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In the United States, network-centric maneuvers were carried out with the GBU-53 / B StormBreaker bomb dropped from the F-35B and intercepting its control of another fighter


In the United States, network-centric air maneuvers were carried out using fighters of various generations. According to the latest information, F / A-18F and F-35B fighters were involved in them.

It is known that during the test operation, military pilots exchanged data on the target and discussed its characteristics for a more effective defeat. When the target parameters were "sorted out", the GBU-53 / B StormBreaker small diameter guided bomb was dropped from the fifth generation fighter. As noted, this bomb "has reached the stage of operational readiness in the US Air Force and is undergoing final testing."

After dropping the F-35B this aviation bombs (originally, according to the program, it was intended for the rearmament of F-15 combat aircraft), its "behavior" in the air was tracked by the mentioned F / A-18F and at the same time took over control. At the same time, all data was automatically sent to a single operational network so that all its participants could evaluate the effectiveness of the use of promising aviation ammunition.

The bomb itself was originally designed as an ammunition that could be used in network-centric operations. The bottom line is that an aerial bomb can be dropped from the side of one aircraft, and its further control can be carried out by another aircraft in the air. The main thing is that both of these aircraft are connected to a single network by means of special equipment.

As noted by the manufacturers of the GBU-53 / B StormBreaker, this increases the efficiency of multi-domain operations in the JADC2 combat space environment.

After a test discharge of this bomb in the United States, it is reported that the target has been hit, and this was not prevented by difficult weather conditions.

Alison Howlet, director of the StormBreaker program at Raytheon, noted that the use of such an aerial bomb is possible in almost any climatic and weather conditions, and it "allows to reduce the time spent by fighters in the danger zone":

Thanks to the functionality of the GBU-53 / B StormBreaker, the enemy will no longer be able to use the weather conditions in order to avoid detection and impact.

The bomb is slated to be fully integrated with the F-35 by 2023. As it turned out, the difficulties of integration are due to the fact that the initial version of the bomb did not correspond to the parameters of the internal compartment of the fifth generation fighter. To place it, it was required to change the design of the hydraulic unit and the bracket for holding the bomb. A special rack has also been developed to accommodate this type of ammunition in the F-35's internal compartment. After such rebuilds, the fifth generation fighter is planned to be able to carry 8 GBU-53 / B StormBreaker in the internal compartment and eight more on the external sling.


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  1. knn54
    knn54 2 December 2021 09: 22
    -and intercepting its control by ANOTHER fighter.
    Note to "Army" hackers.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 2 December 2021 09: 36
      There is no reception against the "scrap", IF THERE IS NO OTHER SCRAP!
      And who knows what "crowbars" they prepare, test, improve?
      We must prepare our own, not at all "thinner" ....
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 2 December 2021 09: 34
    In the United States, network-centric maneuvers were carried out with the GBU-53 / B StormBreaker bomb dropped from the F-35B and intercepting its control of another fighter
    This is the future "technology" of warfare, WAR!
    The technique, can be any that can be included in it or specially created, the main thing is that the "technology" itself is being worked out, improved ...
    1. Alex777
      Alex777 2 December 2021 09: 42
      And where did you see the advantage?
      He took over control of the F-18. So what?
      1. Avior
        Avior 2 December 2021 09: 52
        The fact that the pilot, who has detected the target, can choose the optimal means of destruction not only from among those available on board, but also from other aircraft in the air, as well as ground means.
        1. Alex777
          Alex777 2 December 2021 09: 56
          I meant a specific situation: an unobtrusive F-35 launched a bomb (found itself), and a 4th generation aircraft, in the air defense zone, is aiming this bomb? What is the benefit?
          How long does this bomb fly? Or the F-35 has already been "shot down" according to the test legend?
          If they "trample the mujahideen" - then there are no questions. hi
          1. voyaka uh
            voyaka uh 2 December 2021 10: 39
            You really do not understand?
            A planning bomb for the first time! - knows how to accurately hit moving goal
            comes out of nowhere.
            The F-35, which opened the bomb bay, opens itself for a second and again disappears from the radar.
            But they are already looking for him in that direction.
            And control is intercepted by another stealth F-35 from a different direction. (F-18 is just an example).
            For air defense, it is a bomb from a clear sky without a carrier.
            1. Alex777
              Alex777 2 December 2021 10: 42
              Quote: voyaka uh
              F-18 is just an example

              So I didn’t understand this example.
              If we are talking about 2 F-35s, then it is clearer.
            2. tralflot1832
              tralflot1832 2 December 2021 10: 48
              To be unnoticed, the F35 must approach the drop area at a minimum height, hiding in the radial shadow. We look at the relief of our western borders, what is the range of the planning bomb from a height of 1,5 - 2 km. For us, the F 35 is subtle, and by no means invisible.
              1. voyaka uh
                voyaka uh 2 December 2021 11: 40
                "Ф35 should approach the drop area at a minimum height" ///
                This is how the F-16 is attacked: the minimum height, then a slide, the release of gliding bombs, an anti-missile maneuver and - to escape, hugging the ground.

