Geopolitical mosaic: militants run from Aleppo, and Buchanan said Obama's wars are naive, and America will have to get out of the Middle East

Careless State Department and the secret Islamist Obama. Representatives of the US Department of State, pass "Vesti" (Maksim Dinkevich) with reference to the "Independent", were warned of impending attacks on US embassies in Egypt, Libya and Yemen, but did nothing to prevent bloodshed.

According to British journalists, the US government was notified of impending terrorist attacks near the US embassy in Benghazi almost two days before the tragedy. But diplomats did not receive instructions on additional precautionary measures. The security of the embassy was not strengthened.

British journalists also note that during the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, secret documents were missing from the building, including contracts for the supply of oil to Libya and lists of Libyans cooperating with Washington.

However, according to the Business Insider, the White House has already denied the information published in the Independent. From Washington received a statement that they did not know anything about the planned terrorist attacks in the Middle East.

Of course, let's add on our own, Libya, like Egypt, and Tunisia, and other states that have passed through the Arab spring, inspired and supported by the United States and NATO, are all great friends of America. If Obama, with the assistance of the late K. Stevens, helped build Libyans a democracy, how could he have expected such ingratitude from the Libyans? Either Obama - indeed the secret Islamist, which was written in the last "The results of the week", or he is really extremely naive in foreign policy, about which both Europeans and Americans are now openly discussing. However, in the same way J. Bush and his predecessors, who were regularly noted in the Middle East, were “naive”.

Nakula is afraid. Nakula Basili Nakula, one of the creators of the film “The Innocence of Muslims”, which provoked massive anti-American speeches, told the police that he did not want to return to his home in California, and disappeared in an unknown direction, reported on Sunday RIA News" with reference to the Associated Press agency.

On the eve of Mr. Nakula was taken by police for questioning - in connection with the violation of probation after a conviction for fraud. 55-year-old Californian was not detained, but appeared voluntarily. The paparazzi managed to capture the moment, as Nakula after the interrogation was escorted by the police. The author of the film hid his face, he pulled a cap over his head, put on his glasses, and wrapped his face in a scarf. Sheriff's assistants took Nakula out of the police station in an unknown direction.

“He left, we do not know where he is. Nakula said he was not going to return to his home, ”the agency quotes Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Steve Whitmore as saying.

Until recently, Nakula lived in the town of Seritos in southern California. Now he is probably hiding somewhere where no one will recognize him.

The crew of the “Innocence of Muslims” stated that the producers of the film simply “used” them. The English soundtrack was superimposed upon completion of the work on the film; it does not match the original script. When the name of the prophet Mohammed is heard in the film, the actors are either not visible in the frame, or their articulation does not match the sound.

Nakula himself does not deny that he provided organizational support to the creators of the film, but claims that he did not direct the film.

Terry Jones was not allowed into the FRG, and Sharia court is waiting for him. As reported yesterday RIA News" With reference to Stern, the German Foreign Ministry against the backdrop of mass protests of Muslims against the appearance on the Internet of a film parody of the Prophet Mohammed banned entry to Germany by Terry Jones, an American pastor known for anti-Islamic sentiments.

Earlier, the ultra-right organization Pro Deutschland invited Mr. Jones to visit the Federal Republic of Germany.

According to representatives of the German Foreign Ministry, the entry of the American pastor into Germany "is contrary to the interests of maintaining public order." The decision to ban was made on the basis of the Schengen Agreement, the migration legislation of Germany and in coordination with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country.

It is reported that at present, thousands of Pakistanis participating in protests in Islamabad, as well as in Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and other cities, are demanding the extradition of an American pastor: a Sharia court awaits him.

Boiling East. In the Arab countries, unrest continues because of the scandalous film “The Innocence of Muslims”. Pastor Terry Jones (who produced the film) added fuel to the fire. This Mr. said he was going to show his parishioners a fragment of the painting - right during the service, reports RIA News".

One of the first thousands protest actions was held on 11 in September in Cairo - the US flag was burned in front of the embassy, ​​and on one of the pillars near the embassy the participants of the protest rally planted a black flag with the words: "There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet."

September 12 attacked the US Consulate General in the Libyan Benghazi. People fired at the building with grenade launchers, penetrated the territory of the diplomatic department and set fire to the building. Five members of the consulate general were killed, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

On September 12, demonstrations continued outside the American Consulate in Cairo, where the Muslim Brotherhood set the tone.

On the same day, a protest began at the US embassy in Tunisia. Police used tear gas and rubber batons to disperse demonstrators.

September 13 demonstrators in Cairo again tried to storm the American embassy. The attack was repelled by the police. 30 people were injured in the protest: 16 demonstrators and three policemen were wounded, as well as Egyptian military 11, who helped the police to restore order.

In Yemen, too, was a demonstration against the film. Here, protesters tried to storm the US embassy in Sanaa. The demonstrators infiltrated the embassy and set fire to several vehicles there. Security officers began to shoot in the air. As a result of the assault, one person died, dozens were injured.

Protests in India. Anti-American protests caused by the famous film, spread to India. On Friday evening, infuriated Muslims attacked the US diplomatic mission in India, reports with reference to ITAR-TASS.

Several hundred Muslims in India threw stones at the US Consulate General in Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu and smashed windows there. 86 man has been delayed. The incident occurred despite the increase on the eve of the protection of American diplomatic missions in the country.

The whole world is protesting. Protests against the “Innocence of Muslims” spread to Europe. Green flags and banners with anti-American requirements appeared in London, Copenhagen and Antwerp. Police detain hundreds of people. As for the countries of Africa and Asia, there the protests are becoming stronger every day. This was told by Alexey Kupriyanov ("Vesti").

In Antwerp, the angry crowd had to be stopped by the police, more than two hundred people were arrested. In Denmark, protesters chanted “Allah is Great” in front of the US Embassy. Islamic radicals are calling for unrest in the Netherlands. And in Britain, a longtime ally of the United States, a crowd of disgruntled gathered around the American embassy. “They thought that Muslims would simply swallow this insult,” protester Nazrin Nawaz said. - We answer - no! Do not expect that you will insult our beliefs and not get an adequate response! We are here to appeal to Muslims: express your protest! Not through violence - we cannot accept or justify it. But we will not be silent and agree with the insult of our faith either! ”

A storm is raging over Asia. Students took to the streets in Istanbul. In Karachi, a mob attempted to break into the American consulate. There are also victims - in Hyderabad one person died. Now anti-American protests are going on in Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, India and Nigeria.

All the countries of the "Arab Spring", we add, were noted in the dislike of America.

Hezbollah will also protest. The leader of the Hezbollah movement, Hassan Nasrallah, called on the Lebanese to hold a week of mass actions against the movie “The Innocence of Muslims”. Reports about it "" with reference to France-Presse.

The whole world, Nasrallah said, "should know that the Prophet has followers who will not be silent in response to insults." The leader of Hezbollah expressed the opinion that protests should be held throughout Lebanon and called for a week to hold actions in five different cities in the south and east of the country, mostly populated by Shiites.

Nasrallah’s statement, Lenta notes, sounded a few hours after Pope Benedict XVI left Lebanon. The leader of Hezbollah noted that he postponed his call for protests until the pontiff left.

Parrots from the European Parliament. The European Parliament has once again demanded the resignation of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and at the same time more active actions by the international community aimed at a political resolution of the Syrian conflict. This is stated in the resolution adopted on Thursday on Syria, reports Rosbalt.

European deputies, as if reading texts a year ago, condemned the “indiscriminate use of military force” by the Assad regime against the civilian population, the killing of women and children, mass executions in villages, and others.

The resolution, of course, expresses regret that the members of the UN Security Council were unable to adopt a resolution calling for an end to the "massacre" in Syria. The text also contains an appeal to Russia and China to show responsibility and support the document.

Thus, let us add on our own, even the lessons of Middle Eastern democracy, taught to the West primarily by Libyans, were not properly perceived in the EU. The main trouble of both Europe and America is the utter inability to admit their mistakes. And recognize publicly. It would be great if Comrade Obama went out onto the balcony of the White House and told his pool to journalists: “America no longer wants to be a hegemon. Washington has been doing bad things for many years. We repent, forgive us. "

But, as Rabinovich’s character would say, “you won’t wait!” Instead of abandoning the role of hegemon and displaying Christian humility, the United States sent a couple of warships with Tomahawks and a couple of hundred Marines to the shores of Libya. With whom these warriors will fight, it is not yet clear. Probably, now America will have to start a new revolution in Libya - against those who once overthrew Gaddafi, and now killed K. Stevens. At the same time, it is necessary to reconsider our friendship with other countries of the “Arab spring”, primarily with Egypt.

Already revised.

