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Confession of a Russian Orangeman in Ukraine. Repentance ... and Renunciation of Liberalism

I don’t even know where to start ... Probably, from the very beginning, for those who don’t like to read for a long time, it’s better not to start at all, however, as I was convinced, quite smart people have gathered, so I think for many people it will be a joy. In my short life example, a segment in 7 years, I want to show why the Orange Revolution triumphed in 2004 and why it fell, and why there are no winners from any side.

I am a simple Russian guy, a citizen of Ukraine, I am 26 years old today. I remember the Soviet Union by kindergarten, shortage of goods, airplanes (which flew even in my small town of Berdyansk) and, oddly enough, by a high moral culture, well, of course, I didn’t understand this then, but remembering those years today I see the difference. Until 2004, I was warm and friendly towards Russia, at times restrained and even neutral, the latter, however, in rare cases, such as Tuzla Island, football, etc. The ideas of the "Russian world", the revival of the USSR periodically found support from me, though not fanatically, but at the level: in "principle it is possible", "probably", "the Slavic peoples need to stick together." But the state concept of education in Ukraine was doing its job, I left school with such a centrist, respecting my country, and still loyal to Russia, since the mass culture and Russian media penetrated us. I went to university at historical faculty .... And then the slow movements of consciousness began ... I won’t say that I was affected by the obligatory use of the Ukrainian language in higher educational institutions, and not even textbooks by Canadian historians, but more living people-teachers with Russian surnames. This process went slowly, practically in line with the same centrist, but with a small right deviation, almost imperceptible. At this time, Putin was in power in Russia, his first term was on. Here in Ukraine, and not only in the Southeast, and even in the central regions of Ukraine, he aroused admiration, and by the way, with me too. I curbed separatism in Russia, regained the prestige of the army (compared to Ukraine, I know that for many in Russia, this is still not enough), strengthened foreign policy. In short, Putin was raving here, too, and right now. 2004 was drawing near ...

In 2003-2004, Ukrainian society is morally and psychologically tired of President Kuchma, a series of scandals and corruption (as it turned out, they were flowers). The political and electoral company went sluggish until August 2004. It was not yet clear who was coming from the opposition; one thing was clear that Yanukovich was a continuation of Kuchma. Great hopes were pinned on S. Tigipko (a successful state and bank manager), by the way, he also often flashed on the screens at that memorable time. Still, the choice of power fell on Yanukovych, to whom I and my family (mom and dad) were somehow purple. Towards the end of the summer of 2004, the election campaign literally began to enter homes, work and business. I will start with the latter, since my parents at that time were entrepreneurs, they were in for a surprise. The tax authorities have begun to stimulate small businesses to pay more vigorously and preferably "in advance" !!! In a private conversation, they openly admitted that they were from the “I” power to the election campaign. The first rejection came. The second rejection also came at lightning speed, when students began to drive us out to election rallies in support of the authorities, the third, perhaps most important, for my father as a military man and me personally, are our two previous criminal convictions of the “I” in the country and the absence of a priori military service. Of course, one could even neglect this, writing off the mistakes of youth, but the problem is that the dark world remained, and the Donetsk region spread throughout Ukraine de facto in the form of both appointees and strong guys of dubious appearance. At that time, the opposition was nominated by Yushchenko, who, of course, was perceived as a “stranger”, although he came from the Sumy region. No one knew then that he was more a lecturer, a museum specialist than a European type manager. All that attracted him was the Western style of conducting an election campaign, really direct meetings with voters, not meetings, more precisely, driving in “DC”, and, of course, “promises” to go through the development of Poland and Eastern Europe. Of course, as a first-year student, I understood that we would not live like in Europe, but what tempted was the possibility of building a state of law. It was with me, and in my environment: parents, students, teachers - it was at the forefront. For small businesses, the thirst for transparent rules of the game, the intelligentsia is a salvation from the criminalization of the country, well, and hurray for the patriots — Ukrainization, etc. All layers and social groups are covered under Yushchenko, with the exception of the workers. It seems that Yanukovych himself was a technology of success for Yushchenko. So it turns out that the Russian city of Berdyansk gave Yushchenko 2004% in 22, and the neighboring worker Mariupol, only 4%. Our city lives in resort business and study, as it would be said today, this is a city of network hamsters.

And my Russian friends from Russia call, write to me, especially a classmate who left for permanent residence in Moscow in 1997, and the message of almost everyone is: “Did you sell the US there with giblets, how much do you get paid?” By that time, I already participated in opposition rallies. And what should I tell them? Imagine that the president of the Russian Federation is becoming not Moscow (Kiev as we do), and not St. Petersburg (Kharkov as we do), but some kind of “Kushchevsky” (Enakievsky as we do now) candidate, but a unit. An alternative to him is Nemtsov (Yushchenko), who at least served in the army, and normally speaks without notes and makes no mistakes! Normal choice, huh ?! So we had to go to the “barricades”, first in our city, then in the regional center and, finally, in the capital, in order to defend, as it seemed to us, the lesser evil. Yes, I will not hide - they drove us, who himself traveled for his money. At the expense of the promoted trend that everyone has been paid there, this is nonsense. I know that I will upset many people, but I hope that people on this resource understand that the revolutions of 21 have been paid for by their organizers, not just by the participants, and it’s silly to beat each other in public squares and accuse the State Department of corruption. Simply, there are real problems in the country, which we face every day, of course, you can grit your teeth, ignore them every day, even when you hit them right in the head (major accidents, raider seizure of your business, which you yourself raised, and etc.), but the openness of borders and information gives other examples of the development of relations between society and the state.

And then Mr Putin is disappointing. It is clear that for geopolitical reasons, Yushchenko is not suitable for the Russian leadership. But the support of the openly “gangster” “I” only exacerbates its authority in Ukraine. It turns out, we, for example, must vote, at least for the "pig"? But only because he arranged for the Russian leadership? Further the situation only aggravated.

With the arrival of Yushchenko, alas, it did not get better, on the contrary, it became even worse. Reform a la Poland, Slovakia, Georgia did not follow. Instead, we got verbiage in the media and oligarchic lawlessness, and the most complete. You can even recall the words of Yeltsin: "Take freedom as much as you can carry (take)." It became approximately the same as in Russia in 90.

