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Psychological oddities of the policies of the Presidents of the United States and the President of Russia

According to the statements of psychologists, it turns out that the success of a person as a politician is determined not only by his professional qualities. Such a thing as a psychological portrait plays a more important role here. Not that it would be charisma ... At the same time, the most surprising thing is that greater success can be accompanied by politics if his psychological portrait is not the most adequate from the point of view of medicine. In other words, if a politician has certain mental problems, it will be much easier for him not only to grab the electorate’s attention, but it’s also easier to tune this electorate to his support, to make him applaud (even if he is twisting his finger at his temple), Time.

Psychological oddities of the policies of the Presidents of the United States and the President of Russia

This is particularly true of American social psychology specialists, who conducted a comprehensive study of the speeches and actions of several American presidents at once, according to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. According to American psychologists and sociologists, here you need to enter a special rating - the rating of "abnormal fearlessness", which determines the political strength of one or another American leader. The meaning of this unusual concept is that a politician can take such a risk that no adequate person would even dare. It is in this way that American psychologists, in a peculiar manner, find excuses for the unleashing of adventurous military campaigns on the part of the United States. If we are guided by the very rating of “abnormal fearlessness” from American specialists, then we can say that the most prominent American presidents (according to the same psychologists, sociologists and psychiatrists) are such individuals as Theodore Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

It is easy to notice that the current American leader, Barack Obama, is not included in the list of people with obvious inadequacy, which American experts call one of the main components of political success. And over the past half century, United States presidents such as Democrats Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Republicans Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and George W. Bush are out of the “list of abnormals”. It turns out that these gentlemen, judging based solely on the opinion of American psychologists, were more adequate in terms of the manifestation of mental characteristics than those mentioned above. It turns out that Bush Sr. is still more adequate than Bush Sr., and John Kennedy is inadequate, for example, Gerald Ford. But if the Americans themselves invented such a scale for their political leaders, then, as they say, they have the cards in hand, who and what places on this scale should they have.

We are still much more interested in the problem of the adequacy of political forces in modern Russia. And it can interest us in the sense of how political adventurism, multiplied by the psychological parameters of a politician, can attract positive attention from the Russian public, and how much the country's authorities are ready to use it.

If such a topic has been touched upon, then you need to consider a person who, according to the Constitution, is the country's main politician, I mean President Vladimir Putin. Guided by the rules of drawing up a psychological portrait of a politician, it is necessary to deal with such issues as character, which manifests itself in various situations, including extreme ones, self-esteem, level of intelligence and intelligence, ability to control one’s own emotions.

From a psychological point of view, Vladimir Putin can be considered a man who, due to circumstances, was used to winning and was used to the fact that most Russians consider him a real leader. As they say, you get used to good things quickly ... However, the same psychological stereotype often plays against the current president. The fact is that the habit of winning dulls the feeling of a conscious understanding of real political weight. Even if this weight decreases at certain points in time, then the person tries either not to notice this and demonstrate to others and, mostly to himself, that this is not true, or to build a kind of psychological defense wall.

In Vladimir Putin, the construction of such a wall was manifested earlier and is now apparent. The manifestation is that the president, responding to criticism of opponents and questions that are, say, inconvenient, translates the conversation into a familiar plane. In this regard, the favorite method of Vladimir Putin is the following: in the first step, the president tries to reduce the essence of the question either to a joke, or to make the answer itself so that it destroys all the possible seriousness of the question. Using his rather pronounced sense of humor, Putin is at this moment turning to his side, those who are not ready at the moment to decide on which side he is on — Putin’s side or on the side of the person asking a rather sharp, or even frankly provocative question . If Vladimir Putin notices that his favorite trump card does not pass, then he uses the classical rule: the best defense is attack. Many experts in the field of psychology, and even quite ordinary people, have noticed that according to all laws of the political genre, it is extremely difficult for the president to wait for direct and unequivocal answers to a question, especially if such questions in their subtext (or directly) can potentially lead to an answer one way or another to discredit the policy of the authorities. Putin may simply ignore the question itself, but instead goes on the offensive against the person who is asking such a question. And the longer and flatter the president’s response, the more it becomes clear that he is trying to hide behind a wall of words, often realizing that his position in this case is very controversial and slippery.

