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U.S. Air Force F-16 uncontrolled discharge of outboard fuel tanks and crash landing in Japan


An emergency involving a US Air Force F-16 fighter jet took place in Japan on Tuesday, according to a statement from the 35th Fighter Aviation Regiment. The fighter uncontrollably dropped outboard fuel tanks, which fell into a non-residential area near Iwaki Mountain, to the west aviation Misawa base. However, representatives of the local police claim that the tanks fell further from the city.

At about 18:00 pm, the fighter landed at the airbase following an in-flight emergency. No one was injured during the incident, but the reasons for the incident have not yet been disclosed. A spokesman for the military command said that wreckage from one of the tanks was found in the coastal city of Fukaura, also west of Mount Iwaki.

The leadership of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces has already protested to the command of the Misawa airbase, calling the incident extremely regrettable and disturbing the local residents and civilian authorities. The command of the airbase was demanded to quickly establish the reasons for the uncontrolled discharge of the outboard tanks and take appropriate measures. US Air Force Regiment spokesman Colonel Timothy Murphy stressed that the number one priority remains for the part of the safety of both American pilots and Japanese citizens. He promised to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident to find out the root cause.

Meanwhile, a passer-by who called the police at about 18:25 pm on Tuesday reported that he smelled a strong smell of oil and found aluminum parts on the road. Police officers drove to the scene and found debris from fuel tanks. The police said that debris lay near residential buildings, curbs were damaged. It turns out that the statements about the fall in a non-residential area are not true.

The F-16 incident also led to the cancellation of seven civil flights. Only a few hours later, air traffic with the region was resumed. Note that this is not the first incident with American aircraft in Japan. So, in 2015, the F-16 dropped fuel tanks into the Sea of ​​Japan near Aomori prefecture, and in 2018 - into Lake Otawara in the same prefecture. Therefore, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi demanded that the US Air Force F-16s stop flying in the country.
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  1. fiv
    fiv 1 December 2021 10: 44
    Humanitarian kerosene for the freezing Japanese. For some reason, they did not appreciate it.
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 1 December 2021 10: 49
      it happens .. we would have summer residents-gardeners instantly attached as always .. and the Japanese ... well, hell knows his Asians ...
    2. Stas157
      Stas157 1 December 2021 12: 15
      F-16 United States Air Force carried out uncontrolled discharge outboard fuel tanks

      Well, this is the smallest thing that the Americans dropped on Japan in general.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 1 December 2021 10: 50
    Not the first and not the last incident with American aircraft in Japan. Well, the Japanese have to endure and steadfastly endure all the hardships and hardships of the American occupation.
    1. NDR-791
      NDR-791 1 December 2021 11: 08
      Here, fir-trees, the Japanese policeman Nobuo Kishi demanded to stop the flights of the US Air Force F-16 aircraft in the country, you see, they shit anywhere. And how Fukushima is pouring something into the ocean, he keeps mum.
  3. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 1 December 2021 10: 53
    United States Air Force F-16 carried out uncontrolled discharge of outboard fuel tanks
    I would not be upset if his wings fell off too! belay
  4. Fisherman
    Fisherman 1 December 2021 11: 06
    They were lucky! Some of the "allies" of the US Air Force "lost" atomic bombs by dropping on the territory, some have not yet been found.
  5. A. h. 52
    A. h. 52 1 December 2021 11: 07
    What joy is there for those who have no analogues in the world ...
  6. Andrey R2R
    Andrey R2R 1 December 2021 11: 07
    Key phrase ,, priority number one for both 1st American pilots and 2nd for Japanese citizens. It seems that everything is clear with ,, priorities ,,
  7. const72
    const72 1 December 2021 11: 10
    Bucky is bullshit, otherwise it can fly in another thread, like Hiroshima from Nagasaki
    1. Salavatsky Ministry of Emergency Situations
      Compared to "Kid" and "Fat Man", the current bombs will be more terrible. And if it is also in Tokyo ... Then put out the light at all. wassat
  8. Salavatsky Ministry of Emergency Situations
    Therefore, the Minister of Defense of Japan, Nobuo Kishi, demanded to stop the flights of the US Air Force F-16 in the country.

    Well, the F-16 will not fly, then the tanks will be dropped from the F-15 or F-35
  9. Kushka
    Kushka 1 December 2021 12: 24
    Do not accidentally drop tanks on parachutes,
    the summer resident of the Ypon would not hurt kerosene. Well, the tank
    for the soul eternal (no need to paint)
  10. The comment was deleted.