But back to the "origins". As a result, the country has become a huge museum in memory of everything and everyone. No one argues that it is necessary to revive the national memory, this is normal for each country. But under Yushchenko it was brought to complete insanity, and for some reason Russia became the main enemy. Instead of fundamental reforms of the economy and law in general, for 5 years in a row they have been rewriting history textbooks in the country. To the questions of people who sincerely came to the Maidan in the 2004 year, they say, when will the very changes begin, why only history and culture, where are the economies and independent courts? They answered us philosophically mockingly: "Without awareness of the past, there is no future." Everyone instantly remembered and got bored with Pan Kuchma, who was a statesman, as Putin is today in Russia !!! All the same, Yanukovych did not want to, because the oligarchs surrounded him even more abruptly - “Donetsk”, but he returned. As a result, Ukraine ceased to be a de facto state, the signs of which it even possessed in the harsh 90's, because then the "red directors" headed by Kuchma held power. Ukraine has become a territory for making big money. Therefore, the current government is not interested in integration processes with both the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the EU. In general, nothing is clear now. What is the course of the country ?! But no way! For example, even the idea of ​​a Customs Union, our elite sees, at best, according to the mysterious formula: “3 + 1”. We have become a ZAO Ukraine. Now again in Ukraine there will be elections. But there really are two choices. The first option is to vote for the people who Yushchenko brought to power, or for Yanukovych with his conservation, degradation of the state? A thinking person in the country has no one to vote for! As for the communists, so .... I’ll swear, better not say anything. If you want to feel the full venality of today's communists, come to Ukraine. Neither Moldovan Voronin, nor Russian Zyuganov, stand close.

Now the most important thing. Of course, everything can be attributed to the absence of democratic traditions, historical memory, and statehood. And try again and again to synthesize a new liberal-patriotic elite, which will lead us, if not to the European Union, then to the rule of law on the principles of building a civil society. Therefore, in the 2010 year, recalling those memorable orange days, I sincerely hoped for the blockade of the Ukrainian authorities by the West, for the aid of the West, etc. I followed closely the emergence of new political forces, but the political life was dimming in Ukraine, and I decided to fix my eyes on the world as a whole, what do we have there today? The benefit of information is enough, from the Internet and TV, to a dozen relatives arriving at work in Europe. This is where the problems started in my liberal mind. I could not understand why 90% of those who returned from there, were skeptical and critical of life in the West ?! I have not been small for a long time, and I understood that there is no sweet life in everything, and I also need to turn around. But all the conversations boiled down to, perhaps, the key idea: "Living there, you do not feel yourself the master of life, home, work, car and part of the family." But what about the original right to private property and personal life? Alas, I did not discover America, I knew it before, but I did not betray such things as: bank loans and rental housing. The whole philosophy and model of the Western way of life: “this is life on credit, life on lease”. But what about freedom, where is she? Stop, crumple cruelly, so out? Especially I was morally killed by the housing and communal services reform in Ukraine, according to which (according to the media), as a result of a long non-payment, really long, they can take a house (apartment) in court without notifying the debtor, even if it is privatized !! My cousin is no longer a joke, but seriously talks about the advantages of the private sector and the village, where for non-payment, they can only cut off communications, and there, even if you take it with a stove, warm yourself. I thought about it, but for the final break in my liberal mind was not enough. Just think what's so bad about living in the West in a rented house on 49 years in advance? There is a lot of work, high employment, and any unemployment benefit, is anyway higher than our coolest Ukrainian salary and is enough for living in its own “corner” of the working district, but then London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, etc. We, too, can achieve this, just to change the elite !!

Soon came the second blow to my liberalism. Libya. I will not stop for long, then everyone understands everything. For the first time there was not even a high-quality information coloring. Yes, what could be the coloring, when the world media discussed which oil companies in France and the UK would pump Libyan oil !! If for Iraq, Western media in 2003 said anything from chemical weapons, before the violation of human rights, then in the Libyan company in the media, the topic of oil ranged from 30% to 50% of airtime! The masks were removed, although many of our liberals are still out of habit or do not specifically want to admit it. What was the shock for me? Shock as such was not strong, just really there was nothing to hide "scoops" (I confess) in the forums and in conversations. I discovered an internal conflict in myself.

The third blow and control in my liberal thinking at the end of 2011 of the year was not even delivered by the Russian World project, and not by the club a la Slavic Union, but by the MMM-2011 financial pyramid. It can be treated differently, personally I consider it to be either an adventure or a conscious scam. But that's not the point, and not even in money. For the first time in my adult conscious life, I was mentally, consciously on the same frequency as a resident of Vladivostok, Astana, Minsk, Riga, etc. total former Soviet Union. What politicians failed to do was made horizontal links of a certain social network connected by one goal. As a result, I learned a lot about the financial structure of the world and its backstage, puppeteers. Of course, I even seemed to know that the United States prints dollars, and there is freemasonry, and I even watched films. But all this was perceived as a marginal and partial right to the existence of such a version. Why did this blow become a control for me? Because the previous two blows to my perception and attitude were united: the credit way of life and the Libyan military campaign of the West. The entire mosaic lined up - the world of consumption, of which the West is the locomotive. I realized for the first time in my life that under any authority, in Ukraine, there will never be a good GDP and income like in Western Europe, because for this it is not enough to become the 100% part of the world dollar pyramid, since we will be downstairs and play by their rules. We will never have a rule of law in the West. Because the basis of their legal culture is Anglo-Saxon law, which, in turn, is based on their traditional mental-economic way of life, with all the economic relations arising from this. And what is this relationship? Again, a loan for a loan, rental of everything and everything. And this is alien to us and our land! To become part of Western civilization, you need to travel and dissolve there, or kill yourself spiritually! Liberals would now object to me, and I would have shouted: “Hey, Scoop, but what about Slavic Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and former socialist republics?” Minute, I don’t want to raise the religious and cultural aspect, they just they have already taken that other side somewhere after the 14 century and still, their limit is 500-1000 euro of income, they won't give you anymore, they will still take it away when the “X” time comes to pay the bills.

And now, returning to liberalism in the CIS, I remember one cartoon (I will not give advertising), where it says: “it’s impossible to win in a game where the rules change constantly and you don’t invent them, and you don’t change them!” Unfortunately, liberalism , as a phenomenon on our lands, is a chimera, a dummy, an instrument, a technology, call it what you will, but this is not the force that leads to the prosperity and development of society. And in the world as a whole. Simply, mentally, we reject it more, probably because we have a piece of the East. (This is my personal subjective opinion).

Which exit? As I already mentioned, it is possible to create a dozen of clubs and public organizations and forums with a noble name: “Russia”, “Soviet Union”, “Slavic Union”, “Eurasian Union”, and the effect on ordinary citizens will be close to zero. We live in the cares and efforts. We need a social interactive media virus that is able to go out of the world of the Internet into real life, which will force people to ask questions and encourage them to create, within the framework of the Law, of course. Need a social idea that will grind ideas and beliefs, will not be with all due respect to the past (1917), and, of course, not a sect. Something that again will unite Berdyansk with Vladivostok, Astana and Minsk. By the way, going back to the sad experience of MMM, I would say that our enemies immediately appreciated this threat, the Baltic authorities reacted harshly, it is interesting that their formidable rhetoric did not come down to the Belarusian scenario: “crush the scammers”, but to prevent crazy Russian ideas: “ to stop the Russian economic intervention ”, and even, I don’t immediately remember, it seems ideological. (for reference, the goals of MMM were: the Venus project, the elimination of the dollar / money, etc.)

