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A new series of American spy satellites. Plan to "merge" the satellites into a single multispectral "eye"

In the United States are developing to create a complex of new generation satellites.

The American National Intelligence Directorate, NRO, is today described as one of the most secret institutions in the world. However, even from secret organizations sometimes leaks information. This happened at this time, when the American press published materials about the emergence of new American spy satellites.

A new series of American spy satellites. Plan to "merge" the satellites into a single multispectral "eye"

The modern satellites available to the USA no longer satisfy the new needs, therefore it was decided to follow the path of new developments.

The problem with modern satellites is that they easily determine the local area on the surface of the Earth, but no more. Their resolution does not allow to “see”, for example, a person.
Today it is planned to create a new spy satellite that can conduct the observation process on new principles.

There is information that NRO specialists are preparing to ensure the possibility of receiving and processing satellite materials in near real-time (with a minimum signal delay) on such technical devices as smartphones and tablet computers.
It is planned that the effectiveness of new satellites will increase the security of army units from the interference of enemy equipment.

Within a few years after the emergence of new spy satellites from the US, the NRO plans to use complexes of such satellites to perform various tasks. For example, a so-called “multispectral eye” can be created, which will allow the technique to “see” space in waves of various ranges (for example, radio waves and infrared waves).

US Army soldiers say that the availability of such equipment will allow them to more effectively solve a whole range of tasks. If such a vehicle were in the US a few years ago, it would have been much easier to track down and destroy terrorist No. XXUMX to Ussam bin Laden, as American military experts say.

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  1. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 18 September 2012 08: 36
    Hmm, total surveillance will begin, in the style of American militants ... and not to hide. Of course I am writing foolishness, but there’s something in it
    1. Tirpitz
      Tirpitz 18 September 2012 13: 07
      And here we have a situation.

      The military satellite, which was launched on Friday, became the last second-generation device of the Missile Attack Warning System, the Kommersant newspaper writes on Saturday. Meanwhile, according to the authoritative Western Internet resource Gunter's Space Page, based on the data of the American space command, the last second-generation spacecraft of the space segment of the Russian SPRN Oko-1 (71X6) was delivered to orbit.
      The first device of this type was launched into orbit in 1991. Launched yesterday became the eighth in the series and the last. It was handed over to the military from the developer and manufacturer, the Lavochkin NGO, in 2011 (the first deputy defense minister of the Russian Federation, Alexander Sukhorukov, said this at the time, reporting on last year's deliveries on state defense orders). According to sources in the rocket and space industry, the apparatus cost the military more than 1,5 billion rubles, and the terms for its manufacture were almost two years, Kommersant writes.
      This launch is unlikely to greatly strengthen the existing Russian SPRN. Back in 2005, senior military officials did not hesitate to criticize both the satellites of this type themselves and the system as a whole.
      The then deputy commander of the space forces for armaments, General Oleg Gromov, speaking in the Federation Council, said: "We can’t even restore the minimum required composition of the missile attack warning system in orbit by launching the hopelessly outdated 71X6 and 73D6 satellites."
      And in October 2011, the current commander of the East Kazakhstan region, General Oleg Ostapenko, said that they (the troops) would "not upgrade the space echelon, but create a new Unified Space System" (CEN). According to him, it should allow solving a number of problems, one of which is a warning about a missile attack.
      General Ostapenko did not specify the details. Judging by the separate reports leaking into the Russian media (usually from sources), work on the CEN project in Russia has really been going on in recent years, but it is by no means striking at its pace and is still very far from completing the result. In the old system, according to the newspaper , for its full functioning it was necessary to have at least two 71X6 satellites (one in orbit since June 26, 2008).
      Their life cycle is five to seven years, so with the launch of yesterday’s apparatus, the system will continue to exist for some time.
      “The situation here is similar in many respects to the story about Phobos,” a source in the space industry admits. “Sputnik was made using old technologies, and there is no certainty that it will work out its entire deadline. Here again I had to take risks. ”
      However, he added that the launch would have taken place under any conditions: after all, under the terms of the contract for the development of the device, money had been allocated for the launch as well. And "the final product was not to be delivered to the customer in order to stay on the ground."
  2. Bort radist
    Bort radist 18 September 2012 08: 56
    Promisingly of course. But in the military sphere, I think the issue will be solved simply. They will teach you that you can see everything and everyone, and at the right time - a virus, a flare of the range, or something very simple and effective. From a simple slingshot, this eye will be beaten.
  3. Redpartyzan
    Redpartyzan 18 September 2012 10: 23
    The question is what it will be funded for. The weapons program is being reduced, and the combat systems of the future have been completely closed. I doubt the veracity of such statements.
  4. sxn278619
    sxn278619 18 September 2012 12: 33
    It is interesting that the United States will be able to wage war if all military and navigation satellites are destroyed.
    1. sonik-007
      sonik-007 18 September 2012 12: 50
      Destroyed by how, by whom and by what?)
      No modern army can fully conduct combat operations without satellites. This is the connection between the companies on the battlefield, this is the connection between submarines and the General Staff / Navy Headquarters, and this is the connection / target designation for the Strategic Missile Forces.
  5. sonik-007
    sonik-007 18 September 2012 12: 51
    I wonder how developed we are in this area ... something tells me that it’s not very ....
    1. Tirpitz
      Tirpitz 18 September 2012 12: 59
      Not really - that’s still put it mildly. Somewhere there was information that at the beginning of the year the satellites of the Russian Federation were still film. Information was recorded on tape, and then these capsules were picked up in certain places.

      The Cobalt-M satellite, with a mass of 6,6 tons and a day-long active life in 120 orbit, drops the captured films to Earth in small containers that land in the Orenburg region. Search groups on the ground are engaged in special groups. Then the footage is sent to the center of space intelligence. At the same time, the interval between photographing and landing a capsule with photographic film reaches a month, which reduces the value of images for operational intelligence.
  6. aksakal
    aksakal 18 September 2012 13: 44
    whoever takes possession of the cosmos to a greater extent, will equally possess the planet. Rogozin will have to work hard to finish Roscosmos to work normally and not to lag behind.
  7. studentmati
    studentmati 18 September 2012 22: 35
    Honor and praise to the developers! I wonder what percentage of them are Russian-speaking and why they do not work for Russia?