Egypt is not our friend, enemy or ally. Who are we to Egypt? After the Egyptians attacked the US embassy in Cairo, the American authorities decided not to consider Egypt to be their ally. This was directly stated by President Barack Obama, reports Rosbaltreferring to online media. According to him, America will not consider the Egyptians and enemies. “It seems to me that we need to look at how they will react to the incident. Wait for a response to our demands for the responsibility to protect the embassy and its staff, ” Rosbalt Obama's words.

But if Egypt does not take on the aforementioned responsibility, then this "will become a big problem."

Then, we add from ourselves, and it will become clear who Egypt is for America: it’s just not an ally, not at all a friend, or even a hardened enemy.

Now back to Syria.

The rebels are moving from Aleppo to the Turkish side. As passed yesterday correspondent ITAR-TASS Dmitry Zelenin With reference to Al-Watan, the anti-terrorist operation in the northern capital of Syria is nearing its end. Government troops are advancing, and militants are fleeing from the northern and eastern regions of Aleppo towards the Turkish border.

"Our valiant armed forces pursue the enemy and inflict tangible losses on him," the military communique says.

SANA reports that the army units have completed the stripping of the Aleppo quarter of Maidan. Militants tried to escape from the environment, disguised themselves in the form of the Syrian military, but were found and destroyed.

The SAR Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a message to the UN Security Council, which contains evidence of the involvement of the Turkish authorities in the activities of terrorist groups in Syria. It states that Turkey “allowed it to cross the border and opened its airports in front of thousands of mercenaries who participated in hostilities, killed civilians and carried out sabotage”. As a result, damage was caused to state institutions, industrial facilities and educational institutions, infrastructure, communications, oil and gas pipelines were damaged in a number of places. Camps for training and arming terrorists are located on Turkish territory. The Syrian Foreign Ministry considers Ankara’s behavior “as a gross violation of international law and the principles of good neighborliness”.

Thus, we add from ourselves, the militants are defeated and retreat to the border, to where they are fed and cured, and Bashar Asad fulfills his promise and crushes international terrorism, which was entrenched in Aleppo.

Comrade Brahimi spoke to the "colonels." UN and LAS special envoy for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi held talks on Skype with representatives of the insurgency, reports RIA News" with reference to France Press.

“The conversation took place between Mr. Brahimi, FSA Colonel Kassem Saaaddin and FSA Colonel Khaled Hobus and me,” the French SSA Colonel Abdel Jabar al-Okaidi quoted in Aleppo as saying.

The parties discussed, in particular, the “general situation in Syria”.

Colonel SSA al-Okaidi, commenting later on the talks, expressed the opinion that the mission of the new UN special envoy and the Arab League is doomed to failure, as is the case with Kofi Annan. A spokesman for the SSA said the rebels would not be held responsible for the failure of this mission.

Democracy in Turkish. In the Turkish city of Antakya, about 1,500 activists of the Workers Party and the Union of Turkish Youth staged a “Peace and Democracy Festival” - an unauthorized protest rally against the government’s anti-Syrian policy. The police used tear gas, and some of the protesters responded with stones. Two people suffered.

Protesters chanted slogans calling for the closure of terrorist camps and their expulsion from the country. People shouted: “Turkey and Syria are brothers!” And also carried portraits of Bashar al-Assad, they convey "Vesti" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

Another six months - and the bomb is ready. In about six months, Iran will come close to creating a nuclear weapons. This opinion was expressed in an interview with US media Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reports from New York correspondent ITAR-TASS Andrey Bekrenev.

“Iran is progressing very rapidly in enriching the uranium needed to build a nuclear bomb. After about six months, they’ll do 90 percent of the work needed, ”he said.

Netanyahu again spoke of the "red line", that is, he called on the United States to establish a rigid framework for Iran, going beyond which would mean striking its nuclear facilities: "It is necessary to hold the" red line "for them right now, before it is too late . If they cross it, it will have unimaginable consequences. ”

With his loud public statements, Netanyahu, we add, is probably trying to get aggressive promises from the United States to Tehran. However, the Obama administration, which lacks problems without Iran, still opposes Israel’s “preemptive strike”. Such a blow will plunge the entire Middle East into a nightmare of war, from which the United States will be difficult to distance itself. Moreover, it is quite possible that Israel itself will fight Israel’s ally, the very countries where, through the Arab Spring, democratic elected governments came to power, I mean the Islamists, whom the White House recently congratulated on the election victory.

Earlier, the American authorities, notes the correspondent. ITAR-TASS, said that, according to their assessment, Iran is currently not on the verge of developing nuclear weapons and the country may need more than a year to do so. American knowledgeable experts generally state that the Iranian authorities have not made a final decision on the creation of a nuclear bomb.

Netanyahu knows what will happen next year. The Israeli Prime Minister, in an interview with the local English-language newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, expressed the hope that he would be able to congratulate his fellow citizens on the resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue a year later, reports RIA News".

The head of government said Israel’s right to stand up for itself, and also rejected accusations that it talks a lot about Israel’s differences with the United States over Iran in order to reduce the chances of re-electing President Barack Obama and helping Republican Mitt Romney, who is perceived as pro-Israel candidate.

“At the national level, the main thing I regret is that we have not stopped Iran yet. We have done a lot, but we have not reached this goal yet. When you interview me next year, I hope I can give you another answer, ”said Netanyahu in an interview on the occasion of the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah.

Then he repeated, saying about his favorite "red lines".

It seems that Netanyahu is pretty tired of his “lines” to Washington. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, in an interview with Foreign Policy, said that "the fact is that the presidents of the United States, the prime ministers of Israel or any other country do not operate with small red lines in order to determine how to act."

According to Panetta, "they are presented with facts relating to the intentions of another country, and then they weigh what actions are necessary to solve a particular situation." The minister added that "the red lines are such political arguments to try to squeeze people into a corner."

NATO members once again missed. In the Afghan province of Laghman, as a result of an airstrike of NATO forces, at least 8 people died and about 10 were injured (mostly women), "Vesti".

The military operation was aimed against the Taliban. In NATO, they say that more than 30 bandits were destroyed, but, as usual, they do not exclude that civilians could become victims.

This operation was probably related to the assassination of NATO soldiers by 4 policemen.

"But he is an Afghan and knows that the Americans are enemies." In Afghanistan, a policeman killed four NATO troops, 16 reported September "" with reference to France-Presse.

The clash occurred at a checkpoint in southern Afghanistan, in the province of Zabul. All killed spetsznavtsy were Americans. Also during the conflict, one Afghan policeman was shot dead.

As the Associated Press was told by Taliban spokesman Kari Yusef Ahmadi, the policeman who killed the special forces did not belong to the Taliban. “But he is an Afghan and knows that the Americans are enemies,” he commented on the incident.

Earlier in the day, reports Lenta, in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan, a man in the form of the Afghan police shot and killed two British soldiers.

Military operations near Prince Harry. Militants who attacked a NATO military base in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan on Friday, where British prince Harry is serving, destroyed 6 fighters and other equipment. On this Sunday reported on the site of CNN, reports "".

The attack on the NATO complex, which unites the British Camp Bastion and the American Camp Leserneck, was carried out by 15 men wearing the uniform of the US Army. They destroyed six British AV-8B Harrier fighters, damaged two others, disabled 6 refueling complexes and damaged six hangars.

Militants were armed with grenade launchers and machine guns and were well prepared.

As a result, 14 militants were killed, one was wounded and captured. Two US marines were killed, eight soldiers and one civilian employee were injured.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. Moreover, the militants, in their words, this revenge for the appearance of anti-Islamic film in the United States.

China and Japan: escalation of island conflict. 14 September six Chinese warships for a few hours went into the water, which Japan considers its own. The Japanese did not attack the Chinese, but by radio communication they demanded to leave the zone, and the Chinese ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, where they protested, they convey "Vesti" (Dmitry Sobiev). In the island conflict, China, as noted in the report, for the first time moved to action.

“After the Chinese ships in 4: 53 in the morning invaded our territorial waters, we created an information center as part of a crisis headquarters under the leadership of the Prime Minister. Then at 6: 18, another Chinese ship crossed the border, and we mobilized additional forces to gather information, ”said Osamu Fujimura, Secretary of the Japanese Cabinet of Ministers.

Geopolitical mosaic: militants run from Aleppo, and Buchanan said Obama's wars are naive, and America will have to get out of the Middle East

The reason for the next outbreak of anti-Japanese speeches in China was the decision of Tokyo to buy back the disputed islands from private owners. A crowd of nationalists gathered in front of the Japanese Embassy in Beijing, demanding that the archipelago be beaten off even by force. At the same time, ships appeared in the East China Sea. Thus, the dispute around the islands seems to be moving into the area of ​​military maneuvers.

