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"Makarov will fix the hunchbacked"

"Makarov will fix the hunchbacked"

Here is what Soviet newspapers wrote about Makarov:

In the city of Voroshilovsk [Stavropol - Approx. ed.] he created an orthopedic hospital ... In 1939, the hospital restored 103 disabled people to work, 14 of them did not get out of bed or, at best, barely crawled ...
Young surgeon // Pravda. 1940 March. P. 21.

Most of the patients are children between the ages of ten and fifteen. Of the thousands of operations performed by Makarov during his short-term practice, each one is worthy of a detailed description. The facts usually speak for themselves simply and convincingly ...
Surgeon Makarov // Ordzhonikidze Truth. 1941 April. P. 5

And here is what he wrote about himself:

From 01.03.1940 to 01.07 of the same year [after the end of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940. - Approx. ed.] worked as the head of the surgical department of the evacuation hospital No. 1626 in Stavropol. From 06.07.1941/1626/1941 he worked there in the evacuation hospital No. 1942 as the head of the surgical department ... In XNUMX, in the evacuation hospital department I headed, I proposed and developed a method of cytological diagnostics of wounds by the fingerprint method, and in XNUMX the Military Sanitary Directorate of the Red Army published work: "Cytology of wound exudate as an indicator of the process of wound healing" [in co-authorship with M.P. Pokrovskaya, Doctor of Medical Sciences - Approx. ed.]. All this time he continued to work in the boarding school for physically handicapped children, supervising its medical department. Due to gastric bleeding and non-transportable condition, he was left by the hospital during the evacuation, and after recovering during the occupation, he returned to his previous job - to an orthopedic boarding school ...
From the autobiography of M. S. Makarov

From modern research:

On July 20, 1962, an innovative surgeon performed the first operation to treat tuberculous kyphosis ... Thirty such operations performed by M. S. Makarov became the basis of his new scientific research ... By 1972, the surgeon performed 13 more such operations .. Methods "according to Makarov" forever entered the annals of orthopedics, traumatology and cytology. Thousands of patients, thanks to the unique operations of vertebraectomy, developed and carried out by M. S. Makarov, have become healthy people.
Kartashev A. V., Vorotnikov A. A. To the biography of Professor M. S. Makarov (1906–1977) // History medicine. 2016. T. 3. No. 2. P. 159–171.

The documentary film "Doctor Makarov" based on the materials of the round table dedicated to the 115th anniversary of the birth of Professor M. S. Makarov:


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  1. Grandfather
    Grandfather 25 November 2021 05: 38
    I foolishly decided that it was about the "marked and the pistol ...
    1. Xlor
      Xlor 25 November 2021 05: 49
      I foolishly decided that it was about the "marked and the pistol ...

      But it would be nice ...
    2. Andrey and Igor Kartashyovy
      25 November 2021 10: 00
      also our fellow countryman, unfortunately
      character with a huge minus sign
  2. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 25 November 2021 05: 54
    Russia is full of such nuggets ... only now is not their time ... oh mother Russia ... it remains only to regret that their talents are not fully revealed in our state.
    1. Andrey and Igor Kartashyovy
      25 November 2021 09: 54
      "A student of Makarov V.G. Mosiyants recalls how once scientists from Japan came to Stavropol, who heard about M. S. Makarov's work in this area. They asked the leadership of the medical institute to show them M. S. Makarov's laboratory, but since Mikhail Sergeevich studied at home, the guests were refused, referring to the fact that Professor Makarov is currently on a business trip. "
      A. V. Kartashev and others. The life and work of Professor M. S. Makarov in documents and memoirs. Stavropol. 2016.
      1. FIR FIR
        FIR FIR 25 November 2021 18: 16
        Amazing people, top professionals in an amazingly difficult time. The Civil War, the Soviet-Finnish and the Great Patriotic War, but they became the Elite (in the good, true sense of the word) not only in national but also in world medical practice. Makarov, Ermolyeva, Amosov, Pshenichnov, Bakulev and many others. They all worked for the good of their country and all of humanity at the same time.
        1. Andrey and Igor Kartashyovy
          25 November 2021 19: 46
          Yes. One can also name M.P. Pokrovskaya mentioned in the film. With regard to our topic, the "Pokrovskaya-Makarov" method is interesting - their joint work with MS Makarov, as the experts said, "immediately introduced into the practice of hospitals." But here is another indicative episode from her life: "In 1942, just before the capture of Stavropol by fascist troops, Magdalena Petrovna was in Moscow on a business trip. But, having learned by phone about the rapid approach of enemy troops to the city, she found a way as soon as possible Risking her life, MP Pokrovskaya in a matter of hours before the commissioning of the regional center managed to load and take out in an old lorry in Frunze (now Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) materials related to the development of an anti-tularemia vaccine "(On the activities of the Stavropol anti-plague station in period of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945)
          Both in years of peace and during war - complete dedication, work and patients - in the first place. Amazing people
          1. FIR FIR
            FIR FIR 25 November 2021 19: 55
            Quote: Andrey and Igor Kartashev
            ... complete dedication ... amazing people

            Cytology of wound exudate as an indicator of the wound healing process.
            How many soldiers of the Red Army owe their lives to them.
    2. ViacheslavS
      ViacheslavS 25 November 2021 12: 51
      Russia is full of such nuggets ... only now is not their time ...

      Whose time is it now? In Russia nowadays there are a lot of ways for development, you just need to make an effort. There have never been such opportunities as now, not to mention the fact that now the highest standard of living in the country for the entire existence of Russia, the USSR, the Republic of Ingushetia.
      1. FIR FIR
        FIR FIR 25 November 2021 17: 38
        Quote: ViacheslavS
        There have never been such opportunities as now

        For whom?