Thus, whether we like it or not, the liberals will not stop the workers from Uralvagonzavod, or the Nashi movement, etc. They are creative, active and convinced that they are fighting for a just cause: independent courts, freedom of speech, democracy and economic prosperity. And in their understanding, this is the classic Western model. I thought the same way. Therefore, the liberals can only be wrapped back in the Russian, Soviet, noble, call as you like, people. How I turned myself. No financial pyramids are needed, etc. I see only a sketch of the exit. It will open when every citizen sees that a result appears from his action, which in turn changes society, people's relations and, finally, the country. Abstract? I agree. To make it clearer, such a primitive example: mass Saturday. But its organizers are us. Or, for example: a meeting on the border of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia - a living chain, a circle, etc. Unfortunately, these examples are part of what has not yet been invented. It is clear that the shares themselves will be few in number and ineffective. Need a rod, engine ...

And the last. My classmate from Moscow, who, in 2004, reproached me for the corruption of the United States for participating in the events of Oranzh, posted his winter masterpieces from Bolotnaya on the Internet ... As you can see, fate is still ironic.
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  1. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 18 September 2012 07: 14
    In general, a normal sketch of a man who understood with his, and not someone else's mind, what was happening in this sinful world. Congratulations to the author on my insight.
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 18 September 2012 07: 38
      I agree, an honest article. +
      1. esaul
        esaul 18 September 2012 07: 54
        Quote: Dmitriy69
        I agree, an honest article. +

        Thoughts of an indifferent, thinking person who has come to a personal understanding of what is dispersed in many of our comments, but does not want to acquire a specific and only correct wording. Everyone should come to such an understanding, ideally, and then everything will settle down. Plus article.
        1. Kaa
          Kaa 18 September 2012 08: 41
          Quote: esaul
          Thoughts of an indifferent, thinking person who has come to a personal understanding of what is dispersed in the many of our comments,

          The most important thing is that a man from Berdyansk writes, where it was a kind of perversion to love orange in 2004. Even when the illegal 3rd round of elections in 2004 was announced in Ukraine and it was clear to everyone that Yushchenko was nevertheless being promoted to the presidency while on a business trip, he personally observed how even all the trees were hung with blue ribbons (symbols of the Party of Regions and Yanukovych). But Yanukovych himself turned orange, neither ours, nor ours, nor fish, nor meat, so, crevedka ... But people began to think soberly.
          1. Bismark
            Bismark 18 September 2012 20: 27
            Article plus +. It is written without bias.
        2. Ross
          Ross 18 September 2012 12: 42
          Valery, apt comment! I will join. It is very important for EVERYONE among us to see and accept the truth and remember our native roots.
          1. esaul
            esaul 18 September 2012 17: 32

            Greetings, Eugene. Thanks for your kind words! drinks
        3. Ascetic
          Ascetic 18 September 2012 14: 03
          Quote: esaul
          Everyone should come to such an understanding, ideally, and then everything will settle down. Plus article.

          Greetings Valery! I agree, what else can I say .. only from the classics

          What, son, help you your Poles?

          1. esaul
            esaul 18 September 2012 15: 56

            Greetings, Stanislav! I agree, the phrase is exceptional! It is very suitable for explaining a common phenomenon - when they tirelessly step on the same rake. The West has never wanted to help any of us (East Slavic peoples) sincerely and will not help in the future. The mentality is too different and the only way to self-preservation is the way of unification on the principles of mutual respect and honesty.
            I shake my hand, Stanislav
            Greetings to all of you, colleagues!
            The work has piled up - a lot, I look at VO in fits and starts and it was very nice to look at the site and see sensible and friendly judgments! All success!
      2. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 18 September 2012 07: 55
        Quote: Dmitriy69
        I agree, an honest article. +

        The article may be honest, but it wasn’t obvious what the orange plague was and whose money the banquet would pay for. I strongly doubt that half of the country will leave for us to vote for Nemtsov or Udaltsov, you need to have brains and not be an instrument in the wrong hands.
        1. Redpartyzan
          Redpartyzan 18 September 2012 08: 54
          The article is interesting. I think many readers of the article recognized their course of thought. And here everything is so clearly structured. If Western money is involved in even the most liberal and democratic move, however unjust it seems, it will not lead to anything constructive. For originality and for your path. I believe that we stand at the beginning of it.
    2. mongoose
      mongoose 18 September 2012 09: 16
      he just matured
      1. carver
        carver 18 September 2012 11: 55
        Quote: mongoose
        he just matured

        I agree, somewhere I have come across this phrase: "Over the years, someone becomes wiser, and someone is just older."
        1. DEMENTIY
          DEMENTIY 18 September 2012 17: 25
          Quote: mongoose
          he just matured

          I agree, somewhere I have come across this phrase: "Over the years, someone becomes wiser, and someone is just older."

          I support: "Wisdom comes over the years, sometimes years come alone"
          The young man escaped this with what I congratulate him.
    3. klimpopov
      klimpopov 18 September 2012 09: 35
      Simply, there are real problems in the country that we face every day, of course, you can bite the bullet, ignore them every day, even when you bump into them directly in the face (major accidents, raider seizure of your business, which you yourself raised, and etc.), but the openness of borders and information gives other examples of the development of relations between society and the state.

      Golden words, I remember myself after such an epiphany in the third year of the institute (first education, East Fact) when in one second the mosaic took shape. A storm of emotions, and then nothing, just the angle of view changed, perception became more sober or something. Again, the historical fact helps a lot in approaching certain events, not from one angle, but to try to identify possible disadvantages with obvious pluses.
      In general, I plus the author + Zhdems in the comments.
      Pi Si visited Berdyansk, went to Olbia to dig for excavations, it seems in the 2008 or 07 years, was the author trained under the guidance of V. Papanova?
      1. ytqnhfk
        ytqnhfk 18 September 2012 12: 35
        The formation of wisdom comes at different ages! It came to me in the 6th grade when they began to teach the crusades "to convert to the true faith" From that moment on, I began to ask myself more often - what does Appanent want? It began to open my eyes to many things! Since then I always think and analyze!
    4. valokordin
      valokordin 18 September 2012 22: 43
      Good morning to the Sakhalin residents, I agree that the young man’s article is interesting, his color perception is respected, you read this deliberate and competent speech with pleasure. Bravo.
    5. CEO
      CEO 19 September 2012 11: 57
      Yes, he saw his sight so much. Our would see clearly. To the author +.
  2. Vanek
    Vanek 18 September 2012 07: 16
    All comes with experience...............

    Hello to everyone.
    1. crazyrom
      crazyrom 19 September 2012 01: 11
      The article is probably the record holder! Here for 100 pluses passes! I haven’t read such good for a long time.