According to the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", citing ITAR-TASS, the number of demonstrators protesting on September 14 in Beijing was about five thousand. The protest participants were holding Chinese flags and posters with inscriptions: “Protect China’s Diaoyu Islands”, “Return Illegally Captured Territories”, “Protect Native Chinese Lands”.

"Lifenews" note that the conflict broke out after the authorities of the rising sun bought 11 from the five Senkaku islands from private owners on 3 in September, thereby nationalizing them. In connection with the Chinese provocations in Tokyo, organized a crisis headquarters. However, no response has yet been taken.

"The long-standing dispute over the ownership of the Senkaku Islands located in the South China Sea and under the jurisdiction of Tokyo (the Chinese name is Diaoyu)," writes Sergey Strokan (Kommersant), - reached a climax. On Saturday, a crowd of thousands of supporters of the return to Beijing of "primordially Chinese territories" began to storm the Japanese embassy, ​​throwing stones, bottles, and other improvised means at the embassy: eggs, bananas, tomatoes.

At the cost of considerable efforts, the fighters of the divisions of the Chinese police managed to prevent the seizure of the embassy. However, yesterday, a huge crowd of activists for the return of the disputed islands gathered around the embassy’s walls: they carried portraits of the founder of Communist China, Mao Zedong. Protesters filled the nearby streets, where there are popular Japanese restaurants, which in order to avoid pogroms, hastily hung out Chinese flags and were taken under police protection.

Anti-Japanese actions were not limited to Beijing and another Chinese metropolis - Shanghai, where the consulate general of Japan is located. Demonstrations of Chinese patriotism, in which tens of thousands of people took part, swept across the country, in most cases going beyond peaceful actions.

Protesters expressed their protest, smashing everything that has anything to do with Japan: they burned flags of the rising sun, turned over Japanese cars, among which were even Honda policemen, beat windows of Japanese restaurants and shops, organized pogroms in representative offices of Japanese companies ".

on September 16 "BBC Russian Service" conveyed that the head of the Pentagon, Leon Panetta, made a statement, which was caused by the ongoing anti-Japanese demonstrations in China.

The US Secretary of Defense said that provocative speeches could lead to a political mistake that would result in a conflict.

Meanwhile, the situation continues to heat up. Japanese schools and enterprises in China suspended their work until Wednesday. The reason was the riots and anti-Japanese speeches, conveyed today correspondent RIA "News" Ksenia Nakareferring to the NHK channel.

On weekends, anti-Japanese performances were held in 85 cities in China. Japanese schools in Beijing and Guangzhou are temporarily closed. Three Panasonic factories were attacked by the demonstrators, so management announced Monday and Tuesday the weekend. A similar decision was made by the management of “Canon” in an enterprise in the Kwantung Region. Many Japanese supermarkets and supermarkets also announced a "weekend".

There were also reports that Japanese families living in China are returning to Japan.

Elections and 201-I base. The Tajik president will make concessions during the negotiations on the 201 of the Russian military base. This point of view was expressed by military expert Hikmatullo Izzatov, reports Rosbalt with reference to the portal Avesta.Tj.

According to him, the Tajik side is forced to be compliant with the latest events in the country: “After the Khorog conflict, the Tajik side will make certain concessions to sign this agreement, since the course of recent events had a significant impact on our positions.”

Also, President Rahmon needs support from Russia during the election campaign in Tajikistan. Therefore, the expert believes, “the final decision on the Tajik-Russian negotiations will be made during the visit of President Putin to Tajikistan, and the final version of the document will be signed closer to the presidential elections in the Republic of Tajikistan”.

NATO saw a partner in Russia. NATO sees Russia as a partner, despite some differences of opinion, Deputy Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Alexander Vershbow said in an interview with the Latvian newspaper Hour, reports from Riga correspondent RIA "News" Vadim Radionov.

“We see a partner in Russia. This is a country with which we have many common strategic interests. While we have not yet managed to reach the level of strategic partnership, what we hoped for when we signed with Russia the basic act on mutual relations, cooperation and security in Paris in 1997. There are several points on which our views differ. In 1990, it was Kosovo, most recently Libya. At the same time, close cooperation in Afghanistan continues between us: transit agreements are in place, a project is underway to train Afghan helicopter technicians ... Both sides are interested in having responsible leaders in this country, ”said Vershbow.

In an interview with the publication, the Deputy Secretary General of NATO also expressed the hope that the alliance and the Russian Federation will be able to reach mutual understanding on missile defense in Europe. According to him, the deployment of a missile defense system in Eastern Europe does not threaten Russia.

So, let me add, Russia and NATO are almost twins who have slightly quarreled because of toy machine Yugoslavia and Libya. No, not NATO conducted an operation in Libya, Mr. Vershbow, and the Libyans used the stupid America and the stupid NATO to come to power, and then explain to the "hegemon" all that concerns differences of opinion.

The aggressors declassified. The US authorities declassified documents from which it becomes clear: the US was preparing for a nuclear war 30 years ago, writes Anton Podlesny (

Presidential Directive No. XXUMX called for a "limited" atomic attack on the Soviet Union. This terrible document passed all the “nuclear” powers in the hands of President Jimmy Carter.

As stated in the published materials, the US government believed: the use of nuclear weapons against conventional enemy forces does not promise any such “apocalypse”. Presidential directive suggests that the United States seriously thought out options for a nuclear strike on the USSR. The document was associated with the introduction of Soviet troops in Afghanistan.

The fate of the world generally hangs in the balance, add on our own - and not by the mercy of the asteroid Apophis, but because of the nuclear "buttons" and "briefcases".

During the presidency of the same Jimmy Carter, notes, on the night of 2 on 3 June 1980, an employee of the United Air Defense Command of the North American contingent saw a message on the device about 220 attacking missiles flying from the USSR. The information was false, but the alarm spread throughout America, and bombers with atomic bombs aboard were raised into the air.

America staggered.

Occupants of Wall Street. A year ago, the Occupy Wall Street anti-corporate public movement was created in New York. September 17 "invaders" will celebrate the first anniversary: ​​they promise to arrange a campaign on the New York Stock Exchange, reports from New York correspondent ITAR-TASS Alexander Bekreneva.

Demonstrators intend to descend into the financial center of the city in 7: 00 local time (15: 00 MSK), surround the building of the exchange and prevent brokers from rushing to work to get there. The protesters are also going to arrange "sit-ins" at intersections throughout the business district of the city. Markets and meetings dedicated to the anniversary will also be held in 30 cities around the world. The main slogan of the demonstrators is still “We are 99 percent!” This motto expresses the indignation of the “occupiers” by the fact that most of the national wealth is controlled by the 1 percentage of the American population.

True, there are articles in the media that the movement is "dead." However, the protesters deny it: they changed tactics. They no longer occupy new parks and squares, but arrange large-scale demonstrations around the world, coordinating actions through social networks.

Thousands of teachers are on strike in Chicago. Striking teachers held a mass protest in Chicago on Saturday, reported yesterday RIA News" with reference to the Associated Press agency.

The trade union of teachers demands an increase in wages. He also opposes the introduction of a new performance evaluation system for teachers, based on the results that students will show in taking standardized tests.

About 30, thousands of teachers and school staff participate in the strike. Around 400.000, Chicago schoolchildren were forced to stay at home.

In Chicago, only 144 schools are now working, and their hours of work are reduced, and parents are advised to bring children there only if absolutely necessary.

"" referring to Reuters, she cites other information: the teachers strike in Chicago, which began on September 10, are attended by about 29 thousands of teachers from 675 schools, and she touched around 40 thousands of students.

"Vesti" clarify that the main requirement of Chicago educators is a salary increase of at least 20% (the authorities agree only on the 3% increase).

Obama will pay for Libya by election rating. Alexander Khristenko ("Vesti") tells that Mitt Romney used attacks on American embassies as another reason to attack his rival Obama.

A Republican presidential candidate accused Barack Obama of failing to protect US interests. Moreover, the Democrats themselves immediately remembered Obama that he ordered the overthrow of Gaddafi, without asking permission from Congress.

“I believe that we should not have had an operation in Libya at all. As for the consulate in Benghazi, they clearly underestimated the danger that threatened our employees, ”said Democrat Mike Coffman, a member of the Armed Services Committee of the US House of Representatives.

Now, two destroyers with Tomahawk cruise missiles have gone to Benghazi on the orders of Mr. Obama. But what kind of democracy will destroyers and marines defend?

