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Stavropol VVIUS. Help the cultural monument!

The reason for writing this article was the deplorable state of the building of the former Stavropol gymnasium, built in 1868 and located on the territory of the Stavropol military communications school. Constantly passing by him, with a pain in my heart, I looked at the broken windows and the shabby facade of the building. Previously, it was built for centuries, and now the building fully confirms this, not intending to either fall apart or completely fall into disrepair.

I remember how cool it was in summer and warm in winter because of the thick double walls with empty space inside. This was especially felt when you entered it from the forty-degree heat. We liked to sit in it for self-study. The building itself inspired respect and created inner peace.

Its inner hall saw both balls and cadet discos. A lot of memories are associated with it from anyone who studied in it. Therefore, I would like to ask for help, both to the administration of the site and to other caring readers, so that the issue of cultural heritage was raised to the level of federal authorities, since it cannot be resolved on the spot.

In 2010, the school was disbanded, now there is the headquarters of the combined arms army and a special purpose regiment, immediately after that, historical the building was dismantled and it still costs 11 years, useless to anyone. And this despite the fact that the old gymnasium is located in the very center of the city, opposite the building of the Regional Duma, but belongs to the RF Ministry of Defense. The city administration has nothing to do with him and apparently does not want to. As usual, no one cares. Why the RF Ministry of Defense does not use it for its own purposes, I do not know, but I also don’t understand why it was abandoned. Now it is a parking lot for the military.

I ask you to help as much as you can.


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  1. kind
    kind 9 December 2021 07: 00
    There are many such abandoned schools in Russia. They stand as a silent reproach to Serdyukov's merciless reform.
    1. Yngvar
      Yngvar 9 December 2021 08: 21
      Our Tomsk VVKUS is also in ruin! The main building was given to Gazprom, therefore it survived. The main town survived several fires and looting, part of the territory was given over to a general education school.
  2. Two
    Two 9 December 2021 08: 14
    Another monument to "Serdyukovism."
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 9 December 2021 08: 25
      Quote: Dos
      .MO RF simply can transfer to the balance sheet of the city, until the monument is completely crumbled.

      It is easy to give away, but to repair and use ... Is it possible that the RF Ministry of Defense has become impoverished? Maybe they are waiting for the signalmen to fold and decide this issue themselves?
      1. Two
        Two 9 December 2021 08: 33
        A rolling stone gathers no moss! If a building is expensive for a city, as a historical monument, then there should be fans of local lore, and it is from them that the movement should come.
  3. 2 Level Advisor
    2 Level Advisor 9 December 2021 08: 18
    eh ... my own school .. I remember jumping over this fence .. and in general you can tell a lot about each photo .. + this is our territory for cleaning in senior years ... and in general this is our faculty .. yes .. myself I thought, and I don’t understand - does anyone really need a building in the city center? or how the sports campus on the other side of the school will be sawed off and the business center will eventually be built? the territory is not abandoned - all the other buildings on the territory are used .. it's a shame in general .. but the city .. but what does the city have to do with the Ministry of Defense questions .. but they didn’t let us into the alumni meeting .. and went out through the gates in the ranks of lieutenants and was not more .. I join the author .. really in the Moscow region there are no ideas how to use an excellent building in the city center?
  4. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 9 December 2021 08: 21
    An attempt to draw attention to "this" has been hovering for three years already. They even referred to the possibility and desire of the city administration to take the building for themselves. Only the Ministry of Defense will not give it back! To give such a building, and then, if it is in demand in Stavropol, it will either have to be built or bought. Apparently, they reasonably believe that Stavropol is not the North, there is a roof, it will stand until it is demanded by the time. Moreover, we are talking about this huge complex.
    1. 2 Level Advisor
      2 Level Advisor 9 December 2021 08: 33
      Yes. it is about this and it is really tremendous - in it alone, probably the rest of the school buildings will fit .. our school was small in comparison with others .. it was reduced anyway ..
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 9 December 2021 08: 49
      Quote: Vladimir61
      They even referred to the possibility and desire of the city administration to take the building for themselves. Only the Ministry of Defense will not give it back!

      And I myself will not talk, and I will not give it to another! Dog in the manger!
    3. Vikxnumx
      Vikxnumx 9 December 2021 09: 02
      And the White House is across the street ...
  5. ycuce234-san
    ycuce234-san 9 December 2021 10: 52
    In Stavropol, due to lack of space, two new schools will soon be built. One school for 1550 places on the street of the hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Shchipakin and the second school on Federal street. And you can add a third school to them, without spending much money, by renovating this building. Moreover, the building was originally built as a specialized educational building, even before the revolution; it is a building with history (related to education, science and education; a monument of history and culture) and is located in the central part of the city, which is a good place for students to travel to study. Therefore, it is necessary to interest the Ministry of Education officials, who have a serious headache due to the lack of schools in this city.
    In addition, the city has a large university - NCFU and one of its buildings is even located near the building - so there is also a backup option - to turn it into a university building.
  6. Alexey RU64
    29 December 2021 21: 24
    And no one noticed the squirrel.