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Su-30 fighters are being repaired at the facilities of Indonesia


In recent years, there has been a tendency of refusal to service combat aviation of Russian origin on the territory of the Russian Federation. Operating countries are striving to maintain the machines in-house by establishing national aircraft repair centers.

For example, in early December, a program for the repair and modernization of Su-30MKM fighters was announced at the production facilities of Malaysia, which operates this type of equipment. It was argued that this would significantly reduce costs compared to sending cars to Russia.

As you can understand, Moscow does not object to this approach, and sometimes even contributes to the formation of national aircraft repair centers. For example, one of them began its work in Peru in recent years, significantly reducing the cost of maintaining Mi-8/17 helicopters.

Indonesia also fits into this trend. As reported by Depohar 30 (the country's Air Force unit responsible for maintenance), a program is currently being implemented at the department's facilities to extend the service life of two Su-30 TS-3003 and TS-3007 aircraft. Corresponding work is being carried out at the Skatek 044 airbase in Makassar

The Indonesian Air Force requires a high level of combat readiness of aircraft, especially the Su-27 and Su-30 fighters. It can only be achieved if there is adequate logistical support and maintenance activities.

- declare in Depohar 30.

The Indonesian Air Force, in addition to other combat vehicles, currently has 2 Su-27SK, 3 Su-27SKM, 2 Su-30MK and 9 Su-30MK2.

Photos used:
Indonesian Defense Ministry website

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  1. Momento
    Momento 15 December 2021 21: 12
    something terrible for the fate of these su-30. do you think they will collect it later?
    1. Keyser soze
      Keyser soze 15 December 2021 21: 29
      do you think they will collect it later?

      There is a white guy in the photo who is trying with all his might to explain to the Indonesians the difference in removing the wing and the banana. laughing
      Here is all hope for him ... laughing
    2. Volkof
      Volkof 15 December 2021 22: 53
      Currently, the department is implementing a program to extend the life of two Su-30 aircraft

      What program are you talking about? What is the extension of the service life if the contract for the supply of 18 Su-30s was signed in 2003, and the delivery was completed in 2009? These planes have not exhausted their service life! We are talking about the implementation of the 2nd overhaul by Malaysian specialists with the permission of the plant. To do this, you need to train specialists in advance, supply equipment and KPA! But does it make sense? No, the costs will be higher, the quality will be worse! And who will provide the factory warranty for 2 years and the serviceability of the aircraft! And then how will the plant really extend the service life? Well, a very delusional idea, and then they will say that the planes are bad and you won't prove anything to anyone ... This is a wrong and stupid permission to perform such work in Malaysia outside of Russia. This will be confirmed by any competent specialist who represents what we are talking about ...
  2. kebzuref
    kebzuref 15 December 2021 21: 58
    This is very good, it helps in competitiveness, those countries that operate will buy our planes more because maintenance costs will be cheaper, they will also buy a lot of our spare parts in order to be able to repair themselves without interruption.
    1. Volkof
      Volkof 15 December 2021 23: 06
      There is no need to engage in profanity in technical matters in the style of conclusions a la party worker who does not understand anything about this ... The article was written by a person who is absolutely ignorant of these issues and he expounded the harmful position of stupid functionaries from aviation ... Everything you see on photographs, otherwise, as a disgrace and a complete bacchanalia can not be called!
  3. Evil troll
    Evil troll 15 December 2021 22: 23
    I wonder how they would disassemble the F-35, how they would assemble it, and how much it would cost in the end.
    1. ugol2
      ugol2 15 December 2021 23: 23
      How, how, the Chinese would be called for help. Those in half an hour would have disassembled and assembled everything.
      And in a year / another, some fifth-generation J-35 would roll out, well, very similar to the F-35.
      1. Vladimir_2U
        Vladimir_2U 16 December 2021 03: 57
        Quote: ugol2
        Those in half an hour would have disassembled and assembled everything.
        Collected in half an hour? Yes, there is only a selfie of a smiling Chinese against the background of each individual detail, it will take about forty minutes, and yet another scraping for analysis, suddenly, like a seasoning for stewed grasshoppers, it will be irreplaceable. laughing So 2-2,5 hours! This is my highly scientific forecast ... hi
  4. silver_roman
    silver_roman 15 December 2021 22: 37
    In general, it is a very bad idea to let all sorts of obscure "engineers" dig into a high-tech machine. And then when it falls after such a repair, it will ruin the reputation of the equipment. Or you need to train specialists in our universities for several years, after which we give them a license and the right to service, or be kind to visit us for maintenance. But for this, of course, in the Russian Federation, you need to establish a normal service.
  5. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 15 December 2021 23: 27
    I have a suspicion that someone close to the maintenance of aircraft from Russia, with Russian citizenship, pulled out a lucky ticket for life and he is not alone.
    1. Nexcom
      Nexcom 16 December 2021 06: 23
      Do you think the Indonesians pay him well? So it is until they themselves have filled their hand.
  6. andrewkor
    andrewkor 16 December 2021 04: 32
    Indonesians, cool guys! Raid, Raid-2 !!!
  7. singless
    singless 16 December 2021 12: 21
    swarm tech who knows guys will say engineers in their field. the pros work there