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"For operations with partners": US destroyer URO Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) headed to the Black Sea


Ships of the US Navy are frequenting the Black Sea coast of Russia, another American destroyer went to the Black Sea. As reported by the command of the Sixth fleet on its official Twitter page, the URO destroyer Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) began to move towards the Turkish straits.

The ships of the Black Sea Fleet did not have time to conduct the command ship USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20), the destroyer URO USS Porter (DDG 78), and the support tanker USNS John Lenthall (T-AO-189), when it’s time to meet a new "guest" - the destroyer of the controlled missile weapons (URO) Arleigh Burke (DDG-51).

As stated in the message of the Sixth Fleet, the ship is sent to "conduct operations with allies and NATO partners in the region." The wording is one-to-one, as when other US and NATO ships are in the Black Sea, and not only in the Black Sea. Any actions of American and NATO ships may be hidden behind this statement.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet reacted in any way to the sending of another American ship to the Black Sea, but this is official. The Black Sea Fleet is already ready for a meeting and traditionally organizes constant monitoring of the American ship with the available forces and means. While it is not known exactly where the destroyer will go after passing the straits, there is also no information about the possible dispatch of other ships of the Sixth Fleet or NATO countries to the Black Sea.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense did not rule out that the United States and NATO partners are preparing a provocation in the Black Sea, in which Ukraine will play the main role. Moscow declared its full readiness for such a situation and warned the United States about the consequences of such actions.
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  1. Lukash
    Lukash 25 November 2021 13: 06
    It is necessary to urgently return the aircraft carrier from repair - when the aircraft carrier was afloat, NATO ships did not meddle in the Black Sea ...
    1. Looking for
      Looking for 25 November 2021 17: 24
      You better check your boats, they don't leak. Until they were carried to the outskirts.
  2. Ros 56
    Ros 56 25 November 2021 13: 13
    The main thing is not to run into a scandal with all that comes from it.
    1. Vladimir Mashkov
      Vladimir Mashkov 25 November 2021 18: 20
      The provocateurs - "amateurs of swimming in international waters" far from their shores are aggravating the tension!
    2. opuonmed
      opuonmed 25 November 2021 21: 29
      what is allowed to do jupiter is not allowed to the bull
  3. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 25 November 2021 13: 14
    The "rotation" that has already become customary.
  4. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 25 November 2021 13: 17
    FDG-51 is almost thirty years old, and if anything, I don’t feel sorry for him. Is it not for the purpose of provocation that they send him? As the saying goes, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean you're not being followed.
    1. NDR-791
      NDR-791 25 November 2021 13: 27
      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      FDG-51 is almost thirty years old and if anything, I don't mind him

      Already more, it is 1989. birth. Let's see what the old man will do.
      1. next322
        next322 25 November 2021 14: 22
        he will be met by a young skr "okay" 1979 gr ......
        1. 6erJIblu
          6erJIblu 25 November 2021 19: 27
          Will meet him "Onyx" if something happens.
    2. 6erJIblu
      6erJIblu 25 November 2021 19: 24
      90 tomahawks. The most effective kamikaze however.
  5. Serge-667
    Serge-667 25 November 2021 13: 18
    US Navy ships are frequenting the Black Sea coast of Russia,

    So it's time to get used to it. What does "frequent" mean? They rotate on an ongoing basis. Everything. The holidays are over. The USSR could afford to kick Arleigh Burke.
    RF only to catch up and shoot in pursuit.
    1. askort154
      askort154 25 November 2021 13: 34
      Serge-667 .....РФ only catch up and shoot catch up

      Why only to "catch up". The Englishman was "put" on the course, after which he immediately reacted. And most importantly, now
      The NATO navy recognized Crimea as Russian, because they are afraid to enter its territorial waters.
      1. Serge-667
        Serge-667 25 November 2021 14: 14
        Yes, he did not react in any way. I didn't even cut the corner. As he walked, he left the tervod. With small turns left and right. He did not change the course to Poti.

        1. Charik
          Charik 25 November 2021 15: 09
          bast and bast start from the beginning lol
    2. ABC-schütze
      ABC-schütze 25 November 2021 15: 51
      Hmm ...

      With a real threat from this direction, Russia is able to "meet" the US Navy and "partners" (in any of their surface guises) already on the approaches to the straits. "Dagger" in symbiosis with the MiG-31 has been tested and quite reliable.

      And in this direction it is already a year and a half - two as on an experimental database.

      Duc, why run after them on the sea? .. Is this perhaps a "question" and some kind of "problem"? ..

      The question is what and when it is more convenient to heat it. "Daggers" or Crimean DBKs. But, as I believe, the General Staff and the Black Sea Fleet will decide this issue, if necessary, "at the expense of times" ...