      Glory (author), please make an advertisement for the cartoon! I want to see!
      I suggest you visit the site of the "Union of Citizens of Ukraine" (, there are the same good people as you!
  3. A word
    A word 18 September 2012 07: 31
    Thank you, I read it with pleasure. With an author of almost the same age ..... read and saw himself, recalled .......
  4. bask
    bask 18 September 2012 07: 38
    I didn’t like the article. The person who wrote the CONFESSION is sorry. He has such schizophrenia in his head that he needs to urgently contact the ps / ichologist. A person with a normal psyche will not become an orange man or a nashist. These blood will definitely not be spent for the Motherland MAIN CAREER AND, BREAD PLACE.!
    1. A word
      A word 18 September 2012 08: 54
      Why schizophrenia immediately ?? An article on the formation of man, on the growth of thought ..
    2. 1tankist
      1tankist 18 September 2012 13: 18
      Quote: bask
      These blood will not be spent for the Motherland exactly. MAJOR CAREER AND, BREAD PLACE.!

      They may not WATCH BLOOD, but, in my opinion, the author suffered the concept of the Motherland and its fate. The author is not obsessed with slogans; he found the courage to admit that he had changed his point of view on some things. He does not want to be a slave, live on credit, and build his future, looking back at the presence of a positive credit history.
      He wants to be the master of his life. But do not we want this? We want to live in a free and independent country. We want all sorts of Western and American liberals to come to us with their own charter. We want to be masters of our destiny.
    3. gribnik777
      gribnik777 19 September 2012 16: 16
      Quote: bask
      He has such schizophrenia in his head

      Quote: Slovo
      Human Beginning Article

      I am glad that on this site such SHIZIKOV overwhelming majority! In my opinion, any person goes through such stages of his worldview formation in his life, but not everyone can talk so frankly about it. +++
  5. Leisure
    Leisure 18 September 2012 07: 38
    Go work, and everything will pass.
  6. askort154
    askort154 18 September 2012 07: 42
    He speaks the truth. Bravo!
  7. bachast
    bachast 18 September 2012 07: 52
    I’ll tell you about the style of writing. I honestly don’t always want to read large articles, but I read this at once. I would also read something from you wink
  8. aksakal
    aksakal 18 September 2012 08: 00
    "Something that will again unite me with Vladivostok, Astana and Minsk." - it is tempting, but there is no answer, - what exactly is this "something"? There was a communist idea, now it is gone and it has been compromised for a long time.
    Sometimes I even think that it is difficult to come up with a unifying ideology due to the fact that the population is too smart and educated, and as soon as you push a unifying idea into it, it will immediately see that this is just an ideology, a chimera, a set of beautiful words and so on. Those. the general level of knowledge is such that the very concept of a unifying idea is recognized and therefore it will no longer work, well, except perhaps to support it for fun, up to a certain limit. As soon as it comes to real victims (and some sacrifices are always needed to achieve the goal), so immediately "tired of the game, well, nafig it!"
    1. mongoose
      mongoose 18 September 2012 09: 17
      it is time to return to true roots, to Russianness
      1. aksakal
        aksakal 18 September 2012 10: 16
        Quote: mongoose
        it is time to return to true roots, to Russianness

        - Good and interesting only for Russians. Now this is the case, but the Russians themselves are not happy with it - neither the weight is not that, nor the scale is not that. And for a good scale, for that weight (and what was the weight of Russia during the same Stalin? At his funeral, all the presidents of the leading countries of the world attended the funeral procession, didn’t get off with a telegram, but personally participated in the funeral procession! And the North Korean soldiers who fought in those days devoted their victories and even their doom to Stalin! Not Kim Il Sung, namely Stalin!) What is called appreciate!), which even remotely resembles the former weight in the world, we need an international, international project. So I doubt very much about Russianness.
        1. mongoose
          mongoose 19 September 2012 10: 12
          stupidity, why should we give up on ourselves? maybe for the sake of the Kazakhs? but it was the Russianness of the Russians that attracted the Kazakhs to the Russians and ensured voluntary accession to Russia
    2. skullcap
      skullcap 18 September 2012 10: 27
      Aksakal (2) Today, 08: 00
      Sometimes I even think - unifying ideology is hard to come up with
      -------------------------------------------------- ----
      At first, this may be the ideology of rallying against a common enemy - like a long-existing anti-fascism.
      Only this should be anti-democratic.
      Brief ideological rationale -

      Excerpt from there:
      In fact, democracy: - false. The falsity of this regime lies in its very name, implied as the power of the people. Is the true nature of this phenomenon true?
      Consider the basis of democracy - universal equal and direct democratic elections. We will answer a series of questions.
      Who will elect the electorate during these elections? - Now everyone has acknowledged that the one who is best promoted by independent SMPP will be elected.
      Who is best promoted independent SMPP? - The one who pays the most money for an independent SMPP?
      Who has the most money? “The one who stole them the most.” (I hope that there are no naive people left who will argue that a lot of money can be earned by a miner in Raspadskaya).
      Thus, as a result of the free will of the electorate to power, only thieves are elected (we will not now be installed on the fact that, for obvious reasons, the relevant articles are missing from the Criminal Code). Moreover, the more successful his thieves activities, the higher access to public office is guaranteed.
      Therefore, the correct name of the current regime should be considered - “criminocracy”. Then some people will not be perplexed by the actions of real democracy either in Iraq, or in Yugoslavia, or in Libya, or in any other corner of the planet.

      In fact, democracy: - bloody. The “humane” democratic regime really destroyed people no less than the Nazi system condemned by mankind. Democrats almost destroyed the population of two continents - North. The Americas and Australia killed tens of millions of people during their anti-colonial uprisings (it was only during the suppression of the sepoyah that the English fighters for freedom and equality of all nations destroyed about 10 million people). Worldwide genocide is the calling card of the Democrats; ... ... ...
      1. aksakal
        aksakal 18 September 2012 11: 43
        Quote: kosopuz
        At first it could be the ideology of rallying against a common enemy - like a long-existing anti-fascism. Only it should be anti-democracy. A brief ideological justification -

        - Interesting, and who minus you? Hey come out of the dusk talk
        1. sergo0000
          sergo0000 18 September 2012 19: 57
          Absolutely true definition of shit democracy +
          If we recall where the high figures of Nazi Germany escaped after the Second World War, it becomes less and less clear in US politics.
          Article and comment to your +
  9. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 18 September 2012 08: 13
    very very good thoughts ... yes, at the expense of truth, everyone has their own and once again I am convinced that who rules the ball, that rules history ...
  10. Che
    Che 18 September 2012 08: 31
    Article plus. One conclusion was drawn from everything; the Russian people in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia need to be together. A common history and common eternal enemies. I hope this happens contrary to the will of the West.
  11. OlegPatriot
    OlegPatriot 18 September 2012 08: 43
    Amazing naivety unites the Orangemen - they want to live like in the West and ask the West to take power .. at the same time they believe that they will not become servants robbed of their masters.
    1. Fox
      Fox 18 September 2012 09: 53
      so they have a corresponding age! I was about the same before the army ... the army added a lot of mind!
  12. tan0472
    tan0472 18 September 2012 09: 39
    Such articles (like I was a liberal) need to be posted on liberal sites. Maybe it will affect the liberals. And here...
    The author’s phrase is indicative: It turns out, for example, we have to vote, even for the "pig"? But only because he suited the Russian leadership?
    But doesn’t it occur to Stanislav Nevzorov that the Russian leadership is elected by the Russian people and somehow fulfills the will of the people? Now who would he vote for? (Retroactively)
    "Vote, at least for the" pig "" - And he himself, what did he vote for the lion?
    1. bachast
      bachast 18 September 2012 09: 49
      Is the Russian leadership elected by the Russian people and somehow fulfills the will of the people?