                F-35 is not needed. He launches bombs from a height from a distance from which missile air defense is not dangerous for him.
                Only interceptors, sent in advance to meet, can disrupt the strike on the ground.
                1. tralflot1832
                  tralflot1832 2 December 2021 11: 51
                  110 km bomb range on a stationary target, 72 km on a moving one. F 35 is not in a house. With mountains on the western border we have a mountain. There is not a single ski resort.
          2. Avior
            Avior 2 December 2021 12: 26
            And how did he discover himself?
            I dropped the bomb from the inner compartment and walked away. The advantage, for example, is that it is closer to the target than the F-18, the defeat will be faster, and it is more difficult to detect the bomb.
      2. rocket757
        rocket757 2 December 2021 09: 52
        Let's not count the Yankees, who are more stupid than others.
        They are looking for, creating new in tactics, technology, air attack on the enemy ... in this they are moving confidently, ahead of others.
        They go their OWN WAY ... it will be better, worse, they can show / prove only the real application of this tactic, technology ...
        You need to know, understand and have methods, technologies of counteraction, not in theory, but in hardware.
        1. Alex777
          Alex777 2 December 2021 09: 54
          So. Clear... hi
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 2 December 2021 10: 14
            If you remember, understand, much in the tactics of using the Air Force, they created and are developing.
            Not everything worked out for them, this is an expensive pleasure, BUT, they are "trendsetters"!
            Others have to adopt, those to whom they give ... and others have to invent / create something like that or develop effective countermeasures ... that is. CATCHING UP!
            If our scientists / designers were not so talented, and the country's leadership did not pay due attention to such issues, it is not known what would have happened in the world ... by the way, everything is going as it is! they are in their own way, and we have it differently, no less effective soldier .
            1. Alex777
              Alex777 2 December 2021 10: 15
              Victor! I, too, for all good versus all bad. hi
      3. ycuce234-san
        ycuce234-san 2 December 2021 13: 09
        On the ground, an ordinary infantry aircraft controller with an observation and aiming drone will be able to control the fall of such or similar bombs on targets (even in a very, very powerful thunderstorm, when there is strong radio interference from lightning), for example. They can be taken out into the atmosphere by unmanned vehicles or an all-weather large cargo aircraft with tens of tons of carrying capacity, a real flying warehouse with bombs - you get a kind of "bomb gunship", which is much better than an artillery "gunship" aircraft, which is unnecessarily vulnerable at present. And so on. It will be very convenient to use against any tropical underdeveloped countries against ships - there, including on the seas, the "rainy season", constant cyclones and floods and thunderstorm activity of the atmosphere are the norm of life; and they may change their minds about Afghanistan at any moment and decide not to leave it to the Chinese.
  3. Serge-667
    Serge-667 2 December 2021 09: 59
    Well, even the video sequence is somehow weak. Couldn't they attract Soyuzmultfilm? We have cooler cartoons!
  4. Fisherman
    Fisherman 2 December 2021 11: 40
    What can I say here? Well done! But with satellites blinded by Peresvet without gps, using navigational paper maps in conditions of powerful interference with electronic warfare systems, will they be able to?
  5. DO
    DO 3 December 2021 00: 32
    The main idea here is that the first aircraft carries out only the delivery of a guided bomb and its targeted release, and the second - guidance of the bomb delivered to the required altitude and dropped with a given initial trajectory of the bomb on the target.
    Both aircraft can be unmanned.
    The first aircraft must have the required carrying capacity and must be optimized for a high-altitude breakthrough of the enemy's air defense, followed by dropping guided bombs at a point with coordinates given from the outside by radio, or, with muffled channels, transmitted to the aircraft before entering the enemy's electronic warfare zone, or entered in advance before flight.
    With regard to Russia, the developed Su-75 is suitable for the role of the first aircraft, and before its readiness, the old Su-27 or MiG-29 modernized into drones.
    The second plane can be a small-sized and unobtrusive UAV patrolman-gunner with AI, which is previously dropped approximately over the target from a large carrier - a "first type" aircraft.
    There can be several UAV gunners, in case the enemy destroys some of them, as well as for the simultaneous guidance of bombs at several targets.