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A powerful explosion thundered in the area of ​​the railway station of German Munich


In Munich, Germany, a powerful explosion thundered, three people were injured. According to the city police, the explosion could have been caused by an aerial bomb from the Second World War, which had lain in the ground for more than 75 years.

According to the published information, the bomb was located at a construction site near the Donnersbergerbrücke railway station in Munich (federal state of Bavaria), where the contractors of the Deutsche Bahn railway company are working. As a result of the explosion, according to one information, four people were injured, according to the other - three, one of them has serious injuries, he was taken to the nearest medical institution. The explosion was heard within a radius of several kilometers from the epicenter.

The cause of the explosion was preliminarily named as a detonation of an aerial bomb from the Second World War, disturbed during the work, but this is a "working" version; a special commission, which will include representatives of the police, prosecutors and other law enforcement agencies of Germany, will establish all the reasons for the incident. Currently, the site of the explosion is cordoned off, explosives technicians, emergency workers, firefighters and police are working on the site, about 40 people in total. Two helicopters are involved.

It is reported that there is no further threat of explosions, but the movement of passenger and freight trains through Munich Central Station has been suspended indefinitely.

It should be noted that unexploded shells and bombs from the Second World War are not so rarely found in Europe, the earth keeps many more such "gifts". Last year, a British 5-ton bomb detonated during mine clearance in Poland. This year, two people died in the Solomon Islands after lighting a fire at the site of a WWII bomb. On the territory of Russia, in places of fierce battles of the Great Patriotic War, unexploded shells and bombs are also often found.

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  1. mitroha
    mitroha 1 December 2021 17: 30
    The echo of war ...
    1. marchcat
      marchcat 1 December 2021 17: 37
      The paradox is that there are many who want to repeat ... the brain has probably been reformed?
      1. Vasily Onischuk
        Vasily Onischuk 1 December 2021 17: 48
        Quite a few years have passed. Even in Europe, memory has faded. Although from the European countries Poland and Germany and Hungary were seriously affected. Yes, Yugoslavia yet. For the rest, even the German occupation was rather mild. And on the mainland of the United States, there were no battles at all.
        1. Grossvater
          Grossvater 1 December 2021 17: 59
          For most of the countries of the second EU (the first was with Napoleon's grandfather, the second was Hitler's, the third is now) was more of a protectorate than an occupation.
          In any case, the French peizans, knowing perfectly well where and how Misha Wittman was sitting in ambush, did not bother to warn the Naglitsky tankers.
          Although the father said, France was Germany's largest and most important ally in that war. One Cross of Biscay is enough.
          1. Vasily Onischuk
            Vasily Onischuk 1 December 2021 18: 02
            And how the Danes suffered under the thumb of the German invaders. The bars only sold one type of beer.
            1. Tatyana
              Tatyana 1 December 2021 19: 36
              Surely, this bomb is a "hello" to Federal Germany and the Germans from the British during WWII.

              After the crushing defeat of the German army at Stalingrad and the opening of the Second Front, the Allies had one task - to end the war as soon as possible with the complete defeat of German Nazism and Italian fascism in Europe and Japanese militarism in Asia.
              The Allies had only one task - heavy massive bombing - up to 1 aircraft sorties per day - to destroy the German economy so that it could not produce anything (weapons, clothing, medicines, food, etc.), move and concentrate for military purposes. ...

              One of the ways to defuse and immobilize the enemy was the massive Allied air raids on the main cities of Nazi Germany wave after wave, with literally carpet bombing. In the resulting continuous fires, the inhabitants of the cities burned alive.
              British aviation dropped 50 Hiroshim on Germany, in the spending equivalent monthly.

              After Yalta, the Allies especially bombed the part of Germany that was supposed to retreat to the USSR.

              German cities after the Allied air raids 1944 1945 WW2 Germany After Ally's Heavy Bombing
            2. den3080
              den3080 2 December 2021 02: 22
              Quote: Vasily Onischuk
              And how the Danes suffered under the thumb of the German invaders. The bars only sold one type of beer.

              And even then only at the end of the war alone. And at first, the varieties were even added, after the entry of German troops into Denmark good
        2. zenion
          zenion 1 December 2021 20: 26
          Vasily Onischuk. How was it that there was no war in the United States? They have a constant war. Now against black, then for black, then for eggs, then against eggs.
        3. Ros 56
          Ros 56 3 December 2021 12: 30
          And on the mainland of the United States there were no battles at all.

          But this is the main drawback of WWII. Maybe the brains would have worked differently, although judging by the geyrope and the shaved ones, it’s unlikely.
      2. Clear
        Clear 1 December 2021 21: 51
        Quote: marchcat
        The paradox is that there are many who want to repeat ... the brain has probably been reformed?

        These are claims to those who like to bomb from a great height - the Anglo-Saxons, our bombs have all exploded.
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. The comment was deleted.
      3. Letun
        Letun 2 December 2021 10: 29
        Quote: marchcat
        The paradox is that there are many who want to repeat ... the brain has probably been reformed?

        Well, these repeaters do not see themselves and their loved ones among the 27 million dead. They see themselves exclusively in the orders being photographed against the backdrop of the White House.
    2. Blacksmith 55
      Blacksmith 55 1 December 2021 19: 01
      Echo of war, you are right.

