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The border between peace and war has disappeared


A lot is being said now that the essence of the modern war has changed in a revolutionary way. With the development of technology and information technology made the war unlike the wars of the past, and soon the fighting will be conducted by operators behind a computer monitor, and not soldiers on the battlefield. That we are preparing for the war of the last century, whereas we may not be ready for the war of the future. That technical re-equipment of our armed forces does not meet the threats of modernity, and so on.

Since the idea of ​​what the war will look like is important for shaping the image of the armed forces and other bodies ensuring the security of the state, it is worthwhile to carefully consider the changes that have occurred in recent military conflicts.

To get started is to decide in terms. War in the representation of the majority is a conflict between states that has grown into a form of hostilities between their armed forces. Such a definition, indeed, rather approaches the wars of the past centuries, when, like the duelists, countries resolved conflicts, relying on the noble right of the strong to reap the fruits of victory. In open confrontation, they relied on their prowess and military success.

Meanwhile, the aristocratic principles of warfare gradually gave way to achieving victory, regardless of the methods. The declaration of war and the open declaration of claims against the enemy began to interfere with the principle of surprise, which gave an advantage in victory over an enemy who was unprepared for a fair fight. The formation of the troops before the fight face to face was replaced by a disguise of positions and misleading. Hide the true intentions and deceive the enemy has become more important than to overcome him with the help of the superiority of his will and valor. This is how human societies changed, and so did their conflicts.

This trend is only evolving. Lies and deceit are firmly established in the theory and practice of military science, as are the postulates and techniques necessary for victory. No wonder that the treatise “The Art of War”, written in China during the rather dark period of the “Fighting Kingdoms”, is so popular now. Any commander of the XVII-XVIII centuries would call the principles of warfare set forth in the treatise vile and unworthy of noble people. Now the treatise is taught in military schools everywhere.

In addition, to achieve their goals in conflict, the states no longer rely only on the military force of their armies. Economic methods of weakening the enemy’s military potential have long become the practice of war. Subversive actions in the rear turned into so-called special operations (more precisely, actions of a specific nature), which include direct sabotage only as one of the types of actions, and begin to outperform ordinary combat operations in importance. They can be conducted in peacetime and wartime, and include a wide range of tasks, from helping opposition forces and training rebel groups to bribing officials and commanders of the armed forces of the enemy. Previously, such activity was in the arsenal of the special services, now it is enshrined in the combat regulations and instructions of numerous special operations forces (MTR). The number of regular forces in the world is constantly decreasing, the number and variety of SSO is only growing.

Psychological operations are also firmly established as a method of warfare. They were transformed from propaganda into large-scale operations with the involvement of the media and any other non-military means capable of influencing the behavior and psychological state of the population and the soldiers of the enemy. From a narrow understanding of propaganda as a way to demoralize and disorient enemy troops, psychological and informational methods of warfare developed into a wide range of independent measures, the object of which is the entire population, certain groups or individuals. Their goal is to change the consciousness and behavior of people in order to achieve both military and political results. They can be held in peacetime and in wartime, against war-men, persons in government and civilians.

Thus, the concept of war cannot be considered only as an armed clash of the troops of the conflicting states. This concept has expanded to a wide range of aggressive actions, the participants of which can be not only armed forces, but military operations - only one of the possible ways of waging war. Nobody warns the enemy about the beginning of aggressive actions and their goals, since this affects their success. By and large, it is no longer possible to clearly distinguish between wartime and peacetime. When opposition forces start active actions - is it a democratic movement, or a special operation? When a vehicle fails, is it an accidental breakdown or sabotage? When a terrorist blows up a mine, does he act on the basis of personal convictions or the interests of the enemy? When the country's economy goes into distraction - is it an objective process or the weakening of the enemy by non-military methods? When the dismemberment of the state becomes a political position - is it a conflict of internal interests or holding interests of external? When a resonant action undermines the idea of ​​what is permitted, and has a stormy informational support - is this a view of things or a psychological operation?

