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Former Australian Prime Minister Abbott offered to buy old American nuclear submarines before the date of receiving new ones


After Australia, Great Britain and the United States decided to create a new military-political alliance in the AUKUS Pacific region, the Australian authorities also decided to abandon the contract, which provided for the construction of submarines for the Royal Australian Navy in France, and conclude a new agreement on the acquisition of submarines. boats, this time from the USA.

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the one who first promised to "take Putin by the breast" and teach the Russian president a lesson, and then thanked Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation for cooperation, writes: Australia's acquisition of nuclear submarines from the United States will allow the country to play more active role in world politics. In 2040, as the ex-prime minister emphasizes, Australia will receive its first nuclear submarine, but the country's need for nuclear submarines already exists today.

In Australia, the need to strengthen underwater fleet attributed to the growing activity of China in the Asia-Pacific region. In particular, Australian politicians are concerned about Beijing's explicit and not hidden plans to seize Taiwan sooner or later and annex the island to mainland China, destroying the pro-Western republic. China is building the world's largest navy and has the world's largest coast guard.

But it's not just Taiwan that could be affected by China. For example, Australia has already received a list of 14 demands from China, including a requirement to preserve Chinese investment, renounce criticism of China's foreign policy, and renounce an alliance with the United States. That is, writes the Australian ex-prime minister, China is trying to make Australia a dependent state like ancient and medieval vassals. Is it necessary for Australia, a country that is English-speaking and European in culture, история and whose culture has never depended on China?

In turn, US President Joe Biden stressed that America will defend Taiwan. Japan is demonstrating the same position. Australia also should not, according to the former prime minister, be indifferent to the fate of a "democracy with 25 million population." After the disintegration of Taiwan will deal a serious blow to the world economy, strengthen China's position in Southeast Asia and lead to a reformatting of world politics.

Abbott believes that "all major democracies" must unite and show China their determination to act to protect Taiwan. Therefore, Australia needs nuclear submarines. Building nuclear submarines would take decades, but the problem can be solved in another way. American submarines of the Los Angeles class are being decommissioned, so why shouldn't some of them extend their lives under the Australian flag, asks the former prime minister.

In case of such a decision, the submarines could serve Australia plus or minus ten years. That is, it will be possible to get closer to the date when the construction of new nuclear submarines for the Australian Navy will already begin.

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  1. knn54
    knn54 6 December 2021 10: 26
    I guessed it myself or ...
    1. Civil
      Civil 6 December 2021 10: 41
      Yankees will not sell apl to kangaroos, they do not trust anyone.
    2. Babay Atasovich
      Babay Atasovich 6 December 2021 10: 56
      Quote: knn54
      I guessed it myself or ...

      ... or got rolled back.
    3. venik
      venik 6 December 2021 11: 02
      Quote: knn54
      I guessed it myself or ...

      Rather: "OR" ..... drinks
  2. The popuas
    The popuas 6 December 2021 10: 26
    They are in a hurry somewhere ... recourse
    1. ammunition
      ammunition 8 December 2021 03: 19
      Quote: Popuas
      They are in a hurry somewhere.

      (Australians) rush them. yes
  3. Fisherman
    Fisherman 6 December 2021 10: 27
    China, of course, went too far with its expansion into Australia, the pressure on the politicians they paid did not work, because the Han do not know that "a white man owes nothing to the natives" (Gaddafi is a vivid example).
    But Temka with purchases of second-hand nuclear submarines is interesting, especially with its forcing, apparently the "elite" expect a war much earlier than 2040 and want to protect their secluded shelters in Australia and New Zealand at the expense of the Australian crown vassal.
    1. mark1
      mark1 6 December 2021 11: 53
      Quote: Fisherman
      expect a war much earlier than 2040 and want to protect their hideouts in Australia and New Zealand at the expense of the Australian crown vassal.

      Well, yes, the thought of protecting the asylum (and nothing more) also visited me. At the time of some large-scale database in the world, Australia will most likely maintain armed neutrality.
      1. Fisherman
        Fisherman 6 December 2021 12: 18
        They will not be helped ... have already been lit up ... the shelters of those who decide to start the war will be destroyed. That is why the escalation is decreasing because they understand their weaknesses ... they are trying to strengthen them. But in 5 years we will have submarines specialized for Zircons ... so ... we will continue to record the movement.
      2. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 6 December 2021 21: 57
        Quote: mark1
        At the time of some large-scale database in the world, Australia will most likely maintain armed neutrality.