      You ask the Chubais people, Serdyukov, unsuccessful examples of reform in the army, the formation of another kilometer of interesting moments, is the will of the people?
      Although I missed the nuance "anyway"-this is the answer for me blind-otherwise!
      1. tan0472
        tan0472 18 September 2012 11: 46
        If re-elected for a new term, then yes - this is the will of the people (voluntarily what )
  13. tambu
    tambu 18 September 2012 10: 01
    Heh .. I am 26 years old and I live near Berdyansk - in Zaporozhye, and I also found all these times ... only in that era of "orangeism" I was always against "Maidans" and Yushchenko ... today I also do not see any prospects as in some so and in the second ...

    Thanks to the author for describing and reminding everything so accurately, without campaigning ... it will simply "HAVE" to vote for the communists in the hope that they will still return the state plan and not take away the markets and churches from people, without which it is not very interesting to live .. ..

    And yet ... there used to be a line in the bulletin "Against all", which I used the last three times, now either spoil the bulletin, or I already wrote above ...
    1. Nevsky
      18 September 2012 14: 21
      Come visit))))) I’ll tell you how I came to this))))
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 18 September 2012 15: 37
        I copy the answer for another person to you, so as not to get lost in the comments.

        Do you know the laws? Do you know where the vote against everyone goes? Have you ever seen a deputy from the party "Against All"? No, we haven't seen it))) So this voice in all countries from Japan to the USA goes to the leader of the elections ALWAYS)

        Also about the votes: "And I'll ruin the ballot" or "If I don't go to the vote, they will still choose my own people" or "And I will vote for a small party, it still won't pass"

        So where do these voices go ??? In all countries, votes go to the first item to the leader of the polls, and to the other three items are distributed among those who have passed the 3% bar ...
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 18 September 2012 15: 36
      Do you know the laws? Do you know where the vote against everyone goes? Have you ever seen a deputy from the party "Against All"? No, we haven't seen it))) So this voice in all countries from Japan to the USA goes to the leader of the elections ALWAYS)

      Also about the votes: "And I'll ruin the ballot" or "If I don't go to the vote, they will still choose my own people" or "And I will vote for a small party, it still won't pass"

      So where do these voices go ??? In all countries, votes go to the first item to the leader of the polls, and to the other three items are distributed among those who have passed the 3% bar ...
    3. The cat
      The cat 18 September 2012 21: 38
      Quote: tambu
      it will simply "HAVE" to vote for the communists in the hope that they will still return the state plan and not take away the markets and churches from the people, without which it is not very interesting to live ...

      That is, do you believe that finally, after 20 years, the Communists (who all 20 years in the Verkhovna Rada) will do something? Have you seen Simonenko’s face for a long time? And his watch for $ 95 K and a belt for 50?
  14. ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 18 September 2012 10: 17
    The author is well done, read to the end. Sadly, I come to the conclusion that only after the total destruction of the Western system can something sensible be built ...
  15. ivachum
    ivachum 18 September 2012 10: 18
    am Liberals are not "wrapped in russkih" ..... They can only be up against the wall. am Liberalism is a cancerous tumor of consciousness. Only under the knife. drinks Unfortunately....
    1. mongoose
      mongoose 20 September 2012 11: 20
      as true communism, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky
  16. volcano
    volcano 18 September 2012 10: 22
    The article is good because a person apparently wrote sincerely ... and tried to convey his worldview, which, under the influence of external factors, gradually changed.
    But what next ??? What to do ???

    Or is it a promise ??? ... like think people ....
  17. aksai61
    aksai61 18 September 2012 10: 26
    I wish there were more of those who woke up from a dream ... Maybe everything was not so clumsy ..
  18. ded_73
    ded_73 18 September 2012 10: 39
    Thanks to the author. He himself was a direct witness to those days. Anyone who has seen will not lie that it’s kinder, it’s kinder than Kiev in those days and never will be. Many people (I will not tell people) felt like a nation. At that time I was older than the author, and even in uniform (quite specific), so I had more information. But the emotions of what is happening are going wild. I see one of the reasons for what has begun, nevertheless, in a rude and not far-reaching campaign for a pro-government candidate. The message was read like this - choose what to say. They didn’t want to ... But it ended as always. There is a very offensive, but partially fair saying - one Ukrainian - one Ukrainian, two Ukrainians - three hetmans, three Ukrainians - a partisan detachment with a traitor.
  19. Victor
    Victor 18 September 2012 10: 57
    This article is important in that such Stanislav Nevzorovs become real opponents of Western liberalism for life. Their insight is not the foam that slithers among some ultra-patriots, but now there is a stable basic foundation for a suffering worldview and the need to unite the Eastern Slavs and other peoples of the former USSR on the basis of our original values, and not rent-mortgage Western relations. And yet - this is the pain of a young man who suddenly realized that not all of what the elders said about their lives was a lie. What is both human conscience and nobility in relations and sincere help of a neighbor to a neighbor. Article plus. Thanks to the author for the revelation.
  20. Director
    Director 18 September 2012 11: 08
    STANISLAV KRASAVCHIK ++++++++ I clearly noticed everything, you just stay there all in Ukraine. And the Ukrainians (both Western and Eastern) and the Russians and Belarusians are all brothers, And the troubles will pass, we will all stand, we will get a good life in holy Russia.
  21. yanus
    yanus 18 September 2012 11: 35
    Comment on the outpouring of a person who finally received his sight after MMM!?!? Well, the author full alternatively gifted person.
    Where they kick him there and roll, they can’t completely use his head. In short, an ordinary member of the herd. Characteristically, his friend from Moscow seems to be the same.
  22. VadimSt
    VadimSt 18 September 2012 11: 49
    God forbid man wrote from the heart! But, after reading the article, I could not concentrate for a long time - something was missing.
    After a while, I "drew a picture" and decided to share - why heartbreaking articles are dangerous:
    1. On the nose, in Ukraine - elections.
    2. A young man, quite professionally sweeps aside three "teams" - Yushchenko, Yanukovych and the Communist Party. Who stays - you yourself will guess.
    3. The standard of well-being and democracy is naturally - Poland, Slovakia, Georgia. Case for small - We can achieve this, too, just to change the elite !!
    3. The main emphasis on "fraternization" with Russia But, in general, Putin, "still that swag", supported not the "orange sabbath", but Yanyka.
    4. Further, Libya - Ukraine, as such, did not participate at all in the "international showdown", everyone knows who was involved in Russia, China, Iran (the list can be closed). I probably have a different TV - I watched reports of Russian journalists, round tables, etc. Well, I didn't look at the marquee, so I probably missed something about oil prices.
    5. The movement of workers, "Nashi" and others - well, what does it have to do with patriotism, concern about the fate of the Motherland. Bullshit is all - fighting for a just cause: independent courts, freedom of speech, democracy and economic prosperity. And in their understanding, this is a classic Western model.
    6. The article is overwhelmed only with concern for personal wealth.