So, any aggressive actions carried out or initiated by one state against another can be called a war. At the same time, it should be understood that the ultimate goal of aggressive actions will not always be the seizure of the territory necessary for the mastery of resources - this is typical of wars of the past centuries. The goal can be any political results, the achievement of which is in the interests of the aggressor. In a broad approximation, they will always be submission, not necessarily associated with violent acts. What is the point of using violence if the enemy is already acting in the interests of the aggressor? The object will always be a political entity (state), since this very concept implies independence from external will. Armed forces are considered only as one of the tools. Violent methods of achieving goals will be needed only where it is impossible to achieve goals in other ways. It follows that, apart from the armed forces, other instruments of aggression will be non-military structures: diplomacy, financial institutions, information resources, public organizations, special services, etc. - everything that can force the enemy to act in the interests of the aggressor without using violence.

A person who wages a war no longer necessarily has a military uniform that allows him to be separated from a civilian. Bright uniforms, golden braid and fancy headdresses typical of soldiers of the past, who are not accustomed to hiding from the enemy, have long gone. They were replaced by camouflage and camouflage. But now this is not an indicator of a war participant. A civilian in the daytime, mining a road at night - who is he, a terrorist, or a warrior leading a war with asymmetric methods? And an honest entrepreneur who helps a group of such “peaceful citizens” financially, he doesn’t participate in the armed struggle at all - who is he, not indifferent to the sufferings of the people, or an agent of foreign special services? And a student who calls his fellow citizens on social networks to act against the authorities and the state - does he have a sharpened sense of justice, or is there a curator who knows the true goals of this activity? Separating a civilian from a war participant is almost impossible. A person of a peaceful profession can lead a double life or sincerely believe that his activities directed against unjust power will benefit the country, not external power, may cynically sell the Motherland, or sincerely mistaken - all this is not important. It is important that he acts in the interests of another country, bringing harm to his own. He participates in the war whether he understands it or not. If he understands, he will not tell about his true intentions and will not stand up in front of the enemy openly, if he does not understand, he is convinced of the benefits of his activity. But his actions are always directed against the state, which is the object of aggression.

All this does not negate the importance and role in the modern war of the armed forces. The war simply ceased to be the lot of a narrow group of armed people and became a total confrontation, where the aggressive influence becomes complex and all-encompassing, attracting all means of aggression, besides the military. And the object of the impact of military and non-military forces will be the entire population, without division into innocent people and soldiers, involving the entire territory and the inhabitants of the object of aggression. The conditionality of peacetime and civilians is explained precisely by the breadth of the means used. But the variety of methods of unarmed struggle does not abolish the use of military force. It just becomes part of the impact, not the only force. Information warfare, diplomacy, economic pressure, the activities of special services, humanitarian missions, the activities of public organizations, military actions are so closely intertwined that they are already openly called "power diplomacy."

It is interesting here that the Russian army, which largely preserved the aristocratic spirit of the past, ambiguously perceived the civilian defense minister. Meanwhile, the Americans subordination of the military to the State Department and personnel migration from the special services and the armed forces to civilian positions, and vice versa, are due precisely to an integrated approach to the instruments of state policy. However, there are no serious aristocratic traditions there, and any military man feels more like a guy in a dangerous but important job or a statesman (if he is in senior management) than a representative of a special caste.

Summing up these reflections, we come to the conclusion that modern war is not only armed confrontation, but also any struggle of a state against a state or a group of states (allies), with other groups. The soldiers of this war are not only people of the military profession, having in their hands weapon, but also all citizens who are involved in aggressive actions, or resist the subordination of others' interests. By and large - we are all at war.

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  1. Vanek
    Vanek 18 September 2012 07: 24
    The border between peace and war has disappeared

    And was she?
    1. alexng
      alexng 18 September 2012 12: 19
      In illusions, YES!
    2. crazyrom
      crazyrom 19 September 2012 18: 12
      Quote: Vanek
      And was she?