Of course, this can be reproached to the president, but on the other hand, the president is a politician. If we assume that a politician will constantly demonstrate his weakness to those who are trying to attack him, then the days of such a person, just as a politician, will be numbered (the “complex” questions themselves are well aware of this). The people themselves will require changes in power, because the softness in this case is not forgiven. Someone can call it charisma, someone can talk about the president’s psychological obscurity, someone to praise harshness, and someone else to criticize her, but it is the laws of psychology that say politicians are tough and quite straightforward at all times supported more people than those who walked along the lines of “today is one thing, tomorrow you can try something else”.

If we talk about using the term American psychologists, namely, about “abnormal fearlessness,” then, perhaps, Putin, so to speak, is hardly correct to endow with an epithet. Putin, with all the desire of a certain circle of people (both supporters and, incidentally, opponents) is not always aimed at an unequivocal end result. Apparently, the president himself sometimes says to himself that it is time to roll up his sleeves and solve this or that painful problem, but then, when it turns out that this problem is stronger than him, he either tries to transfer his activity to other rails, or postpones this kind of solution until better times.

Supporters of the president want his words to always be combined with real deeds, while opponents are looking for any reason to testify that Putin’s words and deeds have diverged in a certain case. Vladimir Putin himself, if we analyze his public speeches (and, naturally, we have no opportunity to analyze the other side), in this regard, he tries to suppress the often manifested social negative with his intellectual potentials. But he is not ready to chop off the shoulder. Putin, apparently due to his work in the special services, is trying to look calm enough, which, admittedly, most often turns out. If he made a mistake, then it is certainly difficult for him to admit it. For all those years when he was at the helm of Russian politics, the number of such confessions can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Naturally, this is another psychological ring, the scope of which is under pressure on Vladimir Putin, because he understands that recognizing even a minor personal mistake is a reason for his opponents to deliver a pinpoint blow to the entire vertical line. And the reluctance to admit mistakes increases the number of his opponents. Such a political fork.

Putin is quite predictable, but at the same time, like any Russian, due to his characteristic features, he rather slowly reacts to external changes. As the saying goes, it takes a long time to get by, but it’s going fast, which is often expressed in making very extravagant decisions on issues that seem to require much less zeal on the part of the president.
The strength of Putin’s psychology is that it is far from political insanity and shy from side to side. But, if not strange, this has its own share of weakness. The fact is that a person walking along a previously predicted path can be expected in advance by a prepared barrier. Those who have caught a kind of psychological inertness and straightforwardness, which has a place to be with the current Russian authorities, can take advantage of this inertness. If Vladimir Putin does not want to meet in front of insurmountable barriers, then a certain pinch of political adventurism will obviously not hurt him.

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  1. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 17 September 2012 08: 28
    The most surprising thing about American presidents is that they can elect an absolutely mentally impaired individual, a vivid example of Bush Jr., or, for example, the current pretender from the Republicans ... the same insect-damaged brain with excessive self-esteem.
    But for everyone who knows how to think at least a little, it immediately becomes clear that the American president is nothing more than a fool's ass in the hands of real US rulers.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 17 September 2012 09: 25
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      The most surprising thing about American presidents is that they can elect an absolutely mentally impaired individual to such a post