Director of the Center for National Interests of the United States, a former presidential adviser to Richard Nixon, Dmitry Simes argues: “Let's be honest: for what they fought, they ran into it. If from one spark such a fire suddenly flares up, then you need to think about why this is happening, and why there was so much prepared material nearby to break out from one small spark. ”

Thus, let us add on our own, Americans seem to have received their sight. The “Arab Spring” suddenly turned into a deadly hot summer, which, it seems, will soon be replaced by a cold “winter.” Other misters cannot understand why they help those who hate them.

Member of the International Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress, Republican Mike Kelly, says bluntly: “America has always been the first to respond to any violations of human rights, to crimes related to this. And now my voters and I do not understand why we are helping so many people who hate us so much. ”

Also, you do not understand, let us add that in any country where you put your noses and Tomahawks, violations of “human rights” occur a hundred times more than they did before your democratic intervention. If neither congressmen, nor the president, nor his State Department, nor the Pentagon, nor the citizens of America, nor NATO understand this, then what do they understand at all?

The famous publicist and philosopher Patrick "Pat" Buchanan was added to the camp of critics of Barack Obama. This is told on the pages "The Daily Caller" journalist Jeff Pur.

A conservative writer believes that the wars started by Obama are “naive”, and that the Middle East policy is “crumbling right before our eyes.” P. Buchanan added to the growing list of critics of US policy in the Middle East, where anti-American speeches continue everywhere.

The author of the book “Suicide of a superpower: whether America will live to 2025 of the year” appeared on the Fox News Channel, where he declared Obama’s naivety and consequently destructive foreign policy, starting with Cairo.

“He had this famous speech in Cairo, and then he took up the“ Arab Spring ”, directed against some dictators and autocrats and other people. Some of them were friendly with us, and some were not. Thus, new genies were released from bottles, and not all of them were good. Some of them are harmful. ”

Now, according to Buchanan, American employees may have to leave the Middle East forever, where the commentator sees three evil forces: Islamic fundamentalism, tribalism and ethno-nationalism. Obama has a “completely naive” position. All Americans - diplomats, tourists and all the rest - need to immediately get out of the region.

Moreover, according to Buchanan, this is not just about a film against a Muslim prophet, but about the hatred of many Muslims around the world for everything American. “... people did it in Libya ... it was a pre-planned, pre-prepared terrorist act. They hate ... the United States. They hate our culture. They hate our politics. They have - historical resentment. They can only be anti-Americanists. ”

“I think,” said Buchanan further, “that there is a real incompatibility between American culture and fundamentalist culture, the culture of the Islamic world ... There is a revolution going on, a religious awakening is occurring among the poor and the working class. The only thing they have is Islamic faith. They are very warlike in that sense. And they look at the enemy as the embodiment of Satan, and the Americans and others fit into this image with their cultural invasion. ”

By the wayBuchanan has long been developing the idea that the United States is threatened with disintegration according to the Balkan scenario - due to the contraction of the “Christian-European core” and the growth of religious, racial, ethnic and other contradictions. He also points to demographic trends, in view of which Western peoples will no longer exist by the end of the 21st century. According to Buchanan, all this is due to the decline of traditional culture. Homosexual acts Patrick Buchanan calls unnatural and immoral.

Thus, let us add from ourselves, while some in the White House are persistently promoting “Western values” and trying to defend the global hegemony of Washington, critics of the American regime predict a collapse not only of the United States, but also of the entire West. America will crack even earlier than Apophis hits Earth. Mr. Obama, get out of politics, get engaged. brewing!

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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      2. +5
        17 September 2012 13: 58
        We do not need to analyze, but act together with them, at least behind the scenes, if there is a China-Japan war, then American fighters will fly there like flies .... And here we already have to make a choice. I personally choose China, after all, they are not rats like Americans, but the United States has long had time to click on its nose, and even better to give a kick in the ass.
        1. +2
          17 September 2012 15: 08
          A kick in the ass of the USA is good. But why do it yourself and military means ?!
          In the event that even a local conflict between China and Japan unfolds, it will not seem enough to anyone, including Russia! Or do you want to fight ?! War cannot be allowed. Russia would have "earned" much more points by reconciling the two countries. So our choice must be diplomatic.
          1. DIMS
            17 September 2012 15: 12
            Trying Japan and China? And how is it technically possible to do? Give Japan the Kuril Islands in exchange for these islands?
            1. Bashkaus
              17 September 2012 20: 07
              But don’t have to reconcile, you need to cheer on both sides behind the scenes and lure the Americans there, and send the poplars themselves along the entire radius from Beijing to the phishington
        2. +2
          17 September 2012 15: 10
          most likely everything will go upward at least until the elections in the states - those now have their hands shackled and make sudden movements, but after the elections everything will depend on who sits in the white house
        3. Russlana
          17 September 2012 16: 42
          And for me it’s like this - two are fighting, the third don’t bother. Then you can dictate your will to the weakened winner. We have no friends, we must remember this.
          1. OSTAP BENDER
            17 September 2012 17: 16
            My relative served as a border guard on the Amur River in the 60s, told many interesting things, and always emphasized the particular cruelty of the Chinese! In these years, they often raided our territory!
            1. Bashkaus
              17 September 2012 20: 10
              oh, as if they and I were humanely acting in those years, incapacitating thousands of Chinese, flying low in supersonic over infantry columns passing to the border, bottom of the butt the membranes from my ears popped up, be healthy. And how on the armored personnel carriers in counterattacks went on ice crushing them with dozens or even hundreds of wheels, then mixed with hail with the island? ))) In general, your truth, Asians are very evil, so they have it ((
        4. vozn_ser
          17 September 2012 19: 33
          Quote: Joker
          We need not to analyze, but to speak with them,

          There is a good saying: "Two into a fight - the third is in ... (the same place)."

          Why get involved somewhere, let them figure it out for themselves - that China, that Japan (to a lesser extent) geopolitical competitors of Russia.
      3. +2
        17 September 2012 17: 07
        I would call the article Arab winter, thanks to the author
      4. Neutral
        17 September 2012 19: 06
        Meanwhile, in Libya:

        In Tripoli, it is stated that all banks, organizations, embassies, campaign offices and all projects in general will be withdrawn from Benghazi, Tobruk and other cities of Cyrenaica to the West, and if someone resists - prison and execution for terrorism. American planes fire at Benghazi, Tobruk, Wadi Harish, wiping out the barracks of the "elite rebel units", now units of the "new Libyan army".

        Communication destroyed.
        Fire on "Ababil birds" from the ground from all types of weapons does not bring success, Benghazi hospitals (they are not bombed yet) are overflowing with wounded. The US press agrees that Libya "has become the fiefdom of al-Qaeda in unknown ways" and demands that the government take action.

        The government is moving forward.

        Not really shining on what is happening in the "civilized" media, they bomb Brega.
        The Emirate of Derna is being bombed.
        The Berber Zintan and the entire Nafus area are bombed.
        Bombing Tripoli, aiming at the barracks of the "veterans of the revolution" and the Berber militias.
        In short, the backbone of "revolutionary fighters" is being systematically and completely destroyed, including those who, even due to their remoteness from Benghazi, have nothing to do with zeroing out Mr. Stevens.

        In this sense, it is very interesting to recall the address of Seif-ul-Islam Gaddafi to the residents of Cyrenaica, who have already rebelled, but have not yet soiled themselves with blood. “Don't hope,” he said on February 28, 2011, 11 days after the start of the “peaceful demonstrations”, addressing the residents of Benghazi, Tobruk, Derna and Wadi Harish, “don't hope that the provocateurs want you well. You hope to dispose of Libyan oil, take control of Libyan revenues, become the supreme power in the country, but this will not happen. You will call on the forces of Evil, but if they help you win, they will then take everything from Libya, and you will bitterly regret contacting them. I believe , you will change your mind! "

        The son of his father, he knew how to see the future, but, the son of his father, equated people in himself ...
        1. vpm
          18 September 2012 19: 44
          All financial "aid" to Libya, that is, the money that was frozen in the Western financial system, belonged to the people of Libya and was to be returned after the "transition to democracy", will also be cut off under this guise. This is no less than $ 160 billion in total assets. Than return it is cheaper to really bomb all who can potentially claim this money. A simple racketeering in fact, just internationally. Smedley Butler knew what he was talking about.
      5. denn
        18 September 2012 19: 20
        I think both sides are smart enough not to make such a gift to the tan. Everyone knows who actually organizes the provocations.
    2. +5
      17 September 2012 13: 09
      Thank you.
      no matter the topic, the whole world is in ruins. zapadentsy brewed porridge, everyone will have to rake.
      "... the Americans will have to leave" - ​​"and let them feed. sausage, sausage, radish ..."
      1. +9
        17 September 2012 14: 41
        Quote: andrei332809
        zapadentsy brewed porridge