      Of course it used to be. Previously, even soldiers served for 20 years, that is, there was a profession of soldiers. There was a form and so on. Well, everything as a friend in the article describes. And the border was erased not in the first world, not in the second, in the second, certainly, on both sides, both women and children fought, some at night in factories, some sons of the regiment. The peasants marched into partisans, and so on.
  2. Krasnodar
    Krasnodar 18 September 2012 07: 25
    The article is huge + !!
    And in this case, in addition to the armed forces, it is necessary to develop and improve national self-awareness and pride! And we have the BEST cartoons in the world forbid ... How to raise children?
  3. aksakal
    aksakal 18 September 2012 07: 38
    Interesting look. For the first time it was voiced directly that the war was already. Previously, in separate phrases - information war, psychological and other. This time it was finally voiced - a comprehensive war, direct military operations will be carried out last, if at all, the turn comes to them. Well, in war as in war -)))
    1. nycsson
      nycsson 18 September 2012 08: 40
      Article +! Who was the first in line, Yugoslavia, and since then it has been going in the hot phase! In general, the entire 20 century is continuous wars, and as it seems to me, 1 and 2 world are links in one chain! To be continued........
    2. Kaa
      Kaa 18 September 2012 08: 58
      Quote: aksakal
      This time it’s finally voiced - a comprehensive war, direct military operations will be carried out last, if at all, the turn comes to them.

      And that, quite fits into the doctrine of wars of the sixth generation -sur une guerre comme sur une guerre. Only in a mobilized country, Hollywood and TV channels are already "fighting", and their brains are "brainwashed", and they work in one direction, but here ... like June 22 ... isn't it time to write about this on websites, in the form of an opinion individual people, but to elevate to the rank of State policy ... but only one disorder and vacillation among the masses.
    3. 1tankist
      1tankist 18 September 2012 09: 07
      Quote: aksakal
      For the first time it was voiced directly that the war was already.

      It is impossible to disagree with you, Aksakal. The author is a huge plus just for the fact that he clearly formulated those chaotic thoughts and feelings that accompany our "peace" time. The United States is waging a full-scale war against us, forcing our identity. The collapse of the USSR is primarily due to the fact that ordinary citizens did not know what was happening and did not stand up to defend their homeland. Gorbachev, on the other hand, deliberately betrayed his country and surrendered it to the mercy of the invaders.
      Now the Americans are again trying to undermine our society, hence the attacks on our history, the church, on the people elected by the authorities, activation of foreign agents, financing of the opposition media, NGOs, marching of occupants, forcing the march of fagots, financing of the terrorist underground and separation groups.
      Now we already know and understand that there is a full-scale war without the use of armed forces and, therefore, we can resist them. Some of the most conscious citizens have united (for example, the Internet militia) and are trying to confront the aggressor in the information field. Not all, but much is already being obtained.
      Oh, we would know in 90 what is happening. Trusted people would be patriotic leaders. Maybe they would not let our economy collapse and the USSR would defend.
      In any case, we must avoid mistakes of the past and save Russia for our descendants.
    4. Goga
      Goga 18 September 2012 09: 26
      aksakal - Colleague, well, it was not exactly voiced for the first time, but it was stated very clearly and at the same time briefly - in the article "+". Earlier, I already wrote here the war against us and did not stop, isn't the collapse of the USSR the result of the war against us? And the generals, as usual, are preparing for the last war - and here it is written very correctly in the article - in the current wars - the army and the military, this is only part of the forces participating in "combat" actions and perhaps not even the most important ...
    5. Dimented
      Dimented 18 September 2012 09: 37
      Not quite the first time.
      In the middle of the 20th century, a similar idea was expressed by the Russian military leader Yevgeny Messner. He said that the clear framework of military operations would be blurred and in the future would look like a fusion of chaos, revolution, partisan actions, sabotage, etc. He called it "rebellious". It is gratifying that this was done by a Russian, we can also teach the West something, although, unfortunately, his views did not become well known. It was not studied here because it did not accept Soviet power and fought against it all my life. But time has shown that his views are correct, now there is indeed a global "rebellion".