      And outwardly, they are somewhat similar to each other, you see, they were originally grown on beds.
      1. Dmitriy69
        Dmitriy69 17 September 2012 09: 39
        Well, nature rested on them, what was wrong with that. In order to persuade such nonsense with conviction in our eyes, such inferior ones are needed.
      2. laurbalaur
        laurbalaur 17 September 2012 18: 48
        Masns lodges, or certain clubs, decide for them!
    2. Butterfly net
      Butterfly net 17 September 2012 11: 03
      In the US, the president generally decides less and turns more and more into a clown. There is such a powerful corporation that there is someone to decide and it does not matter who the president of a democrat is not a democrat.
    3. Denzel13
      Denzel13 17 September 2012 12: 59
      Just one thought - to give dad an aircraft carrier (in the sense of immortalizing dad in an aircraft carrier, and himself in general), what it costs! fool Brezhnev is resting with his awards.
    4. ImpKonstantin
      ImpKonstantin 17 September 2012 19: 25
      A suitable occasion to quote Pope Julius III: "My son, if only you knew how little intelligence is needed to rule the world!"
  2. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 17 September 2012 08: 30
    Well, MEDVEDEV also got a lot of money. I'm not talking about Gorbachev and Yeltsin (FULL morons)
    1. Goga
      Goga 17 September 2012 10: 38
      Lyekha e-my - Colleague, that's for sure, if you can laugh at George W. Bush and his antics, then the EBN's "quirks" could only grind our teeth, we certainly had no time for laughter.
      And yet - a quote - "If Vladimir Putin does not want to meet insurmountable barriers in front of him, then a pinch of political adventurism will clearly not prevent him." - that's just that we don't have enough political adventurers in power now, thank you, in the 90s we ate ate a lot of adventurism before the end, that's enough for a long time ... fool
  3. Trailer
    Trailer 17 September 2012 08: 33
    The manifestation is that the president, responding to criticism of opponents and questions that are, let's say, uncomfortable, takes the conversation into his usual plane.

    I remember a good old joke:

    A president of the largest country in the world in an open lesson at a school answers children's questions. Petrov gets up and says:
    - I have three questions! Why is there an increase in corruption in the country? Who caused the Kursk submarine to sink? And what about the investigation into the murder of Litvinenko?
    The president is in a panic. And then just a call for a break. Children happily run out of class. After calling the lesson, the conversation continues. Sidorov gets up:
    - I also have three questions: First - please answer Petrov's questions? The second - why did the call for a break sound at 20 minutes earlier than set? And the third - where did Petrov go?
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 17 September 2012 10: 00
      In America, during the crisis, being a president is an ungrateful job, which is why it is entrusted to blacks.

      Two children are talking in a kindergarten:
      “Who is Obama, you know?”
      - This is such an American Bear, only black!

      This is all a joke, but in general the scale of inadequacy smiled. especially the presence of Roosevelt and Kennedy on this list. Excuse me, but where do we include Harry Truman's nuclear bomb tester. Amers rave.
  4. andrei332809
    andrei332809 17 September 2012 09: 00
    I liked the first paragraph. according to him, the standard of politics is Zhirinovsky.
    but somehow it is not interesting. It is clear that now, for the rating of amers, it is necessary that all wars be considered a forced defense, and not a pursuit of money. Hence the conclusion that whoever shouts louder and more about the need for complete "democratization" of the world is the real president
  5. GG2012
    GG2012 17 September 2012 09: 17
    This article is a well-written misinformation dedicated to the strengthening of the myth (illusion) that the President of the United States is the highest independent figure with the right to make any decisions.
    Amerov Preziki are speakers who are relevant to the mood of the population and convenient to financial and military elites for a specific four years.
    These are absolutely dependent figures who do not and cannot, in principle, have their own opinions on any issue.

    Real power over the country at and over the President is concentrated in another non-public place.

    In Russia, a different system.
    Comparison of systems is not acceptable.
    1. stariy
      stariy 17 September 2012 21: 20
      Quote: GG2012
      These are absolutely dependent figures who do not and cannot, in principle, have their own opinions on any issue

      Herbert Wells wrote about this in his novel "360 Fahrenheit".
    2. wax
      wax 18 September 2012 00: 58
      Dependent - yes, but also independent. F.D. Roosevelt showed this more than anyone else - he turned the whole of America towards socialization, which the moneybags still cannot forgive.
  6. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 17 September 2012 09: 47
    yes, I read the article and in the eyes of the video of the 90s, how the deceased Yeltsin danced ....
  7. volcano
    volcano 17 September 2012 09: 58
    The President of the United States is the executor of the will of a handful of so-called "world government", so as the saying goes ... we don't need smart ones, we need devotees.
    In such a situation, it does not matter what your intelligence is .... all decisions are made not by the DOLL, but by the DOLL.
    In our country, the president is the ultimate truth, therefore, it is on his shoulders that all decisions in the country rest (by the way, they often expect actions from Putin that are completely beyond the competence of the head of state)
    And he is a very strong personality ....... and at the moment has no alternative.