    Fuh! But God forbid that it was, only an analytical analysis of the content.

    PS - The most successful predators are spiders and scorpions. They stung and wait for the victim to digest itself!
    1. koosss
      koosss 18 September 2012 13: 53
      it was necessary to find such hidden delusional meaning in the article fool
      1. VadimSt
        VadimSt 18 September 2012 16: 45
        1. Without analysis - and reality is emptiness. I did not blame, but analyzed the material presented and applied it to the current moment in Ukraine.
        2. Give arguments - what goes against the current political situation in Ukraine!
        3. I think that you have no idea about the mechanisms, forces and means that were used to bring the orange to power. The author of the article does not know this either, for students in their 17-22 years, besides creating extras, had no other functions.
        4. Psychological warfare, and election technologies involving Western specialists, links of one chain (I saw it from the inside).
        5. The author "poured out his soul" but at the same time imposed a negative layer on two forces (PR and KPU), the only forces that do not "turn on the marathon" to the West. And most importantly - on time.

        Forty years ago, we all thought - EXPOSING THE UNION IS IMPOSSIBLE!
  23. Hippopotamus
    Hippopotamus 18 September 2012 11: 52
    liberals can only be wrapped back in Russian, Soviet, noble, call it what you like, people.

    Rather, only an insignificant part of them. For there are very few normal, clever people sincerely exposed to liberalism. Other rogues, traitors and idiots of all stripes can be cured except by stick-like freedom in the American way, experienced on their own skin.
  24. sevsor
    sevsor 18 September 2012 11: 54
    Well done guy! I analyzed and compared everything, and as a result I came to what was visible to us, the elders, from the very beginning. Then, in 2004, the nationalist orientation of the Orange was immediately visible, their chatter about corruption in power, renewal, striving for Western ideals could fool the heads of only such young people. The excellent organization of the Orangemen and the very frequent appearance on TV and Maidan of various Western experts and sympathizers of the "Ukrainian revolution" were striking. And the main slogan of the Orange from the very beginning of the "revolution": "Only we win the elections, another result is falsification!" A little time passed and the people who stood on the Maidan got worn out, there shouldn't be anything else. At that time I was very surprised by Yuri Shevchuk, who suddenly appeared on the Maidan and mumbled something about the revolting, purification processes and other biliderda. Since then, I have ceased to respect him. And there was also the "main Russian liberal" -Nemtsov, who was Yusch's advisor.
    Once again, it remains to be happy for the author of the article, with insight, there would be more of these.
    1. bachast
      bachast 18 September 2012 12: 24
      Shevchuk generally shines in the wrong places .. That pulls for Khodorkovsky, then with the liberals
      here with pusi wright for example not stand in the bastard

      or with this
      1. esaul
        esaul 18 September 2012 15: 42
        Quote: bachast
        Shevchuk generally shines in the wrong places .. That pulls for Khodorkovsky, then with the liberals
        here with pusi wright for example not stand in the bastard

        Greetings Isaac. You're right, unfortunately. I remember the songs performed by Shevchuk in the 90s - "... I'm going to my homeland ... Although not a beauty ... I like ..." and so on. The kid caught the "jet" and took off easily. But now, when he darted on the swamp gangway and was just as passionately blissful from the stage, it became clear that in this love for the "unfortunate ... ugly ..." and so on. Shevchuk, as it turned out. he just loves himself very much in this "love" for his Motherland. Well, he likes to hang out on stage in the guise of a revolutionary drummer - as insanely popular as the little drummer of the French Revolution.
        1. bachast
          bachast 18 September 2012 18: 07

          Hi Valery. Yes, unfortunately .. Everyone knows and listens to his songs. His road is music, no one gets into politics ((

          Fools call us the conscience of rock
          Cynics see ingenious PR
          And I do not want to die before the deadline
          I have a gift in my throat
        2. bachast
          bachast 18 September 2012 18: 26
          By the way, here is an interesting moment from the recent past:
          “What is happening in Ukraine is very sad,” Shevchuk admitted. - The existing power has got people. But the “muscular" faces of neither candidate nor Yanukovych and Yushchenko inspire confidence in me. I am horrified to see how millions of people believe in some kind of rubber faces. It’s sad to see how these unfortunate revolutionaries are rocking such a country, they are bred young people. Some make a revolution, others enjoy the fruits. (what Yulianich used to say)) After all, the same thing happened in 1996, we were also divorced, forcing us to choose between Zyuganov and Yeltsin.

          - Do you think Putin will manage to find this idea?

          About Putin I will say this: one soldier in the field. I see the square halo of patriotism over Putin (not everyone probably knows: the round halo is for the people of the dead, the square is for the living). Putin does not have any malicious intent, nor the thirst for enrichment either. I am convinced that he serves Russia. Putin is chopped. But he is simply alone. I don’t hear polemics when making certain decisions. I have a feeling that there is no person next to him, a friend whom Putin would listen to. No one can tell him at the right time: “Vova, what are you doing?” It seems like the loneliness of Stalin with all the consequences.

          1. ivachum
            ivachum 18 September 2012 19: 17
            laughing Do not touch the cocks !!!! am