      By the way, from modern views on peace and war, I would recommend reading the Israeli specialist Martin Van Creveld "War Transformation". Also very interesting views, moreover, in opposition to Clausewitz.
  4. bask
    bask 18 September 2012 07: 43
    The USA after Vtnam drew one conclusion. In the first meta, the INFORMATION AND PSYCHOLOGICAL war and the flow of non-elite elite. Since the 70s, there have been no independent media in the United States; only television and radio killers, soldiers of the information wars have remained.
    1. Dimented
      Dimented 18 September 2012 09: 45
      And until the 70s there were independent media?
      It seems to me that the independence of the media is a big myth that is specifically supported in order to fool the people and keep them in check of delusions.
      Previously, newspapers worked for capitalists, business, now they also figured out how the media can be used for the benefit of military affairs.
  5. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 18 September 2012 08: 06
    confrontations always happened and will happen, the same economic wars do not stop even for a minute ...
  6. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 18 September 2012 08: 24
    Some kind of one-sided war is being waged only on our territory. We are breaking up the army successfully, but we are not developing other types of influence. Bottom line - let the enemy act with impunity on our territory.
  7. sergo0000
    sergo0000 18 September 2012 08: 54
    I read the article and the lines from I. Talkov's song "I'll be back" came to my mind
    And defeated in battle
    I will rise and sing
    On the first birthday
    Country-Returning from the War!

    I think the decisive battle is not far off.
    1. Goga
      Goga 18 September 2012 09: 38
      sergo0000 - Greetings, Sergei - quote - "... the decisive battle is not far off." - so the fact of the matter is that this battle is already going on in full and not with a gun to the advantage, but with television aimed at our heads, with drugs that flood our youth, with an education reform that deprives our country of the future - what is this if not the "decisive battle"?
  8. vorobey
    vorobey 18 September 2012 09: 14
    Guys welcome you. The worst thing is that the Geneva Convention rested in the Bose. This means that both a child and a pregnant woman with a helpless old man do not fall under her protection, since from now on we are all combatants. Here it is the face of total war. Therefore, is it any wonder that arrogant californian typo Anglo-American coalition so often women and children are bombed.
  9. sergo0000
    sergo0000 18 September 2012 09: 39
    Greetings Sanya! True said. I’m only surprised, but what does the children have to do with it ?! And about women and men in liberal-pederast countries, talking about gender is just not worth it!
  10. ivachum
    ivachum 18 September 2012 10: 36
    "By and large, it is no longer possible to clearly distinguish between war and peacetime. When the opposition forces start active actions - is it a democratic movement, or a special operation?"

    Following the logic ... Inviting opposition leaders (forces) to the embassy (and sponsoring) is a special operation, in fact, a declaration of war. Participation in such "events" (and most importantly, the organization of various kinds of actions, for example, "March of Millions") can be regarded as "high treason" Art. 275 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

    "Article 275. High treason

    High treason, that is, espionage, the issuance of state secrets or otherwise assisting a foreign state, a foreign organization or their representatives in conducting hostile activities to the detriment of the external security of the Russian Federationcommitted by a citizen of the Russian Federation "

    By the way, absolutely ALL the actions of the "swamp revolutionaries" under the Criminal Code of the RSFSR of 1922 correspond to Article 58. drinks "The floor is yours - comrade Mauser soldier "

    Interestingly, and in the United States for such actions, how many lifelong shines? Or is there "body electrification" at once?crying
    1. ivachum
      ivachum 18 September 2012 17: 08
      I’ll add ..... but the actions of Ms. Alekseeva do not fall under treason. Like this!. She has a US passport, and there is no double citizenship agreement between the Russian Federation and the USA. Therefore, if, upon obtaining Russian citizenship, she did not renounce US citizenship (and she herself admits that she did not) ... her Russian passport is not valid. She is a citizen of a foreign country and is located on the territory of the Russian Federation without a visa, i.e. unlawfully. It works illegally.
      But her actions wonderfully fit under Article 276 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Espionage"
    2. Kaa
      Kaa 18 September 2012 20: 46
      Quote: ivachum
      Or is there "body electrification" at once?