    And it is not in vain that even in the West (creaking heart) he is recognized as one of the best politicians in the world .....
    1. Skavron
      Skavron 17 September 2012 10: 11
      Volcano, ahead of. I did not read comments simply)
  8. Skavron
    Skavron 17 September 2012 10: 11
    In the US, presidents are not elected, they are appointed there.
    There, the president should not be smart, he should be obedient. Well, he has some freedoms, but globally, all American presidents are very obedient and loyal to a secret world government.
    1. Normal
      Normal 17 September 2012 19: 35
      Quote: Skavron

      In the US, presidents are not elected, they are appointed there.

      Hello! In your opinion, it turns out that our president is being vibrated. Well, yes, it was somewhere in the middle - the end of the 90s they chose him. Berezovsky, Chubais, Voloshin are several more oligarchs, Yeltsin approved.
      Do you think they chose an independent bright and smart?
      Or maybe you think that then we all elected him and voted for him in fair and independent elections? That is, it depends on us how he and his family and friends will live? But he completely relies on the wisdom of the people and trusts us with his well-being and the future of his loved ones?
      Sorry, but this is a complete "KYU"
      1. Skavron
        Skavron 17 September 2012 19: 54
        Normal, did I write something somewhere about the choice of presidents from us?
        I wrote for the states, this time.
        And two, I do not understand your tone, and your arrivals. I did not write anything about Putin, and if you do not like him, go ahead to the swamp.
        1. Normal
          Normal 17 September 2012 20: 19
          Quote: volkan
          And he is a very strong personality ....... and at the moment has no alternative.

          And it is not in vain that even in the West (creaking heart) he is recognized as one of the best politicians in the world .....

          Quote: Skavron

          Volcano, ahead of. I did not read comments simply)

          Quote: Skavron
          I didn’t write anything about Putin

          So why should you write? Volcan wrote, and you almost subscribed.
          Quote: Skavron
          and if you do not like him - go ahead to the swamp.

          I do not like. I have every right to do this, I am a citizen of Russia, and only yesterday from Sakharov Avenue. And I think that you understand my tone and my arrivals
          1. Skavron
            Skavron 18 September 2012 17: 09
            Yes, apparently I didn’t put it right when I signed up.
            I meant the statements on the article and the American presidents.
            And the fact that I went to Sakharov is good of course.
            We also went to the Maidan, but what's the point? an opposition came and immediately began to share armchairs, power and business. And an American spy sat in the presidential chair.
            So go, normal go. Bulk with Sobchak are still those patriots ...
            1. Normal
              Normal 18 September 2012 18: 50
              Quote: Skavron
              Yes, apparently I didn’t put it right when I signed up

              Hello. Well, I'm sorry if I came off too harsh.
              Quote: Skavron
              an opposition came and immediately began to share armchairs, power and business.
              Yes, I have no doubt that it will be so. But my deep conviction that non-changeability of power is even greater evil. Moreover, the current power is offshore power and not the fact that it is not recruited. In any case, I, on the site of Western intelligence agencies, would definitely try to use the fact that the current rulers in the West have money and children.
              Quote: Skavron
              Bulk with Sobchak are still those patriots ..
              Well, I don't know about Navalny, but I wrote about Ksyusha, and more than once. The last time in the discussion of the article "Fighters for Democracy in Russia" from 21 at 08: 12.
              Yes, and Sobchak was not already there, she completed her task perfectly.
  9. Apollo
    Apollo 17 September 2012 10: 19
    In my understanding, the political "weight" of the head of state is proportional to the scale of the territory, the influence on the ongoing processes in the world and the potential (there is political, economic and military) ..
    There is a concept of regional responsibility, but there is a global one. It is a pity that the first persons of the USA do not realize this.
  10. spirit
    spirit 17 September 2012 10: 47
    ha! ha! Adequate Nixon! wassat
  11. them
    them 17 September 2012 11: 03
    Article set +. Putin, in my opinion, really lacks adventurism: to abolish the moratorium on the death penalty (at least for a week) and exponentially slap a dozen or two corrupt officials (everyone knows the names).
    1. volcano
      volcano 17 September 2012 11: 37
      Quote: jimm
      Putin, in my opinion, really lacks adventurism: to abolish the moratorium on the death penalty (at least for a week) and exponentially slap a dozen or two corrupt officials (everyone knows the names).