            "Musicians and prostitutes will be needed under any government" presumably N. Makhno laughing
  25. bask
    bask 18 September 2012 12: 12
    In Ukraine, many may have seen, but in Russia there is no mine. It’s clear from the article that the author of the article, the product of the INFORMATION WAR AND BRAINING organized by Western media and second-hand domestic ones. The total information war on fooling the population is not only abating, but also intensifying. he realized all this propaganda ravings .sevsor did not want to swear a. YURA SHEVCHUK DO NOT TOUCH S .. He spoke to the soldiers in the Chechen frontline. He himself can clandestine thighs, under red katish.
  26. Cadet787
    Cadet787 18 September 2012 12: 29
    Everyone should think about it, but what is happening? Article plus.
  27. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 18 September 2012 12: 39
    An objective view of a person with an uncomplicated cheap liberalism consciousness
  28. sevsor
    sevsor 18 September 2012 12: 44
    Dear bask, I see your name for the first time, and there is no desire to switch to "you" with you. As for "Himself can be an underground hip, under the red kosish" - it's just wonderful, by God, the master of thought and literacy.
  29. bask
    bask 18 September 2012 12: 58
    Dear sevsor ,, thighs, I wrote, so as not to offend your national feelings ... BUT YURU do not touch. But who, without sin. There are no ideal people .And for Yura I will tear everyone. I'm sorry if I was a little rude.
  30. Nevsky
    18 September 2012 14: 14
    Thank you all for rating my article. He wrote sincerely. Sorry if I offended anyone. At the expense of comments, that I am a schizophrenic, who has a split personality, since you can’t have such a mess in my head, I will answer: people tend to make mistakes and change their views, and this is normal.
    1. Eraser
      Eraser 18 September 2012 17: 10
      You, as I understand it, have renounced liberalism and decided to become an anti-globalist; did I understand your message correctly in this article?
      PS Just do not think that somehow I want to offend, I'm just interested.
      1. Nevsky
        18 September 2012 20: 54
        Not quite an anti-globalist, but most likely, pathos can also sound, a person collecting stones.
        1. mongoose
          mongoose 19 September 2012 10: 15
          welcome to Motherland laughing
          you just matured and saw a forest behind the trees
  31. wax
    wax 18 September 2012 15: 40
    I wish the author to continue to preserve the Slavic Orthodox soul. We must keep each other in the conditions of total venality of those climbing into power under various slogans .. We must look at their affairs.
  32. Gromila555
    Gromila555 18 September 2012 15: 41
    That, yes, in Ukraine in our country there really is now nothing to choose from ...
    I don’t know about enlightenment, but a person (most of them at least) should find self-esteem, confidence in tomorrow, an opportunity to achieve justice. It should be a shame to cheat, steal.
    Example: after the war, if a person brought something from the collective farm (grain), they did not carry criminal liability (if not a bit), but a day or two later appeared wall newspaper SUCH content, that a man from shame did not know where to go, while no one intimidated, beaten, confiscated, etc. SO THAT SHOT OR JAIL FOR A SPIKE - NONSENSE !!! I THINK THAT THE TRUTH READING BOOKS ON HISTORY AND MOVIES WATCHED ...
    Moreover, if the employee was not given the opportunity to change the place of work, squeezed, etc., they went higher - to the head of the chief. Phrase: "If during the day you do not solve the problem and do not report, we will come for you." The grandmother and friends were calculated and provided with everything for the road within 6 hours
    Another phrase: "Then you won't take grain on the collective farm - they will draw a wall newspaper, where grain pours out of pockets and write something, they will remember at the meeting ..."
  33. Mr.Fox
    Mr.Fox 18 September 2012 16: 08
    I read the PR election campaign a while ago and decided to move to Ukraine, because by 2017 they promise unprecedented happiness there, and all sorts of America and Russia there will simply die of envy for this fertile country. Living there will be better and, most importantly, more fun.
    But I just can’t find on the map of that Ukraine, which politicians say. And it doesn’t matter what flags they fly under.
    Do you know what the main problem of both Yushchenko and Yanukovych is? The fact that they seriously believed that the Ukrainian flag is orange or blue and white, and only their supporters are Ukrainians, while the other side is "cattle" and "genocide" (quotes from our "guarantor").
    There will be no truly independent Ukraine, while one will go to Moscow to bow and the other to Washington.
  34. bask
    bask 18 September 2012 16: 22
    Nevsky. Yes, it’s a VICTIM OF THE INFORMATION WAR., WITH BRAINING. I have already written that there are no sinless people. I myself don’t agree with such life in my head, “porridge.” But I don’t agree about Shchevchuk. You dear Marshal Yesaul , were not at war, although they were esaul. And Yura in Grozny sang songs to the boys 95m under the bullets. It’s good to sit and pi ..... Isaac that Shevchuk is not right. Not one more liberal one ... didn’t answer that the boys were sent to hell and betrayed. DDT Jura is not one pass for you ... he will not defame.
    1. arkady149
      arkady149 18 September 2012 20: 47
      Bask, a respected, talented musician and caring person, is not necessarily a sage (as many think). In life, not everything is so simple and linear.
  35. taseka
    taseka 18 September 2012 17: 06
    Against the big background of positive emotions in the article, I cannot but say the following:
    1. Regularly visiting Ukraine (in Ukraine), under Kuchma they shouted strongly - "Russians, suitcase, station - Moscow !!" Crowds of nationalists wandered around the cities and waved flags - "Get Oaths and" Bendery raised their heads and began to paint the monuments of the Great Patriotic War.
    2. Under Yushchenko, the wave of nationalism and contempt for Russia reached its climax - the Russian language was removed, on the radio hysteria - "Ukraine, the capital of the ancient world" and nonsense that there is a lot of gold and oil and gas. Russia has robbed us and brought us to our knees! Monuments to the Heroes of the War were demolished, moved, painted over, streets of the "heroes of Ukraine" appeared - Bandera, Shukhevych, Petlyura, slabs appeared on the walls - "Here by Soviet kats, the UPA hero was brutally killed blah blah"
    Nato come to us and so on. Radio choked in open hostility to Russia!
    Information processing of hostility in schools, institutes towards Russia - Bandera, former fascist lackeys from SS Galichina openly walked through the streets, they were sharply increased their pensions and given the best holiday homes and sanatoriums!
    3. When Yanukovych, all this became quieter but left! And the streets and SS of Halychyna and pensions to the Nazis and torchlight rides in Lviv (remember the last 9 May holiday there) Bandera remained a hero of Ukraine. We have friendship without ties just before signing a new gas contract in December! I won’t recall how their militants shot us in Chechnya and shot us down in Georgia!
    It is good that the author understood the inevitability of our friendship, but the politics of politicians in Ukraine are like that prostitute - whoever gives more will give myself to that !!!
  36. bask
    bask 18 September 2012 18: 27
    Bachast, rock without politics is not rock. A filkin letter is a howl under plywood in blue pants.! And with feathers in ..
    1. bachast
      bachast 18 September 2012 19: 13
      By the way, a subjective opinion. What you call rock in the person of the same Shevchuk, I can not name it the same way and put it on a par with "Aria" or "Black coffee" for example
  37. bask
    bask 18 September 2012 19: 40
    Bachast. And I love Aria and ,, Black Coffee ,, and ,, Gas Sector ,,,, Leningrad ,, I hate a lot of obscenities, show offs and not what is the point. Each poet should be a rebel, not a court lackey.
  38. Vako
    Vako 18 September 2012 20: 43
    Sore mind of the author. But the story is informative.
    1. Nevsky
      18 September 2012 20: 57
      laughing Thanks I'll know bully drinks
  39. bask
    bask 18 September 2012 21: 51
    Nevsky,. The article is excellent. And you will figure it out in yourself. You are a smart guy, and this is the main thing and honest. Not everyone dares to write about themselves. But I don’t refuse my words about brainwashing and DDT. Let's stop dividing the gas pipe more such young people in Ukraine and Russia. Good luck and no longer fit in ,, sects ,,
  40. DAOSS
    DAOSS 18 September 2012 22: 44
    I liked the article !!! If you decide to create your real movement, I'm with you.
    But they paid for the Maidan !!! In Nikolaev on 50gr / day (10 bucks) and delivery to Kiev. I personally found out if there was a fantasy ride, but 50g in the cold, not enough
    1. The cat
      The cat 19 September 2012 01: 30
      They only paid for the fish that tried to create their Maidan and in support of Yanukovosch and brought all sorts of lumpen to Kiev.
  41. tumbajerry
    tumbajerry 19 September 2012 01: 34
    well, at least something came to the guy, although he was still half way, had not completely washed his brain after the orange washing (his biases against 1917, socialism, the Communist Party, which protects the interests of the employee, which are 90% among the population, etc. are ridiculous)
    There is no alternative to socialism and communism, and these ideas will unite us again in the UNION
    For example, read and listen to Anatoly Wasserman (an intelligent man, however, by the way, too, he got rid of liberal views with flour through a huge internal work
  42. dimanf
    dimanf 19 September 2012 14: 33
    Quote: tumbajerry
    I am 26 years old today. I remember the Soviet Union on kindergarten, shortage of goods