      Yes. It turns out beautifully. democracy is the power of the Fed, plus the threat of electrification of every organism, something like that.
  11. volcano
    volcano 18 September 2012 10: 43
    The article is good.
    I'll try to compile
    The war now has several guises
    1. The war is just like an armed confrontation of states.
    2. Economic war - the interconnection (and as a result of the interdependence) of state economies into one tangle of the global economy can cause very serious harm to any state, up to its destruction. Without direct military operations.
    3. Ideological (information) war - the development of the media and the Internet makes it possible to clog the brains of the "attacked" people so much that they are no longer able to distinguish where are the interests of the state and his, and where are the subversive activities of the enemy ... The weakening of the moral and psychological state of the state entails a deliberate defeat, since a prerequisite for, if not victory, then a successful confrontation is the high moral stability of the people and the awareness of their righteousness in all spheres of the state's life.
    4. Socio-political war is when "seven kids are one" .... it is very difficult to win this war when you are in the minority ...... when seven wrong people convince you that you are wrong .... yes these seven also constitute the basis of the world community .... that is, the "attacked" state is in a notorious minority and cannot count on any outside support in principle, because the rest make you a scapegoat and constantly insist that you are wrong.
    5. Religious war is a war against the "foundations" of the state, which undoubtedly includes such a component as Faith ... It's a strange situation ... almost all countries have declared themselves secular states, but the role of Faith remains so high that there is no doubt that many states are no less religious (Christian, Orthodox, Muslim) than secular. A blow to the Faith is extremely sensitive for society and is a very good irritant for retaliatory measures ... the inclusion of a self-defense regime ... and a sincere desire to take revenge ... therefore, such a state, succumbing to provocation, can turn from a victim into an aggressor and convert the "righteous anger" of the world community (which consists of just those seven that one kids)

    In my opinion, it is easy to guess that of all these wars, except the first, all the others are waged against Russia .....
  12. Alonso
    Alonso 18 September 2012 11: 06
    The author gives the correct definitions of modern warfare. It is alarming that Russia is not fully adapted to existing realities. If you may, I could compare our state with a well-known literary character - Ivan the Fool. Ivan is very strong, but at the same time straightforward and unsophisticated. Nobody wants to get into a fight with him for a long time, because you can row to the fullest in a fair fight. It’s much easier to drink, cheat, etc. This is especially vividly demonstrated by the collapse of the USSR
  13. bask
    bask 18 September 2012 12: 31
    Yes, we must agree that the Information War must be transferred to the enemy territory. But first, we must deal with the 5th column in Russia!
    1. ivachum
      ivachum 18 September 2012 17: 00
      Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today. am
  14. PSih2097
    PSih2097 18 September 2012 13: 20
    I think yesterday here - everything was said.
    Could we also?

    1. nycsson
      nycsson 18 September 2012 13: 37
      Quote: PSih2097
      Could we also?

      Yeah! My hair is on end! But all right she says! With whom to defend our homeland? crying
      1. lotus04
        lotus04 18 September 2012 21: 12
        Quote: nycsson
        With whom to defend our homeland?