      Yes, and a couple of packs of terrorists (goals for twenty-thirty) would not hurt,
      so that these creatures would know that if they’re caught not on warm bunks, they will sit down with three meals a day, but very quickly they will check if there are gurus or not.
  12. Gorchakov
    Gorchakov 17 September 2012 11: 10
    The political figures depicted in the picture have done so much nasty things on the globe that I, a not-so-bloodthirsty person, have an irresistible desire to be ten steps opposite them with an AK and a full horn of cartridges .... And smile back at them, slowly pressing on trigger ... It is a pity that our desires do not always coincide with our capabilities ....
  13. larsky1
    larsky1 17 September 2012 11: 35
    article-water ...
    1. strannik595
      strannik595 17 September 2012 17: 21
      1. laurbalaur
        laurbalaur 17 September 2012 18: 51
        Psychology is always water, until the state of aggregation changes!
  14. Afftar
    Afftar 17 September 2012 12: 45
    Yes, I agree. The article is really about nothing. And it's funny to hear about "people's choice" in the United States. They have everything out there in advance, and it is decided who will be president and who will not. The psychological portrait does not really change anything here. Considering that the "leader" of the United States is chosen and actually appointed by the elite and all sorts of heads of trans corporations, only one thing is required of him - to be obedient. It is naturally easier to manage a dumb president, therefore, for the most part, all US presidents, even their beloved IQ, are at the level of the weighted average American layman.
    1. Volodin
      17 September 2012 13: 56
      Psychology in general, in the opinion of many, is science about nothing, and psychiatry is like water in general. But, nevertheless, the clinic is not empty ...
      1. Generalissimus
        Generalissimus 17 September 2012 16: 21
        Aerodynamics is also a science =) Empirical. How many do not teach it, but all the same models in pipes blow out.

        Isn't psychology a science? I am a mossy techie, but I respect psychology as a science. It is enough to recall what the theory of mass control is like. Yes, just remember the media war in the media. All this is based on psychology.

        Even on this site there are curious processes. Pure psychology - the unions of individual, very dissimilar in essence, groups in view of the common benefits and risks of participating in discussions. =)

        I think you got excited, refusing psychology in the absence of patterns and rules.
        Rather, not you, but those scientists whose opinion you bring.
      2. Forward
        Forward 17 September 2012 21: 51
        Quote: Volodin
        clinics are not empty ...

        And it is impossible to deny! request
  15. saruman
    saruman 17 September 2012 15: 59
    Here's a balm for all Putin supporters:

    PySy. I am not a supporter of Putin, but I am not joking. It's just always interesting to read different things ...
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 17 September 2012 18: 41
      Quote: saruman
      Here is a balm for all supporters of Putin

      I do not know .
      Essentially PANEGIRIK, and all
      all excessive, unconditional and uncritical praise

      it is not good !
      Sincere supporters of GDP will be suspicious of this, isn't it? And I think it's violet to others.
  16. Normal
    Normal 17 September 2012 20: 02
    In my opinion, it is not correct to compare or evaluate from the same positions the presidents of the USA and Russia. Everyone and everyone knows the attitude to the United States on this site, and yet I remind you that in America, presidents are elected, yes they are. As - the third thing. But not one of the most beautiful president can rule forever. Therefore, America can afford both President Obama and the clown Obama and the moron of Bush Jr. and the whores of Clinton and Kennedy. Nothing terrible will happen to the country. Will the president fool around - they will not elect for a second term. In addition, the system allows you to evaluate and compare presidents.
    And we have? Assigned us a receiver. He imagines himself an autocrat, rewrote the duration of the presidency for himself and is going to rule forever. All power; executive, legislative, and judicial are completely subordinate to one person, in the hands of this person control over all resources and major media. He has been in power for over 12 years. What can be a comparison, even if only psychological, with US presidents?
  17. Cynic
    Cynic 17 September 2012 20: 24
    Quote: Normal
    What can be a comparison, even if only psychological, with US presidents?

