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"We will overcome the blockade on our own": old NATO military equipment is being restored in Venezuela

"We will overcome the blockade on our own": old NATO military equipment is being restored in Venezuela

For a long time Venezuela was one of the countries located in the so-called "backyard" of the United States, that is, together with other Latin American states, it entered the sphere of Washington's unquestioning dictatorship. In this regard, it is not surprising that the basis of the materiel of the country's armed forces is made up of NATO models.

In the 2010s, Venezuela found itself in isolation imposed by the Western world. Under these conditions, the supply of spare parts became impossible and, as a result, the question of keeping military equipment in combat readiness arose.

We will overcome this blockade on our own and without charity

- says Domingo Hernandez Lares, head of CEOFANB, one of the Armed Forces Commands responsible for military operations.

According to reports from the Ministry of Defense, gradual work is underway to restore old military equipment of NATO origin. Among the vehicles that have undergone major overhauls is the British light tank Scorpion 90, which is armed with the 76-mm L23A1 semi-automatic cannon. As mentioned earlier, 82 out of 84 vehicles have already been repaired.

Scorpio 90

Work is underway on a Dragoon 300 armored personnel carrier armed with a 90mm Cockerill cannon. The armored personnel carrier of American origin is partially based on the M113 nodes. Venezuela had about a hundred Dragoon 300s in service, and it seems that the local authorities are coping with the task of restoring their combat readiness.

Dragon 300

Venezuela is a sovereign and independent country despite the imperialist blockade. We will overcome it on our own

- noted Lares.

In early December, information appeared about the modernization of the anti-tank M40A1 with its equipment with sights from the SVD. This weapon can be installed both in a single form and in a multi-barreled version on mobile vehicles.


Similarly, it was recently reported about the completion of the task of overhauling the armored personnel carrier Engesa EE-11 Urutu. This is already a non-NATO technique. It was produced in Brazil in the first half of the 1970s. In the Venezuelan version, it is equipped with either a 20 mm cannon or a machine gun. In the video below, both modifications are presented.

Photos used:
Ministry of Defense of Venezuela

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  1. Alexga
    Alexga 13 December 2021 20: 17
    Having modern weapons is good, but more importantly, you have to have the will to use them. It was not in vain that they feared Chavez.
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 13 December 2021 21: 45
      I think they will not have any problems with the application.
      They got drunk on "western" goods
      And what the spare parts themselves decided to do - well done. These deliveries are harder to interrupt
      1. Orsis338
        Orsis338 14 December 2021 00: 44
        What repair kits the Persians send themselves on the spot are collected, everyone who could have already fled from there
  2. Pavel57
    Pavel57 13 December 2021 20: 19
    Cuba's thrift is still a long way off.
  3. expert
    expert 13 December 2021 20: 30
    Today there was an article about the new Georgian "visually refined"
    BRM. In my opinion Venezuelans "sew" Georgians. I wish them good luck!
    1. Vaўkalak
      Vaўkalak 13 December 2021 20: 36

      Yeah, I saw it too. On the basis of Ford riveted "Didgori" and this new one about which it was a question. In the video, even the Ford logo on the steering wheel was visible when the Prime Minister of Georgia was driving it.
  4. Pentacle
    Pentacle 13 December 2021 20: 54
    Maybe it's time to bury the "stewardess" ?! This "modern" technique is exactly 50 years old.
  5. boris ivanov
    boris ivanov 13 December 2021 21: 01
    import substitution in all its glory, in Bolivarian style ..
  6. Klingon
    Klingon 13 December 2021 21: 27
    Ontos with a sight from SVDhi is generally powerful good wassat
  7. ved_med12
    ved_med12 13 December 2021 22: 53
    Without modern guidance and firing systems, it's all useless ...
  8. Toucan
    Toucan 14 December 2021 01: 08
    Among the vehicles that have undergone major overhauls is the British Scorpion 90 light tank, which is armed with the 76 mm L23A1 semi-automatic cannon.

    The Scorpion 90 light tank, as the name suggests, is armed with a 90mm cannon.
  9. Barge_watchman
    Barge_watchman 14 December 2021 11: 30
    Yes, there is simply no money. What's the blockade ...
    The old technology (NATO, because it was simply not better then, and China had not yet learned), is quite nothing.
    If they sold the BRDM to me now, I would make a candy out of it. In the "collective farm smithy" ...