        Did you make porridge?
        Read Henry Kissinger's Note

        "The growth of the world's population and its consequences for US security and their interests abroad"

        and everything will become clear to you

        Or Memorandum – 200

        Briefly about the content - the reduction of the "lower" races and population, so that the "higher races" retain control.
        1. Bashkaus
          17 September 2012 20: 12
          The trouble is that the "higher races" or whatever common people are there anyway to gnaw among themselves, they have such a nature
        2. speedy
          17 September 2012 20: 53
          That's right colleague! All these Arab springs and winters are needed as an excuse for a big war of destruction - the secular regimes of the East have been destroyed, aggressive Islamists are in power, pogroms have begun, an ambassador has been killed, Muslims around the world are rearing up - that is the enemy for the civilized West, and there is only one way out - total war of destruction - such as self-defense, at the same time they will forget about the crisis and write off the debts. The Muslims followed the lead of the States and set themselves up. Now they are not even "cannon fodder", but a target ... Well, I would be mistaken ...
          1. Che
            20 September 2012 09: 51
            Ukrainian News Portal - briefly about the main thing:

            Added: 20-09-12

            The anti-terrorist operation in the northern capital of Syria is drawing to a close. Under pressure from government forces, militant groups flee from the northern and eastern regions of Aleppo towards the Turkish border.
            Army special forces completed the “cleansing” of the Aleppo quarter of Maidan, where fierce clashes with “the remnants of gangs of mercenaries and terrorists” have occurred in the last 48 hours. According to the SANA news agency, at the last moment, the militants tried to break out of the encirclement, disguised as Syrian soldiers and officers, but were discovered and destroyed. Now, sappers are working in this part of the city, clearing sections of streets and buildings where bombs were discovered.
            A large group of retreating rebels was also eliminated in the Firdous quarter. It is reported that dozens of armed mercenaries were killed and injured there. In addition, in Bustan al-Bash, security forces destroyed several dangerous terrorists, including snipers. The fighting moved to the approaches to the northern capital in Al-Babu, 35 km northeast of the city, on the Aleppo-Akhtarin highway and in the areas of Sfeira and Deir Hafir. From the side of government forces, air strikes are carried out on the rebel positions. “Our valiant armed forces are pursuing the enemy and inflicting tangible losses on him,” Al-Watan, a Syrian agency, reports.
            The success of the army in the fight against gangs allowed Syrian Prime Minister Vail al-Halki to announce the approaching end of the war unleashed against Syria. At the same time, the Syrian leadership insists on national reconciliation and the settlement of the crisis exclusively by political means. “The country was subjected to a conspiracy, which is supported by Western circles represented by the USA and the European Union, as well as some countries of the region: Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia,” the head of the Syrian government said. In his conviction, this conspiracy is "part of the world war, which uses not only military methods, but also political, economic, and information ones." He also noted that fatwas (religious precepts) are being used against the Syrian people, calling for murder and destruction, "which is contrary to all religions of the world."
            For its part, the republic’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already sent a message to the UN Security Council, which cites evidence of the involvement of the Turkish authorities in the activities of terrorist groups in Syria. It states that Turkey "allowed it to cross the border and opened its airports to thousands of mercenaries who participated in hostilities, killed civilians and carried out sabotage." As a result, damage was caused to state institutions, industrial facilities and educational institutions, the infrastructure, communications, oil and gas pipelines were disabled in a number of places. On Turkish territory, as stated in the document, camps for training and arming terrorists are located. The Syrian Foreign Ministry regards Ankara’s behavior "as a flagrant violation of international law and the principles of good neighborliness."
      2. 0
        17 September 2012 19: 57
        Quote: andrei332809
        "and let him feed. sausage, sausage, radish ..."

        I’m afraid only until they leave so much firewood they’ll break-mom don’t cry. Amer now looks like a hero of an action movie with explosives, in order to die himself and take everyone with him
    3. Nevsky
      17 September 2012 13: 10
      Class! A lot of interesting and even pleasant, in particular about the stumbling foundations in the West)))
      1. Liberti
        17 September 2012 14: 26
        Quote: Nevsky
        A lot of interesting and even pleasant, in particular about the stumbling foundations in the West)))

        It is unlikely that something has stumbled there. It’s not worth it to rejoice so early West is for a long time so to speak for centuries. America comes and goes, but the essence of the West remains. It is a fact wink
    4. +6
      17 September 2012 13: 11
      Oleg. Good afternoon, as always, thanks. It is interesting and rich, though everything is very similar where it does not burn there smolders.
      1. +18
        17 September 2012 13: 18
        Please, comrade Sparrow. And after all lessons they do not go for future. The European Parliament as a fan in the tune against Assad, and dudit. Everywhere the rod with its homosexual freedom and tolerant democracy. Europe also wants to lose its Stevens? .. Buchanan is right: the Balkans will be to them all.
        1. Goga
          17 September 2012 14: 20
          Mart - Greetings, Oleg, - quote - "... they will all have the Balkans." - the wrong word will be, the "bells" are already heard, then in Spain a lot of people declare that they are not Spaniards at all, but "Catalans", then in Scotland they are going to vote in full for separation from the Britons, again in Texas more and more often wondering how their state got to the USA? etc. . These guys, when they launched the mechanisms of collapse in our country, in Yugoslavia and further around the world wherever they could, did not imagine that soon this collapse would come to their house? And now the European Parliament's main concern is Assad? In Europe, everything is fine, but something is wrong in Syria, but everything is fine .... The United States deliberately provokes the Islamists, and the Europeans will get the first kick back ... it will take a little time and they will remember Mubarak and Gaddafi with tears in their eyes. hi
          1. OSTAP BENDER
            17 September 2012 17: 20
            I really want to see how the most shitty countries are the Geyrops, they will repeat the fate of the USSR and Yugoslavia, really, really want !!!!!
    5. +7
      17 September 2012 13: 13
      Well? Another spark? And the war? Clash of civilizations? Have European-American clever men jumped?
      1. +2
        17 September 2012 13: 33
        Everything that happens is a spark. The flame flares up.
        1. Bismark
          17 September 2012 15: 36
          I agree. Discontent is growing. I’m afraid it wouldn’t turn into something with all the consequences.
        2. +1
          17 September 2012 16: 07
          The crisis of the Western system is ripe, and the behind-the-scenes puppeteers are putting on a new show! Obama is not to blame that now they need a war - he was specially elected president so that later it would be possible to refer to his "short-sighted policy", and not to the criminal intentions of financial circles. I especially liked the covering up of traces in the episode with the missing documents in the dealership. In 2 days they started preparing, if not organized themselves!
    6. +10
      17 September 2012 13: 18
      With Turkey, everything is clear, everyone who has been warmed will soon be killed on the territory of Turkey itself, sowing democracy. The Amers probably did not miss in Afghanistan, but soon again "hit" and the ground under their feet is burning even at their own bases. NATO harassed a partner in Russia, this is real news what in which they will not believe. But Europe has already received a gift in the form of a complete destabilization of the region and continues to lay a mine on its own, to see little Libya for them, hypocrites.
    7. +12
      17 September 2012 13: 29
      Good review. I was delighted with the news from Syria - it seems that while she, poor, managed to fight back. I hope for a long time.
      1. Liberti
        17 September 2012 14: 28
        Quote: aksakal
        I was delighted with the news from Syria - it seems that while she, poor, managed to fight back. I hope for a long time.

        It is unlikely that they fought back, Assad’s regime is doomed like other regimes before him. Democracy is inevitable, sooner or later it will come.
        1. Lech e-mine
          17 September 2012 17: 44
          1. 0
            17 September 2012 20: 04
            And happiness is inevitable.
        2. Bashkaus
          17 September 2012 20: 19
          Liberty, honestly, you went too far. Your text is too vulgar and simple, besides, it is not perceived by the Slavic mentality. "Democracy is inevitable" is, of course, ridiculous, there, Vovchik will press the button, you will have democracy ... Do not talk nonsense, and try to be treated for stupid absolutism, if possible, otherwise your foolishness will again be knocked out of your head by the boots of a Russian soldier))
          1. +4
            17 September 2012 20: 37
            Quote: Bashkaus
            otherwise your nonsense will again knock the boots of a Russian soldier out of my head))
            - it hurts, because along with foolishness, brains are beaten out, and this is not good for health. laughing
          2. Liberti
            18 September 2012 08: 07
            Quote: Bashkaus
            "Democracy is inevitable"

            And this was proved by the events of recent years, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and will soon come for Assad, it is inevitable as "death and taxes" wink
            Quote: Bashkaus
            Do not say nonsense, and try to be treated for stupid absolutism, if possible, otherwise your nonsense will again be knocked out of the head by the boots of a Russian soldier))

            I don’t know I don’t know but where were those same boots when the "inevitability" came in Libya? Where are those boots when the "inevitability of democracy" is present in Syria? It seems to me that you are suffering from absolutism, and I just cited the facts, dear.
            We will all end up in democracy sooner or later lol
            1. +1
              18 September 2012 12: 45
              Liberti! You are sorry to live with such crap in your head ...
            2. Che
              19 September 2012 16: 17
              I sympathize in your head D F M U About how it got there?
        3. Che
          19 September 2012 16: 14
          The general people have a distorted concept of democracy. What kind of ochlocracy turns out.
    8. +1
      17 September 2012 13: 45
      yeah ....... Russia cut the wings of the Japanese eagle ...... you look at their fleet and wonder if those that drowned the Russian battleships in the Tsushima battle?
      1. Tirpitz
        17 September 2012 14: 13
        What are you talking about? Their fleet is much stronger than the Pacific Fleet.
        1. +2
          17 September 2012 15: 44
          Quote: Tirpitz
          What are you talking about? Their fleet is much stronger than the Pacific Fleet.

