services, a trillion in science, a trillion in the army, a trillion into space ... And everywhere there are no direct prescriptions, to allow completely free use of funds within the set mega-task - that is, space, social sphere or war.
  9. Eroma
    Eroma 22 December 2021 18: 08
    "The Air Force wants to decommission 20 RQ-4A Block 30 products. Their operation would require $ 273 million."
    They say: UAVs are the cheapest alternative to aviation! Judging by the amount of savings on expenses per year, only 20 devices, something about a CHEAP alternative to airplanes plagued me with vague doubts! belay
    1. OgnennyiKotik
      OgnennyiKotik 22 December 2021 19: 33
      Do not be tormented, you listened very badly to the speaker. UAVs are a huge class of aircraft, they have products created for different purposes. The RQ-4 was not made to save money, its flight duration is inaccessible for manned aircraft.
  10. Hippo
    Hippo 4 February 2022 18: 51
    How it all started!
  11. TermNachTer
    TermNachTer 26 February 2022 21: 42
    Great plans, but small - it will be)))