    Synonym for the word Normal - Okayno
  18. Botanologist
    Botanologist 17 September 2012 22: 12
    In my opinion, it is better to measure politicians according to the results of the board. And more traditional and clearer.
    People like the presidents of countries live in a very peculiar world, in abnormal (non-trivial) relationships, and the platform for their decisions is very different from the everyday "like or dislike".
    Here we have geopolitics and forecasts (there are more than 60 analytical groups in one AP), and all this provided that tomorrow hell knows what and how, and the decision must be made today.
    Even to the same goal, you can choose a million ways, and not the fact that the long one will be the worst.
    We often discuss on branches that ships are being built slowly, there are no planes, missiles are not always good, and here it is - the shell is raining down on tests, the aircraft carrier does not work without a gravitap, Arctic technology is not developed, etc. etc. .P.
    That’s the question - how much under these conditions did you have to bite a bit and break through the puff?
    Leave Serdyukov or change? Leave it - the military will be damned. If you put a military man - it will be like in the USSR - some brave reports and secrets for any problems. Or vice versa, as with Pasha Grachev - forward to Grozny by the forces of the Airborne Division, to America - by the forces of the Northern Fleet, well, etc. And then let's say tanks are bad ...
    This, for example, is the army, and here the Ministry of Finance is aching, the central bank is screwing up, Europe is grimacing for a bite, Azerbaijan is quietly preparing to scoop up Armenia (and we, damn it, in the Collective Security Treaty Organization), the Caucasus will not calm down, Japan, too, Syria is waiting for technology from us and the rest are judgments
    and such a fuck all day. Either the giraffe will call, then the deer.

    This is what I mean - the fact that the president has a very peculiar professional deformation. And some of its manifestations annoy us, and some may seem like clinical cases.
    but it is a product of a very peculiar work, different from traditional and familiar labor skills. And everything that is not clear to us is declared abnormal. But this is not so.
  19. Captain45
    Captain45 18 September 2012 23: 49
    From the site "Military Materials":
    The world is undergoing regional and global changes. In the Arab countries, bloody revolutions and coups do not stop. It should be borne in mind that what is happening in the world is regulated by certain forces that adjust the political face of the planet to its national interests. After this dust and fog settles down, everyone will clearly understand who was behind the events. Today, before US leaders decide to establish relations with a particular state, special centers are studying the personal qualities of the leaders of these states. Such centers employ specialists who are experts in psychology, anthropology, psychiatry and other disciplines. This is an important way of forming the foreign policy of states with a long history. .
    The words of the American Senator McCain are also one of the active elements developed in such centers. Which, in particular, he said that the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt should be a warning for Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin: "These are the winds of change, if I were Vladimir Putin, I would no longer be so calm in the Kremlin with my KGB friends." ,.
    It must be taken into account, precisely with the help of such centers, that today in the world there is no unequivocal opinion about Putin’s personality. Of course, the political interests of the authors are affected, there may be certain political orders. But the reader wants to know an objective assessment of Putin’s personality, without any intentionally imposed value judgments by the author.
    In order to correctly understand the significance of Putin for the Russians, you need to know deeply what is happening. Putin worked for many years in intelligence, where employees were taught to analyze and carefully evaluate people. Scouts must find out everything about the interlocutor, including what he thinks, while hiding his thoughts from him. This quality allows the scout to manipulate the interlocutor, use it in his professional "games". KGB officers were trained to lead a double life, otherwise it could not be. In the psychology of experienced scouts, their conditioned reflexes are formed, which lead them through life to the end. Today, Putin, even if he does not want to, will act in accordance with the formula laid down in him, at the direction of these conditioned reflexes.
    What do we see in Putin “on the way out”? This is a fairly simple and open, purely outwardly person. In fact, he clearly tracks people and the situation, and acts in accordance with reality. This reality can be a person from a people, a politician or a businessman, falling into Putin’s corresponding system of values. Any attempts by a person who is on the corresponding Putin scale to influence Vladimir Vladimirovich are doomed to failure. Not every political leader has such a property. It is these characteristics that make Putin invulnerable.

    Adgezal Mammadov (Azerbaijan, Baku)
    Chairman of the Center for Psychological Portraitology and Political Analysis
    8 February 2012 11: 45
    This is in the article before the election, everyone can see for himself how much this corresponds to reality.