          Why in vain minus Tirpitz? The Japanese fleet surpasses ours even in quantity

          It consists of 17 diesel submarines, 13 of which qualitatively correspond to domestic models, and 4 (by 2013 there will be 5) with an air-independent power plant, Tokyo has 40 destroyers, 2 helicopter destroyers (almost aircraft carriers are vertical aircraft takeoff and landing, and also have impressive anti-submarine capabilities) and 8 frigates. more than a third are clones of large American destroyers. Six - variations on the theme of the most modern American "Arly Burke", which in fact are quite full-fledged cruisers.
          "Roof" within the surrounding seas can provide him with a very impressive Air Force. Now these are 139 heavy fighters gaining air superiority F-15 and 76 local clones of light F-16 (F-2) fighters, not counting the old Phantoms and combat trainers. Their actions can be provided by 17 aircraft early warning radar detection (AWACS), including 4 heavy. In naval aviation, there are 80 Orion anti-submarine aircraft.

          So .... and everything would be fine, but the tsunami covered Matsushima airbase, immediately depriving Tokyo of 18 F-15 and 18 F-2, and, most importantly, the most important training base of the Air Force,

          The basis of the combat forces of our Pacific Fleet is currently made up of:

          1. The missile cruiser of the project 1164 Atlant Varyag;
          2. 4 large anti-submarine ships of Project 1155 Frigate - Marshal Shaposhnikov, Admiral Vinogradov, Admiral Panteleev, Admiral Tributs;
          3. 1 destroyer URO project 956 "Sarych" - "Fast";
          4. 3 large landing ships of project 775 and one of project 1171.
          5. 3 RPKSN of project 667BDR Kalmar - Ryazan, Podolsk, St. George the Victorious.
          6. 5 Submarines of Project 949A
          7. 6 Submarines of Project 971
          8. 8 Submarines of Project 877

          Two more destroyers of the URO of project 956 Sarych - Stormy and Fearless - are under repair for many years, and are likely to be decommissioned. The same fate, it seems, is awaiting the conservation of a similar destroyer, the Battle. Currently, the issue of transferring to the Pacific Ocean from the Arctic Ocean missile cruiser the project of project 1164 “Marshal Ustinov” is being discussed.

          155th Separate Marine Corps - Vladivostok

          165th Ussuri Cossack Regiment of the Marine Corps

          390th Marine Regiment

          287th Separate Guards Self-propelled Artillery Division of the Marine Corps

          921 Marine Corps Artillery Regiment

          84th Separate Tank Battalion of the Marine Corps

          263rd Separate Marine Reconnaissance Battalion

          1484th Separate Marine Corps Communications Battalion

          3rd Separate Krasnodar-Harbinsky twice Red Banner Marine Corps

          186th Separate Marine Engineering Battalion
      2. Liberti
        17 September 2012 14: 29
        Quote: strannik595
        yeah ....... Russia cut the wings of the Japanese eagle ...... you look at their fleet and wonder if those that drowned the Russian battleships in the Tsushima battle?

        Or maybe this is the United States tried in WWII? wink
        1. Che
          19 September 2012 16: 19
          The United States tried to get the dough - yes.
    9. BAT
      17 September 2012 13: 46
      The review, as always, is at its best. A huge plus !!! We look forward to continuing !!!
    10. +8
      17 September 2012 14: 00
      Mr. Obama, get out of politics, get into the brewing! he doesn’t speak very well of this simple matter either, it’s even scary to imagine an African-American beer made in USA from the Oval Office from a gay advocate, and to try ...... laughing well forgive him Lord
    11. with
      17 September 2012 14: 01
      “We see a partner in Russia. This is a country with which we have many common strategic interests. While we have not yet managed to reach the level of strategic partnership, what we hoped for when we signed with Russia the basic act on mutual relations, cooperation and security in Paris in 1997. There are several points on which our views differ. In 1990, it was Kosovo, most recently Libya. At the same time, close cooperation in Afghanistan continues between us: transit agreements are in place, a project is underway to train Afghan helicopter technicians ... Both sides are interested in having responsible leaders in this country, ”said Vershbow.

      What can I say to this, I like my grandfather Mityai more, he "tells" more smoothly.))) bully

      1. +3
        17 September 2012 15: 00
        I recall, about 10 years ago, when A. Vershbow was ambassador to Russia, he came to us in Bryansk to open an American corner in the regional library. He performed in Russian. He said that in Bryansk he saw a monster of the Russian economy, then he thought and got better - a miracle. So he can blurt out anything.
    12. sxn278619
      17 September 2012 14: 04
      All those tons of Iranian enriched uranium, which are scared of a foreign citizen by foreigners, and also domestic media, are actually tons of uranium hexafluoride. Judging by the available data, Iran has so far not even approached the production of uranium metal. And, it seems, is not going to deal with this issue in the near future. Therefore, all calculations, how many bombs Tehran can make of the existing uranium, are meaningless. You cannot make a nuclear explosive device out of hexafluoride, even if it can be brought to 90% uranium-235.

      A few years ago, two Russian physicists inspected Iranian nuclear facilities. The mission is classified at the request of the Russian side. But judging by the fact that the leadership and the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation do not join the accusations against Iran, Tehran has not detected the danger of creating nuclear weapons.

      More details:
    13. +2
      17 September 2012 14: 12
    14. +5
      17 September 2012 14: 25
      Representatives of the US Department of State, transmit Vesti (Maxim Dinkevich) with reference to the Independent, were warned of impending attacks on US embassies in Egypt, Libya and Yemen, but did nothing to prevent the bloodshed.

      again the same thing ... they knew, but they didn’t do anything (and this is especially visible for inciting anti-Islamism and, as a result, approval by the society).

      Nakula Basili Nakula, one of the creators of the film “Innocence of Muslims”, which provoked massive anti-American protests, told police that he did not want to return to his home in California, and hid in an unknown direction

      Somehow the cinematographer behaves strangely .... he could not think about the consequences ???

      “We see a partner in Russia. This is a country with which we have many common strategic interests.
      These are precisely the strategic interests we have with them. WE ARE STRATEGICALLY OPPONENTS.

      кThe critics of the American regime predict the collapse of not only the United States, but the whole West. America will crack even before Apophis crashes into the Earth

      Their words be to God’s ears .....
      We will drink for this ....... Thanks to Oleg.
    15. sxn278619
      17 September 2012 14: 51
      Why are Russia and the US strategic opponents?
      In both countries, capitalism.
      They are not economically competitors (Russia is a developing country).
      US gas is not needed, in a year they themselves will export.
      Oil at a cost of $ 10 per barrel, too, in Iraq, the cost of $ 1, but all the oil produced there belongs to the state. a company that buys from extractive foreign companies at $ 2 per barrel.
      1. +7
        17 September 2012 15: 13
        Quote: sxn278619
        Why are Russia and the US strategic opponents?

        Because the goals .... lifestyle .. principles of existence ... attitude towards others ...... we have exactly the opposite.
        And given that they want to achieve their WORLD ORDER, and we DISTRIBUTE OUR VIEWS (which you will agree much more humane and fairer) to the PLANET, then who are we ???
      2. Bashkaus
        17 September 2012 20: 27
        Russian soldier, go give up, you are a friend of germany, she give you warm food, respect and let you go home to your wife.