        Well, yes, well, yes ... And they entered AUCUS out of boredom ... for fun ... It turns out that Kasandra is worthless of you, colleague. yes
  4. Eug
    Eug 6 December 2021 10: 28
    Many spoke of exactly this development of events immediately after the news of the acquisition of American nuclear submarines by Australia.
  5. rocket757
    rocket757 6 December 2021 10: 33
    Former Australian Prime Minister Abbott offered to buy old American nuclear submarines before the date of receiving new ones
    So, the older the equipment, especially of this class, the more serious and costly the service infrastructure is required !!! What do they expect that their senior partner will do everything and everything? Even so, it WILL NOT be cheap.
    1. zlinn
      zlinn 6 December 2021 10: 59
      Australia is not a very poor country, and such expenses will be quite sufficient, at the same time they will be trained in maintenance and operation
    2. Victor Leningradets
      Victor Leningradets 6 December 2021 11: 27
      Domination over the entire globe is at stake!
      So, namesake, I'm afraid - they won't stand up for the price.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 6 December 2021 12: 08
        The question is not only about babosiks ... here, after all, competencies and technologies are required from not the most simple and accessible ones. Again, to blame everything on big brother, to hope ... well, well, otherwise he does not have enough of his own problems.
        Option, it is possible / not possible, we will see. After all, this is not our headache.
  6. Tarasios
    Tarasios 6 December 2021 10: 38
    Amer business women do not eat their bread in vain, they are making another big deal ...
  7. rusich
    rusich 6 December 2021 10: 43
    Written off for recycling or female commanders, there is nowhere to attach a sub-tray. Already released 11 pieces.
  8. sedoj
    sedoj 6 December 2021 10: 50
    The Yankees decided to make money on the disposal of their submarines? Now let the Aussies have a headache, what to do with these boats when their resource finally dies.
    1. Sanichsan
      Sanichsan 6 December 2021 11: 09
      hmmm ... what the further fate of USS Connecticut is being clarified bully
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 6 December 2021 11: 03
    Australia will receive its first nuclear powered submarine in 2040
    Of course, it is unbearable to wait 19 years. why not try to buy the decommissioned ones. And what about the safety of decommissioned nuclear submarines and their maintenance specialists? Australia is so concerned about the safety of Taiwan and the assertiveness of China that it does not at all think about what the operation of decommissioned nuclear submarines may result in. Oh, that "tough guy" Tony Abbott ...
  10. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 6 December 2021 11: 10
    We would have sat there and farther, grazed goats and cut their wool. So no, give them a submarine. What is technological progress doing with the Papuans?
    1. Victor Leningradets
      Victor Leningradets 6 December 2021 11: 30
      Do not offend the Papuans, they are Miklouho-Maclay's friends. And these are the British Australopithecines, primitive and impudent creatures.
      1. Andrei Nikolaevich
        Andrei Nikolaevich 6 December 2021 11: 32
        After they ate Cook, you can't give them weapons at all.
  11. prior
    prior 6 December 2021 11: 38
    Fuck Abbott ...
    The Anglo-Saxon cannot live without interfering in other people's affairs, even in Australia.
    The Australians need nuclear submarines as much as a kangaroo needs two more hind legs.
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 6 December 2021 22: 06
      Quote: prior
      Abbott your mother...

      You are not a case about EBOLA !?
      Very contagious, I'll tell you, Tony's mom ... lol
  12. TermNachTer
    TermNachTer 6 December 2021 12: 52
    Mattress toppers are going to fight with China until the last Japanese, Taiwanese and Australian))) I wonder how much my uncle paid to crow this nonsense?)))
  13. Serge-667
    Serge-667 6 December 2021 14: 34
    In fact, a very serious question. It's not just buy and sell. This is a revision of the US Navy's plans and schedules for the withdrawal from Los Angeles in such a way that it would be possible to provide a resource for their further service in 10-15 years. Plus, carrying out repairs to restore combat readiness, at least.
    As a maximum, the US Navy will have to remove completely combat-ready submarines from combat service right now and begin the procedure for transferring them to Australia. I wonder which option they'll choose.
  14. Pavel57
    Pavel57 6 December 2021 16: 17
    The logic is clear. But Taiwan can go home earlier.