        And what! The guys who died in Chechnya and Afghanistan do not count ?! Or did they not perform feats ?! No need for all young people to say that! Thank you God, there are many normal guys. It depends on the parents which person will grow up. There is nothing to blame on the mirror, since the mug is crooked.
  15. Forget
    Forget 18 September 2012 13: 40
    Between earth and sky war .....
  16. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 18 September 2012 14: 39
    Knights in war are always spoken of in the past tense ... Awareness of danger is the first step to victory. We can handle it, not with a finger. The Americans did not come up with anything new, just communications became global.
  17. IRBIS
    IRBIS 18 September 2012 15: 55
    The author of the article should familiarize himself with those international treaties and conventions that give a clear definition of war, combatants and establish rules for the belligerent parties. And then there would be no need to "reinvent the wheel" and state your own, not always correct, thoughts, trying to create competition for the generals and philosophers who have already stated them.
  18. d5v5s5
    d5v5s5 18 September 2012 16: 37
    Quote: Krasnodar
    And we have the BEST cartoons in the world forbid ... How to raise children?
    but sales of cowards like a wolf have increased wink
    But seriously, with these numbers on the screen and the comments on the radio, complete insanity request
  19. taseka
    taseka 18 September 2012 18: 54
    "Long gone are bright uniforms, gold braid and fancy hats" - Gee! laughing
  20. bask
    bask 18 September 2012 19: 29
    Yes Gaddafi was an impressive dude. I feel sorry for him humanly. Now other outfits are in fashion ..
  21. serge
    serge 18 September 2012 20: 17
    In Moscow, a completely civilian population has long been involved in this "breadth of means used":

    1991 year. Tanks on the streets (without military operations, but sorry, maybe it would be calmer)
    1993. Natural war in the city center.
    1996. Explosion in a subway car on the Serpukhov line
    1998. Explosion at the metro station Tretyakovskaya
    1999. Explosion in bargaining. Okhotny Ryad complex
    1999. Explosions of apartment buildings
    2000. The passage to Pushkinskaya Square was blown up (I remember well how I got out of this passage three minutes before)
    2001. Explosion at Art. metro Belorusskaya
    2002. Explosion at McDonalds Restaurant
    2003. Explosion at a rock festival in Tushino
    2004. Undermining the metro train between Avtozavodskaya and Paveletskaya
    2010. Explosions at Art. metro Lubyanka and Park Kultury
    2011. Explosion at Domodedovo Airport

    Usually no more than once a year, but quite constantly and no one is shocked. In war as in war.
  22. APASUS
    APASUS 18 September 2012 22: 12
    As I understand it, it is worthwhile to deliver a targeted blow to the servers of Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Ally Financia and that’s all !! America will die out, bank cards will not work. And they have already forgotten how to use trifles and paper money!
    1. ivachum
      ivachum 18 September 2012 23: 27
      Unfortunately no.... crying For starters, you don’t know where they are (maybe the target on the building is also drawn?) laughing Further, it is not a fact that these are exactly those servers. The beauty of the internet is that data can be stored anywhere. And anyway ..... who told you that it is these servers that control something? They themselves can be controlled remotely. For example, from an apartment next to you. bully

      Read the article here on the site: Особенно подзаголовок "Нокаут за 9 секунд".
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 19 September 2012 18: 29
        Quote: ivachum
        Unfortunately, no .... For starters, you don’t know where they are (maybe the target on the building is also drawn?) Further, it’s not a fact that these are exactly those servers. The beauty of the internet is that data can be stored anywhere. And anyway ..... who told you that it is these servers that control something? They themselves can be controlled remotely. For example, from an apartment next to you.

        Do not tell me please !!
        I was not going to shoot the server with RPG !!!
  23. valokordin
    valokordin 18 September 2012 23: 29
    Something is not noticeable that our information cannons were shooting towards our "partners", they basically allow us to shoot at us. And the statements of a socialist from Paris, as they call him, Sarkozy's successor, regarding Syria, are simply irritating. Just that the president, bought by Muammar, gave the order to bomb Libya, and this socialist from the Eiffel Tower is doing the same. have complete unity of opinion between conservatives and socialists. Even the revanchists from the FRG never dreamed of this.
  24. tumbajerry
    tumbajerry 19 September 2012 13: 51
    the author did not say anything new, there is a cold war, the methods of which are constantly being improved, but it can go hot at any time, and you should always remember this, so thanks to the author for the reminder!