        Somewhere we already passed it, isn't that so?
      3. Fox
        17 September 2012 23: 28
        capitalism implies the metropolis and the colonies ... in Russia where are the colonies? beyond Moscow? then capitalism is only in Muscovy ...
        1. -1
          19 September 2012 13: 49
          Minus for "Russians"
    16. vladimir64ss
      17 September 2012 15: 01
      Quote:] NATO sees a partner in Russia, Deputy Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Alexander Vershbow said in an interview with the Latvian newspaper Hour. [/ quote

      Apparently pressed hard, if the hawk says this. And even in the baltics. "Will spoil" our neighbors, who will laugh at if they grow wiser. Thanks for the peppy review.
    17. +1
      17 September 2012 15: 12
      now on TV I saw: "the United States guarantees Japan that the islands belong to the Japs"
    18. Che
      17 September 2012 15: 17
      Member of the International Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress, Republican Mike Kelly, says bluntly: “America has always been the first to respond to any violations of human rights, to crimes related to this. And now my voters and I do not understand why we are helping so many people who hate us so much. ”

      Do not climb with your charter into a strange monastery, you will not make the enemy.

      Government troops are advancing, and militants are fleeing from the northern and eastern regions of Aleppo towards the Turkish border.

      If the common people do not fit here, then the people of Syria will soon restore order in their home.
      1. +3
        17 September 2012 20: 27
        Quote: Che
        fighters flee from northern and eastern Aleppo towards the Turkish border

        I recalled a story that happened about 30 years ago. Two dibilas caught a cat and doused it with gasoline and set it on fire for fun, the cat defeated with fright one of the dibilov who was folded into an akurat near the wall ... in general, the house was not saved. that cat’s flight ...
    19. +3
      17 September 2012 15: 18
      the West, along with its liberal democracy, put itself on a barrel of gunpowder - let it fly!
    20. +1
      17 September 2012 15: 19
      Disgusting from what is happening. Oleg, as always, is in the "topic", thank you very much for another interesting political information.
      I remember Leopold the cat "Guys, let's live together."
      It is a pity that because of a handful of extremists, Amers and Angla got a real reason for an external invasion and collapse of the countries that remained in the so-called "Middle East"
    21. 0
      17 September 2012 15: 40
      "Director of the Center for National Interests of the United States, former adviser to President Richard Nixon, Dmitry Simes argues:" Let's be honest: what we fought for, we ran into it. "
      Does English have an analogue of this phrase?
    22. bask
      17 September 2012 15: 52
      Yes, do not give a damn about the amers in the Arab autumn. It is often written that ,, gin "cannot be put in a bottle back. And this is only the beginning of the American .. end, the thing is different if the Chinese and Japanese really collide, it will be a big regional one, boom, But Russia is very profitable, they will not bother us with territorial pritenzii. I think I still have samurai in Japan.
      1. Bashkaus
        17 September 2012 20: 32
        I'm not sure about samurai, real men in 45m made hara-kiri for themselves. You have to be able to lose, it was not clear who, who are now barking like whiners from around the corner in an attempt to reconsider the results of unconditional surrender, but this is impossible. Either you built up a powerful army and say directly "Guys, I understand everything, but at the expense of surrender, we joked, who is against, with a turn in the jaw" or be silent in a rag ...
        1. 0
          20 September 2012 16: 05
          But Hiro Onoda - did not self-destruct ... like dozens of other samurai in the occupied territories. A platoon of Lieutenant Yamaguchi fought until 1947 in Palau, under the nose of an American base. Minigawa and Ito - fought until 1960. Yokoi (taken on Guam in 1972), Kozuka (fighter of the Onoda detachment, died in 1972), Nakamura (taken in 1974 in Indonesia), Nakahara (fought until the 1980s, later traces are lost). Or Uvano, who partisan on Sakhalin until 1955, surrendered to ours, served his time and remained in the USSR. The last two surrendered in the Philippines in 2005, there were eighty grandfathers, but they retired in the 1950s and simply hid in the jungle.

 и вот здесь можно почитать
    23. +3
      17 September 2012 16: 22
      What a buzz around this movie! And for some reason in the most "democrat" states. Interestingly, there is not a word about the most orthodox country, the cradle of Islam - Saudi Arabia! Did the Saudis like the movie, or are there no embassies ???
      1. +1
        17 September 2012 16: 48
        They have been praying for a long time only to the "golden calf".
    24. +1
      17 September 2012 16: 29
      "The director of the US Center for National Interests, former adviser to President Richard Nixon, Dmitry Simes, says:" Let's be honest: what we fought for, we ran into it. " And he honestly said! They needed a war throughout the East to draw Russia and China into it, and they achieved it! Now they wash their hands and, complaining about Obama's policies, merge. We lit the fuse, checked that it was burning well, and now - I'm going! In this light, I am very pleased with the policy of Syria and its successes at the front! Syria does not want war !!!
    25. +4
      17 September 2012 16: 56
      Good visibility, plus. But to this, "" I think, "Buchanan said further," there is a real incompatibility between American culture and the culture of the fundamentalist, the culture of the Islamic world ... ", I would like to note where did the Americans get their culture? There is everything stolen from cartoons and fairy tales to inventions and minds, from the names of cities to the very territory of the country, and they will not have their true culture until they release it from the reservations.
      1. +4
        17 September 2012 17: 14
        Quote: Jura
        I would like to notice where the Americans come from?

        From there
        1. +2
          17 September 2012 19: 15
          Quote: Vadivak
          From there

          Thank you, great, awesome example is not a true person.
    26. +6
      17 September 2012 18: 16
      On Saturday I returned from Greece, talked a lot with the locals. They are keenly interested in politics and fire NATO and Turkey on what they are doing in Syria. Moreover, both young and old, and all this against the backdrop of official television, which, like the dullards, assert, Assad must leave. One woman, passing by a TV suspended near the bar, spat at the image of the Greek prime minister who spoke about Syria in the same vein as the rest of the Euro-Liberasts and gave out a long tirade which was translated to me in short "she called him a passive doras" ... :)
      In general, the bulk of the Greeks understand and understand everything in favor of Assad ...
      1. Fox
        17 September 2012 23: 30
        they correctly understood the situation in World War II!
    27. +1
      17 September 2012 18: 17
      America staggered.

      More than naive, as well as a good topical review.
      1. Sergh
        17 September 2012 23: 25
        Another march of "foreign agents" hung up, although of course more spat from annoying, familiar faces. Frankly speaking, drive this crowd to harvest the swede!

        1. SSR
          18 September 2012 15: 22
          I saw fragments .... how miserable ... ugh.
          and the body that came out with the child in her arms .. it’s generally necessary in a mental hospital.
        2. +1
          18 September 2012 19: 17
          Quote: Sergh
          Another march of "foreign agents" hung

          When we spoke at a rally in our city, the main ringleader (I don’t know my name and don’t want to know) put a mask of Pussiks on my head!

    28. +5
      17 September 2012 18: 29
      Off topic, but how do you like this news?
      "Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed the head of the Rosoboronzakaz Lyudmila Vorobyova from her post."
    29. cool.ya-nikola
      17 September 2012 19: 08
      The scandalous film that caused such a storm in the Arab world somehow arrived just in time to spoil Obama in the election race. The leaked information that one of the filmmakers is a Coptic, the translation of the film from English into one of the Egyptian dialects (for some reason, into Egyptian!), Leads (at least me) to sad thoughts about a carefully planned next provocation, by the same mysterious forces that made all this mess in the Middle East. And the meaning of this provocation, perhaps, is to direct all the righteous anger in a very necessary direction for someone. Judge for yourself, if you can't reach Terry Jones in order (in my opinion, quite deservedly!), To unscrew his head, then Copts, Christians, and other "infidels" seem to be nearby, I don't want to walk! Moreover, with any decent pogrom, you can warm your hands!
      If, at first, hearing how the "grateful Libyans" thanked their benefactors and sponsors, the first thought was: "Akella missed! ...", then now the thought that "... it is not without reason ! ... "
      And forgive me, dear colleagues, perhaps this suspicion, perhaps turning into paranoia, but in the light of everything that is happening in the world, Dobrynin's paraphrased lines come to mind: "Someone is quietly playing the pipe to which the Earth is dancing ..." And the famous saying about the fact that "... the whole world is a theater, and we are actors in it ...", raises the question, who are the scriptwriters and who are the directors? ... I would like to hope that for some time the United States will not before us, but we need time, time and time! Russia is concentrating! ...
      1. +2
        17 September 2012 19: 24
        Quote: cool.ya-nikola
        to direct all righteous anger in the very right direction to someone.