    at 6 remember the deficit? something is strange!
    1. GP
      GP 19 September 2012 20: 37
      Quote: dimanf
      at 6 remember the deficit? something is strange!

      Nothing strange, in the USSR, especially independent children went to kindergarten and back without parents (future first-graders). We ran to the shops for bread, milk, eggs while the parents were at work and could not have time before closing, leaving money with a shopping list. And there were machines with soda and faceted glasses, and it never occurred to anyone to rub them laughing
      1. dimanf
        dimanf 19 September 2012 23: 09
        Quote: GP
        Nothing strange, in the USSR, especially independent children went to kindergarten and back without parents (future first-graders). We ran to the shops for bread, milk, eggs while the parents were at work and could not have time before closing, leaving money with a shopping list. And there were machines with soda and faceted glasses, and it never occurred to anyone to rub them

        that's it !
        and children at 6 years old and did not think about shortages!
  43. tumbajerry
    tumbajerry 19 September 2012 15: 05
    Cho inflamed consciousness !? what does this statement have to do with my nickname !?
    1. dimanf
      dimanf 19 September 2012 15: 11
      don't be rude however. a typo came out.
      I turned to the author!
  44. tumbajerry
    tumbajerry 19 September 2012 15: 14
    need to apologize if educated
    1. dimanf
      dimanf 19 September 2012 15: 38
      Quote: tumbajerry
      Cho inflamed consciousness !?

      and this is called parenting?
  45. gribnik777
    gribnik777 19 September 2012 16: 03
    Quote: bask
    He has such schizophrenia in his head

    I am glad that on this site such SHIZIKOV overwhelming majority
  46. Allegedly
    Allegedly 20 September 2012 01: 56
    From an interview with political analyst Dmitry Vydrin on December 30, 2005:
    “This was the first visit of President Kuchma to Georgia. The first, I remember, was Eduard Amvrosievich Shevardnadze. And his toast was to the brave guys from UNA-UNSO.
    Our delegation looked at each other strangely, but, respecting the owner, drank to it. Then there were various toasts on duty: to peace, prosperity, friendship. The turn has not yet reached the presidential press secretary. I was just sitting between him and Nani Bregvadze, who had previously sang Russian romances for us and had already sat down at the table. Everyone was already a little drunk, so the press secretary's toast was rather fluffy. He said: "Let's drink to the Russians!" and paused.
    Everyone, naturally, looked at each other in bewilderment, and the press secretary smiled slyly and continued: "Since we - Georgians and Ukrainians - are lucky that there are Russians in the world. We learned from the Russians to take everything. We sleep with their most beautiful women, we took they have the best romances - Nani just showed that these are not theirs, but our romances - we take oil and gas from them without payment ... Therefore, let's drink to these suckers who feed us, give us drink and provide. "
  47. nnz226
    nnz226 20 September 2012 19: 43
    I have always been interested in "fighters for independence": in 1991, a large herd of such "smart ones" went on a hunger strike on the square in Kmeve for this independence. They were often shown on TV. Now I would like to trace their fate. Where is one, who is one ??? Haven't they all piled over the cordon, starving. Something "eroev" entih more on TV and in other media do not show. And as for the Maidan of 2004, everything is simple - a herd of enraged Banderlogists. Only absolutely stupid svidomye could believe in "prizIdenta" that he muttered tongue-tied from the rostrum. Lady "Yu" played the main violin there, now she sits on a bunk. And the fact that "I" is not good, as the author writes, so according to the saying that of 2 evils, choose the lesser.
  48. rocketman
    rocketman 21 September 2012 10: 05
    Don't insult people whose beliefs you don't know. I have a lot of friends who went to Kiev to the Maidan only because they wanted real reforms in the country, and not for money. Then they were thrown, then they saw the light, and now they are writing such articles. It happens. But, at least in Ukraine, one of the merits of the Orange Revolution remained - freedom of speech. For example, I can shout loudly "President - pots!" In any square in Ukraine, and the people will support and no one will put me in jail. But in Russia, and even more so in Belarus, this is unlikely to work.
  49. gen.meleshkin
    gen.meleshkin 22 September 2012 14: 01
    Good article, honest. It is evident that he is not a stupid person.
    1. Nevsky
      22 September 2012 20: 25
      thank. I tried to objectively express my thoughts after ...
  50. rocketman
    rocketman 23 September 2012 08: 29
    Quote: taseka
    3. Under Yanukovych, all this became quieter but left! And the streets and SS of Galicia and pensions to the Nazis and torchlight in Lviv (remember the last holiday there on May 9) Bandera remained a hero of Ukraine. We have friendship without ties just before signing a new gas contract in December! I won’t recall how their militants shot us in Chechnya and shot us down in Georgia! It’s good that the author understood the inevitability of our friendship, but the politics of politicians in Ukraine are like that prostitute - whoever gives more will give myself up !!!

    No need to drive. By the decision of the Donetsk court, the Decrees of President Yushchenko on conferring the titles of heroes of Ukraine on Bandera and Shukhevych Sr. were canceled. The right to change street names belongs to local councils of people's deputies, and the President of Ukraine has no right to intervene. As for the torchlight processions, you also have a lot of skinhead neo-fascists. And not our militants fought in Chechnya, but mercenaries, the same as all sorts of Arabs and other "wild geese", and for money, which is natural. Mercenaries do not fall under the Convention for the Protection of Prisoners of War, and they can be soaked in the toilet indiscriminately. And Georgian air defense squads shot down Russian planes, which is not so difficult, given the underestimation of the enemy by the generals who planned the operations. Less need to look at any ideological rubbish such as "friend or foe", but really think and evaluate the situation.