      The explosion occurred while drilling a well.
      American GP 500 bomb exploded
      110 kg TNT. The number 500 indicates the weight in American pounds.
      1. Ros 56
        Ros 56 3 December 2021 12: 31
        Where does the information come from, who was it determined? fellow
        1. Blacksmith 55
          Blacksmith 55 3 December 2021 13: 55
          Yes, all the media in Germany broadcast.
          Only not all the brand of the bomb was indicated.
          The article contains the figure of 5 tons, which does not correspond.
  2. Thrifty
    Thrifty 1 December 2021 17: 42
    The war, it turns out, is not over, since the ammunition continues to maim and kill people ...
  3. Kushka
    Kushka 1 December 2021 17: 49
    What is this "hellish machine" - 5 tons?
    And how did the British pin her to Poland?
    1. Grossvater
      Grossvater 1 December 2021 17: 56
      Tollboy. Pearly Lancaster. Why, a separate conversation. Maybe the Poles did something especially valuable for the Natsiks. Maybe that would annoy the Red Army. What bridge to blow up, so that life would not seem like honey.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Kushka
        Kushka 1 December 2021 18: 21
        Found it, read it. A serious riveted airplane.
        : 6000 horses per circle, 6000 kg of bombs (or maybe 10000 kg
        and the bomb supposedly was - "Grand Slam").
        But the Polish government was in London.
        This, what does it mean - a "gift" from your own government
        from London itself last year worked
        "On July 25, 1944, General Bur-Komorovsky reported on readiness
        to the uprising, starting on July 25 and demanded to reinforce the uprising
        forces of the Polish airborne brigade and aviation
        British Air Force [18]. July 26, 1944
    2. Vasily Onischuk
      Vasily Onischuk 1 December 2021 18: 00
      Germany was not bombed by the British alone. The Americans also took an active part in this matter. And the British had a Lancaster bomber. And his workload was very high. 6 tons was the norm for him.
      1. Nexcom
        Nexcom 1 December 2021 18: 08
        Avro Lancaster: 6400 normal, maximum could carry almost 10 tons, but not far.
        Hans usually bombed with a load of 7500 - 8000 kg.

        Yankes's B-17 Flying Fortress took about 8000 kg on a regular flight to bomb the Hans.
        1. zenion
          zenion 1 December 2021 20: 34
          Uncle commanded long-range aviation. As soon as they declared war, they flew at night and bombed Berlin. In general, two out of ten planes lost their way on a return flight and flew somewhere through Leningrad to the rear. He grabbed the uncle by the gills. How dare he bomb the Germans without orders. In general, we decided to unscrew his head. But time pulled something out, and when they realized that this was not a joke, he served a year for interrogations, what kind of pilots were they who flew into such a rear, and if they had hit the Germans. Then he was demoted and, it seems, he was thrown from lieutenant generals into major generals. Then he was forgiven and appointed an aviation inspector. So he served until the end of the war, he was not allowed to fly. Under Khrushchev, he was thrown out of service.
  4. Andrey R2R
    Andrey R2R 1 December 2021 17: 53
    The fourth largest city in Germany in the Second World War, it was considered and is considered the “progenitor city”
    Nazi party, therefore, carpet bombing of our allies (about 70 raids), the center was destroyed by ~ 90%, American troops entered the city almost without resistance + - a week before the surrender of Germany
  5. KSVK
    KSVK 1 December 2021 18: 27
    I wonder what they did with this bomb, that it detonated. Usually fuses "turn sour", so much time has passed. And the fire does not detonate.
  6. Sergey3
    Sergey3 1 December 2021 18: 40
    A reminder flew in, before they vyzhivayutsya, soon fresh ones will start torn.
  7. Ural resident
    Ural resident 1 December 2021 20: 16
    here one bomb caused so much commotion, how it was when they were laid with a "carpet", it's hard to imagine. And they also climb to the same place, again to Donbass ..
  8. Hog
    Hog 1 December 2021 20: 48
    76 years have passed, but the "gifts of war" have not gone anywhere, and how many of them are still underground ...
    1. Lynx2000
      Lynx2000 2 December 2021 00: 15
      Quote: Hog
      76 years have passed, but the "gifts of war" have not gone anywhere, and how many of them are still underground ...

      Ammunition left over from the First World War and the Civil War is being found. Even in the Tyumen region last year, shells were found and neutralized, last summer, a resident of a village in the Altai Territory dug a hand grenade in the garden. The find was found to be a British Mills fragmentation grenade produced during the First World War. Destroyed by an overhead charge on the spot.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  9. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 1 December 2021 21: 20
    Recently, German Defense Minister Kramp Karrenbauer said "we are ready to use weapons with a deterrent effect against Russia in advance" - that is, atomic weapons. Apparently, this Frau completely forgot about the fact that in the event of a war it will explode not only in Russia, but on both sides of the border, and therefore what is now banging in Munich is nothing more than God's warning and a trade with meaning - "Appreciate peace".
  10. expert
    expert 1 December 2021 23: 14
    The explosion overturned the excavator. One worker was seriously injured, his leg was practically blown off. Three were slightly injured. 70 firefighters, two helicopters and 40 police officers are involved.
    In Germany, bombs are found regularly during construction work. The British and Americans ironed the cities, Mama don't cry!
    Constantly, in connection with the disposal of the found bombs, gigantic areas are cordoned off and tens of thousands of people are evacuated. This is, in my opinion, the second explosion in 27 years.
    The first occurred during demining. Two specialists were killed.