        As a version, it’s quite viable, but in my opinion this option is also likely.
        Until recently, in addition to the undemocratic Iran and Syria, the United States had no one to press in the Middle East! On the contrary, it was necessary to feed!
        ( Well, you will not be impartial to say something to those whom the United States has just democratized! )
        Allies damn it!
        And now ?
        Now the United States will fully punish the bad byak!
        Election damn, and maybe fritters!
        1. Bashkaus
          17 September 2012 20: 34
          Zinc, you have a very interesting opinion, plus.
    30. Hey
      17 September 2012 19: 14
      The American provocateur went on the run, and our provocateurs are afraid to go to the zone, filed a petition, so that they would leave them to serve their sentences in jail as servants. Knowing full well that in the zone they will clearly explain what the meaning of life is.
    31. cool.ya-nikola
      17 September 2012 19: 23
      Quote: Vadivak
      The Japanese fleet surpasses ours even in quantity

      Good afternoon, Vadim! Thank you very much for the informative information! Please tell me, what about aviation? If you have information on this topic, please share. Because there were rumors that a lot of flying units in Primorye and Transbaikalia were disbanded and liquidated. Thanks in advance!
      1. 0
        17 September 2012 20: 16
        Well, in terms of quantity, yes, but in terms of fire and striking power, this is hardly. First of all, they cannot have ships above a certain class, and this implies the range and power of the on-board systems are less. You can't fight Aegis alone. For example, what will they do against the same "Shkval"?
    32. +1
      17 September 2012 20: 05
      A strange picture, at first the US authorities and special services knew in advance about the preparation of the September 11 terrorist attack and did nothing, now again - they knew that they would attack the embassies and again nothing. To conclude that they do not care about their people, of course, you can. But in my opinion, everything is much more serious here. After all, they figured out for sure that showing this film would cause a religious fire. But such a fire can turn into a catastrophe - if inveterate radicals (fueled and directed by whom and where they need to) begin to kill people of other religions. After all, the slogan “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet” speaks quite eloquently for itself. And God forbid this will happen - the hands of the sowers of "democracy and world peace" will be untied. So the fighting in the Middle East is quite justified. Isn't it an option?
      1. 0
        20 September 2012 16: 26
        What will surprise you? They knew perfectly well about Pearl Harbor too. However, this was a very opportune moment for the "liberators" to enter the war. And the forces of the opposing sides are not the same, and the outcome of the war is already clear to everyone, it's time for the "democrats in white" to go on stage to write everywhere how they defeated fascism ... at the same time they tested the atomic bomb ...
        Therefore, I think that this provocation can be very expensive for the Arab world ...
    33. wolverine7778
      17 September 2012 20: 45
      Mr. Obama, get out of politics, get into the brewing!
      Comments are unnecessary !!! Bravo comrade O. Chuvakin !!! wink
      1. MI-AS-72
        17 September 2012 21: 23
        Don't let it stay, the USA is doing well with him, so let them get "everything" and let them be rewarded for it.
      2. wax
        18 September 2012 00: 17
        Is Romney better?
    34. 0
      17 September 2012 22: 08
      americos shook up the hornet's nest again
    35. Genera
      18 September 2012 06: 39
      Hello everyone. I think China can cope without us there, given its superiority in human resources and technology (it’s even foolish to offer their help to them). Nakrainyak just everything that can be thrown rockets. Particular attention should be paid to the Middle East, since Russia is the main geopolitical player there.
    36. SSR
      18 September 2012 15: 12
      According to Buchanan, all this is due to the decline of traditional culture. Patrick Buchanan calls homosexual acts unnatural and immoral.

      Heh the voice of one crying in the wilderness.
      but in general we need to be stricter with this issue ..
      Well it is necessary to stop the perversions of Culture.
    37. Dimych from Vanino
      18 September 2012 17: 02
      The Paganoye Beast has become addicted to spoil Russian citizens and turn burrs into liberals. And everything is numb to the yoya akayana and invokes Yaleyna’s speeches and promises gold grants so that the peasant of the Rassian opposite to the Fatherland will deploy, and then mock at him. And that only the state men did not do so that they could appease the naughty reptile and transfer overseas offshore gold and silver to their accounts and donate their children to Yanuchars for training, they bought him full houses with a scrub, and he was not enough; to turn the inside out inside out.

      And Volodimir Putinets came out into the open field on a grass ants, barked his cranes of a dozen, harnessed to a heavenly chariot, jumped into it and soared into the sky, so that Aspid Akayany with the Iron Felix sword would punish and restore the constitutional order on Russian land. How long did Volodimir fly for a short time and now he sees Rocky Mountain and in it a cave. And from the cave of that stench orange stretches. Then he lowered the cranes to the earth, cursed, jumped off in fluttering snow-white robes and shouted in a heroic voice Come out Creature Vile, we will fight!

      And the earth shook, the sun turned over in the sky and crawled out of the stove of the Serious State Department. And this Gadin is about three heads - Makfolov, Berezovsky, and Kiryuhi Palych from the Sixth Chamber Kashchenko. Whether you are Karlik Kremlyovsky, you interrupt my initiative, but I decided to provoke my righteous anger just as he would blow fire shale out of Mokfolova’s head on him, but the handsome fellow Putinets was not at a loss and covered himself with a shield from the door of Kalina Zheltya, how cry You are my beloved falcon Kurginyan Foam-Fire Extinguisher, come to your master and put out the evil spirits cursed by loud voices

      Lightning flashed in the sky and hit the ground, and a Yutubov Speaking Head Kurginyan the Great, nicknamed Penogon Fire Extinguisher, appeared on the spot, but as you say Ah you are Zaraza Orange, you are embarrassing the Rassian people, that’s the proletarian bullet. You will not pass! . And his wonderful throat poured out and his foam was wonderful and extinguished the head of the State Department for Makfolov, and she wilted and dried up.

      But the serpent was not at a loss and the sweet speech poured from the head of the Jewish Berezovsky Ah Volodyushka, my beloved, whether I fostered you, whether I fed you so that you would be enraged against me, and turn the state of Rasskaya into a miserable semblance of the USSR. You’re a helmet, Vova, you don’t get anything in this life But the botex fellow Volodymyr Putinets did not succumb to burrowing provocations and grabbed a sword-treasurer nicknamed Felix-Zhelezny and slashed the heroic head of Penogon Fire Extinguisher from the shoulder of the heroic fighter and cut off his cursed head in such a way that he cut off his head to Trytya Tridya yes there and perished

      And then the last Kiryuhi Palych from the Sixth Chamber yelled Kashchenko screamed, `` Yes, what are you doing Bes Kabeshny, divorced here, you know! ALIVE! ALIVE! Sgin, Russia without Putints, your boyars emptied the treasury of your treasury, and you yourself were oddly boteks and not the Tsar at all, but a plunger-plunger plunger

      Vova flushed, could not resist but gave Kiryuha fist on the cabbage soup. And then the head of Palych broke up and turned into a 100 thousandth Veche, and the Veche spread out in the surrounding swamps and let's grunt Piviv! Piviv! yes to push and trample on Volodimir.
      But again, our brave fellow, Volodimir Putinets, was not at a loss to cause the OMON heroes to disperse this provocation to hell, and the Zmia State Department’s carcass was stolen by the good fellows with tarpaulin boots to death, and he let loose his blind Aspid on his bolts.

      And our Volodimir the Sun jumped on his Merin Chorny, put on his blue helmet shining like a thousand suns, and disappeared in his own way, into his chambers

      Here and the tale ends ...
    38. Dimych from Vanino
      18 September 2012 17: 28
      America has a culture to bring culturally: Every person abroad should, as self-respecting and democratic values ​​of the free world, get their own barrel of jam and a basket of cookies ......
      1. +1
        18 September 2012 19: 00
        Quote: Dimych from Vanino
        get your jam barrel and a basket of cookies ..

        I don’t remember who, I remember who and for what.
        This is not enough for the present, having looked down, they want an orange revolution and others indulge in devilry.
    39. 0
      19 September 2012 00: 08
      in any country where you stuff your noses and Tomahawks, there are a hundred times more violations of "human rights" than happened before your democratic intervention. If neither Congressmen, nor the president, nor his State Department, nor the Pentagon, nor the citizens of America, nor NATO understand this, then what do they generally understand?

      They all perfectly understand, and one should not confuse "concepts" with the real laws of the criminal world. Another confirmation of this is another delirium of the crazy "philosopher" Buchanan. There is nothing to discuss with such people and there is no need.
    40. Oleg Rosskiyy
      19 September 2012 01: 05
      The Washington elite understands everything perfectly. They fenced themselves off, "secured" their continent from the rest of the world, and now they can stir up trouble, and exchange for this several of their citizens - this is in the order of things for them. How many of these - future citizens will they still attract to their side, waving bucks in front of their noses? To admit their failure in politics in the Middle East is like death for them. Admitting their mistakes is the lot of courageous people, the USA and Western Europe do not belong to this category.

    "Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

    “Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev Lev; Ponomarev Ilya; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; Mikhail Kasyanov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"