      It's just a matter of giving the appropriate order ...
      1. Serge-667
        Serge-667 28 November 2021 23: 48
        With a real threat from this direction, Russia is able to "meet" the US Navy and "partners"

        In case of a real threat, this Defender, being an air defense ship, will shoot at everything flying over the Crimea and will not blink an eye. And strike weapons will come from other friends of the NATO bloc.
  6. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 25 November 2021 13: 19
    Ukraine is a "partner" for everyone. And all of them are passive. It's time for the Kremlin to decide something.
    1. ABC-schütze
      ABC-schütze 25 November 2021 15: 55
      Yes, it seems like everything and everything, FOR YOURSELF, has long been "decided". And the United States with NATO, and Russia ...

      The former united Ukraine is a testing ground. And everyone will decide for himself how to "use" it.

      The only question is what will remain of it after "use" ...
  7. Two
    Two 25 November 2021 13: 35
    We urgently need to express our "lumpy concerns and asymmetric responses" to promise, and then you look and everything will resolve by itself.
    1. Charik
      Charik 26 November 2021 02: 03
      express and dissolve
  8. james
    james 25 November 2021 13: 36
    Really, nowhere in the warehouses were captured mines from the Great Patriotic War lying around, let them float freely along the course or throw bottom mines in the area for "conducting operations with NATO allies and partners in the region." Let the claims be made to Germany later.
  9. rusich
    rusich 25 November 2021 13: 44
    Send Su-34 with "Khibiny" on board to meet. Maybe this old man will be able to limp to Romania after the meeting
  10. Gato
    Gato 25 November 2021 14: 33
    For operations with partners

    They do business with partners or have sex. And operations are carried out against enemies or on patients. The "Black Sea allies" NATO does not pull on trading partners - so the choice is not great.
  11. Yuri V.A
    Yuri V.A 25 November 2021 14: 39
    Helpless NATO ships are rushing about in impotent rage at the Russian gunpoint.
  12. Charik
    Charik 25 November 2021 14: 45
    Didn't find a suitable topic for such a question: Soviet-Russian airborne anti-ship missiles X35-31-59 make a "slide" in front of the target?
  13. Borislav
    Borislav 25 November 2021 15: 09
    Aren't you tired of writing on this topic?
  14. Retvizan 8
    Retvizan 8 25 November 2021 15: 09
    Well, when will at least one of these enemy ships sink? To be discouraged?
  15. Charik
    Charik 25 November 2021 15: 12
    FDG-78 wrote the name-Porter, but what did they not write to this?
    1. Astronomy
      Astronomy 25 November 2021 23: 28
      Quote: Charik
      FDG-78 wrote the name-Porter, but what did they not write to this?

      USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) ... USS Arleigh Burke is named after Admiral Arleigh Albert Burke.
      USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) - first Arleigh Burke-class destroyer
      The lead ship is 20 years old.
  16. p0pulivox
    p0pulivox 25 November 2021 16: 49
    Quote: rusich
    Send Su-34 with "Khibiny" on board to meet. Maybe this old man will be able to limp to Romania after the meeting

    Immediately send him to meet the foe, we'll see the result! It was a joke, but the truth will be harsh: sometimes it is better to chew than talk ... lol
  17. opuonmed
    opuonmed 25 November 2021 21: 28
    what Jupiter is allowed to do is not allowed to the bull! here is the current so you can explain why the Russian Federation does not send ships to the borders of the usa
  18. grassyknollgunner
    grassyknollgunner 26 November 2021 01: 12
    And our ships, God forbid, appear once a year in the Western Hemisphere ...
  19. teptyar
    teptyar 26 November 2021 06: 57
    it's time, it's time to scare the "partners" hard. Like with Donald Cook. So that then psychologists worked with the crew for a long time and treated for stuttering.
    1. Mikhail Ya2
      Mikhail Ya2 26 November 2021 13: 11
      Who else believes in nonsense about Cook and Khibiny?
      1. Osipov9391
        Osipov9391 27 November 2021 00: 07
        Well, there are those who believe in this and do not want to think with their heads, rejecting the laws of physics / radio engineering / electrical engineering.
        For obvious reasons, the power of electronic warfare equipment on tactical aircraft (limited by the power of onboard generators) does not usually exceed 10 kW.
        For obvious reasons, the power of shipborne radars is hundreds of times higher!
        It's like turning off a fire siren with a sports whistle.
        But official propaganda has done its job - people have forgotten how to think.
  20. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 27 November 2021 13: 30
    Is it possible to clarify what operations, to what partners and in what places will this pelvis be done? smile